Last month, when The Bank of Hyrule reached its goal of $100, we asked you to give us your suggestions for our next contest prize. We then took what we believed to be the best prize possibilities, and put them in a poll for you to vote on.

Now, the poll is closed, and after 2,576 votes, the results are in!

What should we give away in our next Bank of Hyrule contest?

1st (44%, 1,133 votes) Pre-order of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
2nd (39%, 1000 votes) Master Sword or other Zelda equipment replica.
3rd (12%, 306 votes) Ocarina replicas.
4th (5%, 134 votes) The Legend of Zelda manga.

That’s right! In our next context, we’ll be giving away a pre-order of Skyward Sword! This means that the winner will have a pre-paid, guaranteed copy of the game delivered to them when it’s released. Stick around, because the contest will be starting within the next week!

If your choice didn’t win, don’t be too disappointed – the contest prize that you voted for might just be given away in one of our future contests! Can’t wait? You can help us hold our next contest sooner by donating to The Bank of Hyrule.

As our previous poll is now closed, a new one has been added. This time, we want to know if you think that Ganondorf will make an appearance in Skyward Sword, villain or not, and how you would feel if he did play a role in the game’s plot. Keep in mind that while Skyward Sword is confirmed to take place before Ocarina of Time, we’ve yet to find out what this will mean for the traditional villain of the Zelda series. So, we want to know what you think – cast your vote in the brand new poll, and let your opinion be heard!

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