A musical bromance.

Huge Zelda fans (they say they gossip about Zelda for hours), damnlag debated amongst themselves and collectively chose their favorite fifteen (and one honorable mention) Zelda songs based on the following four factors: catchines, compositon, usage in-game, and lasting emotional effect. However, rather than using the in-game songs, they also chose their favorite arrangements or covers.

Find out what their favorite fifteen (and one honorable mention) were after the jump!

So which fifteen songs made it onto their list? These sixteen gems:

(Honorable Mention): Spirit Tracks Main Theme
15. Song of Storms (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
14. The Song of Time (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
13. Gerudo Valley (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
12. Saria’s Song (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
11. File Select/ Great Fairy Fountain (First Appearance: A Link to the Past)
10. Main Theme (First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda)
9. Twilight Princess Hyrule Field Theme (First Appearance: Twilight Princes
8. Oath to Order (First Appearance: Majora’s Mask)
7. Last Day (First Appearance: Majora’s Mask)
6. Midna’s Lament (First Appearance: Twilight Princess)
5. Dark World (First Appearance: A Link to the Past)
4. Dragon Roost Island (First Appearance: The Wind Waker)
3. Ocean/The Great Sea (First Appearance: The Wind Waker)
2. Zelda’s Lullaby (First Appearance: Ocarina of Time)
1. Song of Healing (First Appearance: Majora’s Mask)

A fantastic list, and they got a lot of it right, but I have several problems with the list over all. First of all, the list is weighted to heavily towards Ocarina of Time. Don’t get me wrong: Ocarina has some amazing songs, but it is not the be-all and end-all of Zelda music. With five out of the fifteen songs attributed to Ocarina of Time, it looks like they didn’t bother thinking outside the obvious box. Not to mention the incorrectly attributed “Zelda’s Lullaby” first appearance being “Ocarina of Time” (it first appeared in A Link to the Past).

Also, they completely ignored The Adventure of Link. While it may be the black sheep of the family (all the more so considering it is the only Zelda title without a lick of Zelda maestro Koji Kondo influence) it still has some fantastic music. The “Temple Theme” should easily have made the list, if not Zelda II‘s “Overworld Theme” as well.

And what about “The Ballad of the Wind Fish“? An entire Zelda game (Link’s Awakening) devoted to assembling an eight piece magical orchestra to play this single song, a gorgeous song, and it gets no mention? And of course the “Tal Tal Heights” theme from the same game deserves a mention.

Also overlooked was the amazing “End Titles”/”Opening Titles” from Wind Waker, as well as the wonderful little “Makar’s Prayer. “And then there’s the “End Titles” from A Link to the Past which move me like no other.

I suppose the moral of the story is that Zelda provides a wealth of amazing masterpieces of music, and we can’t fault a list of fifteen to leave out our personal favorites.

But what are your personal favorites? Which were left out that should have made the list? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

Source: damnlag (tipped by ZoraMikau)
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