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Yoshio Sakamoto, co-creator of the Metroid franchise and current executive producer of the WarioWare series and Metroid: Other M, amongst others, recently spoke with Spanish videogame site 3DJuegos. During that interview he gave a vague hint that the successor to the Wii will be unlike anything we’ve yet seen in the gaming market.

Mr. Sakamoto was instructed by Satoru Iwata to avoid revealing any specific details so as to keep the project under wraps from competitors, however it would appear that this new console will be equally revolutionary as the Wii, but in a different fashion.

But how so? We won’t find out until much further into development, of course, but hit the jump to read what Mr. Sakamoto had to say.

“At Nintendo, we always have the obligation to surprise users with each new console. We have never simply followed our competition. We prefer to create something new that catches your attention, and I think this will continue at this time. The new Nintendo console will leave you all with your mouth open.”

What this could possibly mean is fuel for our daydreams, and we want to know what you think.

How exactly will Nintendo’s next home console surprise us? How will it revolutionize gaming? Tell us your predictions in the comments below!

Source: 3DJuegos
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  • so the only thing i can think of is some type of mind hockup thing or some other virtual reality thing like a hologram

    • Jason Rappaport

      So, if the Wii was codenamed Revolution, I expect this next console to be codenamed Matrix Revolution.

      Bring it on.

      • Commander Link

        dont you mean reloaded? xDD

    • The concept of a "mind hookup" is both terrifying and ridiculously awesome.

    • lifesavers2

      I'm scared.

    • Hellfire

      See that's exactly what I thought!

  • eliot

    it must be a 3d motion touch stuff….

  • Lunchbox*

    What sugar said.

    But also terrifying.

    • ChainofTermina

      sugar said terrifying. ;p

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't know, virtual reality seems too………predictable. I bet it's going to be something no one has ever even thought of or heard of before. what it might be though, I can't think of, other than some kind of VR.

  • Retrospect

    Nintendo invented the home console.
    Then, they brought us the analog stick.
    Then, they brought us portable games.
    Next up was motion controls.
    What could be next?

    My only guess is VR. Why not? Sure it's an idea that's been played around with, but never has VR been successfully achieved! Especially not in a home console! Nintendo VR would be sick! Watch out Ganondorf! I'm coming for you–literally!!!

    • ChainofTermina

      I thought Atari was the first to bring us home consoles and the analog stick. or the Odyssey or one of those other game consoles from the late 70s to early/mid 80s.

      • KokiriGanon

        they did, Nintendo brought us the D-pad, and made a good home console
        and analog stick is debatable, everyone else had "joy sticks" the N64 gave us the first "analog stick" as we thin of them now.

        unless I miss some console somewhere, then I look like a fool

        • ChainofTermina

          analog stick, joy stick, they're the same thing, just different sizes.

          • CorvosKK

            Not necessarily. An analog stick is always a joystick, but a joystick is not always an analog stick 😉

            Old-school Atari and Odyssey sticks were still digital inputs

      • EDracon

        atari had a Digital Stick, IT was pretty much a DPAD with a gigantic stick on it.

    • Hero of Winds

      Actually Nintendo didn't join the gaming market until the third generation of gaming…

  • Yeah, the only way that we could really "be in the game" (I'm quoting from my own thoughts) would be to install virtual reality into it. Nintendo would have to first come up with some revolutionary way to endorse this first, though. I mean we can't go swinging our arms to move the character(s); we might hit someone due to the honking helmet on out heads. So maybe they've come up with a new concept of gameplay. I really wish we could know right now.

    • mufosta

      i'm literally laughing out loud from "quoting my own thoughts" haha. but ya I agree

  • guest

    well they found a great way to work around the problems of 3D so im sure they'll do an amazing job with whatever they are planning!

  • Trevor

    It may definitely be 3d. virtual reality is to dangerous at this stage of its development. For all you know while playing the game you could run into a real wall or break it without knowing. Even if you could play the game without any damage the physics would be horrible, if you died in a shooter game I'd want to see you fall. You can't really do that if you are yourself. Now on to the mental aspect, we don't have the technology to connect with he human brain and even if we did, the intention span of some people would lose interest in the activity. 3d is the best bet as of right now as virtual reality is like communism, good on paper, but executed horribly wrong, give it a couple of decades.

    • Goro

      You also have thing about the dangers of the device itself. If it's connected to the human brain, what would happen to the body when you play it. The device will be connected to your motion receptors, which would cause your body to be "dead". While your internal organs might be working, you wouldn't be able to feel anything around you in reality. Meaning, if someone shoot you in the leg in reality, you won't be able to sense it.

      And what if the power goes out? What if the device was ripped off your head? What would happen to the person who's playing it? Will they become paralyzed, or would the body suddenly activated receptors cause the person to have some sort of seizure-like movement. That person might even suffer the greatest pain of his/her life. And with continuous play, who knows what would happen with the long term exposer.

      • Hellfire

        Seriously I think that even the thought of a mind hook-up device is pretty silly. It won't happen cause if don't medical technology can do that then why would Nintendo?

    • The tech IS already here that allows people to control computers with mind waves. It actually is being used to help the paralyzed to control mouse pointers, game characters and more.

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  • A4darkness

    I want controllers like the gamecube’s controllers 😀 VR is nice to i guess…….

  • Link

    I bet it will be in 3d, with amazing graphics, a complex yet simple and easy to use control scheme, some kind of motion control even if it is just an add on, controllers that fit both large and small hands, a launch game that is of a well known series. (Zelda, Metroid, Mario etc) It will be small enough to fit in a small area so it won't take up to much space, and It will most likely come in different colors. I also think that they won't reveal it until it's almost finished as stated earlier so no one will take the ideas Nintendo has come up with. I think it would be able to link up with the hand held system of the time. It will also have a better mii channel (like more facial choices being able to put clothes stuf like that.) That's my thoughts tell me what you think.

    • Goro

      That's more of an upgrade than a new revolutionary console.

  • Kwuz

    well this sounds exciting! Can’t wait till we get more news!!!

  • flex

    Wii Mote 2.0 + Mind Flex concentration headset GOGOGOGO

  • Blizzeta93

    i'm gonna say it will be a cross between the 3ds and the ps4. there might not be any controllers and just be a motion sensor camera. the graphics will be in 3d. it is a possibility.

    • CommenterPerson

      You would probably need a 3D TV for a 3D console. But, if Nintendo worked around THAT problem and produced 3D on a regular TV, that would be revolutionary.

  • By_Farore

    Holographic HD with the ability to allow the player to feel real pain, which will accelerate his or her heart rate and make the difficulty level rise as he or she panics. Also a cup holder and micro-waving abilities.

    And/or a voice-activated thingamagig that'll allow us to tell Ganon he can shove his love for the Triforce where the sun isn't supposed to shine, and he'll listen. Doesn't mean he'll obey though. If that pain theory is right, it's gonna hurt in the morning.

    Or something involving 3D and HD and motion sensing like everyone else said. But they say it'll surprise us, and since even Toshiba is moving forward to 3D without glasses… I've no idea what actually.

    Or something that'll allow some people to bring dating games to a whole new level. *shudders*

  • Ashmic

    Stating my opinon so don't blow up

    im happy but im sad, they made the wii and then left it, and now theres going to be a new console, that i can't afford because im poor,

    and who cares about this HD i don't get whats the big crazy, i've seen HD pictures of zelda and mine on my NON HD TV looks exactly the same…

    if we ever hit virtual reality with nintendo, i will play zelda forever and probably die, beccause i never ate, slept or, ETC lolz

    • LuX

      HD makes a massive difference, and any HD images you've seen of TP aren't HD because A it's not a HD game can't be displayed as such and B your seeing pics on a non-HD screen, therefore again not HD.

      And if your talking about the images that were posted here a couple of days ago they are Hi-res Textures and they make A BIG FAT HELL of a difference.

      • ashmic

        well i strill say i see no difference, and besides the graohics are already good, forget about HD and make something that benefits the game not the viewing of it ocarina of time wasn't detailed and visually like today but it was still an amazing game

  • guest

    Thanks to the innovation of the Wii & DS Nintendo got it's mojo back. Can't wait to see what's next.

  • chuck

    hmmmmm thats a hard one VR is still too dificult look at the vertual boy…
    or is it something never herd of.

    • Virtual Boy wasn't technically Virtual Reality. It should have been called 3D Boy or something because that was what it was all about; stereoscopic 3D, but mainly using mirrors.

  • mario_master

    i don’t think it’s going to be 3D because Iwata specifically said that they don’t copy from their competers. so unless they can make a console that doesn’t need a 3D tv and glasses (like the super expensive sony) i don’t see that happening. oh about the 3ds they did not rip off fom sony i heard details of the 3ds were leaked to sony so they decided to copy it POORLY

  • Zelda

    Whatever it is, from blueray, tons more memory, no controler, VR, incredable graphics, nintendo will blow our minds!

  • Zarco

    I hope the Wii 2 (as it will be codenamed until they think of something stupider) has powerful components, good graphics, effective wifi/online networking, 3D visuals, 2 interchangable and seperable wireless controllers (think PS Move) that work almost like a split GC controller. Some games use one or the other, or both. I want classic Nintendo franchises to continue (Kirby, Zelda, Mario, Metroid) and come back (star fox, kid icarus) but for 3rd-party games to find their way in. Games like Call of Duty have so much potential on Wii but it's just not powerful enough. Wii is just starting to compete with the other consoles. I want it to be #1 off the bat.

  • cuju

    I realy hate the idea of VR, I want a controller or even something similar to the wii remote! no kinect!!!!!!!!!!

    • keimori

      agreed. no ditching controlers please

    • Most Virtual Reality games still use some sort of controller.

  • ian24089

    I can't wait for the new console!

  • warriorcat21

    whoa my bros is ian24089 not me! The comment of in24089 is actually me!

  • A4darkness


  • FFTriforceLegend

    I think they found a way to make 3D tv's glasses free.
    They might upgrade to Blue Ray Disc.
    They might have more than a controller this time around.
    I think they will make the system backwards compatible with wii games and even maybe gamecube but, thats a big if on that part.
    I would expect the 3DS connect for wireless play for some games.
    I would think that games that's been bought off of wii shop channel can be transfer to the new system wirelesslly.
    and finally some sort of wireless communication between both wii and the new system.
    Those are my predictions.

  • arcticlizard

    I am sorry if I disagree with others about what the next console will be but I have a very good idea. At first glance, it really will appear to be a wii hd.  It will have very good hd graphics. However it will not have 3d at all. Why you ask? 3d on home TVs does not work well at all. This isn’t avatar that you saw in the theaters. That tech relies on circular polarized glasses. Sony’s ps3 3d relies on a 120 hz tv with infrared signal to sync with shutter glasses that you wear. The glasses are heavy and require batteries to run and while you may not see the shutter effect, your brain will after a while.

    Nintendo has a well known history of keeping prices low by cutting out technology considered unimportant. For the n64 and game cube it was large disk space for games. For the wii it was hd graphics. Because 3d still does not work well on home tvs it will only be seen on the 3ds which makes much more practical use of the technology.

    So what will the wii hd have? It will have networking.  Like a lot of technology nowadays, more and more devices are cloud based. Nintendo has publicly stated that they want all devices to be able to communicate with each other and share content 24/7 even with out an actually internet connection. There will probably be a large app store on the next console

    Finally the next console will have even better motion controls of course. But no virtual reality please. We haven’t seen improvements with that tech for years. Plus it would be worse that Sony with the ps3….

    First boys and girls you buy a $5000 Sony bravia tv. Then you buy the ps3 for $300 the 3d kit for $200 and finally playstation move for another $200. And another $40 each for additional 3d glasses so your little brother can watch you impale aliens with a gun with a chainsaw bayonet.

    I am a nintendo fan and I rest my case.

  • Siaarn

    Virtual Reality Goggles, that is all I want.

  • linkpwns13

    I personally couldn't care less about graphics. All the old games are still good games without good graphics.

    I hope it will have to do with your mind in some way. Like,it would be able to tell what you're thinking and use it in the game. That'd be awesome.

    Either way, I'm excited. I can't wait to see what ridiculous name they'll come up with next 🙂

  • BlueEyedBeast

    Seriously people… If they say they want to surprise us and EVERYONE thinks it'll be virtual reality then obviously that can't be. Same with motion controls. I'm sure it will still have them but there has to be something new also. Something nobody could think of… *thinks*… And they say they want to BE the inovation and not just copy something someone else has done like *cough*microsoft and sony*cough* *cough*bunchofarseholes*cough*… NOW WHO SAID THAT!?!? So obviously they WON'T put in something like Kinect or the wand thing that sony made. Which by the way who were they kidding… that was the BIGGEST rip off of the wii remote I ever saw >.> anywho. If you come up with anything that fits these guiding lines I'd love to hear it :
    I just hope this new console doesn't make the wii become old news.. but instead just runs alongside it. You know, so nintendo would have two major home systems. AND SKYWARD SWORD HAD BETTER NOT BE PUSHED TO THIS NEW CONSOLE DANGIT. Or else I won't be able to play it until about half a year after it releases and prices drop >:|

    • They've already set it to where it can only be played on the Wii. It's dubious that they would prolong its release again in favor of putting it on this new console.

  • LuX


    The reason for this is that they would need a 3D TV, and because not everyone has one, there is little point, this was there same thinking about HD also.

    I have to say I disagree with them, nobody will buy 3DTV's cause theres nothing to use them with … Everyone that could started to buy HDTV's because they now had HD DVD players and HD consoles, and even HD Sky or Virgin whatever.

    If they made there next console 3D it would more than likely help to shift 3D TV's and if it didn't, the 3DS can have 3D on and off, why can't Wii2?

  • Goro

    Maybe it might be a new "bit" graphic. I mean, the last one was in 1999 and it was 128 bits. Maybe Nintendo found away to increase it more to make a game even more smoother than before. 256 bit sound like something that could revolutionize the industry.

    Also, I call the Successor to the Wii: Project NC6. Which stands for Nintendo Console 6.

    • Hellfire

      The new bit graphic is a good idea but it can't be the only majore change because seriously, how many people would notice the difference with their bare eyes and then stand with mouths open. Cause Nintendo has started to make games for alot of nonexperienced players and most of them don't even know what a bit is.

  • frank

    hey a little off topic but….

    were can i buy such Metroid T-shirt?

  • ZeldaMaster#1#1

    3DJuegos means 3DGames in Spanish.

    Just sayin'.

  • SnowLeopard48

    I simply cannot wait for this new console, it's going to rock! Maybe we'll see a Skyward Sword for Wii and for the new console, and thats why they are keeping it till 2011?

    • LadyIntomoe

      For our wallets' sakes, let's hope not… Nintendo already has quite a few of us sold on the 3DS, and any respective games.

      Also, that wouldn't really be too long of a run for the Wii. I hope the new console doesn't come out for another 2-4 years, so the Wii has a long, and fair reign.

  • Lord_Santa

    I think that they'll do away with all this 3D-crap and go back to OldSkool 2D, creating a console with such vibrant colors and smooth sprites, that it puts even the most advanced 3D films to shame

    gameplay so refined, that OldSkoolers and Newcomers alike will hail it as the greatest thing since the Atari 2600

    they will (once again, finally) ditch the disc-format and go back to cartridges, knowing that these are very difficult to reproduce, thus bringing piracy on it's knees

    it will be backwards-compatible with all their 2D consoles (including handhelds) and will feature a controller, with such an amazing D-Pad, that even the Classic Controller for the Wii, will feel like a 360 D-Pad

    it will be 128-bit GLORY with ever old Nintendo franchise in Old packaging, with new refined controls and gimmicks

    the rest of the gaming industry shall realize their mistake in jumping on 3D in the first place and the Sega Saturn and PlayStation will forever be remembered as the "dark ages of 2D"

    kids all over the globe will come to the sudden realization that they are actually playing VIDEO-GAMES and not watching an interactive film

    Mario will be plumber than ever, Link will have a jump-button and Metroid will go back to being Metroid-Vania, as should be

    OldSkool gamers rejoice! the time is nigh! soon we shall overcome all this 3D-nonsense and go back to quality game-play and sprites galore!

    3D-innovators, REPENT! the time is nigh!

    Nintendo shall rise again!


    • …*cough*

      Sorry but I rather doubt and hope that won't happen.

    • LuX

      Wow that was rather sureal … kudos to you.

    • LadyIntomoe

      I may be one of the only ones here who agrees. I miss it, and replaying through some of the older games only makes me wish we had some more. Then again, it's best not to look too far back into the past with nostalgia.

      Perhaps they should bring some back like that, and re-introduce the sprites back into the 3D world. I'm a person who wants everything I like, not just one or the other.

      Why not? Any other thoughts?

    • Dave

      although this sounds interesting its hardly progress taking a step back. For this to work it would either see nintendo releasing two consoles at once, one in modern 3D and the other a retro 2D, or simply releasing retro style games on its modern console. its very unlikely that nintendo would drop high graphic quality for a 128 bit console but it would be nice to see a few games here and there made in this style.

  • Hellfire

    I think it's good that they don't reveal anything until it's done. That way we all get creative and start fantasizing about the possibilitys and also Microsoft won't ripoff the entire concept which they have done with everything on Xbox from Nintendo and Sony's Playstation -.-'

  • Hellfire

    Nintendo's goal with making games have always been to create the ultimate playing experience where you really live into the game. Not using motion controll would screw up that totally. And also aslong as the possible nunchuk upgrade has a vibrator built-in I will be happy.

  • Cody Gee

    It could be something that you can control souly on your thoughts.

  • Nintendo Revolution 2, anyone?

  • Hylian99

    I think they really need to just skip the 360/PS3 generation. DO NOT PUT THE WII 2'S GRAPHICS ON PAR WITH THE 360. THAT WOULD BE DUMB. ACTUALLY MOVE IT TO THE CURRENT GENERATION (or what will be current when it comes out).

  • Aleksandar

    I guess it´s simply gonna be a HD-Console hehe while we all expect some kind of awesone virtual reality thing XD!

  • Aleksandar

    Nintendo has learned from the failure calles "Virtual Boy" they won´t screw it up once again should they be doing VR!

  • If Nintendo claims that the next console will not incorporate 3D..its hard to think of what else it could be. given what technology exists right now. i doubt it will be VR or anything that uses your brain cause there is too much of a health risk. However, how many times have you heard designers/developers/producers in the game industry say they weren't going to do a certain thing…and of course they do. they were just lying for the sake of retaining the surprise.

    So I think, at least partly, the console will involve 3D and also allow the 3DS to be inserted into the console to play 3DS games on the big screen. In terms of motion controls…My guess, is that it will be a slightly smoother experience than the Wii Motion Plus gives but with a much easier and more comfortable and stylish Apparatus. i also firmly believe the graphics will be stunning. i don't believe it will be Blu-ray, they will want to keep this console cheap. But perhaps they have produced a way to create Blu-ray worthy graphics through some other clever means. they have already done so with 3D and not needing glasses.

    I also think the new console will look really swank. maybe transparent with different color shells to choose from.

  • Pilaf

    The problem with that saying "This will leave everyone in awe" means that they HAVE to do the most extraordinary thing possible, or some might be let down. I like the idea of Virtual Reality, the only problem is interaction between the player and the environment he is in. Everyone should remember all the stories of Wiimote's flying all around when the Wii was released, so Nintendo has to find a safe way to play games on their new console.

    Although, we should really consider this: This console might not be released for another five years or so, with the Wii having many more years in its lifespan. Technology might just explode into something outstanding in that time, so they might be able to let you play the game with your mind and it be totally safe for everyone. You never know.

  • chuck

    i herd that it might be called the nintendo revolution
    this name was what the wii was going to be caled

  • Dave

    If im not mistaken, a while back Microsoft had saved up some money outside its computer and gaming prodjects and decided to either make a handheld console or a virtual reality console/helmet thing, they chose VR and screwed up big time failing completely, this is why there isnt an X-box portable on the market. i dont think nintendo is that stupid, the tecnology just isnt there to make VR safely and succesfully. Mabey in 5-10 years or so hopefully. i also dont think the Wii's succesor would be 3D, the 3Deffect is in the screen so the
    3DS can pull it off having its own screens and all, for a home console youd need the ridiculously over priced 3DTV so i dont think nintendo would do this, unless you can turn it on and off like the 3DS to suit your TV. However, all this just makes it more eciting to anticipate nintendos real agenda, i for one will be waiting on the edge of my seat for however long it takes to be announced.

  • Victor George

    HD-compatible, possibly Blu-Ray or similar tech, but don't know how Nintendo's going to innovate with their next console and whether they're going to draw in people who normally would never play videogames or chuck that thought out the window and focus on the hard-core gamer. I'm just not looking for it to come out next year, though. Maybe in 2012 or so?

  • chuck

    this is a hard thing to think about
    only time will tell

  • Omo

    “Will leave you with your mouth open”. Voice recognition? 😛

  • Goro

    I think I might have a clue to the successor.

    • Hero_42

      Okay, but for those of us who don't speak Patent, what does that mean?

  • I've been reading peoples comments, here's what i think.

    1) Nintendo brings back the POWER GLOVE:
    however, made with soft micro-fiber sensors that fits comfortably, like a golve. (Cause we all know Xbox's Kinect can only sense the body movelments and not the specific movements in the hands)

    2) Nintendo makes single/simultanious PROJECTOR SCREENS that hang in the middle of the ceiling, we've seen it with projector screen cell phones, why not? (able to customize the size depending on the wall) this would be great to bring over to other peoples houses or play anywhere there's a WALL) (and it would be perfect for the VR experience)

    3) Nintendo makes a customizable 3D SHEET TECHNOLOGY that you can put on any wall
    Remember everyone. PROJECTOR= BIGGER than any 3-d television you can try to afford. FITS YOUR ENITRE WALL!!!

    4) Nintendo adds some kinect technology to whip it all up, and you got yourself a real VR baby.

    Strap on the gloves, set up the projector and the sheet to the wall and BAM!!


  • MasterLinx

    You know what bet It'll be in 3D. I bet they'll have an out fit of some sort that senses your movements and allows you to jog in place to simulate running with a remote attached to the wrist that lets you go through the menu so you can change settings, weapons etc. as well as certain movements that will make the character do certain stunts such as flips.

  • Kashif Mushtaq

    I can't wait for the new console! http://rightnreal.info/tokyo-game-show-2010-tgs-2

  • Enough with the VR and 3D talk. It's not going to be either (but could be part of it anyway).

    It's gotta be something revolutionary in how we control, not just view, the games. Perhaps the vitality sensor that N is now quiet about will be integrated and expanded on in some way.

    Perhaps the new form of input will:
    – let you feel static shock, mild pain,
    – hot and cold temperatures
    – mini-fan built-in for wind fx

    Perhaps a new controller with a built-in touchscreen, maybe even the capacitive type like the iPhone/Pod/Pad.

    Perhaps holograms will pop-out of the controller to navigate menus, display 3d maps, switch weapons, and other functions. Or just show that the controller is on fire.

    Perhaps Pokémotion technology will be incorporated, so that our motions will display fancy things in the air (like your attack points on an RPG enemy).

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