Running from the fuzz(y design).

While everything about it is rather unlike anything Nintendo themselves would do poster-wise for the Zelda franchise, it is certainly extremely well-designed and a breath of fresh air.

Robert LeDuc, of San Francisco, designed his version of what a poster would look like for the new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. And it certainly is striking.

Behind the running Link is a stylistic cloud of rupees, bombs, whips, arrows and such, taken from their official instruction manual style icons.

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While not Zelda-related, another piece of Mr. LeDuc’s art is worth a look. Entitled “space is the place,” it is inspired by James White’s fantasy Polaroid collection. It was created on the side as an experiment for two different album covers he was designing at the time. The title comes from a t-shirt slogan, but Mr. LeDuc can no longer remember exactly where. However, the phrase stuck with him and finally came to be used here.

We certainly hope to see more art from Robert LeDuc in the future, especially the Zelda variety!

Source: Behance Network
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