Coming September 12th, Nintendo will slash the prices of the DSi and DSi XL in North America by $20 a piece making them cost $149.99 and $169.99, respectively. This price drop comes following a price drop in June for the UK and Japanese markets. The DS Lite model still remains at $129.99.

This also comes in advance of the announcement from Nintendo of the official release date and price of the newest member of the DS family, the 3DS, coming September 29th.

Source: engadget
  • matt17

    finally, it was too expensive. nobody should buy a dsi anymore, the 3ds is a newer dsi, can take 3d pics.
    recently bought a new lite for 50$

  • LuX

    -.0 3DS part of the DS family? …. Isn't that like saying the Nes is part of the Wii family?

    It's got acomplete overhaul … god Nintendo need to change the name to Super DS or some shit ¬_¬

  • Tayo

    It's NOT a DS! Look, that's like saying the Gameboy Advance is part of the Gameboy Advance family. Well, it wasn't. For one, Gameboy Advance could play at better graphics and resolution that the Gameboy Family (Gameboy and Gameboy Color). The 3DS is part of the next generation of Handheld Nintendo families. It can render better 3D than the DS, has a much stronger processor, and of course the 3D effects. The point is, there is a difference between the generations and upgrades. Here:

    GameBoy family: Gameboy > GameBoy Advance. Gameboy Advance family: GameBoy Advance > GameBoy Advance SP > GameBoy Advance Micro. Nintendo DS Family: Nintendo DS > Nintendo DS Lite > Nintendo DSi. Nintendo 3DS family: Nintendo 3DS > (Pending)

    Many people don't seem to realize this. Think about it, each first system of each family was backwards compatible with the games from the previous. GBA with GB games, DS with GBA games, and now 3DS with DS games.

  • Shadowknight1

    Someone clear this up for me please.
    "This also comes in advance of the official release date and price announcement from Nintendo concerning the newest member of the DS family, the 3DS, coming September 29th."

    Does this mean the announcement is coming the 29th of September?

  • Link-182

    Yes, they confirmed that they would tell the world when the 3DS will be released on sept 29. Its not the actual release date.

    • Tayo

      They are also going to announce prices and such too.

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