See? Target DOES have good stuff!

Unbeknownst to us, Nintendo Power released a gorgeous guide to all things Zelda.

How this one slipped by us, we will never know, but thankfully Steph over at Playing4Fun recently found it at her local Target and posted a video review of it and the four posters it contains.

She does a fantastic job of covering each section, and also goes on to explain why The Legend of Zelda is her favorite series and has been since she first played A Link to the Past all those years ago.

It’s a truly great video all around, so check it out after the jump!

Also, visit for an introduction by the author of the video.

Source: Playing4Fun (tip by Z-MAN7)
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  • konsolijugi

    thats the coolest thing eva!

  • Naokohiro

    I want this!

  • HylianHero

    Screw wanting it, I NEED this!!!

    • im actually selling one for 15 bucks just let me know if your interested i still got a few copies

  • Z-MAN7

    I'm actually having trouble finding it around the stores where I live. I'll keep searching though.

    • im actually selling one for 15 bucks just let me know if your interested

  • KyleLinks

    😀 Must . . . go . . . and . . . find . . . it!

  • Wario



  • link

    how much is it

    • Z-MAN7

      Around $10, like the other ones that chronicle the history of Mario and Nintendo Power magazine.

  • frank

    if some-one has this Nintendo power Issue, scan in the pages and put them in a PDF file.

  • Dudes and dudettes, this is so cool! Definitely a must-have for Zelda fans, because I'm a Zelda fan, and I must have it! 8D

  • mario_master

    huh i know i’ll never find the thing unless i go to a super wal-mart

  • KingOfHeart

    Who else with you? I hear a second voice in the background

  • David

    There's actually 10 posters (5 double sided ones). I have them up in my office 🙂

    • Luciano92

      10 Posters?! I need to get one of these! I already have 2 Zelda posters in my room, but you can't have too many Zelda posters.

  • Cukeman

    heheh, I made a thread in General Zelda pointing out the errors and inaccuracies it contains, currently on page 2 of General Zelda, it is titled:

    The Official Guide to The Legend of Zelda – I AM ERROR

    • Cukeman

      OMG! I need those Viewtiful Joe figures!!!

      …and it should say ERRORS (plural)

  • By_Farore

    Weird times when I find something everywhere I go, but people on the Internet don't. It's usually the other way around. *Bumps into that guide everytime she goes somewhere where they sell newspapers*

    Bought it as soon as I saw it and I just look at the pretty pictures :3

  • BlizzagaZU

    Now we need something like that for Mario! ^_^

    The Super Mario Collection Vol. 1 :NES-SNES. 😛

    • illuminatemyfate

      There actually was one released for Mario before this one was released. I'm sure if you look online you can still find it, but it's not in stores anymore. Maybe a store that carries out of date magazines.

      • 4n 0n 0h mu5

        I subscribe to N.P. so I see the ads for them as soon as there availible.

  • Beer_and_Zelda

    I found this by pure chance at Barnes & Noble. I had 15 minutes to kill while waiting to pick up some Chinese. I went in and checked out their mags but didn't see anything good. I was about to leave when I noticed that one Playstation mag looked a bit out of place. I pushed it to the side and there was an entire ROW of these bad boys behind it. I had a total nerdgasm. I grabbed one from the middle of the row and almost held it over my head and hummed the "You got item" tune. It really is a must have. I read it cover to cover in one night.

  • Vibed

    Nobody knew about this? I've seen it all the time for a month or two.

    • Vibed

      BTW, Target is already awesome.

    • 4n 0n 0h mu5

      me to.

  • -Link-182-

    I went to Target, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Gamestop, and a local grocery store, and I cannot find this anywhere 🙁

  • I have no idea why this is now "news"! I purchased mine over a month ago, and even scanned in a few of the images. Oh, well; I guess that's why the community wasn't talking about it. 😛

    Anyway, it's not a bad guide at all, but it's a bit presumptuous. Heck, it even implies that Link is an elf… silly Nintendo Power; speculating is for kids! Regardless, it's a nice read, and the images are quite cool, as well. But their game placement really sucks. I can bet big bucks that the majority of the community would disagree with it, as well.

    (BTW, I picked mine up at Fred Meyer's). It was the last copy left, and I haven't seen any since.

    • Beer_and_Zelda

      I distinctly remember there being a little box on one of the pages that said something like, "Despite his pointy ears, Nintendo has never said that Link is an elf." You might check the guide again. I do agree that it was a bit presumptuous at times though. They made Spirit Tracks out to be a great game, when it in fact stunk.

      • ThatOneGuy

        I thought Spirit Tracks was a pretty great game. It's my third favorite Zelda, and my first favorite hand-held one. Oh well, everyone has their own opinions…

        • Beer_and_Zelda

          Better than Link's Awakening?

          • ThatOneGuy

            Only in my opinion, though I do think Link's awakening has a better storyline.

          • Zeldadudetp

            I love the GBC Zeldas!

  • Smurph

    I got a copy in my local Safeway supermarket back in July!! Has stickers too!!

    • Ryan

      Yep, I saw this at Safeway and looked through it real quick, but didn't buy it. Easy to find though.

  • LOZ

    The Legend of Zelda.

  • Navi :)

    haha i have it 😛

  • 89ravenclaw


  • ngreenway

    I too have this magazine.
    Let me just say that the posters. . . ROCK!

  • Cam

    Read this, drove to target… and bought two. I'm pathetic.

  • LadyBastet

    If you bought this, PLEASE!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET IT!!! Thanks 🙂 I need to know which stores to look at.

    • Cam

      I got mine at Target

  • ssen


    • Oh, boy, another Xbox fanatic. Nothin' like a little protester excitement on this site. =D

    • Merkku

      Well hi there Captain Obvious. Of course we are, we hang on a site called Zelda Universe for chrissakes.

  • ssen


    • Yeah, and so does the ink from your broken caps lock. XD

  • wayofthesheikah

    Looks like I have something else to add to my Back to College shopping list, haha. =D

  • Darkstar

    I got this at Shopper's Drugmart over a month ago too lol. This magazine is pretty epic and an amazing homage to the entire series. Lots of stickers, pictures and posters. I read the entire magazine the same night I got it. This is a MUST have!

  • I wish I could find this where I live… 🙁 How much was it? If anybody has a spare copy or could buy one for me, I'd happily pay for it + shipping. 🙂

  • Linktomyass

    Full of information that ALL of you should/probably do already know… And pictures that are SHMEH.


    This is why Zelda is getting diluted its cuz everyone will buy anything that says Zelda on it anyway.

  • zeldafan25

    I have looked all over the internet and at all stores i could think of, barnesandnoble,target,borders,­bestbuy,walmart,kmart,sears,am­azon,ebay,craigslist, overstock. I cant think of any other places to look. If anyone knows of a place in orlando,FL that might have one of these magazines plz post a reply i really really really want one

    • ZFan2

      I wish I could help you out. I can't find it either. I looked everywhere and don't know where to order it online! Someone help us!

  • Wolf Link Rocks!!

    I've known about this for a while, cuz it was in the September issue of Nintendo Power. I REALLY want this!! I own Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap(Workin' on it), Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker(Beat), Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks(Beat), and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess(Also workin' on it)!!! I'm workin' on gettin'em all!! Booyah! LET THE LEGEND NEVER DIE!!

  • del

    i have 4 or 5 mint copies i'm willing to sell. please email me with offers. i also have the guide to mario, and two 2010 calendars, but they are missing some stickers.

    [email protected]

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