We’ve all been there: embarassing status updates on Facebook, embarrasing comments on Facebook, embarassing pics on Facebook. For all its usefulness, Facebook also offers us every oportunity to make fools of ourselves.

Link is no different.

The guys over at Dorkly captured some priceless moments in the lives of our favorite Hylian citizens via their Facebook comments, and we have the chance to peek in and giggle along.

Have a look after the jump!

View more hilarious Hylian status updates at Dorkly‘s site!

Source: Dorkly
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  • koipen


    Actually kind of funny.

  • LISTEN! No matter what you might think this is, it isn't. So view them and be entertained! (You'll see the reason why I sound so insistent).

  • linkpwns13

    He is, huh? :3

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    Poor Link.

  • Alessandra

    XD! That's actually pretty funny AND embarassing!

  • Phantom7

    LISTEN! I thought that was actually really funny.

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  • Matt

    lmao "that one I can't explain"

  • X x7

    Ha, now I wish they had a Hylain Facebook in Zelda games.

  • Zelda_and_girls_rule

    what did they say?

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  • Ferisan

    Oh man, I loled! XD

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  • ChainofTermina

    That was so funny, Toon Link better get his head out of the clouds, er, water, and get his priorities straight.

  • link’s triforce

    All the games of Zelda were and still are awesome just wish they make a big realistic movie of Zelda and yes I seen the big slap in the face in the internet of the movie they were gonna make but it was just a dirty lie :'( but Zelda games are still the best:-D