Note: Readers may have noticed my mistake yesterday of referencing a female figure in the trailer, where I meant to reference the one in the concept art – I sincerely apologize for the mistake, and it has been fixed.

Posted earlier today on the website of none other than Official Nintendo Magazine, is a new interview with Eiji Aonuma. These interviews are met with great joy from some and absolute terror from others. Regardless of their personal reaction, the gaming community is all ears. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much new insight into the game from this particular interview, but there are certainly a few highlights.

Firstly, it has been definitively confirmed that the feminine figure in the concept art  is not going to be Zelda. Aonuma was keen on not revealing the identity, but he did confirm this singular fact.

Second, in a move that may upset many longtime fans of the series, but may excite others, Aonuma has said that the development team is “reimagining some of the traditional gameplay elements. ” To elaborate, this basically means that the game will still have the traditional over-world and dungeon themes we are all intimately familiar with, but some integral things (and he never makes it quite clear what these things specifically will be) are to be altered. Oh, and for all you timeline fanatics out there:  it has been confirmed that Skyward Sword’s position in the timeline is before Ocarina of Time – though there was no elaboration on this point in the interview.

For more information on Aonuma’s plans for the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time, and also some personal information about the man behind the curtain, be sure to check the source.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
  • What?! No Zelda??? What is Hyrule coming to? Not having Zelda on the Legend of Zelda is like–like having Link talk! (Man, I wish I could use italics to emphasize what I mean).

    As long as they keep the overworld and dungeons I'll be fine, nevertheless. Though I wonder what they're do different.

    • Okay, I've read the interview and it appears that there might have been a little misinterpretation on my part. The feminine figure they might have been talking about is none other than Adelle (a.k.a. the Skyward Sword/Master Sword). I believe that Zelda was already confirmed to show up in SS, but I'd have to go back to check on that. So excuse my little tirade above.

    • James

      Where did he say there'd be no Zelda?

    • Ferisan

      you misread, it says the feminien figure (sword girl) is not Zelda which… we kind of knew already.

      • Man, you guys are making me feel terrible! 8,(

        • Ferisan

          We still luv you Thareous <3

          • Ahhhhh…thank you so much! I was thinking about deleting the first comment, but you all make me feel so much better. XD

  • X4Dennis24


  • XDarkRivalX

    Okay, where in that trailer is the "feminine figure"? I watched the whole thing twice and paused at every scene, and I'm still not seeing it.

    • swizzles

      I think he just made a mistake. He most likely meant the feminine figure in the artwork, as there isn't any such figure in the trailer.

    • Larwaa

      I did the same thing. I've seen that trailer several times before and I never saw a feminine figure in it. Like waaaat.

    • The 10th Rider

      I don't see her either.

  • freedom410

    I didn't see the female either.

    However, Thareous, I don't think he meant there is no Zelda. Rather, it's just that the female (supposedly) in the video isn't her.

    I am guessing from his comments that they still don't know what to do with Gannondorf. He says they're not sure what to do with some of the main Zelda characters. Well, except for Link and Zelda herself, Gannondorf is really the only other recurring character. I take this as a great sign that the giant pig-man won't simply be reused as the final boss.

    • I realized that after going over it again. That was my bad.

  • LoverOfLegends

    I think the only thing against the 3DS OoT so far is the fact they made Epona look more male-ish than in the actual game. Anyone else notice that…?

    • Ashmic

      well making a more female horse would have to bend the realistic feel and dip into cartoonish because there is no specific look in the gender of a horse
      you would have to alter and add on less-realistic themes and appearances

  • Ferisan

    Not much that we havent heard already, but any news is better than no news! 😀

    Oh and no, there isn't a feminine figure in the trailer at all, don't you mean the original concept artwork, Jordan?

  • Hombre de Mundo

    Nothing new at all. This looks like it's just a video version of the same interview released in the last ONM issue.

  • Ashmic

    can someone print screen and pose a pic of this " female figure" i don't understand what your seeing? im so confused, someone help? XD

  • Ashmic

    whats werid is it has a timeline "direction" so to speak, look at the beginning, they show previous symbols of past "events: (games) and they all follow a specific timeline, i think thats werid, maybe it splits AGAIN before SS, did anyone analyse this yet?

    • ncocs

      I think at the beginning they were just saying that nintendo's made all of those games, and now, this is the new one. NOT that all of those games come before SS.

      • Ashmic

        no they don't come before SS, i know the timeline, they are all in a certain side of the timeline in the split, thus SS leaning toward one distinctive side of the timeline

  • Tsubasa_Zero

    except for the Zelda thing, It's al old news.

  • Sotiris

    "Not having Zelda on the Legend of Zelda is like–like having Link talk!"

    No, it's like Majora's Mask. Which is only a good thing.

    • @CoT–Yes, I can delete my own comments. It's part of joining the IntenseDebate system on this website. I saw that another user (I won't use his name because I wan't permitted did this to his own earlier. The comment box on that was still open, but not the comment. In its place was a note that said: this comment has been deleted by the user.

      • ChainofTermina

        oh, cool. I didn't know that, maybe I'll think about useing that thing myself. 🙂

    • ChainofTermina

      Zelda was in Majora's Mask………..sorta.

  • veeronic

    … might I ask how many more times you plan on establishing that it takes place before ocarina of time?

  • DDA

    Wizard of Oz: Dont pay any attention to the man behind the curtain!