Running from the fuzz(y design).

While everything about it is rather unlike anything Nintendo themselves would do poster-wise for the Zelda franchise, it is certainly extremely well-designed and a breath of fresh air.

Robert LeDuc, of San Francisco, designed his version of what a poster would look like for the new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. And it certainly is striking.

Behind the running Link is a stylistic cloud of rupees, bombs, whips, arrows and such, taken from their official instruction manual style icons.

Click the jump for more of Robert LeDuc’s art!

While not Zelda-related, another piece of Mr. LeDuc’s art is worth a look. Entitled “space is the place,” it is inspired by James White’s fantasy Polaroid collection. It was created on the side as an experiment for two different album covers he was designing at the time. The title comes from a t-shirt slogan, but Mr. LeDuc can no longer remember exactly where. However, the phrase stuck with him and finally came to be used here.

We certainly hope to see more art from Robert LeDuc in the future, especially the Zelda variety!

Source: Behance Network
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  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    cool…deffinatly cool=)

  • X x7

    I like it, but I think it would've been even cooler if behind Link was a ominous picture of the main villain in the game. Too bad we don't know who it is yet…

    • LuX

      Don't you think thats a little cliche?

      • X x7

        I don't know I just think it'd look cooler.

  • LitteMissMe

    I wish Nintendo would release more Skyward Sword art…

  • X4Dennis24

    new article up on about skyward sword!!!!! they said their will be a new video up soon too!!!

    • X4Dennis24
    • bastian

      The video is of the same demo we saw at E3. Nothing new, unfortunately.

      • Drat! Oh, well, maybe there will be one when Skyward Sword goes to GamesCom in Germany. They'll have to advertise for that, right?

        • bastian

          GamesCom is what that article/video XfDennis24 is talking about. It's already started, and there's no new Skyward stuff. 🙁
          Just the same E3 demo.

  • Hah, the picture makes it look like Link's items are dropping out of him as he runs! That would be bad if this happened while you fled from an enemy, who could pick them up and use them himself. A sort of reverse on Wind Waker.

    @X4Dennis24–Great find! Hopefully we'll get a better representation of what the world in SS will look like. I don't recall reading anything on saying that the "Hyrule" in the demo will appear in the game. In any event, I can't wait to see what it will be about.

  • im a troll

    who cares about this zelda isn't any good you nerds, get a life.

    • X x7

      Good of you to have a diverse opinion. Now get off this site.

      • Yeah, your taking up space that others actually belongs to people who love this stuff. And I'd advise you to get a life, because trolls only live to storm sites and speak against them as if it were a joke. So, if you have the decency to listen, stop posting if you aren't going to be serious, because most of us are serious about this. XP

    • Ferisan

      Guys, did you actually read what this person is called? :[ don't feed the troll.

      • ChainofTermina

        yeah, how do we know this isn't the same "Mariofan" person from a few weeks ago?

        • Ferisan

          The name hardly matters, It's still a troll, and people are still responding to it, lol.So yeah never mind this guy, or the mario person.

    • drea

      If zelda is so bad, why are you even on this website?

  • Death Killington

    Lol, it's not even that great of a poster. I know plenty of people who could make a much better poster.

    • LuX

      It depends on the style personally I think thats a real high end piece of vector art work, and if you know someone who can do better vector artwork than that then props too them.

      • Death Killington

        Lots of people can do much better vector work. And even more can make a better one in a non-vector style. And this guy didn't even vector Link.

        • Eww

          Good thing it's not really "vector work" …?

  • LadyBastet

    The poster is new and different, which I think is good for the fans. Just like some people get tired of the same gameplay (which SS promises to change) I'm sure some get tired of the stereotypical artwork. In short, I think the poster is a great idea.

    As long as the bad guy is not Ganon (or Ganondorf) I'll be happy with the game. I'm getting a bit tired of the same bad guy; Twilight Princess made me think "Really? Can't you have an original bad guy be in charge for once?"

    I think the series needs a bit of fresh air before having another "traditional game."

    • Same bad guy, different characteristics.

      OoT: Ganon plays a loose tough guy who acted more like a modern-day gangbanger, best put, than a usurper Gerudo king. He thought Link had some "guts", which he "liked."

      WW: Ganon returns with a little more life and villainry. This time he thought Link as an insignicant child who merely stood in his way. We also got the reason for his previous takeover of Hyrule.

      TP: Ganondorf emerges this time as a horse lord, but is more complacent than ever. Rather than the aforementioned reactions to Link, he thinks, "Ah, a chance to show this cur who is boss." Arrogance sculpts the best enemy.

      Regardless of who the main boss will be in SS, I wouldn't mind if they brought Ganon back. I would like to see how Nintendo could further him.

      • P.U.B.L.I.C

        Ganondorf thought Link had some guts which he "liked" god i lol'd at that haha

    • ChainofTermina

      maybe…..though, if it's not Ganon, it should at least be a villain we HAVE seen before. maybe Vaati or Majora or even Ahganim (I so totally spelled that wrong) or something. I really hate it when Games keep introducing new characters and just ignoring the characters the already have. The Sonic games have been doing that really badly lately, the have all these well designed, well developed characters that they haven't used in YEARS…..but won't get into that. I think Zant is enough "new villains for a while, I want to see some development of some already existing villains.

      • @P.U.B.L.I.C.–Hah! You're right; I did hesitate on putting quotation marks around guts myself.

        I also agree with CoT: A new villain would be nice in and of itself. So, anyone for Twinrova? Nope, she was pretty simple back in OoT…

  • Potatoguy7

    Im pretty sure the main bad guy will be gannon, after all this is an orgin story

  • Eyeshield 31

    Wow Robert's art is so good and he's sexy too, I wish I was his girlfriend!

  • Weegee

    i think the bad guy is ganondorf/ganon but i will be very dissapointed if hes not.

  • im a troll

    i changed my mind the legend of zelda is awsome and im am the nerd who has to get a life. and i am a gay dog humper.

  • i like art posters specially if they depict something about nature and beauty “

  • art posters are great for room decoration too, i use art posters on my bedroom as decorations ,~;