Last month, when The Bank of Hyrule reached its goal of $100, we asked you to give us your suggestions for our next contest prize. We then took what we believed to be the best prize possibilities, and put them in a poll for you to vote on.

Now, the poll is closed, and after 2,576 votes,Β the results are in!

What should we give away in our next Bank of Hyrule contest?

1st (44%, 1,133 votes) Pre-order of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
2nd (39%, 1000 votes) Master Sword or other Zelda equipment replica.
3rd (12%, 306 votes) Ocarina replicas.
4th (5%, 134 votes) The Legend of Zelda manga.

That’s right! In our next context, we’ll be giving away a pre-order of Skyward Sword! This means that the winner will have a pre-paid, guaranteed copy of the game delivered to them when it’s released. Stick around, because the contest will be starting within the next week!

If your choice didn’t win, don’t be too disappointed – the contest prize that you voted for might just be given away in one of our future contests! Can’t wait? You can help us hold our next contest sooner by donating to The Bank of Hyrule.

As our previous poll is now closed, a new one has been added. This time, we want to know if you think that Ganondorf will make an appearance in Skyward Sword, villain or not, and how you would feel if he did play a role in the game’s plot. Keep in mind that while Skyward Sword is confirmed to take place before Ocarina of Time, we’ve yet to find out what this will mean for the traditional villain of the Zelda series. So, we want to know what you think – cast your vote in the brand new poll, and let your opinion be heard!

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  • Chad

    yes!!!! first to vote and comment. Beat that

  • linkdude101


  • EDracon

    πŸ™ Master Sword replica is soooo much cooler. And even though this is a fan site, I'm 100% sure the person who will get the Skyward Sword won't treasure it for long and will end up selling it. A game doesn't last long, a sword or sheild can be displayed awesomely.

    • Edracon

      also, there is the problem of the Wii not being region free.

      • EDracon

        also, poll only has extreames, why? I think he's there, but I'm not dissapointed, but I'm not all that excited either. I'm right in between.

        • Chainoftermina

          yeah, me too.

      • There ARE ways of ordering it in other countries and having it shipped to the winner in that country πŸ˜‰

    • Chad

      I'm collecting and playing through all the Zelda games Imight sell other games but Zelda games you can play through more than once and not get bored

    • Problem is that a portion of the fans on the site have a replica already.
      I for one have 2 Master Sword replicas.
      And the Hyrule Shield.

      • The 10th Rider

        Some people may have preordered skyward sword. Some people may of had a DSi already (refering to the last BoH contest). The truth is, no matter what prize you have, there's always going to be people who already have it.

        • With a preorder you can cancel it and get a refund.

          Though with having a DSi I don't know what you could do.
          Make a collection?

  • Nickmatt07

    I definitely woudlve gone for the Master Sword replica. That's worth WAY more than a Skyward Sword pre order.

  • Great prize, but I don't think I could handle the wait for the delivery! I want to get the game the day it comes out πŸ™‚

    • Chad

      oh well its free and will save us money we could spend on the 3DS and other games! and it won't take long to ship

  • GuitarShank

    I actually voted for Skyward Sword πŸ˜›

    As for the idea of Ganon being in the game, I don't think this should happen. In Ocarina of Time, Ganon was born to the Gerudos, rather than being revived/reincarnated/brought back from some sort of imprisonment. That means, at least to me, that the Ganon from OoT is the first Ganon.

    However, I would understand it if someone mentioned a prophecy of a male being born to the Gerudos or something, and how he would become a dark king.

    • EDracon

      for all we know Ganon could be an immortal demon who happened to be reincarnated as a Gerudo.

  • Im kinda excited for this contest ^^ I hope I win!!!

  • Drat, my pick came close in second! The thing is, I've always wanted a sword, espcially the Master Sword (along with the Hylian Shield-that would be sweet!) ever since I knew they made them. I do hope it's in the next contest, though. 8D Congrats to the winners, also!

    I'm sort of neutral to Ganondork. I loves seeing his transitions in Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess, the last which he was most evil in, for me. I would love to see how Nindendo could further his character. Ergo, I would actually prefer to see him in Skyward Sword. (Sorry to those who see it different; I'd also like a recurring second main boss, like Magikoopa, but there is not one.) :'{

  • matt17

    Now this is a contest worth entering. but I wouldnt enter, would be a LOT of ppl entering and what are the odds of me winning.

    • Chad

      Enter anyway! Who knows you might win!

    • Your odds of winning are much higher if you actually enter than if you don't. πŸ˜›

  • Khao

    Yay! Now people who lack a Wii have no reason to participate!

    Really, the Sword replica would've make much more sense, especially when the game is still far from being released.

    • magista

      i agree.. too much time left. plus dat could be given away in a future constest. also, what if the game is set back??

      • You know what else could be given away in a future contest? The Master sword replica πŸ˜›

    • If they don't have a wii I bet they get one when it comes out πŸ˜›

  • Chainoftermina

    I wanted the Sword, but then again I just got a three-piece Katana set for my birthday, so, whatever.

  • Ashmic

    with the new poll if we assume ganon was 30-40 or so on in OoT, he's not gonna be in SS, i think and i ahve a strong feeling im right, The demon ganon will make an apperance and will be explained, SS is pre OoT, and thus i believe Pre- Ganondorf. i hope for a little ganny tho heehee

  • what contset?

  • #1zeldafan

    I want to enter but my just broke a few days ago so i dont know if i should enter or not.

  • #1zeldafan

    my first comment missed a word,it was wii.

  • magista

    ok.. SS will cost $50.. whats gonna happen to the rest of the money? r u gonna pocket it?? there should be 2 winners. anyone agree??

    • The rest of the money will be used for shipping. The contest goal was $100 to account for the possibility of international shipping, which can be *very* expensive.

      • antiBS

        ye i'd imagine shipping is $50. NOT! Im a seller and i dont have to pay $50 for something that weights less than a pound.

        • I didn't say that shipping was going to be $50. :] When the contest fund goal was set, we didn't even know what we would be giving away, The extra money willlikely go towards the next contest, since $100 is enough to cover the game plus shipping, but not enough to cover two games plus shipping.

          • The 10th Rider

            The shipping can't be international, Wiis are region-locked, it'll have to be order from the country the winner is in. They could always have next-day shipping, or give away other zelda games for second and (maybe) third place.

  • magista

    im gonna win so ppl shouldnt enter!!! πŸ˜›

  • kaepora21

    This really isn't a good idea. The game does not even have a release date yet, how long will the winner be forced to wait to receive their prize? It could be over a year . The master sword replica could have been delivered instantly and the skyward sword order could have been a prize for future contests. But I suppose it will not be.

  • xymon

    should have definitely been the sword, the game wont last long, what if the winner doesnt even have the game console? darn, i wanted a sword =(