The Drag Queen Appears

As if you didn’t already have reason enough to go see the awesome-looking film, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, now you have another thing to add to your list of reasons: Zelda music!

According to Siliconera, who saw a screening at Comi-Con, “The Goddess Appears” from A Link to the Past (also known as “The Great Fairy Theme” in Ocarina of Time) can be heard during a dream sequence. And that’s not all. Apparently various Zelda sound effects can be heard throughout.

To acquire permission from Nintendo for the use of the song, director Edgar Wright had to write to Shigeru Miyamoto and allow him a special screening of the film. In his letter to the Zelda creator, he wrote: “This music is like nursery rhymes to a generation.” Apparently Mr. Miyamoto approved, for the song made it into the film.

In a movie lauded for it’s videogame references and jokes, it’s nice to hear that Zelda is well represented.

If you’ve not yet heard of this film or have and still don’t know much about it, feel free to watch the trailer after the jump. But don’t expect to hear the “Great Fairy Theme” in the trailer –  that’s in the film only.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World opens August 13th in the US and August 25th in the UK.

Source: Siliconera
  • lifesavers2

    Oh wow.
    Hey Bastian (or whoever):
    Whenever I open ZU on the new Internet Explorer, if its not in Compatability mode, it crashes my computer. Is that common? Or is it my computer?

    • Eek! I let Jason know, and he says he'll look into it. :]

    • IE? Seriously? 😛 Chrome is what it's at, yo.
      But like sugar said, Jason is looking into it. 😀

    • Chad

      I used to use Internet Explorer and it crashed all the time on any website with a lot of information. Try switching browsers to Mozilla Firefox it's worked really well for me.

      • Yeah, I'm also having some sort of interference where the page freezes for a second. After a while, a pop-up will, uh, pop up, saying something about "A script is messing with the information something-or-another?" This has been happening ever since I switched from my Acer laptop to a bigger one. All I have to do when this pop-up comes around is hit "Yes" to stop this script. I don't mind waiting for about five minutes to view the page, but this might be worth looking into.

        Then again, I could switch back to he Acer and suck it up. 😉

  • This movie doesn't look very good in my opinion, it just looks like it has a really bad plot and everything. I'm not saying it looks BAD, it just doesn't have a very good looking plot. Either way I'm gonna go see it.

    • BOO YOU

      • X x7

        What? It's just not my kinda movie.

        • Chad

          It looks like one of those cheap super cartoony wierd movies that sell four copies.

        • jordanteixeira

          I agree with you Xx7. This movie isnt on my to see list. I personaly thought it was stupid for a guy to defeat "evil" ex's just so he can date someone. The plot is bad, and its just dumb

          • Vibed

            It's based off some graphic novels, look them up.

    • Maureen

      Yea, I agree with you. I never read the comics or anything nor do I want to though the "evil exes" kinda reminds me of No More Heros in a sense, but not nearly as sensible or enjoyable. Just because a movie (or book) as a lot of references to great things doesn't mean it's good, in fact it seems to need these things to gain any credit to itself? It just doesn't appeal to me.

  • Ashmic

    i hope the cera kid goes away forever, he's not funny and every movie he's in sucks, juno was good but thats because ellen page is awesome,

    and the great fairy gave me the clap

    • Ms Marvel

      Cera was good in Superbad but he has played the same character in ever other movie he's been in; it needs to be stopped.

      the great fairy deserves a clap though

      • Ashmic

        i didn't see juno or superbad i hate today's comedies im funnier than them
        and yeah i mean every movie he's in has notebook paper hbackground with written movie title on it annnnnd its not funny, and its about a boy who likes a girl, lol its getting old -__-
        LOL why does she deserve a clap? shes got madonna boobs heehee

  • King Kay

    Holy sheet, really?! That's hella awesome! Movie already looked good, but it is now a must see.
    Great job with all the news guys, you rock.

  • ZoraMikau

    As if it didn't look good enough! I bet this movie is going to be talked about a lot on the forums when it comes out. I must see this movie!


    wow… you think Nintendo would have smoothed out the great fairys….chest area.

  • Michael Cera, huh? The guy from Juno, if I read the comment above correctly (ellen page is in it {that one})? Hmm, well I've never seen Juno, but I've heard it should be somewhat like Nepoleon Dynamite's humor.

    Anyway, as far as the trailer goes, I wouldn't reccomend this to the younger ages. The fact that there would be 11, er, excuse me, *ahem* 7 "evil exes" with super powers makes me question everyway life. That is right: I am in accord with Xx7 on this. It doesn't seem to have any good plot-line. The pink-haired girl looks like she's copied from Lazytown (my younger brother used to watch it; that's how I know). Altogether, I should say this is a mixture of various films and/or TV shows. But I don't urge any of you not to see it; this's just my opinion.

    • TheMaverickk

      Have you ever read any of the Scott Pilgrim books? I'm guessing not.

      If your making the assumption that it's going to be like Juno or Napoleon Dynamite because it has Micheal Cera in it then that's pretty bad. If you are going to try and figure out what the movie is like based on people connected in it, then I should mention that it was directed by Edgar Wright (the guy who did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz for those who don't know who he is). If you ask me those movies had plenty of humor and action to boot. Not the awkward sort of humor that movies like Napoleon Dynamite would go for.

      Scott Pilgrim is something all gamers should be aware of… most of the humor and mechanics of the movie are references to video games. It's not so much that people have super powers as it's more that the way life plays out is like a video game. Mind you again it takes having some understanding of the original graphic novels.

      Anyways what I'm saying is people should actually learn where the movie comes from and understanding what it's about before judging it. I'm actually surprised so few Zelda fans here know what Scott Pilgrim is about.

      • Chainoftermina

        YES! Thank you! that's exactly what I mean! I was surprised at the reaction of this fanbase too.

      • I believe I have heard the name of this mentioned before, but I didn't know what it was about or even how to critique it. I just wanted to put down my own opinion of the trailer. And to tell you the truth, I've never seen a movie with Cera in it…yet. I'm considering on seeing Juno (because of Ellen Page! Yah!).

        For real, I didn't mean to judge this book by its cover (the trailer). With ChainofTermina's explanation below, I can now envision the world all this takes place in. It makes sense, even to a guy as dense and literal as me, which is how I was intended to be. In a crooked way, I can relate to Scott's dullness. If I insulted any of the comic's fans, I apologize, because I was under the assumption this was just plain stupidity.

    • The first volume of Scott Pilgrim came out in 2004, a few months before Lazytown (just googled the show), so that's not where it's from.

      Having seen a sneak preview of the other night, I think it's absolutely amazing movie. However, I'm biased being a fan of the comics it's based on. I think the best description I've heard before is that it's like a musical, where it's realistic and then a character jumps into song and then stops and everyone acts like that was all normal. Except in this case instead of breaking into song, people jump into video game like over the top fights.

      • Chainoftermina

        yeah, that's actually a pretty good analogy.

  • TheMaverickk

    Man… Nintendo has been pretty lenient on them. I'm glad for the movies sake… but it still bugs me that Scott Pilgrim VS. The World won't be released on the Wii. I mean lets be honest if you've seen previews of the game it's not only a homage to classic games from the NES and SNES era, but it actually references Mario and Nintendo characters in general.

    Yet it's not being released on a Nintendo console in any form. There's something wrong about that to me.

    • Chainoftermina

      they will probably release it on the wii eventually……..I hope…

  • Chainoftermina

    It's a comedy people! >:(

    It's not supposed to be taken THAT seriously! It's a parody on how awkward things can get when meeting your significant other's ex.

    I don't think this trailer is advertising the plot very well. Cera keeps acting too seriously in it. Scott Pilgrim is supposed to be this oblivious, head-in-the-clouds goofball. he says things that he doesn't even really mean, forgets what people said to him about 2 seconds after they said it, and is overall a simple minded simpleton. in the universe that the comic creates, the whole "evil exes" thing makes a lot more sense. reality itself occasionally decides to act like a video game. whenever Scott defeats an evil ex, they turn into coins, or an extra life, or a power up. Ramona works in a Supspace Highway delivery company for crying out loud!

    Read the comic books. they're hilarious. and when you do, the plot will make a lot more sense.

    • Thank you for writing this to clear the air. I suppose I just got a whiff of the faultfinding fumes. The irony with the Nintendo themes that this comic series emits does seem hilarious. I might have to looks into them and see just what Scott Pilgrim is like. I just might. =}

  • Falcen7

    Chainoftermina speaks the truth. Just saw an advanced screening tonight, and I gotta say that it was awesome. The movie is friggin' hilarious, and the trailers do a poor job of advertising this.

    But if comedies aren't your thing, I understand. When you take the plot seriously, the movie goes downhill, and the ending really is a disappointment either way.

    Nevertheless, the ending doesn't kill it. Everything else is great, and as much as I hate Michael Cera, I liked him here. I haven't read the comics, so I can't compare his character, but just watching how pathetic he was was great.

    As for the Zelda songs, the opening of the movie uses ALttP's intro music, and there's a remix of The Great Fairy's fountain in one of the dream sequences.

    But yeah, there's tons of spoofs, and I think that if you grew up with video games, this is a must see. If you haven't, or you have no sense of humor, then you might enjoy the Seinfeld reference.

    This movie has little substance…but is that so bad for a comedy? I mean, can't we just enjoy a good laugh or two once in a while?

  • Team mate joe

    wow…. more useless information from zelda universe…..

    • Dude, I don't know what your problem is, but if you don't like what they have, then either go to a different site or don't us "zelda" in any future search boxes, okay? 😛

    • I think I've used this enough now, but

      BOO YOU

      (I don't say this in real life)

      • Chad

        I don't understand why you even come on here if you keep saying that these are useless pieces of information. At least Zelda Universe Posts things that we can look at if you go to other Zelda sites such as the ones on the right of the screen you'll see they haven't posted since March or January or even since 4 years ago. So get your facts straight because I for one do not think this is useless and thank ZU for providing it for us.

  • TheMaverickk

    Lets face it overall the Trailers aren't aimed at gamers, because that's the fan base that the movie should already have interested.

    Trailers are meant to try and give the average movie watcher a reason to be interested. So in the trailer they are trying to appeal by showing these elements;

    – romance (the fighting for the girl you love element)
    – action (fighting the evil exes in dynamic battles)
    – humor (throwing in the random joke and over exaggerated actions)

    Those are the key elements that the trailer wants to advertise to people who are watching their regular programming. Most people who see this don't even know that it's based on a graphic novel and revolves around video games.

    If people want to see more of the video game elements in a trailer check this out;

    • Chad

      That trailer looks a whole lot better than the one above. So thanks TheMaverickk and thanks ZU for posting it

  • TheMaverickk

    Wait I mean this trailer;

    The other one just says "It's on Like Donkey Kong" which is still damn cool to see.

  • Whyyyy haven't I heard of this movie before? 😀 It looks awesome!! A brilliant idea xD

  • Saulito



    • Don't worry, this is the last time Ill ever say it,

      BOO YOU

      • Edracon

        apparently you don't know what a joke comment is.

    • We didn't post about it before because we didn't know exactly which song was going to be used in the movie. If that information was already known, then shame on us. : P

  • Dark Link

    One of her ex-boyfriends is a girl!

    • lesbo…

      • Chainoftermina

        well…..maybe Roxie (the ex) might be, but technically Ramona would be Bi

  • linkpwns13

    w00t! I'm going to see that no doubt!

  • The only reason I'm watching this movie is because of the great fairy song in it.

  • Bre

    Saw the film at an advance screening last night. The Fairy Fountain music is used, starting with him entering a bathroom (fountain, get it) and then it shifts into a dream sequence. The film, after the beginning credits, plays the title screen music for Link to the Past.

  • jake stell

    the reason it doesnt look that good is because its plot is aimed at showing off flashy effects and thierfor the story will be lacking

    • Well, it's based off of a very popular comic book, which wasn't really able to show off flashy effects. 😛 From what I've heard, the comic book had an excellent plot and very good character development.

  • There hasn't been a new update all day! WHYYYYYYYYYY!?!?

    • Chad

      The info is probably finally starting to slow down after E3

    • If you see something online that you think we should report on, feel free to submit it to us here:

      Some days, there simply just isn't much to report on! But we try. :]

      I just published something, so now there's an update for you <3 Enjoy!

      • Chad

        What update are you talking about Bastian posted something but there's nothing else

        • Well, as the editor, I look over and then publish everything that gets posted on the main site. It was written by bastian, but when I wrote that comment, I had just finished resizing some images and clicked "publish" 😛

  • LoZymugglegater

    LOL,that looks hilarious!:D

  • Uncreative

    Huh. Well, I was tempted to see this movie before, but I think I kinda have to after finding out about this. I'm such a fan-girl it's sad, but at least I enjoy myself =P

  • celda

    There were some Zelda references in Vol 6 of Scott Pilgrim =]

  • zakkradicall123

    Actually this movie is really amazing, i saw it last night, i didnt think it would be any good but it was the total opposite, and the great fairy scene music was pretty awesome…just saying lol

  • I just saw this movie for the first time tonight, and it has way more than one song in it. It seems nearly the whole soundtrack, minus the songs the bands play, is from Zelda, as well as a myriad of other sounds. Also, Dark Scott appears, and the Triforce is even represented. It is practically a tribute to Zelda.

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