This vid leaves us beaming.

Skyward Sword made its expected appearance at GamesCom (Germany’s E3) on the 19th… but don’t get your hopes up. Nintendo didn’t offer anything new. The demo stations used the same demo as seen at E3.

That being said, we were still able to learn some new things even from this same demo. One of the most surprising being that the melodic musical “hit enemy” sounds from The Wind Waker are back! Once again, each time you hit the same enemy in a row, the hit will will sound a note up a chromatic scale.

New videos after the jump!

Thanks to IGN, we now have two new Skyward Sword gameplay videos in HD to analyze.

The first is a battle against some bokoblins and keese making use of the new sword beam. The second is another look at the stalfos boss battle. Enjoy!

Source: IGN
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  • It's nice to see the game working as intended.

    • Tsubasa_Zero

      Indeed, maybe all those people who said it didn't work , because of the presentation will think twice now

  • Gerdef


  • Nitramtj

    It looks like a big difference this time (besides less background noise,) is that they were able to keep the whole screen in view, without it being blocked.

  • I love the new battle music

  • Deku_Scrub

    it's good to see that the controls seem very fluid and easy to use. it looks very fun too.
    What I don't like though, is that the game itself look super easy. I mean, the guy beat the stalfos, a miniboss, playing the game for the first time, and not taking a single hit. The enemies didn't even attack! Unless the difficulty was watered down for the demo, i fear we're looking at a game easier than TP. At least battle-wise.

    • MDHq

      I was able to watch people playing the demo at Gamescom who were less skilled than the player in the videos above, and the challenge seems to actually have been improved somewhat. Hits from regular Deku Babas take off an entire heart if I remember correctly, and blowing yourself up with bombs is actually dangerous now. A couple people actually died in the demo

    • Zaros

      even if its the actual difficulty, now the game has a "hard" option so i doubt it will be easier than TP. Also remember that these guys are from ign lol.

    • Rojinshu

      Also, a demo is supposed to give you a sample of what it will become. Of course they can't make it really hard, it's a demo :U

  • Lex

    @ Deku Scrub: This is IGN: they weren't playing it for the first time.

    • Lex

      Also, forgot to mention- pretty much all of the enemies in TP could be pretty easily beaten without getting hit. So adding the WiiMotion Plus element to fighting is sure to offer some challenge in the sense that instead of just pressing B or waving the remote, you actually have to aim your strikes.

  • Deku_Scrub

    Thanks, that was pretty reassuring to hear. I'm much less worried now.
    also, how does one use spin attack in SS?

    • P.U.B.L.I.C

      easy, remember how in TP for the Wii you had to shake the nunchuk? well in SS you have to shake both.

      • P.U.B.L.I.C

        The remote and nunchuk

    • Dark Link

      To do a Spin Attack you have to swing the Nunchuck and Wiimote in the same direction.

    • X x7

      You can also now do a vertical spin attack, in which you swing the Nunchuck and Wii Remote at the same time vertically. It's pretty cool!

  • Demon

    Yes. It looks like the battles are once again way too easy. I fear the puzzles aren't much better either.

    • NPC

      That was probaply just the begining of the game.I'm sure Ittl get harder.

    • It's a demo.

  • Man, our arms are going to get so sore after swinging the Wiimote so much. 8)

    And yet, I can't help but feel that same zeal spike through me when I watched these. I simply cannot wait for Skyward Sword! And the music really made me feel like I was somehow apart of the battle. I also can't wait until ZU is able to pick the SS album up.

  • Lex

    "also, how does one use spin attack in SS?"

    I believe you swing both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk together- either horizontally to perform a regular spin attack, or vertically to perform an acrobatic jumping spin attack.

  • Jersey Shore

    At the end of the first video, Link is entering a village
    You can notice the melody changing into a peaceful one, and a house behind the haystack

    • abarai

      that's a mushroom from the demo area

      • Jersey Shore

        Listen and look closely dimwit,
        it may be a mushroom
        but you can see more village features
        and a frikking peaceful melody

      • Jersey Shore

        Or maybe GANONS THERE 😎

  • Zeldadudetp

    The gameplay looks great!

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  • Steve

    enemies are once again going to need numerous hits to die whitout ever attacking ?
    I think I will skip the most battles like I did at TP.

  • NPC

    Man when,WHEN will IT come out?!

  • NPC


    • triforceguy1

      didn't mean to offend, sorry :/

    • DEkuDEku

      Well tou guiz have E3, so you can't complain at all.

  • NPC


    • Dude, relax. Nobody knows for sure, but Nintendo is pushing for early 2011. That will hopefully be January or early Febuary; March would be less likely but still a possibility.

    • triforceguy1

      probably around easter time next year or near the end of february… who know's, but I would rather it for them to have more time editing it for more epicness πŸ˜€

  • ChainofTermina

    hey, I thought you were supposed to hold the sword up vertically in order to charge up the beam. that guy was just holding it out normally.

    • STUFF2o

      I was pretty sure that Miyamoto got the idea for the sword charging from thinking of holding the sword upwards. He just wanted to be able to hold his sword up and charge it. However, that also means that if you hold your sword still in any direction and charge it, which I believe was shown in a gameplay vid with the scorpion boss. It makes a lot more sense this way.

    • david

      im just guessing but maybe when u have full health it will recharge itself, such as it did in the 1st zelda.

  • cuju

    Firstly, I would like to point out that they got 5 minutes to play so they probably just wanted to show off the swordsplay, and also, that guy wasn't giving the stalfos time to attack…

  • cuju

    Proof that the stalfos from E3 was more aggresive!

    • LOZSSftw

      Oh wow. Thanks man

      • triforceguy1

        then again, at the E3 one, it was someone else who was left handed and being left handed or right handed could affect the difficulty for defeating enemies

        • cuju

          not realy

          • SkullKid93

            I'll have to overcome this learning curve when I play, because I always hold the Wii Remote in my left hand. Oh well, I don't mind. I'm slightly ambidextrous anyways.

    • Zeldadudetp

      The other dude wasn't jumping around the enemy. I bet moving causes the enemy to attack.

  • cuju

    I want Skyloft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karnage

    I've been playing wind waker for many hours before seeing this video and i can say that melodic "hit enemy" sounds seemed a bit strange to me with adult link shouting πŸ™‚ still cool however.
    Love the music on skeleton fight. Mini boss theme perhaps?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Damn! That stupid sword thing from WW is back? I hated how it made a higher sounds every time you hit another enemy, that was one of my peeves about that game, it was so annoying,

    • NPC

      hey,dude,that was awsome.

  • Cam

    Cool videos, but is Link really going to be holding the sword out like its on fire the whole game? O_o

    • triforceguy1

      I hope not too :/

      • SkullKid93

        No, you don't have to. Watch some other gameplay videos, and you'll find that not only can you put your sword away, but if you want to sprint, Link automatically puts the sword away, so it's only optional if you want to keep it out.

  • matt17

    I sorta liked the hit enemy sound effect in wind waker. but then that makes this game silly. guess were not getting a serious zelda game like oot or TP

    • SkullKid93

      It's not silly as much as it increases the tension of the fight. The spikes in music help to give the fight an epic feeling when you slice at the opponent, and considering how close up and fast-paced these sword fights are going to be, it may only help to strengthen the swordplay's feel. But that's all a matter of opinion.

  • ss_hasswordbeams!

    good videos. now i am positive that this is super zelda galaxy. They can claim all they want with the impressionism but it looks like they are reusing the engine. I actually like the graphics, but i wish more would notice the similarities of the games

  • Dark Link

    The Stalfos lost some ribs every time Link hit him, that new.

  • Aethelbert

    I finally have a wii!!! I can haz Skyward Sword!!!!
    That looks epic

  • TLoZmastr

    wow gigant rupees,

  • Slixxer

    No offense but the way Link holds his sword is kinda weak….

    • dark pixelink

      I suppose that depends on the way you hold the remote, if you think about it almost everyone holds the wiimote that way

  • arcticyoshi

    Don't like the massive huge rupees in this game (watch me nitpick :p) nor the way Link holds his sword out the whole time, but apart from that it looks really neat. Yay for the sword fight noises returning! πŸ˜€

  • ThatOneGuy

    You know (correct me if I'm mistaken), but since it's 1:1 controls, doesn't the way you as a player hold the remote depend on how Link holds his sword. If you don't want Link to hold his sword that way, then don't hold your wiimote that way! But like I said, I might be mistaken.

    • No, you're legit. However, some people may prefer to hold the sword in that funny way so that they can charge up a beam. You notice how the player was slicing those enemies down with them in the second video? He opted to do it that way because it seemed the best way to get them out of his path quickest. So though some might debate about that, it really will be their choice when SS comes out.

  • AaryonN

    maked sense ThatOneGuy i was thinking the exact same thing you said!
    I'm pretty sure that's what it is, because all of the gameplay videos, you can see they are all holding the wiimote the same way, and like holds his sword according to how they hold it.