The Drag Queen Appears

As if you didn’t already have reason enough to go see the awesome-looking film, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, now you have another thing to add to your list of reasons: Zelda music!

According to Siliconera, who saw a screening at Comi-Con, “The Goddess Appears” from A Link to the Past (also known as “The Great Fairy Theme” in Ocarina of Time) can be heard during a dream sequence. And that’s not all. Apparently various Zelda sound effects can be heard throughout.

To acquire permission from Nintendo for the use of the song, director Edgar Wright had to write to Shigeru Miyamoto and allow him a special screening of the film. In his letter to the Zelda creator, he wrote: “This music is like nursery rhymes to a generation.” Apparently Mr. Miyamoto approved, for the song made it into the film.

In a movie lauded for it’s videogame references and jokes, it’s nice to hear that Zelda is well represented.

If you’ve not yet heard of this film or have and still don’t know much about it, feel free to watch the trailer after the jump. But don’t expect to hear the “Great Fairy Theme” in the trailer –  that’s in the film only.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World opens August 13th in the US and August 25th in the UK.

Source: Siliconera