In a recent interview, Eiji Aonuma told Official Nintendo Magazine that Nintendo’s newest upcoming handheld console – the Nintendo 3DS – is a perfect fit for the Zelda series:

“With the Nintendo 3DS, all of the new elements and the 3D technology is perfect for The Legend Of Zelda series. It’s everything from the depth that you get from riding through vistas or a more accurate sense of distance between you and the enemy you are fighting. I think it is perfect for this series. Of course we are very excited to see what it can do.”

Needless to say, we’re excited too! The 3D technology and updated graphics will certainly add a level of realism to the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time. As the game is a beloved title for many a Zelda fan, it’s likely comforting for many to know that the only changes revealed thus far have been improvements to the overall look and feel of the game.

What about you, though? Would you prefer more than a visual update – perhaps extra sidequests or an expansion of the main storyline? Or should the remake of this classic title remain as close to the original as possible? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
  • TheMaverickk

    I think it's a hard call to say have Ocarina of Time changed, or have elements added. OoT is long considered not just the best Zelda game, but one of the greatest of all time (ranking usually number one on many top gaming lists).

    The game could faithfully just recreate the original game with better graphics, but then I'm sure that would leave some fans disappointed that they didn't do more. Asking why is there no extra dungeon? Or no extra boss?

    On the other hand we all know some fans would be outraged if they altered the Water Temple for example, or created whole new areas and dungeons in the game, citing that if something was that perfect why change it?

    In my own personal opinion though I'd be for the idea of adding elements and changing parts of the game. I'm curious to see if there was temples that they really intended on creating and putting in the game that they didn't have enough time to create. We all know that in the end there was no Temple of Light to explore to get the Light Medallion. The Ice Cavern was shortened into somewhat sort of side quest…. I'd be for having an extra dungeon.

    The thing I want the most though is a more filled out world. Hyrule Field was extremely empty with no enemies (stal childs roamed at night as a kid, but as an adult there was basically nothing other then poes). So why not have some extra elements in the field, more caves to explore and secret grottos. Caves that aren't all identical, and have interweaving paths to explore.

    Also enemy behaviors could be vastly improved… I mean I sure hope they aren't as stiff as they are in OoT if they are upgrading the visuals. I mean look at Skulltulla's and Tektites in Twilight Princess they move in such a way that natural. So what if you still had the hanging skulltulla's but now there were some that dropped down and you had to fight on foot as well. These kinds of things are really where the game can shine, without changing too much in terms of story or overall areas.

    Oh and they should really see if they can allow Epona to travel farther then Hyrule field.

  • What I really want them to change are the sidequests, and also the structure of the dungeons. I don't wanna just have to look up a regular OoT walkthrough if I need help, I want this to be a whole new experience! Has there been any word of when this will come out?

    • Majora16

      I'm pretty sure it's a launch title and the 3DS is scheduled to be out in March 2011.

      • A release date hasn't yet been confirmed, but it would be awesome if it *did* turn out to be a launch title!

  • yeah i was wondering when this was due out also

  • Rurouni Rinku

    Nintendo should change more than OoT's graphical style. There have been about eight rereleases of OoT, and only Master's Quest had more than a symbol, blood color, and slight music changes done to it. If I wanted to play OoT with different graphics, then I would download a ROM and one of the various patches that are out there on the net.

    In the original OoT, there was intended to be more stuff, such as an alternate Lost Woods than the one that we're familiar with, along with more magic spells and another dungeon that never got put into the game. They also need to add to the storyline and add new events, because after 12 years of playing the game, if I don't know the storyline by now, then I never will. Why not add new side quests, get a little more involved into the lives of townspeople whose stories were never quite unveiled to us before. For that matter, why not add more characters to the towns, maybe even more towns?

    Anybody remember OoT Ura, you know, the OoT remake for the 64dd that Nintendo promised us, but instead gave us the rip-off known as Master's Quest? Well, why not give this OoT a second quest as some of it's predecessors/descendants have done. Nintendo should create a second quest using the ideas that were intended for the Ura version

    • Im sorry but that "ripp off known as master quest" WAS the 64DD remake

  • Aeolus

    Im kind of split on whether I want to see major changes. I'm sure puzzles will be different, I'm not worried about that. I would LIKE to see the story be altered a little, or "enhanced" if you will, maybe have Malon and even Zelda involved more. BUT when I think about it, I don't want the game to be changed so much that it isn't Ocarina of Time. I don't think all those things that were originally intended will make their way back in, and I'm ok with that… you know, I don't care much about any of it I just want to play it NOW!!! hahaha

  • matt17

    I hope they add a few extras like new side quests. they should remake it the way the resident evil makers remade resident evil 1 for gamecube. that was a great remake.
    they should even add a few new areas as well. maybe even more secret caves. and even a few new items. maybe more heart pieces to collect, 5 like zelda TP. and I really hope they make the fighting more thrilling than before. beofre it was too plain, no combos

  • Darkstar

    Perhaps Master's Quest could be the second quest in the remake? That would make sense too. I agree with the Maverickk when it comes to adding on the little things to enhance the gameplay without majorly changing the game itself. And as mentioned before, they should finish what they started with the ice cavern and light temple (as in actually add them in the game for a complete story)

  • LuX

    Personally as I own 4 copies of the original N64 version and then two more on gamecube including MAster quest I want more stuff added, If I wanna play the old one I can, so this should be a REMAKE new stuff improvments additions stuff they could never do first time round, an extra temple for the light medallion? Yes, please. I can't wait and I really hope it isn't a PORT with improved graphics.

  • I want them to shove as much dungeons and sidequests and junk as they can fit into the 2gb card.
    And make it high quality junk while youre at it.

    • X x7

      it's only 2 GB?
      Ok… um… I really feel bad for saying this, but Nintendo needs to step up on their data storage. I know that maybe they can't fit it all in there because of all the 3D effects/camera/touch screen/gyroscope/awesomeness, but there's a 64 GB iPod out now, and I don't really know if Nintendo can compete with that, especially because Apple had 2 GB iPods like 5 or more years ago. I really feel bad for saying that, but I really think it'd be cool if they could fit more data in their consoles.

      • 2 GB is bigger than an elephant.
        If you read my post down below youll see the comparison I made.
        OOT takes up 64 MB. 31 times less than the 3DS Capacity.

        • I know 2 GB is big, but I just think that it doesn't compare to other things in the world right now, but of course, the 3D effects/camera/touch screen/gyroscope/awesomeness make up for that. I just think that it'd be cool for it to be a 64 GB card AND all of those effects, to blow everyone else away.

          • Were not going to get to 64 GB anytime soon.
            The largest Commercially available SD card is 16GB right now, and it costs around $100
            And you wouldnt need 64 GB for a 64 MB game anyway.

          • I'm not saying you do, and I mean system memory should be 64 GB, not SD cards. I just think that it'd be cool if they could do that, which they obviously won't.

  • I have a feeling that this means that there is a new Zelda game for 3DS in the works besides Ocarina of Time!

    • misterquin

      These were exactly my thoughts. An OOT remake is great and all, but if it's not changed much, I would have much preferred a new game altogether.

  • misterquin

    They should redesign the dungeons, add more characters and character interaction, and I wouldn't mind if they made Kakariko village and Castle Town a lot larger.

    Basically, i'd prefer a complete remake to just a port with better graphics. But, whatever they do, this is going to be completely badass on a portable and in 3D!

  • Darkus Triforce

    OOT 3D, it could be…

  • Gerudude

    I just can't wait to see this.
    As for making the village and castle town bigger…I think they will alreaddy give you a "bigger"feeling because of the 3d.

  • MJ13

    I would like to be more involved with the people of hyrule castle and stuff like that. Translated means that I want a lot more side quests. I also wouldn't mind seeing more spells or item combos (stuff like the bomb arrow mix or have the slingshot shoot minbombs) so we don't want to slowly kill the tv in the trck up to death mountain. I don't really want to see new story line but I would want changes to temple structures as well as a few extra temples for the fun of it. (I don't know anout you, but I find it entertaining to challange my own swordskills and play head games in dungeons.

  • TheHero-of-theWInds

    I think you should be able to go inside and explore the castle, not just the court yard and stuff. Always wondered what was in there!

  • Link

    I say more realistic (persinality wise) side characters make the light temple a dungeon and give us more freedom with the dungeons a bigger over world. The ability to ride Epona as young Link. Also make some optional dungeons. Also it would be kind of cool to make the temple of time a temple with two splitting doorways. Where one is a temple for adult Link whilst the other is for young Link. Make tunics for young Link but with different effects give Link the ability to dash. Like in Skyward sword and make Epona faster. Put in some hidden skills like the sword beam. That's all for me.

  • Retrospect

    There needs to be more to the game than just improved graphics. They did the same thing with Master Quest only without improved graphics. There's only so many times you can re-port the same game.
    Sure, give us another dungeon. Or better yet, give the characters more depth! One thing I think Nintendo is afraid of is going to far with character depth. Sure they've expanded their boundaries to give depth to characters (Tetra, Midna, etc.) however, I'd like to see things go deeper! Why not find out what Malon's feelings towards Link are. Why not find out more about Zelda? Why not see Saria's true feelings for Link come out? Why not find out why Navi flew off without saying anything to Link? I mean, come on! That's been the subject of debate for years now! Give us some insight into Navi's mind as to why she did what she did.

    • Link

      I agree but I'm not much of a Malon shipper I'm more of a Zelda and Link thing going for me because of the ending also because of the official Nintendo manga. Yes I know it is not canon. Oh sorry for ranting but yeah I agree as you can see from my comment earlier it's pretty much the same ideas.

    • Saria doesn't have that kind of feelings for link, really.
      I know you read a lot of fan fics in the past where saria is in love with link, but those feelings are more the ones a mother has for her son.

    • The reason Navi flew off was because she was only supposed to be his partner while he was on his adventure. The Deku Tree kinda said that in the beginning of the game. Her duty was done, so she had to go.

  • ben haddix

    i definitly think there should be more sidequests, like majoras mask. I think the sidequests is mainly what made that game so fun and interesting thats probably the thing that kept me pplaying it to get every item in the game lol great job on majoras mask, i think ocorina remake needs to be like it more

  • What about a Makora's Mask remake? Come oooon, Stone Tower temple in 3D?
    Come ooon.

    • Dave

      Nintendo has anounced 3DS remakes for quite a few of the main games from the N64, it would be surprising if they didnt remake Majors's Mask.

      • Edracon

        I like how both of you misspelled Majora.

  • Well, I dont know how much space the 3D is supposed to take up, or how much memory the original OOT took up, but in comparison the maximum N64 storage capacity dedicated to the game was 64 MB. The Maximum for the 3DS is 2 GB (2, 000 MB).
    So you could fill the 3DS cartridge with 31 Original Ocarina of Times.
    I think were in for a lot.

    • Vibed

      I'm pretty sure that's the average, the maximum is 4GB.

      • No, the said 2GB Max on the Nintendo website.

  • LoZymugglegater

    Okay so while this is cool and everything,Nintendo better not start making Zelda games only on the 3DS because it "works better."Because I can see them focusing mainly on the 3DS and practically forgetting about the console Zeldas,and that would stink.

    • They would never forget their beloved Wii, especially because they have different development teams for the Wii and DS games.

  • bennett11

    i want the story line to be a little bit different but still be like the original

    [ did that make sence ]

    • Vibed


  • KingOfHeart

    Get Navi to Shut Up.
    Make it possible to skip stories.

    Do these two things and I'll be happy. OOT was just perfect, just had some annoying parts, especially if you already beat it.

  • Down-rate me if I'm wrong, but I actually consider TP's graphics to be the best this franchise has ever utilized. Despite its darker tonage, which I have read off some comments makes the player's eyes hurt, it seemed to best fit the game and would work at that rate for the rest of the series. Admittedly, 3D does hold some appeal over me. Comaparing the SS trailer's graphics with Twilight Princess's, I could tell that determining the distance between you and your enemy was easier to read.

    I would like to actually play Skyward Sword furthering this. It might turn up as speculation, which means the writer doesn't know the topic he broaches (talking about myself only). So, I'll await the newest relese with a passion I've not had since the arrival of TP, my personal favorite, to the shelves. 8)

  • I really don't see the point in just improving graphics and leaving everything else alone. I mean why do that? If someone wants everything the same they can always play the original, simple as that. A remake should be more than improved graphics, there should be more added to it. Improved mechanics and how the game plays is one thing which I am sure they are doing. But more than that… need something extra. I would also want the dungeons to be changed a bit, maybe feel a bit more real to the layout around and puzzles to be more creative such as they have been with the latest Zelda games.

    To leave everything as is would be a step back since the newer Zelda titles have been more creative with puzzles and how things work. Have to add in more side-quests and more back story and just more depth of the people around. Changes in the cutscenes would help as well such as when the Deku tree speaks of the triforce instead of it just being simple with visuals to add more do it than that.

    There is really many ideas I had on how it could be improved and better. Such as an extra encounter or two with Ganon. Some extra secrets. Extra dungeons of course such as say needing to power your sword up like in Wind Waker. Maybe a moment where Sheik helps out Link. Add in extra things to collect such as figurines with Wind Waker, but not exactly that as it is time consuming in a bad way.

    Add some difficulty settings. Normal, Hard and Very Hard mode. Which would add some extra enemies here or there, add harder enemies sooner and you take more damage and need to give more damage. Needs a bonus game too, a replay game with some changes or something added like in Wind Waker.

    Maybe add a new character who follows Link and makes his journey more difficult and you dunno if he is working for Ganon or on his own. And how that character would start to re-think things and help Link out in the end only to maybe die at the hands of Ganon.

    Now I know this remake won't be everything I imagined. Thing is you can't make everyone happy. People will get upset if too much or if anything is changed from the original. Some will be disappointed if nothing at all is changed or added from the original.

    People let their nostalgia cloud over some truths about a game to why they feel those things. Like somehow a remake just destroys any memories they had with the original or that all original copies of the game cease to exist to never be played by a soul again or something. It's as I said at the start, if someone wants everything the same then just play the original. But for those of us who want change and improvements and things added then now we have this to play.

    • By that new character that follows Link, I had meant that he shows up at certain points in the game to slow Link down, not follow Link like Navi does. Such as he shows up just as you get to Jabu's and sends enemies your way to slow you down or drops this boulder down on your path and you need some way on how you can get rid of it or around it. Just wanted to make that clear.

    • Also forgot that I was going to mention some older Nintendo remakes, though some not officially Nintendo. Super Castlevania 4 is suppose to be a remake of Castlevania 1, right? I had no idea until I read about it because the level designs and bosses were changed. They had better improved their game.

      Super Mario All-Stars is just a graphic remake but at LEAST they packaged 4-5 games in one. Metroid Zero Mission is a perfect example of a remake done right. It was not just improved graphics from the original Metroid but the maps were re-designed, dialog and more story was added. More abilities and even an extra area and boss after the end from the original.

      So I guess I am kind of saying that Nintendo knows how to do remakes. Be it they don't do remakes too often, at least I don't think, they tend to be good. I am overlooking some remakes I am sure, aside from Pokemon.

    • forrest

      dude i agree i would also want more stuff i mean its alot bigger then the 64 could hold so load it up with sidequests more dungons more people bigger towns all that sounds cool and ur idea is also great abiut the guy who helps link i wouldnt want him there all the time but a pop up like how sheik was

      • Well that guy would be against Link. A bad guy. He would appear at points in the game and make your journey more difficult like maybe steal your sword for awhile as a kid and you have to chase him down. Or later when an adult before entering the Forest Temple he confronts and fights you before you can enter.

        I was also thinking that at some point in the game you determine whether he stays evil or whether he becomes good and helps you. Or whether or not he would die later. Say fatally wounded by Ganon but if you have this item that you found it will heal him and he will be good again. But if not he will die at that point and you don't see him again.

        I am thinking that he'd look more like a creature humanoid rather than just a human. Maybe even a moment where he happens to show up the same time Sheik confronts you and traps you both in a wall of flames or barrier and you have to face some sort of boss or multiple enemies while Sheik helps out. If it were a boss it'd be wait for Shiek or something like in the last battle of Wind Waker where Zelda helps out against Ganon. Say like Sheik maybe giving you a lift to jump high enough to get on top of the boss monster and slash away.

        Just things like that would make it cool but also seem like another game but I mean so long it tells the same story, just adds more to it, would be cool. Maybe a log as well to see how many treasure chests you have found and opened and how many of a certain enemy you have killed or total rupees ever picked up like how there is a limit say of 5000 the count can still keep going in the log book just for record.

        But like I said it may not be the remake I imagined such as it being on the Wii and all those things but so long they add more and change things for the better then I am good. I did kind of call it as well that there would be a Zelda OoT remake this E3. I told 3 friends I felt it was gonna happen about 1 month before E3 and I never felt a remake was gonna happen anytime before. So I saw E3 waiting for it and nothing. But then the site shows it and I am like woah… it's there! Of course I have no proof I called it, well I sort of do in a MMO forum post but eh that is aside the point.

        The ideas could keep coming in and I have no problem so long they are good changes. I hold nostalgia to games, but not to where I would hate a remake to change anything because I can always just play the original if I don't like what the remake did. Unlike those who feel any change on a remake would just ruin and erase their memory or something I dunno.

  • Lord_Santa

    I'll bet my left testicle, this is a plain port to 3DS and we won't be getting any "new" stuff


    'cause we all know how well received OoT was/is

    all this will add is 3D, nothing more, nothing less
    and unless they change the draw-distance, I will call this whole ordeal a hoax

    • Well then I'm guessing you're not gonna have very many kids.

  • Squiggy

    My ideal Ocarina of Time remake:
    – Include the puzzles of Master Quest as an unlockable second quest
    – Improve the dialogue, narrative, and flow of the storyline. It was brilliant twelve years ago, but today, it just comes off as archaic and cheesy in the wrong ways. I'm not saying to change the plot and story, just… improve on the dialogue.
    – Expand and improve the features of the world. Give Hyrule new things to do. Possibly new side quests and mini-games. Make Hyrule field more interesting, and less empty.
    – Make Castle town and the house environments full 3D with an adjustable camera. Pre-rendered environments were good back then, but today they're just clunky and lazy.
    – New fighting styles for alternative weapons. BigGoron's sword was a heavy two-hander, but you wouldn't know it when watching Link fight with it just as swiftly and easily as his trusty Master Sword. In reality, two-handed swords are significantly heavier and slower weapons. Link should use slower, more exaggerated motions to attack with heavy weapons such as BigGoron's Sword and the Megaton Hammer.
    – New functionality for old items. The Ice Arrows are completely useless in OoT. It would be nice if they could actually be used for stuff like creating platforms and stuff like in Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker. Some other items could benefit from new uses as well. Assuming the puzzles do get some changes in the end, we could see the Hookshot gain a locking mechanism to allow swinging across gaps a la Wind Waker's grappling hook. Create bomb arrows to blow up enemies and cracked walls from afar.
    Make the Hover Boots last as long as you have magic in your meter.
    – Include Twilight Princess's special sword techniques, and horseback combat. More interesting combat, potentially with enemies that respond to your fighting style, would be a welcomed addition to the game, and the addition of horseback fighting would certainly go hand-in-hand with making Hyrule Field more interesting.
    – Improved gear. the Goron and Zora tunics should be more stylized according to the races that provide them, rather than just be red and blue Kokiri garb. The addition of extra benefits and weaknesses would be nice, too. Zora Tunic could give you weakness to fiery or grassy enemies or weapons, but resistance to aquatic and icy enemies along with underwater breathing. Goron Tunic could give resistance to fire and stone-related damage, but weakness to water and ice, along with the heat resistance. Some actual reasons to switch these tunics out rather than in hot or flooded areas would give them more use.

    that's about all I can think of. I may have more, but I don't remember it at the present time.

  • Volroc

    The only changes i want to see are:
    Upgraded graphics, enemy interactions, character interactions, more enemies, and stuff around Hyrule Field, the Unicorn Fountain, the Sword Beam, the Ice Cavern completed, maybe add the Temple of Light, & have multiple difficulty settings.

    the only changes i want to see are:
    a 2nd Quest, a boss for the Ice Cavern, a way to thaw out Zoras Domain& reach the unicorn fountain (only if they add it), possibly a new lost woods like in the Beta,& the Temple of Light & its own Boss.

    changes id be open to:
    new enemies,changes in dungeon layouts,new items, new spells, new songs, & maybe a new dungeon& a new boss.
    but only if the original bosses,& dungeons stay.
    This has changed my view on the 3DS, if it pulls off the remake to OoT, and hopefully a remake to MM, then i will take back everything i have said bout it, & i will definitely be buying it, i cant wait!
    Thank you Nintendo,for returning my respect for you, lets hope you dont make me lose it by screwing this up.

  • jordanteixeira

    I dont want many changes, because if theres too many, we cant really call it ocarina of time. They should give it a new name like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Quest. Come up with a better name if you can.

    • So long the story is the same, it can still be called Ocarina of Time. If the story was told in a non-game fashion, you wouldn't see Link cutting grass for rupees and hearts or going off track from his journey to do silly things or anything game related like that.

      Look at Metroid Zero Mission, things happened in there all differently and improved upon, it's a new game in a sense but it's also a remake telling the story better from the original and things happen in Zero Mission that never happened in the original as well as upgrades that were not in the original Metroid. That doesn't make it a new game entirely because it's still telling the first story but just in a better way regardless of events. Again I don't think if there was a Metroid movie that you'd see Samus going around picking up energy tanks and missle upgrades or backtracking or anything like a game in a movie but just tell the story and provide important events rather than her going from room to room.

  • Polloman300

    I'm actually more exited about this than Skyward Sword!

    • As am I. I enjoy remakes more than a new game in the series. I still enjoy a new game to the series it's just a remake of a game I love, if remade correctly, is more enjoyable and have the memories and nostalgia to it even if not everything is the same.

  • Forrest

    you know i love the original but to me it was kinda short compared to majoras mask i think it would do good if they but LONGER story more temples more sidequest what would be cool is if they put the unicorn fountain back in that they took out from the N64 game

  • Taylor

    Fix That Retarded Owl that switched yes and no and you had to listen to him repeat crap

  • Sendazora

    I think that Sheiks character should be deepened. Sheik is such an awesome character, and i treasured all the times i get to see sheikbefore and after dungeons because he……i mean she

    2: Has interesting persona

    plus i think having a Light temple would be an epic idea.
    Just imagine. Rauru needs to test you before you become the hero of time or

    somefing. So you conquer the temple that is purely puzzles

    ALL WITHOUT A SWORD and gain new staff that maybe lights up a dark

    room for a set time and stunns enemies.

    Kill boss using staff and puzzles.

    kill corrupted light boss. Pass test and continue story

  • Matt

    What I would like to see is a real ending to OoT. Due to the timeline gap I've been ranting about for years. How link kills Ganon(dorf) in the future, but not in the past so history keeps repeating itself. Maybe have adult Link somehow warp to the past without becoming young and finishing him off. Maybe follow a little bit of the manga and have Shiek follow Link and have more interaction than just teaching him a song. There is still so much more they can to to make an already great game even more epic. Heck, I'd even like to have that "hidden temple" everyone went on about turn into a real one, and have even more added in. We needed more difficult dungeons like the water temple. I loved the challenge of the water temple because it made me think more. Not just hack and slash through the game. Thats my opinion, take it or leave it.

  • Unicorn fountain

    What if they put what they couldn’t in original into the remake?! Like the unicorn fountain, the triforce room, whatever was supposed to be at the bottom of zoras domain, or anything else I might be forgetting.

    Sorry if someone else already mentioned that I didn’t read the comments

  • Sendazora

    just imagine for a sec. close your eyes… actually dont. u still need to reed 😛
    You awake as hero of time just after drawing the sword. Rauru gives u hero talk
    yada yada yada.
    and he needs to TEST you to see if u are worthy to be hero of time.
    ENTER TEMPLE OF LIGHT (remember u do not have sword or any weapon)
    You solve a series of mind-boggling puzzles and get item……Flash Torch
    Flash Torch( creates light to temporarily light up dark room and stuns enemies in a radius)
    Kill boss: Corrupted Aura (using staff) gain light medallion
    pass test
    Get mastersword
    test swing and make cool sound effects
    have a small chat with sheik
    get the shock of your life when you get r*ped by redeads

  • mattanderson

    They should have the game the same, but then once you beat it, or something, you can play something like what ura zelda was supposed to be.

  • Nintenfan81

    I think it would be a bit foolish of Nintendo to just release a new, shiny version of the game. They said they were remaking it, not re-releasing it, so it would be a bit of a disappointment if all they did was make it look nice, huh? I know nostalgia is a major factor in the "leave it the same" argument, so please set that aside and take a moment to reconsider things. Ocarina still ranks number 1 of all time, yes, but if you want to play that version so bad you could always just pull out your old N64 and pop it in, or even play it on Virtual Console. But now is or chance to experience a better version, with new and more numerous side quests, and maybe even new plot elements. What if we could explore a temple of light? What if we could conquer a quest that WASN'T just gathering things? And what if we could actually fight alongside Shiek against a new boss? Perhaps a bigger Hyrule Field, with more towns in it so the entire kingdom didn't consist of three towns, an outlaw camp and a farm? Why would you not want new things?!

    • Nintenfan81

      Oh, and they should make Navi more than a simi-helpful annoyance machine. Give her some actual dialogue, you know? Or have her deal the deathblow to a certain mini boss. Don't know how that would work, but hey. She's a Fairy. She should by nature know some sort of spell.

  • I would be fine with it!! As long as they tweak the graphics and rendering, not making the game look completely different, though. Although, I think I would still be fine if they totally revamped the game. Besides, if the game doesn't feel the same, then I'll just play the Original on the N64 or GC/Wii.

    Best of both worlds… in Hyrule. =)3

  • Miyuky

    I Think There should be more gameplay added =D and so far as OoT being the best zelda game….my faveorite is TP and not just the graphics are cool but the gameplay is rlly fun, but i still love the n64 games that i grew up with ^-^ and that looks rlly cool Epona wasnt majorly changed like in TP…i like her spikey hair =[