UPDATE: It seems that Chuggaa’s videos are now back up, which is great! You can now view them to your heart’s content at his YouTube channel.

The ever-charming, dangerously handsome Cody is here again to recap all of last week’s news, as well as address yet more issues with Chuggaaconroy’s YouTube videos after the false DMCA claims against him and his eventual unsuspension.

In addition, the Zelda Universe YouTube channel recently passed the 10,000 subscriber mark! In honor of this, Jason appears in the video to celebrate in his own special way.

  • Chad

    lol Jason

  • Bendi

    hah!! nerd poster.

    and imagine Link holding the sword up like a metal detector, and the sword going hot, cold, warm, cold,
    warm warmer


    • weird and weirder

      or going *beep beep beeeep beeeep BEeepp BBBEEEEppPPP BBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP*

      • Welp, there goes the Compass. =-)

  • Wow, I'm lovin' the nerd poster Cody! I couldn't help glancing over at it, and feeling the envy wrap about my heart. Mah-hah-hah! Er…sorry…

    Finally–an appearance from Jason, though he was a bit fast for the eye to detect. And at the end–uh, sorry again, almost spoiled it. It's hilarious!

    And now that I'm past all the joy from my spectacular day, I can't help but seethe at this continuous bad luck forced upon Chuggaa. >:( See, even my emoticon friend agrees. News for that illustrious Youtuber just keeps getting worse. I wish Boobtube would fix it already!

  • Chaosneo

    I was just at Chuggaaconroy's channel and it looks like his vids are up again.

  • Jason, that was, indeed, VERY special. You are a special, special person. That's probably why I work for you 😛

  • Chainoftermina

    Jason, didn't your mom ever tell you that if your gonna run around around the house shouting WOOOOOO!!!, don't do it in your socks. go barefoot, or wear some shoes, just make sure there's some sort of traction.

    I have a new nerd poster too. It has Samus in it….{sigh} is it me or is she getting prettier and prettier with every passing yea-No! Wait, Zelda! I didn't mean it-{SLAP!!!}

  • Chainoftermina

    why won't my comment show up?

    • Chainoftermina

      oh, sure, this one does. why won't me real one show up? I've posted it like twice, and it just keeps saying that "the admins must approve of it before it's revealed publicly" what's going on?

    • I don't know what you wrote, but this one is here. =/

      • Chainoftermina

        yeah, I just tried doing it again, and the same thing happened. what the hell!

        • Scrivs

          your reputation precedes you

          • Chainoftermina

            what is that supposed to mean?

        • I have no idea what this is, but you could try contacting Jason or Cody. They might be able to figure this quandary out. Then again, you might have already done that.

          • Chainoftermina

            ah, whatever. My comment was just more of me being silly like I always do. but now it's kind ruined with all this stuff. thanks anyway, Thar 🙂

          • Glad I could have at least offered a suggestion. Hope this poser is over for you soon. And it's too bad we couldn't get to view another one of your rants. d;-D

  • Scrivs

    yeah chugga's vids are up still

  • Ashmic

    youtube sucks anyways it full or angry racist rude hateful people and nazi's

    • linkdude101

      nazis lol

  • Link

    Odd I was there just 5 hours ago and they worked fine.

  • Bwahaha! Great vid all around.

    "Wooooooooo! *thawk* Ugh!"


  • jack

    funny lolz 😀