This vid leaves us beaming.

Skyward Sword made its expected appearance at GamesCom (Germany’s E3) on the 19th… but don’t get your hopes up. Nintendo didn’t offer anything new. The demo stations used the same demo as seen at E3.

That being said, we were still able to learn some new things even from this same demo. One of the most surprising being that the melodic musical “hit enemy” sounds from The Wind Waker are back! Once again, each time you hit the same enemy in a row, the hit will will sound a note up a chromatic scale.

New videos after the jump!

Thanks to IGN, we now have two new Skyward Sword gameplay videos in HD to analyze.

The first is a battle against some bokoblins and keese making use of the new sword beam. The second is another look at the stalfos boss battle. Enjoy!

Source: IGN
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