There are a lot of little inside gags among Zelda fans, and there’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun now and then. But when people aren’t laughing at/running from invincible crazed chickens (and pigs) , sometimes their jokes stray towards another favorite subject: Navi. Despite all the stigma surrounding the fairy, Escapist Magazine has written an article in her honor.

It’s no secret that Navi has a lot to say. From the very beginning of the first N64 Zelda title, Ocarina of Time, players may often find themselves tapping “A” to continue Navi’s speech while hardly skimming her long-winded exposition. Sometimes you may even come upon a door out there in the virtual world, but don’t fret – Navi has you covered there as well.

“Press A to open doors.”

Awesome. I don’t even want to imagine how long I would have sat there guessing buttons in front of this door. You’re a life saver, Navi.

Constant nagging and instruction such as this may tend to irk some players… but hey, listen, you can’t deny Navi’s helpful spirit. Without her, we may have found ourselves feeling very lonely on our adventures, and indeed very helpless at times. I think we all need to take a minute to read the article and learn to appreciate just how great Navi really was.

Source: Escapist Magazine
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  • freedom410

    Although the contrast between Navi and Midna just shows how awesome Midna was in comparison. Folks, Midna is how you make a helper/sidekick in an adventure game – sassy, useful, integrated into the story, and it doesn't hurt that her final form is gorgeous.

  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    Finally someone sees navi as i do. The sole fact that she refused to leave your side from the very beginning to the very end should prove shes over midna or any other sidekick. Now i like all the helpers tatl included. but when it comes to navi shes on top, hands down

    • Epona500h

      Amen to that! It's about time someone wrote a worthwhile article about Navi. It's really good to know that there are other people out there who appreciate her.

  • I never disliked Navi herself; I merely become annoyed by the fact that I had to stop when she got a newsflash. But that was the only thing I found vexing. On the whole, she was like an exterior conscience, like the writer of this article said. She led me through situations that I just got flat-out stuck on, even though the answer always seemed to be right before me. To put it simply, she was extremely helpful; without her, I would definitely have struggled to complete Ocarina of Time. So, now matter how many times she screams, Hey, Listen! just know that it's to aid you in your quest.

  • daniel

    Midna has all that, a personality, which Navi doesn't have, really awesome powers (including turning you into a wolf) and is practically the second main protagonist in TP. She features an even bigger role than Zelda! How

  • daniel

    could anyone chose an annoying fairy over her?

  • Janine

    I love Navi, although sometimes I wish I could put her in a bottle(sometimes at the bottom of the lake), she was such a big help when it came to competeing a game. Same for Midna, yes I like her too, but given the choice, I'd heve to choose Navi.
    If you think I'm wrong, just imagine going through the game the first time without her help. If nothing her help was, no is, invaluble.

  • I actually disagree with the Midna lovers. Though Midna was no doubt a better integrated sidekick in the game in terms of technical fluidity, I found myself missing Navi when I played Twilight Princess. I also thought Midna was a little overpowering, distracting and too strong a character to be cast as Link’s sidekick. Maybe it’s a matter of personal preference, but I prefer a more complimentary sidekick like Navi over a loud and annoying tag-along like Midna. [email protected] Totally agree. And yes, sometimes I wanted to put Navi in a bottle, too.

  • Ashmic

    I disagree too, Midna was funny charasmatic and did have alot to offer, but she didn't really help, as well as tatl, some times they even ratted on you for not knowing what to do, and calling u basically stupid, Navi was annoying but she kept me going and didn't basically say WOW u don't know how to do that? You're an idiot, tatl was more rude than midna, but still, even for younger players navi keeps it technical and tells you what you should be doing, how and where.

  • listen

    Navi was never a problem, despite the fact that she never told me anything i didnt already know. I dont know why people freak out over Navi like its the end of the world. The whole "Navie sucks and is so annoying" thing is more annoying than Navi herself. This joke/complaint is getting old. And this is coming from someone who played the shit out of Ocarina and bombed every square inch of Hyrule to find every secret.

  • Zeldadudetp

    Navi is just like my girlfriend. Annoying as hell, but I love her to death.

    • junjoweed

      amen to that

  • Laughing Tachikoma

    Navi is actually my favorite sidekick in any of the zelda game. At one point I put OOT down for a couple months and when i started it up again I wandered aimlessly til Navi told me where i was supposed to go! Besides, it got kinda awkward playing TP with my grandparents around (the whole naked imp thing).