Well, the voters have spoken – and we’re here to give you guys what you wanted. That’s right, the Bank of Hyrule is back and it’s supplying one lucky winner with a guaranteed copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword whenever it’s released. Who said that only bad things happen on Friday the 13th?

Entering is creative but simple, and we’re taking entries until midnight EST on August 27th. Want to win? Hit the jump and find out how.

Contest Details

You’re entering the Bank of Hyrule’s Great Skyward Sword Giveaway to win a guaranteed copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword when it’s released!We will place the preorder for the game as soon as we receive an email response from the winner with their shipping details. The contest will run from Friday, August 13th until midnight EST on Friday, August 27th.

All entries will be judged based on quality and creativity by a panel of three Zelda Universe staff members. The winner and runners up will be announced around the week following the contest (we’ll try and go through entries as quickly as we can to judge, but, as always, we expect a lot of entries).

How to Enter

  1. We know you’re excited about Skyward Sword. Show us how you’re excited about the new game in an image, video, written work, or any combination of the three. Show us your creativity!
    1. Written entries must be 800 words or less.
    2. Video entries must be 3 minutes or less.
    3. Image entries must be 10MB or less.
  2. Submit your entry in the entry form at the bottom of this post by midnight EST on Friday, August 27th. You can use the form to upload any files, such as pictures, to be sent to us.
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait!
  4. The winner will be announced about a week after entries are closed, along with five runners up.

Contest Rules

We love running contests, but, like all good things, there are a few restrictions. This is just to make the contest fair for everyone, so please read this before you enter.

  • There is no age limit for this contest.
  • Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.
  • Entries are judged based on quality and creativity only, and they must follow the guidelines for how to enter detailed above to qualify.
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you. Yes, we can tell if you’ve entered twice – don’t even try.
  • The winner of The Great Skyward Sword Giveaway will have one week to respond to their winner’s notification email. If they do not respond, the first runner up will become the winner.
  • Comments on this post will not be judged. You must submit your entry through the entry form at the bottom of this post.
  • No priority is given to entries by people who donated to the Bank of Hyrule. If you deposited money, we truly appreciate you making this contest possible – that’s why it’s judged, to give you guys a fair shake in winning!

About the Bank of Hyrule

The Bank of Hyrule is a continuous contest fund run by ZU, fueled by reader donations. Whever the Bank of Hyrule reaches a certain amount of donations, Zelda Universe holds a judged contest. This entire contest was possible because our readers wanted it to happen, and we’re very happy to be able to have a fan base that lets us do this kind of thing.

  • lifesavers2


    Well, I wanted the Master Sword, but oh well.

    • Jason Rappaport

      Don't give up hope just yet… 😉

      • phantommajora

        I'm not either! I wanted that Master Sword replica, and it was so close for a while, but this works, too 😀

    • pooper

      Really? I almost craped myself when I found out the prize was it was SS.

  • Lach Menel

    Is it wrong if I had a spasm when I read this? (Shrugs) Anyhow, to the creativity valt, away! =)

  • Chainoftermina

    eh, I don't think I'm going to-WHOA! I just realized that the "t" in my name is supposed to be capitalized. I better fix that. Anyway, I don't really plan on entering. No offense, but I kinda wanted to get my own Skyward Sword copy. I'm used to relying on myself. okay thats a lie, but I still want to get it on my own. I'll let someone else have a better chance of winning.

    huh…..I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13. well, better go find a black cat, a ladder, and some mirrors.

    • ChainofTermina

      there we go! X3

      • Dude, we could have told you that a long time ago. XD

        • ChainofTermina

          WELL THEN WHY DIDN'T YA!? lol, just kidding. I noticed it a week or two ago, but I haven't gotten around to fixing it until now. I thought I'd make a weird random joke about it, since I'm such a weird random person. ;D

          • 'CAUSE, WE TRIED HINTING IT TO YOU, OR POSSIBLY BE JUDGED, JUST FOR MAKING THE SUGGESTION! You know, we call you Co"T" for short! Perfect reason for you to notice it sooner!

            Hah, I'm also kidding. Just thought I'd throw that out there, since I'm also a weird, random person. We're only here to entertain the majority, alongside Lifesavers2. (He is one of the funnist on here!) 8B

          • ChainofTermina

            yeah. well I just noticed that it was a capital t on my profile in the forums. so I thought I'd make it mach out here.

  • X4Dennis24

    is their a certain topic we have to write about or what?

    • Jason Rappaport

      Nope! Just express your excitement for Skyward Sword somehow.

  • Jason Rappaport

    Hey, everybody – we've fixed the entry submission form, but all entries up until now never got to us. Please submit your entry again if you submitted before now! We won't disqualify you, we promise 🙂

  • ssen

    God I just found out this stupid website existed.Just the fact that there exists a gathering place for all you Zelda nerds makes me sick.

    • bastian

      I look forward to reading your submission!
      Best of luck! 😀

    • SweetLie

      You're adorable.

    • ChainofDoom

      Thank you for telling us mate! 😀 (i donno if any1 gives a shit about what you thing tho)

    • Darktoonlink88

      Oh come on you are just pathetic. If you don't like Zelda, alright, but you don't have to post hating comments about it. If you don't like it, then just don't come to this site. And what's nerd about Zelda? Why shouldn't people be allowed to like it? if people like it and you don't, then just leave them alone and don't bother about them. You're just a hater, who's lonely and begging for some attention

    • Morgstang

      Last I check there's website for just about everything for the "nerds" to gather. And we're geeks, for your information. GEEKS FTW!!

      • Nerdgurl

        THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A NERD AND A GEEK!!!! There's an official pie chart about it, but i think the difference is geek's are pretty antisocial and nerd's are still social but just u no,are the same as geek's otherwise. BUT YAAAA NERDS AND GEEKS ROCK <333 :DDD (ish nerd ty :] )

        • GaminGuy

          I see it as geeks are the socially awkward (yet still social) video game-aholics, whereas nerds are mainly the people who are almost completely anti-social and may be more interested in school (especially math and the sciences) than in video games.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      *Gasp* Omigosh, you're such a cutie! Everyone just LOVES a grumpy pants, who is obviously so arrogant (jealous), that they decide to not think before they go moving that hole in their face they call a mouth!

      *Ahem* But all is forgiven. I pity those who feel the need to go and judge others for what they love. We're not going to allow folks to ruin what we have as a Zelda team and community, just because you may be too shallow to appreciate The Legend of Zelda for what it really is. Maybe you should think- which does require some work- before you talk, type, imply, etc.

      Nevertheless, best of luck to you and all your endeavors. Who knows? Maybe YOU might be inspired by the great Legend we have here today. Don't be so quick to judge and criticize those who haven't done wrong to you. And to those that have, maybe be oh, I don't know… the higher person?

      Being wise can really get you far in life, if you're willing to work for it.^^

      • Youngandfree

        Why can't I find people like you in real life???? It's so unfair… 😀

    • ssen is gay

      Trollolololololol! I seem to have smelled a troll….WHO COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?

    • FourSwords

      Don't hate on us fans… Haters gonna hate…

    • TrustMe

      Yep. This dude's a moron.

    • jayson

      I hope to see you sometime in my life.
      Because you will lose the use of a special body part for about a week or 2 when I see you.

    • lifesavers2

      I seriosly did not know you could rack up that many thumbs downs.

  • ssen

    Oh, and I just voted down all your gay comments.

    • Wow! You mean you voted down *every* comment on a newspost on a Zelda fansite? You sure know how to make a statement!

      I mean, really. You are a remarkable individual.

      Also, I voted your comments *up*, because they are clearly heterosexual.

      • phantommajora

        I know! Heterosexual comments are the ONLY way to go. It's too bad every one of mine are gay :

        I only wish I could be as remarkable as this person.

    • aethelbert

      look who has the most "down" votes

    • Darktoonlink88

      You're the one with the most downs here, you idiot.

      • Yeah, and now we're just chuckling our homo-heads off at your remarkable jacked head, Ssen (however you pronounce that stupid, lazy name). Because nobody–especially myself–can stand a judgmental, misconcieved idiot who acuses others of things that that are not. So maybe I should report you just to get your remarkable hide off this site you despise so much. XP

        • NPC

          Nah,he's not even wort it.

        • TrustMe

          Actually, maybe you should keep him here because I find these reply comments highly amusing.

    • FourSwords

      Again, don't hate on us fans… Haters gonna hate…

  • LoverOfLegends

    Yay! I submitted one of my favorite drawings i have 😀 It's a good thing i drew it after i saw the trailer lol. I never thought being ardent about art would get me anywhere but… We'll see 😀 I wish the best of luck to all of you!

  • Oh wow!! I have no clue what im going to submit… but it will be awesome.

  • ShyGuy2

    Still no word on a release date?

    • bastian

      "Early 2011" for NA and Europe. "TBA" for Japan. . .

  • Luke

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is something supposed to happen when I click submit? My internet was lagging, and all it seemed to do was refresh the page, with the submit form blank.

    • bastian

      That's correct, it simply returns to the blank submission form. There's no "thanks for your entry" or any of that fancy stuff, so don't worry, we got it! 😀

    • HyruleanLion3467

      Yeah that happened to me too so if anyone knows if it's supposed to do something when you submit or just go back to a blank form?

      • HyruleanLion3467

        okay thanks!

  • Xero

    I would enter but I wouldn't win since I express my excitement for a game by watching the trailer for it over and over lol, not very exciting. That and I play past titles like crazy lol

    • bastian

      You could record a vid of yourself watching the trailer over and over. 😉

    • Jason Rappaport

      Bastian is right. Depending on how long you watch it for, we'd either be very impressed or very worried 😛

    • The limit for video entries is three minutes… but you could always do time lapse? 😛

    • TrustMe

      Dude! Same with me! I'm not very creative, so I don't know what I'm going to submit…

  • RevanSpirit

    If they make a bundle with the Wii Motion Plus, will you guys preorder that one?

  • mario_master

    oh well… i suck at writing, i can’t draw worth a copy of ss, and i don’t own a digital camera… i guess i’ll just wing it with a sucky short essay.

  • mario_master

    damn i couldn’t send it via wii browser

  • arkazain

    Does it have to be a photo, or can it be a drawing too?
    Same for video, does it have to be a recorded video, or can it be, say, an animated video of something?

    • Jason Rappaport

      It can be a drawing, certainly! And animated videos are cool as well.

  • Matthew

    Did my submission get through? I don’t think it works on the Wii Browser…

  • SweetLie

    Oh good, there's still about 2 weeks to do this thing.
    Definitely enough time for me to draw something epic.

  • Majin Kai

    Eh, can we submit fangames?

  • The 10th Rider

    So, it says "Show us how you’re excited" does that mean how much, or why you are excited?

    It also says "Show us how you’re excited about the new game in an image, video, written work, or any combination of the three." does that mean we can enter a picture and video in one entry?

    • Jason Rappaport

      It's very open – we're basically allowing any sort of entry you'd like into this contest that expresses your love or excitement for Skyward Sword. You absolutely can have both a video and picture in a single entry.

      It can be either how much OR why you're excited – or both!

  • X x7

    I want to enter, but there is such a wide variety of things I could do, that I don't know what one to do!

    • Jason Rappaport

      Don't worry, I'm sure you'll think of something! There's plenty of time.


    God I wish I could enter,but im only 12 years old.

    • There's no age limit for this contest. :] You can enter!

    • Akuzo911

      I am also 12. 12 YEAR OLD ZELDA NERDS FTW! And I'm entering, so you have no excuse!

  • I wish you all the best of luck!

  • Cukeman

    It's gonna be tough to judge across categories

  • Morgstang

    Is there a way to view the pieces submitted?

  • linkdude101

    Whew! Submitted! You guys are gonna love mine! It expresses my feelings from a nerd's point of view! …Wait, aren't we all nerds…?

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Lulz, I have yet to choose what I'm going to submit. This is such a cool thing y'all are doing, and even though it may not be me to get it, thanks for doing this! I hope whoever gets it has fun…which I know they will have! Skyward Sword's release is just around the corner in the big scheme of things, yet it seems like eternity. I seriously can't wait!

    Best of luck to all of y'all. And thanks ZU! 😀

    • You're welcome! 😀

  • Valdek

    i am so going to submit something, i usually don’t pay attention to these contests, but this is worth it. oh and by the way ssen, why are even talking the time to talk to us “Zelda nerds”? just asking

  • Jason Rappaport

    Unfortunately, no 🙁

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  • Link0652

    what do you mean by copy……

  • I have an amazing idea for a video and I can't wait to get started.

  • Sol

    What a horrible time for my muse to go away!!! D8

  • Fcgfyv

    Oh, I'm so excited about SS. 🙂 I want to win so badly. But I wonder if the runner-ups actually get anything.

  • Blazerlink

    As A fan of Zelda….I shall Enter this CONTEST *Holds up laptop* -da da da DAAAAAAAA-

  • Zelda4ever

    And a gate in the clouds opens up, letting out an angellic voice screaming, " What the hell are you reading the comments for! Get making you filthy hobo!"
    My reaction: screaming back," I turned one in already! And if i'm so filthy, why don't you make it rain?!" I get struck by lightning and then my house is flooded until skyward sword is realeased. Then the clouds scream," Ha! now your clean, but still a hobo!" I pull out a gun, shoot, injure the voice, an endangered parrot get arrested, and spend the next 3 years hating birds. ( I put that much effort in my entry and then some)

  • Im so glad your doing this! i hope i can win, but contest like this are hard to win, but even if i dont win i will congragulate the winner and also i wont be very sad because it is still great that i got to enter (and gaurunteed that someone will see it) I cant wait to see the winners i made mine as just a writing but described why i cant wait! 8)

  • FourSwords

    Submitted and done. Maybe I need to start a new interactive story to curb my addiction…

  • bleepblopbloop


  • jayson

    Im definitely gonna be…Yeaaa…. Ima rock this shizlle

  • starwebs1

    I entered a fan trailer video. About a minute and fifteen seconds.

  • Awakening

    When does the competition end, Friday night or Friday morning EST? Midnight is a vague term, sorry ):

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  • zeldamaster1

    ill try my best

  • Link0652

    I prefer to buy Skyward Sword myself

  • MLink96


  • morgstang

    How do we know that our piece was successfully recieved? I remember there was some difficulties at the beginning and contestants had to reenter their pieces.

  • Luke

    When will the winners be announced?

  • MLink96

    who won??? I hope it is me… 🙁 I need that game 🙁

  • Jiraya

    It's bene a week already Who won!!!???

  • Jiraiya

    I hope someone who really deserves it gets it!

  • linksliltri4ce

    Has someone been picked yet?

  • yeahboi

    It's been two weeks, and I'm pretty sure that some people would like to know who won.