UPDATE: It has come to our attention that one of our sources was incorrect in their description of Zelda World, and that we too were mistaken in calling the project an MMO. According to an official Zelda World news update, the game is “not an MMO” and is also “a stand alone game, not a mod of another game”.

The official summary of the Zelda World project is, as found here:

“Zelda World gives you the content from both OOT and MM and gives you the ability to create/recreate any Zelda Storys/Quests you like for everyone to enjoy. Imagine being able to play OOT or MM and invite your friends to come play with you and help you on your quest, or even take the old N64 Zelda’s worlds and add your own quests into it.”

Based on this summary, the project could be described as a multiplayer sandbox experience – though not massively multiplayer.

We apologize for any confusion that our mistake may have caused. We have changed the title of this post to better reflect the nature of the game, and will continue to bring you updates on this intriguing project!

Feel free to read our original post after the jump, but remember: Zelda World is not an MMO.

Zelda fans are always curious about how the future of the series could work out as a different genre besides the usual action/adventure we all know and love. Let’s then, for a moment, consider one of the more popular genres out there – MMO (massively multiplayer online game). Let’s again consider how the future of Zelda could roll out. See where I’m going?

Zelda World, a game being made by a group of creative fans, intends to remake the beloved Ocarina of Time as an MMO-style game. While it isn’t fully completed yet, it’s still fun to check it out in it’s early stages. The starting area is, naturally, the Kokiri Forest, and while it does contain Hyrule Field, there is still nothing to do and no one to interact with yet.

There  aren’t any enemies to fight or  items to break, but you do start off with a sword, shield, and a bow. The bow is currently the only usable item, and it could be considered fun just running around and shooting arrows aimlessly.

As mentioned already, the game is still in it’s early stages. Expect updates in the future on this title, as we’ll keep an eye out for anything new as the developers make headway into the fresh Zelda MMO landscape!

Source: Moddb
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  • Fussy

    Ah, I remember about this on GameFaqs a few weeks ago. From what I recall, one of the game creators posted a small update which stated that we'll be getting more news on this in 3 months or so.

    I have some hope for this, so I'll be looking forward to hearing more about this.

  • Hayden

    This better work on Mac. I don’t feel like having to whip out my Windows partition to check it out.

  • This is cool. So is it supposed to be online–like on the Internet, or can it be uploaded to a Wii, or is it still too early to tell? Well, I'm going to find out for myself. And to the commenter above: I'm sure it won't be a disaster as some might presume or prefer (because they don't want OoT touched). Rather, this could be the next great thing a Zelda fan could hope for.

  • dylan

    one suggestions, do not go into lon lon ranch or you will fall forever!

  • FuriousMonkeyBoy

    As ZTurtuleMan said, this game is NOT an MMO.

  • AND of course there's no Mac version as usual >.>

  • therush

    I think if Nintendo made an MMO for Zelda it would be amazing. Fan-made not so sure but I'll obviously still play the game. Strange that Miyamoto is BY FAR the greatest game designer ever and has yet to develop an MMORPG. You know Miyamoto and Nintendo would do that right.

  • Lord_Santa

    problem is, as it was last time and the time before that

    this *will* get canceled by Nintendo.

    there is no discussion, nor question about it

    when they remade LttP in multiplayer it was shot down
    when OoT was remade in LttP engine it was shot down

    actually *anything* that has Zelda smacked onto it gets shot down by Nintendo

    and you have my guarantee this will as well

  • Thanks for letting us know! We're correcting the mistake as I type. I'm very sorry for the confusion.

  • good catch on it not being MMO I was really confused

    • Thanks! So sorry that it caused confusion.

  • Majin Kai


  • Linktomyass

    Will get cancelled.

    Speaking of that. Why did ZU even post this as news?

    Yea its interesting but seriously…. You know it will get cancelled and if you don't then you shouldn't be the head of a Zelda based website.

  • Nitramtj

    Haha wow, I'm from the same community as the main guy behind this game, so I've been following this for awhile. One of his main problems was that he needed someone to script/code for him (in torque script). When he released the first alpha, someone started to help him, so hopefully that'll speed up progress.

    • People are overestimating this project. Sure it may be completed but it's not as gracious as they're expecting it. I would know, I've worked on the team.

  • A4darkness

    I can’t wait!