A musical bromance.

Huge Zelda fans (they say they gossip about Zelda for hours), damnlag debated amongst themselves and collectively chose their favorite fifteen (and one honorable mention) Zelda songs based on the following four factors: catchines, compositon, usage in-game, and lasting emotional effect. However, rather than using the in-game songs, they also chose their favorite arrangements or covers.

Find out what their favorite fifteen (and one honorable mention) were after the jump!

So which fifteen songs made it onto their list? These sixteen gems:

(Honorable Mention): Spirit Tracks Main Theme
15. Song of Storms (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
14. The Song of Time (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
13. Gerudo Valley (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
12. Saria’s Song (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
11. File Select/ Great Fairy Fountain (First Appearance: A Link to the Past)
10. Main Theme (First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda)
9. Twilight Princess Hyrule Field Theme (First Appearance: Twilight Princes
8. Oath to Order (First Appearance: Majora’s Mask)
7. Last Day (First Appearance: Majora’s Mask)
6. Midna’s Lament (First Appearance: Twilight Princess)
5. Dark World (First Appearance: A Link to the Past)
4. Dragon Roost Island (First Appearance: The Wind Waker)
3. Ocean/The Great Sea (First Appearance: The Wind Waker)
2. Zelda’s Lullaby (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
1. Song of Healing (First Appearance: Majora’s Mask)

A fantastic list, and they got a lot of it right, but I have several problems with the list over all. First of all, the list is weighted to heavily towards Ocarina of Time. Don’t get me wrong: Ocarina has some amazing songs, but it is not the be-all and end-all of Zelda music. With five out of the fifteen songs attributed to Ocarina of Time, it looks like they didn’t bother thinking outside the obvious box. Not to mention the incorrectly attributed “Zelda’s Lullaby” first appearance being “Ocarina of Time” (it first appeared in A Link to the Past).

Also, they completely ignored The Adventure of Link. While it may be the black sheep of the family (all the more so considering it is the only Zelda title without a lick of Zelda maestro Koji Kondo influence) it still has some fantastic music. The “Temple Theme” should easily have made the list, if not Zelda II‘s “Overworld Theme” as well.

And what about “The Ballad of the Wind Fish“? An entire Zelda game (Link’s Awakening) devoted to assembling an eight piece magical orchestra to play this single song, a gorgeous song, and it gets no mention? And of course the “Tal Tal Heights” theme from the same game deserves a mention.

Also overlooked was the amazing “End Titles”/”Opening Titles” from Wind Waker, as well as the wonderful little “Makar’s Prayer. “And then there’s the “End Titles” from A Link to the Past which move me like no other.

I suppose the moral of the story is that Zelda provides a wealth of amazing masterpieces of music, and we can’t fault a list of fifteen to leave out our personal favorites.

But what are your personal favorites? Which were left out that should have made the list? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

Source: damnlag (tipped by ZoraMikau)
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  • ZoraMikau

    You're so picky Bastian. 😛

  • Hero of Winds

    The credits to Wind Waker is definitely my favorite Zelda tune… I nearly cried.

  • Ashmic

    i didn't like this list at all
    in my opinion some of the TOP SONGS ARE

    gerudo valley theme from ooT
    ballad of the windfish?
    ending 1 from Zelda 2 Adventure of link
    byrne's theme?
    farewell hyrule king?

    in my opinion this list is S**t

    • Lightbringer

      i love farewell hyrule king! its so fun to play on the piano!

      • DDT

        What is so great about gerudo valley!? Seriously…Its probably the most annoing OoT song in my opinion.

        • lawliliCious

          ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zeldadudetp

      Why did he get 3 thumbs down for stating his opinion?

  • Chad

    Hey what about Boss themes? They left out Molgera's battle theme and what about that theme they played on the trailer's of both TP and SS that's a good one too.

  • How is Spirit Tracks music an honorable mention!? I love that music! That's my favorite music in the whole series!

    • Chad

      That's what I was thinking the Music was good and they let you listen too it the entire game when you were driving your train. that's pretty dumb

  • Zelda's Lullaby shouldn't have got 2nd. No way, and what about Hyrule Main Field Theme in OoT. I agree with most, but some I don't.

    The one thing that I believe we all agree on is that the Song of Healing does deserve first place.

  • Chad

    Why did hey put Last Day on there? that's just MM's music sped up

    • I believe it's the song on the final 10 minutes of the last day where the music changes entirely.

  • I liked alot of these choices, but I agreed that OoT kind of dominated the list. Would have chose OoT's main title over TP's though (even though I love both and it's a very close choice, but I have way more memories with OoT's), and one of my good friends would be upset if he saw that Ballard of the Wind Fish from LA wasn't on here, as that's probably his favorite Zelda song period. Also wouldn't have minded seeing either the Kakariko Village theme or the Serenade of Water on here (TP's version, as it has more substance and I just loved the arrangement), with SoW being my personal choice for an honorable mention at the least.

    By the way, fully agree with you there Bolero of Fire, Song of Healing definitely deserves first place. The song truly does have some kind of healing quality, I've listened to it many times when I've been either upset or going through a rough time. Never fails to heal my soul, =)

  • I'm glad that you mentioned that "Zelda's Lullaby" was originally in A Link to the Past, it bothered me that these "Zelda Fans" posted that…

  • Rew

    The "Staff Credits" theme from Twilight Princess is my favorite single piece of music from the entire Zelda series, but it's always overlooked among fans.

    Overall, though, this is a pretty solid list.

    I think it's referring to that haunting, melancholy music that plays during the last 6 hours before the moon hits.

    • Chad

      oh forgot about that one it's been awhile since I've played MM

  • Paffe

    My favorite is the Song of Healing, but there are some other songs that should have been on that list as well, like Byrne's theme from Spirit Tracks, and Sacred Grove from Twilight Princess! (my opinions)

  • GenoKID

    I understand how many OoT themes were present; being the first time you actually PLAYED these songs, and heard them as well, they were quite memorable. And they aren't entirely OoT, either. MM had most of these. But I don't get Oath to Order. Its just, there wasn't much to it, like 6 measures at most.

    But why not the Ballad of the Wind Fish? I guess most have forgotten LA by now. "If you forget me, I'll never forgive you." says Marin.

  • This is a bit of a disappointment to me…there are loads more songs that they could have and should have added. A few of them were mentioned in the article, by out persnickety Bastian.

    Besides this, the Lag site neglected other classics, such as Ilia's Theme and Prelude of Light (though the latter could be left out because there are already plenty of OoT songs). But I'm elated they thought of TP's Hyrule Field song, which is my favorite transition of the main theme. The orchestrated version is the best.

    I am not particular of most of the music featured on Wind Waker (I know, Boo You, as lifesavers2 would say). However, I do agree that the Great Sea Theme should be added. Without it we'd only be entertained by a jumping boat (without the Cyclone Song {I can't recall it's name :'( }), and that wouldn't go very well with about 40 hours of ocean exploration.

    The two picks I can't agree with more (bar my favorite) are Zelda's Lullaby and Song of Healing. I think with all those songs they have been parked in their appropriate places.

  • toni

    whaa? no balled of the windfish!? no tal tal heights!?
    such a bias list….

  • Astalion

    Ehh, actually, I'm not truly a fan of the Song of Healing – while I like it, I definitely wouldn't have put it anywhere near first place.

    Other songs that weren't mentioned on the list that I would have put in my personal top 15:

    – Hyrule field theme (Ocarina of Time)
    – Opening/closing theme (Wind Waker)
    – Tal Tal Heights (Link's Awakening)
    – Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link's Awakening)
    – Stone Tower / Upside-down Stone Tower (Majora's Mask) <- why oh why hasn't this one been mentioned yet?

    • Muskiok

      I, too, love the Stone Tower song! It is my favorite dungeon song ever! (Though Tower of Spirits (ST) and Temple of Time (TP) come close.) I'm glad Midna's Desperation and the TP Hyrule Field got on there though. Oh, and Last End, it is one of the coolest songs ever!

  • TheMaverickk

    Zelda's Lullaby was actually in Link to the Past… that was it's actual first appearance.

  • djinnimaster

    wait what no kakariko village come on

  • No battle themes?

    OoT Ganon Theme outranks plenty of these, easily. That's including the top spot.

  • Song of healing is AWESOME! it goes like "lalala lalala lala la la laaaaaa" and it sounds so AWESOME!

    • Yoh

      "lalala lalala lala la la laaaaaa"
      That sounds like the song of storms to me.

      • Lightbringer

        u forgot to la's before the long one. THAT's song of storms.

  • Shaelyn

    I agree with Bastian on many accounts. also, the Hyrule Castle theme from ALttP should have made the list.
    personally, I also thought that both the underworld theme from the first game and the Clock Town third day theme from MM were both far more haunting, well-composed, and deserving than Last Day.

  • Zelda4ever

    I haven't played mm in a while, but isn't the song of healing saria's song backwards?

    • Astalion

      The first few notes (the ones required to play on the Ocarina) are indeed Saria's Song backwards, but the rest of the song is rather different.

      • Zelda4ever

        Yay! I'm not tone deaf.

        • Paffe


  • Redfred

    Where are all the Gameboy Zelda songs?! Those are the best!

    Like Mt. Tamaranch and Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening!!
    And the overworld theme in the Gameboy games is the best ^_^

  • I noticed "Last Day" from MM. If that included the "Final Hours" theme complete with clock tower bells then that would easily be my Number 1.

  • CorvosKK

    Personally I think the Cursed Ocean from WW should be on there along with the Farewell Hyrule King from WW. Others I agree should have been some from AoL and Link's Awakening. They pinned it right with having the Song of Healing high on the list, though I think Gerudo's Valley and the Spirit Tracks theme should be higher.

    Overall though, a great collection though. It's always nice to hear the different opinions on some more of the subtle things like music.

  • TheowlJosse

    What about the mysterious sound of Eagle's Tower and Face shrine from link's awakening and the happy theme of Richard's villa? What about The light dungeon in Link to the past? or the jazzy themes mysterious forest in LA or Pirate's gigue in Oracle of seasong?

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  • Ryan

    There's no way this list can be correct, because music is so relative to the listener's opinion. IMy personal favorites are the music from Zelda's Puppet and Argorok boss battles in Twilight Princess. They give the feeling of epicness when hearing them.

  • Aeolus

    Song of Healing first?! What?! Its only in one game, and the main melody is just the notes to Saria's Song backwards…

    Anyway, I definitely would have had Ballad of the Windfish in there, and towards the top of the list. How are the Wind God's Aria and Earth God's Lyric (aka the Wind Waker opening theme) not on this list? And Also towards the top would be the Spirit Flute theme from Spirit Tracks. The instant I heard it in the prologue before the game came out I knew I loved it, and it fits the series so well. It is one of my favorite Zelda themes EVER!

    Also, the Song of Time should be higher, just saying… haha

    • Actually, the Song of Healing was featured in Twilight Princess, as one of Wolf Link's "summoning sessions." I can see how it's a bit harder to identify
      from the original. It was the first one WL performed, on Death Mountain.

  • Yoh

    I'm glad atleast song of storms was in the list, but c'mon #15?

  • Digdogger48

    I say that there shouldn't be a list. All of the Zelda music is amazing to me. If I had to pick a few favorites though then Ballad of the wind fish(LA), The great temple(AoL), the Pirate jig(OoS + OoA), Song of Healing(MM)(after you heal Mummy guy), Spirit Tracks Theme(at the end when they combine all the instuments), and the music right outside of lvl8 in oracle of ages. I forgot the wind waker theme but it might be on here, too.

  • Linksdrhyrule

    I think that wind wakers title theme is my favorite, that and the great sea theme… oh the memories…

  • JEBB

    the only one I have a problem with, is the first one, the others are understandable in one way or another. I like the song of healing but I do not think that should be number one at all. what about lost woods theme?

    • Guest

      The lost woods theme is sarias song, which is on the list.

  • Billy

    It’s surprising that Kakariko Village (best I think from ALTTP) didn’t make the list. I would have also liked to have seen the Spirit Temple theme from OOT and of course the Overworld Theme from ALTTP. But, the biggest omission for me is Ballad of the Wind Fish. If you complete the game without dying, you see Marin ascend into the sky, becoming the bird she dreamed of being (or perhaps it was simply her ascending the heaven), that was one of the most moving moments in any video game ever. I also would have expected to see the Lon Lon Ranch theme too.

  • leander

    One of my favourites is the Deku Palace Theme form Majoras Mask, but i’ve never seen it in any of those lists…

  • Kitakee

    Well, I am outraged. The fact that A Link to the past's End credits didn't even make it onto the list is C-R-A-Z-Y, and I know I'm not the only one thinking so. Also, the Gerudo theme should've been much higher up on the list. And, where'd the Final battle theme (Ganon) from Ocarina of time go?

    Yet, of course, we're only talking personal preferences here. 😉

  • Hellfire

    A Link To The Past credit theme almost made me cry the first times. I had a phone which only supported midi's back a while and I did all I could to find a good midi version of it for my cell just to get to listen to it.

  • Polloman300

    HEY!!! Where's my Epona's song??? This is blasphemy, I tell you!!!

  • Polloman300

    OH MY GOD!!! ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT FAREWELL KING HYRULE!!!… I cried when i first heard that song!!!

  • David

    Minish Village!!!

  • SmileyFace

    Agreed. I LOVE the tribal/regal mix which fits so well with the situation.

    I'm also kinda saddened by seeing no comments about the Molgera battle theme, which was AMAZING! Although it didn't really fit with the battle itself…

  • David

    Musical bromance???

  • MathiasZeldanerd

    I'm not so sure about this list, but i totally agree with Song of Healing in first place!!! Best song ever!!!

  • fawfull


  • ZeldaUniverse

    I love Gerudo valley. and farewell hyrule king.

  • Billy

    No Kakariko Village or Ballad of the Wind Fish!? Yikes.

  • Phantom7

    No Forest Temple, no Spirit Temple = FAIL.

    But I actually do agree with a lot of the music on the list. IMO there are too many ocarina melodies, though.

  • Xenithar

    No Adventure of Link?? That had the best music in the entire series XD although the other games have good music too hehe

  • ThatOneGuy

    Although the list doesn't really mean anything, since all music depends on its listeners, and everyone has their own opinions, It's really a shame that they didn't give Spirit Tracks more attention, after I played that game, I was humming some of it's songs for months afterwards, my favorites being The Tower of Spirits, Fraaz's Boss Battle, and Cole's Theme.

  • freedom410

    Where's Hyrule Castle from LTTP? When you walk into the castle for the first time to find Zelda, that song is just epic.

    The Sacred Grove from TP is haunting and enchanting – and should definitely have been on the top 15. It is similar to the forest song from LTTP.

    Also, I found it odd that there were not boss battle tracks. I think the one from the fight with the dragon in TP was awesome. When you climb onto the dragon's back, you really do feel like the hero of time!

    One more thought – it might be good to differentiate between the actual tracks as heard in-game and the reorchestrated Zelda Zero tracks (which are awesome, in case you haven't listened to them). Some of the songs (notably Hyrule Castle, Geurdo Valley) sound a lot better when given their special treatment.

  • Michael

    I started looking these songs up as well as others and i agree that some songs did get left out but the songs on the list are definetly some of the best.

  • Unknown

    But, I think that you should include in your list te Bolero of Fire and Forest Temple, both from the ocarina of time.

  • N&Z13

    Why is Majora's Incarnation not there!? It is like zelda music on drugs!

  • the suckest song on link to the past

  • wups i for got to put is in the sentince.

  • Timo

    i really don't understand why ballad of the windfish isn't on any of these lists, after you play link's awakening, it is the most heartfelt song in the series. While playing the song means that link can finally escape the world he has been stuck in for the whole game, it simultaneously means the undoing of everything and everyone he has met throughout the game; his escape dooms the whole island. I really believe the absence of this song only shows how few people gave link's awakening a chance as a serious zelda title; it is in the top 3 of my zelda favorites

    if you don't believe me, listen to this:

  • What about the Molgera battle theme? I also think Twilight Princess was a little better than OoT.

  • sh247

    agreed with WW ‘End Titles’/’Opening Titles’ and ‘Makar’s Prayer’ but also “Medli’s Prayer” as well