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In a far away land (New York), long, long ago, a young man played A Link to the Past, his first Zelda game, and fell in love with the franchise. Little did he know, it would eventually become a part of his profession.

In a recent interview with IFC (Independent Film Channel), Reggie Fils-Aime (President and COO of Nintendo of America) revealed that he has been a Zelda fan far longer than anyone could have guessed.

Long before he came to be employed by Nintendo, in fact. Like so many of us, he played A Link to the Past when it was released and has loved the series since. This is perfect since the franchise is now a huge factor in his career.

IFC asked Reggie if he felt that longtime Zelda fans would be put off by the motion control-only controls for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Mr. Fils-Aime answered:

“I’ll tell you: I’m a longtime ‘Zelda’ fan. I played ‘Zelda’ before I ever considered that I could be working for the company. I cut my teeth on ‘Link to the Past.’ I’ve picked up that control scheme and it feels like a great ‘Zelda’ game.”

He went on to say:

“I am the one deciding how to attack a particular enemy. It feels great to me. I found that it’s a fantastic new way to experience the “Zelda” franchise.”

While his words can certainly be attributed to marketing hyperbole, it is refreshing to hear that one of the biggest names at Nintendo started out as a Zelda fan long before ever dreaming he could work for the company he loved so much. Which of us reading this will end up making the same journey?

You can read the full article at IFC‘s site here.

Source: IFC (tip by APEXMAN)