There are a lot of little inside gags among Zelda fans, and there’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun now and then. But when people aren’t laughing at/running from invincible crazed chickens (and pigs) , sometimes their jokes stray towards another favorite subject: Navi. Despite all the stigma surrounding the fairy, Escapist Magazine has written an article in her honor.

It’s no secret that Navi has a lot to say. From the very beginning of the first N64 Zelda title, Ocarina of Time, players may often find themselves tapping “A” to continue Navi’s speech while hardly skimming her long-winded exposition. Sometimes you may even come upon a door out there in the virtual world, but don’t fret – Navi has you covered there as well.

“Press A to open doors.”

Awesome. I don’t even want to imagine how long I would have sat there guessing buttons in front of this door. You’re a life saver, Navi.

Constant nagging and instruction such as this may tend to irk some players… but hey, listen, you can’t deny Navi’s helpful spirit. Without her, we may have found ourselves feeling very lonely on our adventures, and indeed very helpless at times. I think we all need to take a minute to read the article and learn to appreciate just how great Navi really was.

Source: Escapist Magazine
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