Where's the Marathon Man when you need him?

It seems to be the season of fundraising, especially in the Zelda community. This marks the fourth Zelda marathon for charity this summer!

But just like all the others before it, it’s for a great cause. Our friends at Zelda Eternity are playing non-stop for 96 hours to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Those who donate will be entered into a drawing afterwards to win one of three prizes:  an STL Soprano Rupee Ocarina, a volume of Ocarina of Time manga, or a copy of the Ocarina of Time original soundtrack.

But you don’t need to donate to help out. Simply spread the word, Tweet, post a facebook status, post a forum topic – get the word out. And visit their site to watch and chat live!

They began yesterday (August 6th) and will play until August 10th, intending to complete every Zelda title (apart from the DS games, which are too difficult to present in such a marathon). As of this moment, they have already completed The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, and a bit of Link’s Awakening before running into some technical difficulty. They plan to be back up soon and finish the entire Zelda catalog before the 10th.

Why not head over there and cheer them on? And while you’re there, there’s a lovely pink button that says “Donate” on it… Do you really need that chalupa from Taco Bell today?

Source: Zelda Eternity