When will we finally get to slay this giant scorpion?

Kotaku seems to think so. Or at least that it is a possibility.

Nintendo’s recently released financial statements show the release date for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as being 2011 in North America and Europe. No big news there. What is interesting, however, is that for Japan it shows only “TBA.” Certainly the game will not be released later than 2011 in Japan, so why not list it as 2011? Unless. . . there is a possibility that it will be out during the holiday season in Japan, which has been the rumor. This, of course, means that the NA and Europe release dates could be “extremely early 2011.”

Stay tuned to Zelda Universe where we will bring you the latest on Skyward Sword‘s release date as soon as we learn it.

Source: Kotaku
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  • Leftyrock91

    I’ll actually be surprised if Nintendo releases Skyward Sword in 2010. Maybe in Japan I won’t be surprised, but if it were everywhere else too, then I’d be surprised.

    But regardless, the date is coming up, and I’m looking forward to playing Skyward Sword.

  • Keith

    Its Japan. They always get stuff earlier since that's where Nintendo's big plant is.

    • ZoraMikau

      It actually seems like the zelda games come out everywhere at about the same time. I think we actually had ST before them > :/

    • that's not about nintendo's big plans,Zelda games would be earlier to release because Japan is where Zelda seris born,don't you know lots of amazing things are from Japan too?DS,DSi,3DS,Wii……..

  • Glought

    I hope they release it world wide, I'm tired of japan getting games and systems first. Want to play new Pokemon games to bad you will have to wait a year at least with zelda games its a few days or few months between JP and NA release dates ( OOT release JP = November 21, 1998 NA = November 23, 1998, MM JP = April 27, 2000 NA = October 25, 2000 , WW JP = December 13, 2002 NA = March 24, 2003 , TP NA = November 19, 2006 JP December 2, 2006 ya we got tp first , PH JP = June 23, 2007 NA = October 1, 2007 , ST JP = December 7, 2009 NA = December 11, 2009 at least its in the same month like the other games should of been instead of making us wait)

    • I don't really care for the release dates because most of the time if it's near the holiday season then I just wait for Christmas to come around to get the game for free.
      With Skyward Sword though, I actually have to BUY this game. Awwww…

    • Let's get it straight :
      Zelda game seris born in Japan
      Pokemon game seris born in Japan

  • I totally hope they get it to America by at least December. That way it could be presented to us in gift wrap and a ribbon…at Christmas! And we could save our money for the 3DS and the OoT redo. XD

  • If it comes out in 2010 in Japan…
    I need a ticket to Japan and to learn Japanese.

    • oh no! not me,what's the fun being NOT able to understand anything the game said?not even a tip how to beat enemies and bosses

    • and the story!

      • Well that's why I said I need to learn Japanese.

        • everything seems different in Japanese…..

  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    I havent been able to sleep well since E3!!! i wont be able to sleep until i know the release date and have it in my hands!!!!>=(

  • Hombre de Mundo

    I don't see how they could've changed their stance on release in 2 months. They said they needed more time to work on the game which caused the delay. Tranlations don't count.

    • True, but perhaps that was a fake-out? Make us think we wouldn't get it until next year only to find out just prior to the holiday season that we get it for the season, thereby creating a lot of excitement.

      Or perhaps the development team thought they needed more time than they actually needed to finish those last few dungeons?

      Or perhaps it is simply a very strange oversight on the part of whomever put together the release date tables in that financial report.

    • Elijah

      That's exactly what I was thinking, unless they're "polishing" touches on the game wasn't much. That's the only thing I can think of.

  • TheMaverickk

    It wouldn't be surprising at all if Skyward Sword came out first in Japan. In all honesty Twilight Princess was the first time a Zelda game had a worldwide release.

    And that was actually a fluke due to the fact that Twilight Princess was made into a Wii Launch title. So between the delays due to small changes and making it a release, the localization was long done before it was time for the Wii launch.

    In any case the game could easily be almost complete, all the talk that they had been saying seemed to hint at the game really being near completion. So if they wanted to release the game in Japan before the end of 2010 that would be a possibility. Not for NA though… not when localization will probably done before the end of the year.

    So fans shouldn't get their hopes up… but seriously I do believe the game will be released in NA before March 2011.

  • Well, this news is a bit old. GoNintendo had the Japanese "fiscal release schedule" up 1 or 2 months ago, showing Zelda Wii as TBA 2010, with no release date listed for Europe and NA, so Kotaku isn't really making any bold predictions here. We've known since before we even knew the titles name that is was ETA Winter 2010 in Japan.

    Could they be "pushing" for a winter release? Sure, MAYBE in Japan, but being that Eiji himself has said they are just trying really hard to get it in early spring, tells me it is more likely to see a summer 2011 release than a holiday 2010 release. They are "aiming" for early 2011, which means that is their in house target time. Account for at least a delay or too to push it into the later spring months. Just saying, they are simply pointing out that for japan it says 2010 (as if that really means anything).

    As for "Zelda seems to always come out worldwide" – wrong. Spirit Tracks is the first occasion where NA got it BEFORE Japan, and prior to that, Japan had pretty much gotten every single Zelda game in a pretty significant timeframe before Europe, North America, and Australia. Sometimes that time frame was a month or two before us. other times it was just a few weeks. Anyone who actually remembers each of the game releases knows this to be true.

  • mclennon_27

    This seems odd. If it is that close to being finished, wouldn't Nintendo try to push for a 2010 release worldwide to make extra revenue during the holiday season?? I really am not sure what to think.

  • zelda fan

    i wish it were out now… 🙁

  • Petra

    I don't see any reason to release it in Japan ahead of Europe and NA. It it's financial, logistical (use of word?) then I can understand, but besides that…

  • jordanteixeira

    Well i not sure about the realease. Japan is always eairlier than anywhere else. But im not too excited for the game with motion controls

  • As this is earlier than OOT and will tell the story of how the master sword came to be… I also think it will be the first ever story in the franchise, explaining why link is so special and how he becomes known as a hero of many things throughout the ages.

    I think Ganondorf will appear, although I have a feeling he may be a loyal servant of a first big bad who is bestowed some power from a mysterious master. This master I think will be defeated by Link and then Ganondorf takes his position as the big bad and vows to destroy Link and his ancestors and wishes to complete his master’s mission/or be glad his master is gone so he can have the power to himself.

  • mario_master

    i seriously doubt GANONDORF will be in the game but remember GANON is some dark beast that fuses with GANONDORF later on in the series

  • I think Ganondorf will be in the game, I feel he as a human had a master (The main villain of this game) and Ganondorf is his loyal servant. I thought Ganondorf changed into the dark beast in the Dark World due to the darkness there… Maybe that's what he sought to turn into to get more power. I still think he will at the end, take it upon himself to finish what his master started and take revenge on Link throughout the games we've already experienced with unlimited power and ability to live again and again. He might even have always wanted the power of the triforce to himself… and that's what he's been trying to do in the games set after this.