No talking allowed!

Last week we posted about a list of facts that were rumored to appear in the September issue of Nintendo Power regarding The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We can now, after having seen it with our own eyes, confirm those to be true – and more!

Chief amongst that list is voice acting and the fact that not only will Link not be speaking in the game, but we will hear none of the other characters speak as well. And based on what producer Eiji Aonuma had to say to Nintendo Power, it is likely we will never hear voice acting in a Zelda game.

More about this and other exciting new tidbits about Skyward Sword after the jump!

When asked about voice acting, Eiji Aonuma had this to say:

“Personally, I don’t want to have Link speak in the game. We haven’t had him talk at all up to this point. It’s part of the series’ history. It would just, to me, break the image of Link to have him speak.”

So that’s certainly a “no” on Link then. Under Aonuma’s guard, Link will never speak. He goes on to explain why we will likely never hear any other characters speak in any Zelda game:

“In terms of other characters, if Link never talks and everyone else in the game is chatting and whatnot, I also think that’s sort of an off mixture, so it’s not something that, to be honest, I’ve really thought I want to be superactive about or I’ve really pressed for. It just hasn’t come up to me personally.”

Voice acting aside, the new major item of news is that the Skyward Sword itself will be used as a treasure finder. Mr. Aonuma said to Nintendo Power: “The sword itself has a treasure-seeking ability […] I’d like people to look forward to imagining how we’re going to use the sword to do that.” That is certainly food for thought!

He also mentions that as this is a Legend of Zelda game, we will certainly see the Princess herself. As for Ganon: “We don’t want to make any comments on that as of yet.” I personally think it’s safe to take that as a “yes.”

Also, Skyward Sword definitely takes place before Ocarina of Time. Curiously, Mr. Aonuma refers to Ocarina as having been first in the timeline prior to Skyward Sword. “We’ve talked with the media about Ocarina of Time being the oldest story in the Zelda timeline,” he explained to Nintendo Power. Many of us had assumed The Minish Cap to be first with the declaration from Eiji that the Four Swords tales were the “oldest legends” in Hyrule. . . which would place The Minish Cap at the beginning. Either this contradicts that fact, or Mr. Aonuma is ignoring the whole Four Swords cycle placement as non-essential when discussing the Master Sword.

The entire interview is a fascinating read and we are very grateful to ZU member Feri-san for directing us to the scans, which were uploaded by DeviantArt member Moshata and can be downloaded here.

Source: Nintendo Power (tip by Feri-san)
  • maefreak

    I really like the treasure hunter aspect of the sword.I wonder how many types of sidequests they will implement with that system?

  • I wonder if when you activate the treasure finding ability, the sword moves on its own and points to the treasure?

    • Beh

      I was imagining something similar to Shadow of the Colossus, haha.

      • Aleksandar

        Maybe it´s gonna be the new hint system that´s been talked about a lot and that´s also in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  • I'd imagine the sword could glow or make a sound (since the Wiimote has that capability) when it's close to the treasure and glow/ring louder when the treasure is closer. Food for thought indeed.

    And you're welcome guys, always glad to help ZU if I can c:

  • Who cares about the sword-hunter aspect thing? (JK) What about the treasure found by Feri-san? Goodness, she has unearthed a gold mine! Great tip, Feri. These are amazing facts. Some of which we already knew, but amazing nonetheless.

    • I find it weird no Zelda fansite I visit had it up, considering Nintendo Power is out by now (I think?), haha XD and I agree, such interesting little tidbits! Can't wait for more info to be out! 😀

      • Lightbringer

        lol the day i got my sept nintendo power, i read the article, then looked on ZU, and was shocked that it wasnt up there right away.

  • Ashmic

    i always assumed Oot was the first, its common knowlege

    • Keith

      Yeah. It'll make it interesting to hear the whole story of SS. I mean, how can we have Ganon in SS? Wasn't OoT about him gaining his power? P:

      • Ashmic

        ganon is seperate from ganondorf, ganondorf is the" human", (which cannot be in SS) and Ganon is the pig-demon, ganon can exist before ganondorf

        • Blizzeta93

          also in the old games ganon can talk. when ganondorf turns into his beast form, he doesn't speak at all. he may take the form of ganon without having all the power.

          • Ashmic

            ah really (haven't played much old ones, im trying ><) i didn't notice that but now that you say that i do , good observation!

  • Bre

    Hmmm…Ganondorf… meeeh. I can see him at least being mentioned because this is the story about the sword that is always needed to kill him. i don't want him to be the villain of the story though. and i certainly don't want another zant overshadowing again. zelda will probably just be ruler of sky city.

  • Nick

    has aonuma never heard of dragon quest VIII and how everyone loves the voice acting in the game? it's a great game and the protagonist never speaks, just like link! and it works just fine. it's exactly the same as what they have now, but instead of reading through boring text, the characters come to life a whole lot more. open your eyes, nintendo!

    • Really? I found myself skipping through the voice acting in that game constantly because of how slow or bad a lot of it was. The main characters were pretty good, but a lot of the minor characters were pretty awful. Maybe the director of the voice acting sessions directed the actors to read so slowly on purpose, but it got on my nerves.

      • Nick

        well, yeah. who actually even talks to minor characters in games anyway?
        they never have anything good to say so i don't talk to them.

  • Brian

    @Nick, nope! But it is a good idea to put into consideration! Nice idea! 😀

  • Leftyrock91

    What gets me is the fact that the sword doesn't have this ability in Ocarina of Time. Makes you wonder what happens to the Master Sword at the end of SS.

    • TheMaverickk

      First of all obviously at one point in time the Master Sword was well… more alive. As the Skyward Sword it seems to be able to switch forms between that of it's sentient fairy-esque form and it's sword form.

      It's quite possible that since the Skyward Sword is alive it can sense the presence of certain things, or the spirit could simply be observant and literally call Link over to something to check it out because it notices something the player does not.

      My assumption is that through the process of being forged into it's final Master Sword form, the spirit is no longer able to transform, and possibly even dies. Essentially the fairy/girl sacrifices herself by allowing the Sages to turn her into the ultimate blade to defeat evil. As a result some of the abilities that were a result of the sword being alive (like sword beams being spirit energy sent out or something) are lost in the Master Swords finite form.

      That's just my guess but we will have to wait and see what really happens.

      • Shadow Darkman

        In the manga for ALttP by Akira Himekawa, the sword speaks when Link takes hold of it and commands him to hold it up.

        Link provided as proof.

        It is entirely possible that the idea for the sword to be sentient came from this, or was one of many inspirations, if the official idea was not completely original.

    • Z-MAN7

      The fact that it doesn't appear in OoT is because Skyward Sword wasn't even a pipe dream back in 1998. The whole treasure finding aspect is properly just a gameplay function and has no impact on the plot.

  • Larwaa

    If Ganon is in this game too, I'll go to Japan, find all the people involved in bringing him into _ANOTHER_ FRIKKIN' ZELDA-GAME, whoop all their asses and go back home, smiling a little.

  • “Personally, I don’t want to have Link speak in the game. We haven’t had him talk at all up to this point. It’s part of the series’ history. It would just, to me, break the image of Link to have him speak.”

    Wow, someone doesn't know the series very well. *rolls eyes*

    • rawr

      What do you mean? Link has never talked and he's right

      • Nick

        yeah, link shouldn't talk, but the other characters should

      • David

        Link has talked in Adventure of Link (saying, "I found a Mirror under a table!") and in The Wind Waker (saying, "Hey" and "Come on!"). Link has talked in the series's history.

  • Chainoftermina

    I dunno, I still think it would barely make a difference if, when talking to someone, you could hear their voice saying the same thing that's in the text box. that would be better…………………okay fine, I admit it, I only want that so I can hear Zelda's sweet, beautiful voice saying actual, full words instead of just girly grunts. ":)

    I think I read that Epona isn't going to be in this game. Did Aonuma say anything about that?

    • UltamiteLink

      I don't know if Epona is in the game but I hope she is because for me she makes the games.

    • Not as such. But Nintendo Power asked if since there will be travel between Skyloft and Hyrule . . . is Epona a Pegasus this time around? Aonuma said no.

      • Chainoftermina

        oh, yeah. I just looked at my copy, and I guess I misunderstood it the first time. nevermind.

        • ZeldaGurl_

          I really hope Epona is in this game coming around. I love Epona in it, and it definitely has made the games that much more enjoyable. And Chain, I kinda agree with you on Zelda's voice, but I kinda think that if they make Zelda's voice even slightly different, Imma be sad. v.v

          Oh well, can't wait for the new game, I hope it's awesome.

  • UltamiteLink

    I'm kinda glad that there will be no voice acting but as for Ganondorf i think he should be in it because i've played through Ocarina of Time many times and i've never seen where it sayed this is how Ganondorf came to be. Plus the Gerudo live unnaturaly long so he could even be a small child in Skyward Sword and wether he is the antagonist or not he should be in it to give us some greater detail into the history of the greatest villion ever. The possibilitys are endless.

    • Ashmic

      the gerudo do not live that long there is no proof of that, unless i've missed it ….twinrova do because they're witches and ganondorf does because of the triforce of power

      • UltamiteLink

        Twinrova can't really be considered witchs they just are Gerudo that chose to practice magic instead of physical attrubutes like most Gerudo do. All Gerudo posess magic to a certain extent but most chose not to use it.

        • TheMaverickk

          Twinrova claimed to be between ages 380-400 years old. So there is a good chance that they may exist in some form or another in Skyward Sword… of course this is dependent on how many centuries prior to OoT the game takes place.

          Koume was the surrogate mother of Ganondorf, but there is no possibility that he is older then 100 years old. Simply because apparently one male is only born for every 100 years… and by birth right they become King of the Gerudo.

          So if Skyward Sword is exactly a 100 years before Ocarina of Time, then there is a chance that we may see the birth of Ganondorf (something at the very end of the game perhaps, like a cameo) and he may simply be well aged in Ocarina of Time due to the fact that he has inherited the sorcerers power of a longer life because of Koume.

          Personally though I find this still a far fetched scenerio.

        • Ashmic

          where does it say they all possess magic?

    • TrustMe

      That would be kind of cool to learn about Ganon. I can't imagine what "kid Ganon" would look like, but it sure would be awesome….

  • Apexman13

    Am I the only one imagining link waving the sword from side to side like a metal detector? Lol I hope it isn’t like that.

    • Foh

      Lol, with the sword blinking and beeping more and more as you get closer. That's what I pictured.

      • Or the Skyward girl saying "cold, colder, warm, warm, warmer, HOT!"
        ♫Dun da da duuuuuuun!♫

        • Ashmic

          lol omg yes this would win

      • Sune

        At 0.25…. Here your visions become true, sadly.

  • Flare

    How could Ganon be in the game if it takes place prior to OoT? You see Ganon's birth IN OoT. >_>

    • UltamiteLink

      Where did you see the birth of Ganon in OoT i've played it many times and i dont believe it shows that.

      • Ashmic

        many assume he was 30-40 in OoT, just because, well one he doesn't look too old, and isn't it the first game Gerudo ganondorf appeared, so many speculate he's young kinda in OoT

  • GenoKID

    I'd like to see Ganon back. Oh yes, for you nonbelievers: time travel. Triforce of Power, or the whole schebang; could it do that? Probably.

  • UltamiteLink

    Does anybody know if Gorons and Zoras are gonna be in the Skyward Sword?

    • Aonuma did mention them in that interview, yes.

      • UltamiteLink

        What about the Gerudo too?

        • He didn't mention the Gerudo specifically.

          • Dzzy123

            What about Sheikah, and Kokiri!?!

            I miss those tribes. Since this takes place before OoT maybe the Sheikah still haven't declined in their population yet, and still live in Kakariko Village before Impa opened it to all races.

            The Kokiri, and Great Deku Tree should be in this game, because The Great Deku Tree told you the story of the Great War that took place prior to OoT, so The Great Deku Tree must have witnessed this war. Even though it is said that the Sheikah, and Kokiri are said to be the only tribes to not participate in the Great War.

            Maybe we'll see how the Royal Family of Hyrule betrayed the Sheikah resulting in them decline in numbers, and put the crying eye on their ninja-like outfits as a sacred symbol.

            The possibilities are endless really.

    • TrustMe

      I bet they will be. And your question reminded me of the question I had: What happened to the Kokiri, Sheikah, and the Gerudos in Twilight Princess?

  • Ashmic

    wait, stupid question, doesn't link talk sometimes, in OoT, zelda hears someone tell her links name and in Windwaker he can talk obviously "come on!" XD, its like mario in older games, hes not mute he talks but you don't hear his voice or see his textbox,
    i don't understand,
    make link not talk, and everyone else can talk, that'd be cool

    • James

      What he means is that he doesn't have conversations. He technically talks in The Adventure Of link, he says ''I found a mirror under the table'' and he says something else too, but that is it.

      • Ashmic

        ah, too bad tho i wanted voice acting, at least for others :[ thanks for clarifying

  • TheMaverickk

    Personally I don't think just because they say "we don't want to comment on that"… it doesn't mean that Ganon is in the game.

    I think they would like to leave the source of evil and turmoil in the game a mystery. I mean why confirm it one way or another? It ruins any possibility of surprise when playing the game.

    Sure they could say no, but then again it still confirms something to players.

    Personally I don't see any reason for Ganondorf to be in the game. It actually doesn't make sense for him to be there at all. It would mean that the Hyrule Royal family would already be aware of Ganondorf's evil ways before he ever goes to pledge his allegiance to the Royal Family in Ocarina of Time.

    It would create a huge plot whole in Ocarina of Time… I mean if the world is aware of Ganon/Ganondorf's evil in Skyward Sword, why would they trust him in Ocarina of Time. It just wouldn't make sense.

    We may see a Ganon like form in Skyward Sword though… perhaps who ever is the final boss will get their hands on the Triforce and it's power will transform them into a pig like "Ganon"-esque character. So still having a sort of Ganon element without him actually being in it.

    I also highly doubt we'd see a little Ganondorf in the game either… there's only one male Gerudo every 100 years… so if this game takes place 100 plus years, then likely there would be another male Gerudo who leads them.

    If Ganon or Ganondorf does end up in the game I would suspect that it may very well be simply a cameo or reference… in order to tie into Ocarina of Time.

    • Nintenfan81

      Ya, that pretty much sums up what I think.

  • Errorjack

    I don't get why people are going crazy because Ganon's in it. Tell me 1 game that is console, which the Master Sword is in the game but not Ganon. It proves everything. If the game has a Master Sword, it has a Ganon/dorf.

    • TheMaverickk

      There's only one console game where Ganon/Ganondorf hasn't been in it.

      That was Majora's Mask… well and Adventure of Link (although he is in the Game Over scene).

      • Potato

        He says a game with a master sword… You mention games without master sword

        • TheMaverickk

          He says to mention a game with the Master Sword and no Ganon.

          With that said I mentioned that because there isn't more then one instance where even Ganon/Ganondorf was not in a console game. It's not like there have been many opportunities for there to be a game with the Master Sword and no Ganon since Ganon has been used in practically every console game.

          Mind you the reverse has occurred… where Ganon has been defeated without the Master Sword. Specifically in the original Legend of Zelda and in Four Swords Adventure.

  • I don't know how people see Mario but how Yahtzee see's Mario in his ZP videos… just someone with no personality and just jumps into danger. In a way Link is kind of that way as he never speaks and just goes into danger.

    It's hard for me to fit a personality to him that is any different from Mario's. The creator of both Mario and Link are the same after all. Hmm. But I guess since Link looks cooler. Not bashing on Link or anything, I love Link, but it's just a speculation I now see because of Yahtzee. Hmm.

    It would be weird for Link to talk but I am sure if he was given a voice and talked it could somehow work out though that would be hard to do and is better it is not done as we all feel. It's hard to even imagine how he would sound or how he would act.

    • Haeil

      Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!

  • Zeldadudetp

    As long as they build Ganondorf's character up this time, I don't have a problem with him being in it!

  • nerdgin

    Im glad there wont be voice acting. I NEVER EVER EVER want voice acting in a Zelda game. People who want voice acting arent using their brain. Voice acting takes time. Voice acting takes money. Voice acting has to be localized. Voice acting can be bad (and often is). Voice acting requires the fans to get used to a different voice actor every time a sequel comes out and there will always be those who hate the new actor. Voice acting takes away the story-book quality of the game. Voice acting makes the world seem less real when people keep saying the same things to you over and over in the same voice.

    So what do we gain from voice acting? Well all the 14 year old kids get to go "HEY ITS 2010 YAY I GOT MY VOICE ACTING!!!" and then proceed to write blogs and forum posts about how link doesnt sound like how they thought and how annoying it is to have to interrupt normal speech just to skip things theyve already heard. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Voice acting is one of those things.

    • Del

      Your comment reminds me of the first time I played Star Fox Adventures. I could accept all the new voice actors ok, Peppy excepted. I really, really miss Isaac Marshall's Peppy. Seriously.

      That said, I *think* it would be possible to add voice acting to a Zelda title without ruining it. Whatever else might be said, Nintendo certainly has the money to hire people who would do it right.

    • Jacody

      I'm a 14 year old kid and I resent that statement! /justkiddingaboutresentment

    • Snoekhook

      I completely agree with you. Anyone who is a fan of sonic games, should know darn well how badly, voice acting can stir up the fanbase of a game series that didn't have it originally.

  • Squiggy

    "We haven’t had him talk at all up to this point."

    In Zelda 2 he clearly says, "I found a mirror under the table."

    Also in Ocarina of Time it can be interpreted (not saying its a fact, I'm saying it can be interpreted this way) that Link actually spoke his name to Zelda upon meeting for the first time. When Zelda asks his name, the text for "Link" is in green, despite everywhere else in the game, the name is in white text (except maybe when Link the Goron gives out his name).

    However, both these instances of speaking are completely devoid of any personality, so you could say it doesn't really count. Maybe. But its still evidence of Link speaking.

    • TheMaverickk

      You know that "I found a mirror under the table" may not be speaking. It could just as easily be thinking to himself. He's alone, so who is he talking to.

      Also perhaps the player is supposed to speak with Zelda. It's interesting but when you talk with Zelda it's done through the first person. Personally I believe that it's done to make the player feel immersed and connected. There's a void for sure, but the player is supposed to fill that.

    • Jacody

      Please don't be such an anal, technical bastard.

  • Scrivs

    I havent gotten my September issue of NP yet! 🙁 <-jealous

  • cuju

    Also, Aonuma said that the area that was in the demo is in the final game, just that it won't have the same layout, it won't be so easy to get through, the scorpion boss will be in the final game, the big tree could be the Deku tree and the area isn't even a dungeon, it is considered a field!

    So much awsomness!!!!!

    • TheMaverickk

      I knew that area would be in there in one form or another 🙂

  • Zelda4ever

    No talking = faster game production = game out sooner = YAY!

    • Nick

      i don't think that voice acting would slow down production very much

  • ShadowHero31

    What does Aounuma mean when he says,
    "As for Ganon: “We don’t want to make any comments on that as of yet.” I personally think it’s safe to take that as a “yes.”
    Did he just say "Yes"????
    So Ganondorf is going to be in Skyward Sword? If anyone thinks differentlly, leave it as a follow up comment.

    • That's how rumors and false information are started, you know? He neither said yes, or no.

      • Chad

        All that really means is that they don't want to reveal the main bad guy before the game comes out. The fact that he says “We don’t want to make any comments on that as of yet.” puts more emphasis on a brand new bad guy than one as used as Ganondorf. I believe Nintendo is giving Ganandorf a well deserved break so that the zelda formula can be changed a little instead of using the same bad guy over and over and over. It's not good to have the same main bad guy because then they become over used and boring look at team rocket on Pokemon (I used to like it but not anymore) they always are getting defeated so they have become boring and have lost their ability to be evil now they're just mere annoyances that are always popping up. Ganandorf needs to be retired before people stop taking him seriously. It really isn't that hard to take a bad guy and overuse him and Nintendo most likely knows this. Ganandorf has had his moment in the spotlight now let's give a new bad guy a turn.

        • Oh, I know that. Personally I dont mind if Ganon makes a comeback, or if it's a new villain, but the user I replied to is misinterpreting Aonuma to be confirming that Ganon is appearing, when that's not true, Aonuma didnt confirm it nor debunked it.

          And I dont think comparing Team rocket with Ganon is fair (but I do get your point somewhat, people might get bored). Ganon has been in a few games, while Team Rocket has been in almost every pokemon episode (More than 600 and counting) plus Gamefreak makes Team Rocket to be nothing but comic relief, especially witht he funny things Jesse, James, and Meowth say. The villains are handled differently.

          • Chad

            It's true that you can't really compare team rocket with Ganon but they were the only villains I could think of when writing so I just went ahead and used them plus they are probably the most overused villain in the world.

    • "We don't want to make any comments as of yet." was a quote by Aonuma. "I personally think it's safe to take that as a yes" was bastian's personal opinion on the matter.

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  • Siaarn

    No more Ganon ;o; He's been in the last 3 games. Maybe for once he won't be the END boss, like how we had Zant in TP.

    • Ah, a minor role to the major plot. I like that idea…

      • Dzzy123

        I want Ganondorf to be in the game, but I want him to be a young Gerudo king between 22-28 yrs. old. I also want him to be a sidekick to another bad guy. So maybe you kill Ganondorf in a Temple in the middle of the game, and kill the main bad guy at the end of the game. That could work.

  • Nin10Gamer

    Ganon is in it? Ugh… I'm sick of seeing him in these games. Oh and there better not be another "save the princess" idea in the game (I am fine with just Zelda, though). From what I've seen so far, they should have just remade Twilight Princess with with Wii motion plus. Zelda has been nothing more than the same game for over 20 years. Change it up more! Give us the depth of A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time! The fans have better ideas than the developers…. That's embarrassing.

    • Aonuma never said Ganon was in it or not. He chose not to comment on wheter Ganon is involved in the game or not.

      Also, most of the fans' ideas are actually pretty bad and deviate a lot from the Zelda "feel" to be honest. there's been a precious few good ones, but they're that, few and far between.

    • TheMaverickk

      No one knows if he's in it, it's nothing more then speculation at this point.

      As for who knows what's best for Zelda, I'd leave that in Nintendo's hands. I've yet to be disappointed by Zelda game. Even if Zelda has been very similar from one iteration to the next, it's still years ahead of other games out there. The level designs are superb and the charm is always there.

      Also if you are going to talk about depth why are you mentioning Ocarina of Time? Ocarina of Time at it's best is still very much the same as Link to the Past (although obviously in the 3rd dimension). Majora's Mask on the other hand is actually deep in terms of it's story, themes, puzzles and is still the only major console release to not have Ganon or Ganondorf.

  • Aeolus

    haha treasure hunting device? Thats kinda cool. I imagine it glowing brighter around the treasure or humming or something. Its like that annoying noise that goes off when you enter a room with a key in it in Link's Awakening, its really helpful! And why would they add another item for treasure hunting? That would mean this item would have to be the first one you get, in order to be able to use it in other dungeons… and thats just a let-down, and it would mean you would be going through half a dungeon without it already. Its a good idea to make the actual sword the "device"…

  • Athelstan

    The way some of you guys talk about voice-acting is the same as saying: Why would we fix something broken if it's always been broken?

    • I don't really think that the lack of voice acting is a "broken" part of the Zelda series. To "fix" the lack of voice acting would pose more of a negative risk than leaving voice acting out. It would be just one more thing that could potentially be messed up, and one more thing for fans to dislike/complain about. I realize that fans will *always* complain, but I don't think that the current lack of voice acting is hurting the series at all.

      • Athelstan

        Yeah, but it sure isn't helping it : /

        I just wish Nintendo would say: "We won't take this risk because of the fans", instead of repeating this lame excuse over and over again.

        • Athelstan

          Although it'd be extremely stupid of them to say such a thing 🙁

        • Just like there are fans who DO NOT want voice acting, and think it could potentially ruin the serie s(because let's be frank, Zelda fans complain about EFFING EVERYTHING no matter what nintendo does, case in point), Aonuma and Miyamoto also think it isnt necessary at the time being, and Zelda doesnt need voice acting to be good.

          And before I get accused as such, Im not against or in favor of voice acting. Sure it'd be interesting to hear, but it's not the end of the world if Nintendo doesn't implement it with Zelda.

  • Phantom Link

    In the earth and wind temples of wind waker when Link calls Medli or Makar he actually says "come one" it sounds rushed but I heard it Link talked.

    • I think that'll be the problem. Does anyone actually remember the way Link said "Come on!" in Wind Waker? That high pitched yelling? I'd hate for that the be Link's voice throughout the game.

      Link should stay mute, the NPCs I'd like to hear with a voice but I'm not too phased either way.

  • Phantom Link

    In the earth and wind temples of wind waker when Link calls Medli or Makar he actually says "come one" it sounds rushed but I heard it Link talked.

  • Phantom Link

    In the earth and wind temples of wind waker when Link calls Medli or Makar he actually says "come one" it sounds rushed but I heard it Link talked.

  • Phantom Link

    In the earth and wind temples of wind waker when Link calls Medli or Makar he actually says "come one" it sounds rushed but I heard it Link talked.

  • Phantom Link

    In the earth and wind temples of wind waker when Link calls Medli or Makar he actually says "come one" it sounds rushed but I heard it Link talked.


    Nintendo's playing the "zelda wouldnt be Zelda if…." card.

    same thing with Mario.

    They are so focused on the same formula that they are hesitant to try new things. Which is a bummer really.

    • TheMaverickk

      There's no one to blame for that then the crazed fans though.

      Look at every time Nintendo tries to switch things up. Critics and fans a like cry about how they wish they just sticked with the familiar.

      Nintendo introduced some neat game play mechanics in Super Mario Sunshine, but lots of Mario fans didn't like F.L.U.D.D and the cleaning puzzles. They felt it wasn't "Mario" enough. The environment was something both new and refreshing, but again some people hated it because it was bright and colourful.

      With the Wind Waker Nintendo create a whole new world for Link, one with waves, islands and pirates even. Link used new tools to explore such as the grappling hook, and he was able to steal his foes weapons and turn them against them. He sidled up against walls to creep around and explore even. It introduced an exciting new and fresh visual style… and how did fans react?

      Again they lashed out and complained. They wanted a Zelda more like Ocarina of Time.

      So what did Nintendo do? They gave the fans exactly what they wanted… Twilight Princess, was more or less just a prettier fancy version of Ocarina of Time. They brought back a visual style reminiscent of OoT and so forth.

      The truth is that when people complain and whine and don't support some of these changes, they are actually halting progress… there's no encouragement for Nintendo to go and mix up formula and try new things, because they don't want to alienate their fans.

      If people want change they have to support it. Sadly if the past is any indication if they change their games too much fans get all pissy.

      • Chad

        plus some things can't change for Zelda to remain a game that immerses the player into a world with more depth than other games. In Zelda games you make a link with the character's. When Midna was dying I got so mad I wanted to kill Zant right then but all I could do was take Midna to Zelda. At that moment I was link and it was up to ME to help her. The legend of zelda series is set up so that you connect with Link. During the Wind Waker I actually felt Link's pain about his sister getting taken by the bird because I could imagine my sister in her place. Link wouldn't be Link anymore he would be a character I control like in other less involving games such as Glory of Heracles where they have massive cut scenes that take away the fun of playing the game. The legend of zelda is the only series I can connect with and play through as if I was the character, As if I was Link. The experience I receive wouldn't be the same if Link could speak. It also should stay a non-voiced game as it is a series of legends and the Characters in the game speaking with words I can read adds depth and emotion you don't always get with voice acting because you get to decide how the game sounds in your head no one can tell you what they sound like except for yourself. The voice-acting will ruin that experience for me. And those of you who are all for voice-acting would probably be first to complain when you hear what it will ends up like. The legend of Zelda Series wouldn't be the Series I grew up with If they change certain parts of the game. I believe that they can get rid of Ganon and reappearing annoying Character's (*ahem*Tingle) and give us a game that's different but the same. A game that gives us a new way to progress through the game but kept so we receive the same feeling's that we have recieved in past games. The Wind Waker, OoT, PH, and Alttp were all good examples of that, they introduced new Ideas 3D, Cell shading, searching for treasure, storylines. These games have introduced idea's to the game but have built on the foundation molded into shape by the old games. All games have aspects that shouldn't be touched and the way that people talk in the Zelda series is one of them.

      • Maverick. I love you. Seriously. THIS COMMENT GUYS. THIS FRICKEN COMMENTS. million thumbs up.

        Zelda fans are spoiled, and wont ever stop complaining. Want something new? Nintendo delivers and they pitch a fit on how it's "too different/not Zeldaish", Nintendo gives them something similar "We want something fresh and new~" Really?

        Seriously, Nintendo does what it can to appeal to the general public, deal with it.

  • Katie

    come on, he is one of the main trio!
    thats like taking out Zelda and leaving link and Gannon, OR Taking out LINK and leaving them two, and playing as like, Zelda. idk, its just the main things. plus, play spirit tracks, Phantom Hourglass, or if you dont like hand held, Majoras Mask, they dont have gannon and zelda isnt really in MM, just one little memory

    • Haeil

      Gah, the idea of playing as Zelda is giving me Wand of Gamelon nightmares!

    • Lightbringer

      but ganon is the villain, and it gets tiring to see him in each game, because its like one of those trick birthday candles that keeps re-igniting. How is the Master Sword so good? It isnt! It keeps "killing" ganon and he just keeps popping up everywhere. And, yes, b4 you chew me out, i know its like reincarnations of ganon, and link, and zelda, but it is soooooo annoying to have ganon in almost all the games! its like nintendo cant think up an original enemy. No plot twists, folks, this baddie is ganon. Again.

  • I don't understand how what he said means we will have Ganon T.T

    • Let's assume Ganon isn't in this game: why would Aonuma not be forthcoming about that fact? We already assume Ganon CAN'T be in this game as it takes place prior to Ganondor's first appearance (OoT). So admitting there is a new villain would be giving nothing away that wasn't already obvious. It's a given. There's no reason why, if Ganon is not in this game, he could not have said so.

      However, if Ganon IS in SS in some manner, he most certainly wouldn't want to give that away, so Aonuma would have no option but to say "no comment."

      • Chad

        "So admitting there is a new villain would be giving nothing away that wasn't already obvious. It's a given. There's no reason why, if Ganon is not in this game, he could not have said so.However, if Ganon IS in SS in some manner, he most certainly wouldn't want to give that away, so Aonuma would have no option but to say "no comment.""

        Ganon isn't the only Villain you know there's also Vaati and Malladus that they could use for the main villain or they might choose to create a new one. Just because Aonuma said "No Comment" doesn't mean that Ganon is in the Game it can mean several other things
        1.Nintendo has already provided us with a wealth of information. So it makes sense to hold back the identity of the villain in this game.
        2. He didn't know whether he should tell them
        3. He wanted to confuse us and have some people thinking that Ganon will be in the game while others think he won't
        4.They don't know yet.
        5. Nintendo doesn't want to spoil the game by saying TOO much.
        As you can see there are several different things that it could mean just because he says "No Comment" doesn't necessarily mean that it has to Ganon as the main villain infact it fit's it far better to go ahead and say it's a new villain than an old one. Another possibilty is that it isn't even a Main Villain at all what if it is a group of villains such as theDark Interlopers. They did say that "Evil filled the land below Skyloft". I'm not meaning to down on your parade or anything I just wanted to inform you that there are several different options and Nintendo doesn't have to reveal whethor Ganon is or isn't in the Game.

        • TheMaverickk

          Saying "No comment" is the safe way not to disappoint people.

          Truth be told they probably know that there is a sect of fans that may be upset to hear that Ganondorf/Ganon isn't in the game.

          Just as their is a group that would be disappointed to hear that he is in the game. Since some people have been clamoring for a new villain for a while now.

          I truly see this comment as simply being something to keep fans from lashing out one way or another. They may be waiting to reveal the villain or evil till a later date, in order to build up more hype… in the form of a trailer.

          Anyways we will have to wait and see.

        • I have to say I completely disagree with your list of five reasons why he would have said "no comment" with Ganon not in the game.

          1. Nintendo has previously been forthcoming about revealing that a game has a new villain when it has one. Simply revealing that there is a new villain isn't giving away too much, because we would still know nothing about that new villain.
          2. I'm sure Mr. Aonuma knows before going into an interview what he will and what he will not reveal.
          3. I'm certain his objective is never to confuse or trick anyone. To remain silent about topics, sure, but never to mislead.
          4. They most certainly know by this point in production whether Ganon is in the game or not. At this point they are simply finishing up a few dungeons.
          5. It would not spoil anything by saying "no, not Ganon. We have a new bad guy for you" because we still would know nothing about this new bad guy.

          I also wouldn't hold my breath for a Vaati or Malladus console game. I'd love to see Vaati in 3D, but I doubt it will happen. Especially not in a game about the origin of the Master Sword (which was created to defeat Ganon).

          "No comment" = "yes, Ganon" is simply conjecture on my part, but it is conjecture based on a series of well-thought out scenarios.

          • TheMaverickk

            It's really hard to assume anything with the comments Miyamoto and Aonuma make to be honest. Remember that time they commented on how impressed they were with Monster Hunter Tri's graphic's?

            You know the one where they said they were really impressed and hoped to surpass it with the new Zelda (not yet known to be called Skyward Sword).

            Everyone and I mean basically everyone assumed without a doubt that this meant that this Zelda was going to try and be hyper realistic and go for greater realism then Monster Hunter Tri. Simply on the basis of that comment in an interview… which seemed for some reason to have confirmed the visual style of SS.

            Low and behold there was many a shocked and surprised (possibly disappointed) Zelda fan when the SS trailer was revealed.

            Anyways I just don't think that reading into it confirms anything. Much like other comments as well… the area in Skyward Sword was demo-ed… we've found out it is actually in the game… and it wasn't a "sandbox" simply created for E3 and nothing more.

            There is so much room for misinterpretation when it comes to some of these interviews with Miyamoto and Aonuma because translation discrepancies. I say we know squat really from that comment.

          • bastian

            Ah, but you see in both of those instances you mentioned, I made a point of explaining here why neither obvious assumption was likely. 😉 I never thought the quote about Monster Hunter Tri had any real impact on Team Zelda, and I NEVER thought the area in the demo was sandbox-only. And made a point of pointing out each of those points here.

            But you are certainly correct in that no one can assume anything with absolutely certainty until it has been confirmed.

  • zeldafan219

    I don't know what to say about this… WOW! This is some great info. Sadly, I haven't gotten the new NP issue.

  • Linksoer

    I'm glad there will be no voice acting. I agree 100% with what Aonuma San said on the matter. The occational grunts and stuff like Majora's Mask is, in my opinion, perfect.

  • Tarmon

    Just a thought, since the gruedo male is born evrey 100 years, would it not make sense that they name all of thier male children ganondorf? If a new, older ganon was in skyward sword, it would not mess up the OoT plot at all. In fact, it might give us some insight into why the guredos are an (almost) all female race. And why every 100 years in between male births? Are they cursed by the gods or something? Maybe Skywared sword will expand on that a little.

  • EpicDC

    Personally I want to see the master/skyward sword to be tied into an event in gannons life that turns him into the villain we love to hate, and I have to say, the games without him have not been as memorable, (except maybe mm). But who knows maybe this event will feature a new worse villain than Gannon who is his mentor.

    Finally I want to know if the triforce is also created with the master sword in the new game.

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  • Shadowlinkfan

    But they did have link speak when you in the tower of god on wind waker he actually says "Come one" when he summons the statues

    • Shadowlinkfan

      when your*
      "Come on"*

  • Steven

    To be honest, hearing that you MUST use the wiimote for this game really makes me so mad. I can't stand the wiimote, though, I WILL give it a shot, but, my experience with the wiimote wasn't a good one. -_-

  • Nintenfan81

    I may have mis-read what you said, but it sounded like you thought he said OoT was older than SS, but in the full article he said it was safe to assume that SS was older because the Master Sword had yet to be created.

    Again, probably mis-read that, but just wanted to clarify just in case.

  • gm286

    "Zelda will be making an appearance as this is a Legend of *Zelda* game."

    Can anyone think why this is a stupid statement?
    Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening did not feature Zelda at all..

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  • Ari

    Maybe you'll learn of ( or possibly fight ) a male Gerudo other than Ganon who is shown in an end cutscene being replaced by a little baby Ganon. please comment

  • A very interesting read. I will pay more visits to your website soon.

  • @brians2000? rollseyes

  • Kraz435

    To all of those saying voice acting will ruin it, thats what people said about Metroid: Other M, and thats one of the best voice acting games I've ever seen.

    As for the sword/treasure detector thing, mabye when It's imbued with the power of evil's bane, it loses the ability to find treasure

  • Kraz435

    Perhaps when to Ooccaa made Hyrulians, the Hyrulians became more powerfull and the Ooccaa feared them and fled for the sky.