Where's the Marathon Man when you need him?

It seems to be the season of fundraising, especially in the Zelda community. This marks the fourth Zelda marathon for charity this summer!

But just like all the others before it, it’s for a great cause. Our friends at Zelda Eternity are playing non-stop for 96 hours to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Those who donate will be entered into a drawing afterwards to win one of three prizes:  an STL Soprano Rupee Ocarina, a volume of Ocarina of Time manga, or a copy of the Ocarina of Time original soundtrack.

But you don’t need to donate to help out. Simply spread the word, Tweet, post a facebook status, post a forum topic – get the word out. And visit their site to watch and chat live!

They began yesterday (August 6th) and will play until August 10th, intending to complete every Zelda title (apart from the DS games, which are too difficult to present in such a marathon). As of this moment, they have already completed The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, and a bit of Link’s Awakening before running into some technical difficulty. They plan to be back up soon and finish the entire Zelda catalog before the 10th.

Why not head over there and cheer them on? And while you’re there, there’s a lovely pink button that says “Donate” on it… Do you really need that chalupa from Taco Bell today?

Source: Zelda Eternity
  • The Zeldathon: Skypethon is tommrow. I'm surprised you guys haven't talked about it.

  • They've already completed AoL? Really? Man they must have had some pros working on that game. They are certainly more accomplished at it than I have been so far.

    It's spectacular that a bunch of Zelda-oriented marathons use this franchise to help fight things such as cancer. And it's nice to know that there are actually people out there who care for others, as things such as the media show a lot of things which exhibit the bad side of mankind. But that's on another side of this ever-changing world. 8)

  • Link

    This is great! I have a friend who had breast cancer but she survived. I hope they can help people turn out like my friend.

  • MLS

    Why cant we click the link anymore?

    • lawliliCious

      he went to save the princess 😉

      • MLS

        Lol, nice =)

  • Ashmic

    i went to go donate, all i have is 2.59 $ on a birthday giftc ard
    and I Can't even donate i!t, they give you a minimum of 10$, they're forcing me to donate 10.00, it is for a good cause, but wouldn't that turn alot of people off ,forcing them to pay a certain price, any amount counts ya know
    i wanted to donate it, because its all the money i have right now, but now i can't

    • hyrt

      oh stop bitching im sure you have ten dollars somewhere, they just dont want people donating like 99 cents and getting entered in a contest.

      • Ashmic

        hyrt, at least i was donating something, and quit bein a jackass, i was freakin donating the only money i could, what reason do you have to bitch at me, i did nothing to you and i didn't bitch i was stating a fact

        god people like you.. argh!

      • Ashmic

        oh and i wasn't donating for the contest i was donating because i wanted to donate at least something to the breast cancer fundraiser, i could care less about some contest, god you a dick

        • hyrt

          okay one, i wasnt trying to be rude, so calm down, sorry if i came across as an ass.
          And i was just saying you shouldnt complain because someone who is actually a dick might want to enter fpr the prixes and hardly enter anything. no need to freak out.

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  • Falcool

    Thanks a lot for this! The technical stuff is alright now, and everything is going as planned. We've actually have some more prizes now, which includes ZREO albums!

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  • Falcool

    They do have that now. Thanks for your support. MM quality was awesome, will get it back on soon.