UPDATE: We’ve posted a video interview with Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun, who have both had their channels suspended by false DMCA claims.

Over the last two weeks, top YouTubers have found themselves saddled with false copyright violation claims that ultimately result in the suspension of their YouTube accounts. Several members familiar to Zelda Universe, such as TheArchfiend (now unsuspended) and NintendCapriSun were suspended last week, and as of moments ago it seems like Chuggaaconroy has been added to the list of victims as well.

This person or group of people go around YouTube reporting videos for false copyright violations under false names (like Timothy Bishop, the real name of NintendoCapriSun), sometimes affiliating themselves with large companies like Nintendo. For instance, one of Chuggaaconroy’s videos was taken down by a user who claims to own the copyrights to the Pokemon franchise. Another was taken down by a user who claims ownership over Chuggaaconroy’s voice.

As a result, we are worried that ZeldaUniverseTV (our YouTube channel) may be a target of these attacks in the future – but we’re keeping an eye on the situation, and hopefully nothing will happen.

YouTube does not check these copyright violation reports before taking the videos down, and once a user has three videos taken down, their account is suspended. This leaves the system open to some hefty abuse, as we’re seeing now.

We have been contacting YouTube partner support constantly over the last several days in order to prevent Chuggaaconroy from getting suspended and to notify them about the vandals submitting the false claims. For a while, it looked like Chuggaa might not get suspended, but the vandals redirected all of their efforts at him to finally get him suspended today.

Chuggaaconroy is the creator of Zelda Universe’s visual walkthrough for The Wind Waker, and you’d think that as a result we’d be temporarily out of a walkthrough – but it seems like his videos still work when embedded. The walkthrough works as normal, so if you’re looking to get through The Wind Waker, please continue watching!

If you’ve noticed this issue on YouTube, we urge you to spread the word about this and get YouTube to unsuspend Chuggaaconroy as well as all the others who have been wrongfully suspended over the last few weeks – we appreciate it!

  • STUFF2o

    Those scoundrels! The nerve of those dogs!

    • Tara92

      Arr, thar be unjust dealin's occurin'!

  • mario_master

    dang that is messed up what group of idiots would be determined to take down the videos
    also that actually explains alot
    youtube needs to update their system so that doesn’t happen again
    and besides why would nintendo even bother unless the people were getting money off of it then it would make sense

  • anonymous

    Aren't you guys just bringing attention to yourselves by openly stating how you're worried about your YouTube channel?

    • If they're gonna come after us, they're gonna do it anyway regardless of this newspost, I'd say. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Geo

      they are indeed calling attention to themselves. however it is in order to point out a wrong doing that should be righted with all due haste.

    • mario master 1598

      Heh, meh have no yotube accout ๐Ÿ™

  • ZJZ


    • antoine


  • SuperCamoCharizard

    2nd Comment!
    I know CONJOPI

    • SuperCamoCharizard

      5th comment


      I feel Sorry for you

    • Erin Oliver

      Hi have you tried to stop him/her?????

      • Eocnd

        END CONJOPI!!!!!
        and btw are we sure its conjopi it kinda sounds like some kind of cop out or scapegoat idk just want to know if CONJOPI is real

  • noone

    The group by popular belief is CONJOPI and also Youtube is just damn ignorant.

    • Bagelsh

      I think that the hacker is "letsnotplayok" because of his recent video.

  • changmanga

    What a bunch of low-lifes! BRING EM BACK!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you man, they should honestly get a life, LOOSERS!

  • ROB278100

    If I ever find the person responsible for Chugga's suspension, I'm going to shove my foot so far up their ass that my brand new Nike's will be sticking out of their mouth. If your reading this I will find you and put you down like the little bitch you are!(towards the the people who are doing this not any one else)

    Yours truly
    One of many Chuggaaconroy's fans

    • Dan The Enigma

      I agree 100% I swear, I will find him, and I will hack his arms off with a saw. And then I'll rijp his head off and **** down his neck!

      • Jebus


    • Galexia

      GO MAN!!!!!! READ MY COMMENT!!!!!! (plus, check my site and look in about me. http://m9b8n7.webs.com

    • max

      I feel the same way!

    • krsonic

      I'm with you dude thoes people must have some nerv to take down chuggaaconroy and nintendocupisun

    • Drama

      Overexaggeration at it's best.


    • Bagelsh

      I found the hacker. His username is letsnotplayok.Check out his latest video.



    • ShadowGannon

      agreed >.> What problem do people have with LP's, anyways? They're just helping out other gamers? Or, are they such bastiges that they don't like help, and don't think others should have it?

  • Jero

    so this is true…. a few minutes ago i was watch a video from chugga and all of a sudden i got a message that his channel was in abeyance!

    • the don of games

      iknow ๐Ÿ™

  • HoW_Reborn

    found it! I knew I read it on here somewhere!

    • the don of games

      the link doesn't work ??? ๐Ÿ™

  • Damir Ramovic

    please note that games are ALSO copyrighted by their owners.and i feel disappointed about this.

    • Lebon14

      Yes they are. But the companies involved would have put them down LONG AGO if they were not OK with that.

  • hazardflamingo

    Did that say Timothy Bishop removed the video? How is that right, he got suspended, too.

    • Jason Rappaport

      The attackers are using false names to flag the videos. They used NCS's name to confuse Chuggaa and get people to fight ๐Ÿ˜› I updated the post saying that the name was false.

    • The attackers are using false names to flag the videos. They used NCS's name to confuse Chuggaa and get people to fight ๐Ÿ˜› I update the post saying that the name was false.

  • Moshjarcus

    Probably got chuggaaconroy to help him out with the situation by letting him flag it, because he got suspended too

  • Really??


  • logan

    I found the guy who got chuggaa suspended on facebook, which i sent a very, very hurtful message too

    • Angel

      can u share the name of it?

    • Brenda

      who's the guy on facebook?

    • Megalux

      Dude i would suspend them on fb delete my account so that they cant find me

    • tyler

      who did it i wanna send him a message

    • nonw

      keep sending him bad messages he did th worst thing ever

    • chuggafan82

      who was it? i wana send him a message too….
      give back chugga's [email protected]!Q!!!!!!

  • it says tim claimed copyright against chuggaa but NCS wouldn't do that

    • Yeah, sorry for not clarifying – the attackers are using false names, like NCS's.

      • Yeah, I heard that (wait, or did I read it?) somewhere a few mins ago.

    • unknown

      that was one of there fake names they used

  • The offenders are submitting the copyright claims under false names. NintendoCapriSun never flagged any videos.

  • andolf306

    i agree with mario_master no big company would care about youtube video's helping people beat games, if they did why do they make walkthrough books.

  • chujelly

    It’s just disgusting how someone would falsely use NCS’s name in this. That’s just so fudged up!

  • KyddTorleV

    wow, wut wussies. if they hate lps, then y watch them?i have a bad feeling 4 protonjon , he might just be the next problem, and 4 the ppl whosay itsnot a big deal, u might be next.we have to stop this crap.NOW.chuggaa was 1 of my favs. now we have 2 wait ten days instead of 6 for his super luigi galaxy lp, same with his pikmin lp.SUPPORTCHUGGA. – Kydd

    • the alleged hacker conjopi admitted to this hacking on a different channel mrnoobalot1632 and he has a list which has HCbailly marrilland and protonjon all to get suspended

    • linkfan

      you are right

  • Maybe someone hacked into his account and used NCS's name to make Chugga suspended.

    • How would they do that if NCS is suspended?

    • krsonic

      the people who are doing this suck

    • Svlad Cjelli

      I suppose they could use the personal information they got from NCS's counter-claim.

  • Matt

    Copyright over Chuggaa's VOICE!! Thats INSANE!!!

    • How could someone even possibly try to claim something like that!

    • I agree!

    • linkfan

      yes it is

      • Brandon

        your right about that


      (btw you should read the length of my comment on the bottom…depending on how long since it was posted, though, it may be in the middle.)

  • VCMG

    The state of the internet is deplorable…

    • Anonymous

      I know they should really update their stupid internet problems and at least try to find who is doing it!


  • JamesBob

    OK now I'm really pissed

  • dan

    why the hell would somebody claim they own chuggaa’s voice?? nobody can claim that except chuggaa himself and NCS wouldn’t claim copyright against chugga. this is really ANNOYING ๐Ÿ™

  • eli

    if i find who did this to chugga and ncs i will shove my foot so far up ther ass they will have to get surgery and then ill demasculate them with a butcher nife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need to watch there backs!!!

  • Annoyed

    What people don’t understand is what’s at fault here is the DMCA: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When someone flags a video as copyrighted, the owner of the video can counter-claim to the person that submitted the claim, NOT to YouTube. In this claim, their full name and other personal details are given to the claimant as well, giving the false-flagger the video owner’s information (in this case, they got NCS’s real name). It’s really bull and something needs to be done.

  • eli

    or his back

    • thesecretpudding

      or her back.

  • Nitramtj

    I think the attacker is doing this because he wants to proove Youtube's flagging system is broken. The thing is, Youtube needs this, otherwise someone such as Viacom will win in court against them.

    • mario master 1598


  • Sean

    If youtube doesn't fix this problem soon, im gonna go visit there headquarters and…. convince them to work harder on the damn flagging system!

  • Wow; I would have never thought people would do something like that. I mean, it's a good way to target a website like Zelda Universe, but maaaan, that's low. I hope that those guys get their accounts un-suspended so that the show can get on.

    Best wishes, you guys!

  • Ell

    "Another was taken down by a user who claims ownership over Chuggaaconroy’s voice."

    Uhm.. WOW. >.>

    That should just SCREAM "Lies!" in YouTube's face!

    Who the heck has the time and lack of life to do this? Oh yes, these souless trolls.

  • chuggaaconaroy is not a copier i researched a little and there r other videos of pokemon crystal and super mario sunshine but none of them r the same.So chugga was falseley acused and i will do whatever i can to bring chugga back

  • Greg

    youtube is a piece of $*&*

  • Azerik

    These people have trolled too far.

    Youtube’s administration should go jump off a bridge for their stupidity. Anyone know how to contact Google?

  • Brad64

    THis is crazy!! Why would somebody say that they own chuggas voice? How could YouTube belive that? You own your own voice! How could they belive that? When I get a YouTube account if those people target me I will flag them!

  • mildienater

    thewillofdc is going to spend some time in his video about this to get this to more people

  • ZoraMikau

    This is ****. Copyright over his voice!? It doesn't make sense, there are other pokemon walkthroughs and stuff, but none of them are the same, a lot of people do music with lyrics on youtube, and they don't get shut-down. So, why them?

  • arjuna

    no chuggaa is my insparation! the reason i'm gonna do walkthroughs of games please bring him back!

  • MossJayfire

    This is so stupid! why the heck would someone say they own Chuggaa’s voice? That’s kind of impossible (except if it was Chuggaa himself saying that). This is one of the only reasons I hate youtube, people going around and messing everything up for no reason. Support Chuggaa!

    – One of Chuggaa’s many fans

    • bob

      how can people say they own his voice when he was at the speed gamers
      how dumd are those stupide flaggers

  • bob

    how can peopl claim owner ship to chugga's voice when he was at the speedgamers and such

  • They claimed copyright… for the voice.
    Just how in the hell did YouTube accept this?!

  • manga ninja

    @#$%ing jerks !!!

  • Jack

    Someone said they held the rights to Chuggaa's voice? I am rapidly losing faith in humanity.

  • Sky

    First of all, yeah Youtube, it makes perfect sense that someone can own someone else’s voice. Second, what are the vandals aiming for, to annoy the rest of the world? I hope that this problem is fixed soon, spread the word everyone!

  • BlackZero98

    I couldn't care less, honestly

  • Somenoob

    Once I saw Chugga gone, I wanted to find out who did it, where they, lived, shoot them, post the video on youtube, direct it too everyone whom did this flagging, and remind them what can happen when the fuck around with people.

    Don't do it people, its just not worth all the trouble.

  • Alex

    How can YouTube believe that crap. That person does NOT own the rights to Pokémon. And the other person definitely does NOT own Chuggaaconroy's voice. YouTube needs to change their flagging system.

  • Chuggaaconroy is my idol. The first time I saw one of his videos, I was amazed by the work he did. I had no idea that something like this would even be possible. He puts his heart and soul into making these videos. It takes true detacation to take the time to make these for us. There were times where we were treating him unfairly. During Mother 3, he got a ton of complaints and insults about the Kumatora artwork saying that the artist should die. People were also putting spoilers in the comments of what happens at the end of Mother 3. And I remember during Paper Mario TTYD, people were yelling at him saying to make more videos more often because the viewers deserved it for making him what he is today. There were times where we treated Chuggaaconroy like garbage, and even so, he always forgave us. He’s a true hero in my eyes. And theres someone out there who thinks that they can just take all the hard work that Chuggaa, NCS, and everyone else did and throw it all away, that’s just heartless. I’m starting LP’s because people like Chuggaa inspired me to express myself. I hope that all who read this truely know what I’m trying to say, and that peace is once again brought back to Youtube. Emile, if you’re reading this, Thank You for everything and a better day is coming.

    • HopeDBT

      Amazing. I couldnt have said it better my self. Chuggaa has always done all that he could for us and its time we returned the favor. We'll do whatever we can Emile. We will win this battle. Do you want to know why? Because whoever helped suspend Chuggaa, NCS and all the other LPers doesnt know how much we all care. Its not just a few videos, its the sheer fact that some people dont have the decency to let honest hardworking people do what they want to do. The people who respect others are the ones that will win. Keep on rockin Chuggaa.

  • ESP

    Unbelievable, I went to check out some of Chugga's older LP's that I've never touched before, and find out he was suspended. Now I find myself here, and seeing the ridiculous reason he was suspended.

    Seriously, WTF. Claiming ownership over somebodies VOICE? Youtube must be run by the same drunken monkey that does Runescape's Xustomer Service…

  • Thareous33

    I am not familiar with Chuggaaconroy, but I understand what the situation is. It's almost like these persons have a grudge against him and wish to bring his career down the drain. I can't say for sure what their purposes are, but I bet they are for malicious aims. And no one can own someones voice, same as no man can own another. Voices were given to us by a Higher Power, and they belong to Him. So whoever this (these) yellow dog(s) is/are, we should do anything we can to stymie their spiteful attempts.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with what you're saying, but I just want to clarify that LPing is not his career, its a hobby of his.

      • Thareous33

        Ah, thank you. I chose "career" because I had a loss of words to express what I was trying to say. And as I said, I am not familiar with him, but will probably check out his "Boob"tube channel, if it is still up.

  • gamer6666


    • the don of games




  • Goro

    They really need to change the DMCA. The internet has change over the last 12 years.

  • pokemonumbreon1

    omg i love chuggaas vids and i am a you tuber my self and i used to love you tube but for this im sorry but i can never forgive them for this!

  • Skronk supports Chugga bring him back now!

  • Alec

    This is absolutely ridiculous…

    On a side note, this is actually something 'good.' If enough people complain and it eventually gets brought to Youtube's attention, it will hopefully prevent something like this from happening again. Can you imagine if a bunch of people did this to even bigger channels? Who knows, this might even cause a reform for the flagging system. Or maybe even better: false flagging for something ridiculous (ex, copyright over someone else's voice…) will get the user suspended.

    Either way, I just want everyone unsuspected. This is horrible

  • those guys are jerks and need to get a life

  • james



  • Pokefreak

    what the f**k. i am a big fan of chuggaconroy. no scoundrel is gonna suspend him and get away with it. if you're responsible for chugga's suspension, then watch your back because you will never be free again you a**hole(s). i'm sereous and mad!!!!!!!!

  • MossJayfire

    It might be good to bring attention to the old flagging system, but it sure isn't fair to the people who created the videos.
    I totally want a YT account (but I'm not aloud to get one T-T), and I can honestly say that I would love to make LPs. But I only found an interest in them when I listened to Emile's videos. He really inspired me. If you are reading this Emile, thank you for that. I will support you (even if I can't really help). You'll be back soon, I know it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Arkamidis89

    Plain and simple. They people who flagged them down are pathetic virgins. They hate us because not only are we smart, we play games, and get laid every other night. I for one like to watch walkthrough's of games where I cant pass/advance in a stage/level/mission.

    • Ralverdo

      Was the "virgins" part necessary?

    • Noble

      WATCH YOUR MOUTH!! I'm a virgin and I like LP's!! So get off yoru high horse man!! ๐Ÿ™

      • Arkamidis89

        @Noble and Ralverdo:

        Sorry guys. I was just aggravated at the time when I found out they were flagged. The virgins part was unnecessary. I didn't realize how many people I've embarrassed/insulted with my comment lol.

  • Mac

    I've said that maybe the LPers should work together on their own site seperate from YouTube. I mean yeah that means a slight decline in viewership, but they would also be free from YouTube near draconian laws.

    All it would take is someone with computer skills to set up a site and get an account with Blip.tv

  • seth

    this is messed up. chuggaa didnt do anything wrong. if anything, he promotes playing these games

  • Forzamouse


  • Timothy Bishop? Thats NintendoCaprisun's name. THATS IDENTITY THEFT WHICH IS ILLEGAL!

  • Raziel45

    Timothy Bishop > NCS

    Someone else who was false flagged by Toby and CONJOPI.

  • mario_master

    maybe this was on purpose they did it with common people to get youtube to change it if they did it with someone big like say wal-mart they would be screwed they would have a fate worse than death

  • Raziel45

    No, mario_masters. They did it because they're fucking assholes. It wasn't to change youtube, it's abuse of the system.

    And the fact they're using NCS's real name for these flags is pissing me off. How could Youtube be able to differentiate a troll using a real name and the real person? They can't.

  • ThatOneGuy

    How could this happen?! A copyright claim oversomeone elses voice! Really?! Chuggaaconroy was going to start his new LPs in just 5 days…how long does a suspension usually last?

  • Keith

    Chugga and NCS….YT's best of the best for LPing…


    And ownership of chugga's VOICE?!? WHAT THE HELL KINDA NONSENSE IS THAT!??

  • Ryex617

    Unsuspend Chuggaaconroy! These merits of copyright aren't based on any official, or logical grounds, this action is reprehensible, and robs YouTubers of a wonderful Let's Player.

  • prheinze

    do people don't think some one is trying to take chuggaaconroy's youtube page

  • mario_master

    raziel45 i was just speculating even i am mad but keep a clear head.
    youtube is flawed and these idiots can help bring attention that this is flawed so i thought they did it for said reason.
    besides the suspension is not forever only what a week or two?

    • Ralverdo

      Nope, its forever.

  • LoverOfLegend

    :'O Is this why all my favorite Zelda YouTube videos are supposovly 'deleted' off of YouTube?! >:O WHYYY!!! To you jerks out there doing this: DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH ENTERTAINMENT I HAVE LOST BECAUSE OF YOU?! HOW MANY SONGS I LOVED HAVE BEEN DELETED?!? GOSH!!! I HATE YOU! And tis just so sad i just found out why >:'(

  • Jessica


  • REeTauRdEdprODuCtIoN

    The flagger is doing something like identity theft. YouTube should be notified that there are identity thieves going around so the site can undo the wrongs.

  • Valdek

    … yeah i had already heard about this. i can’t believe they went for nintendocaprisun, and chuggaaconroy. also a bunch of bloggers and LP people are like stopping all their videos and stuff because they fear that they are next. i think someone should get a hacker in anonymous or something to bring these dudes down. anyone here a hacker? yes? no? maybe so? DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  • Valdek

    OK Andrew, I’m all for being nice and polite…
    but not these idiots who did all this! even if this is resolved, my vote is to ruin their lives though the internet.

    i has spoken

  • JewFROChipmunk

    Chuggaa is not the first one GCMP11 (none of you have probably heard of him) has also had this happened to them

  • curlysimmer

    This has been going on for a long time many of the false claimers are waiting for the account holders to protest. Then the protester must provide enough information that the false claimer can wreck further havock on the account owners life and finances. I suggest that pressure be put directly on Youtube as they are the ones with the power to change things. Unless they change this will continue.

  • Michael

    This is insane how can chugaaconroy be susended. If this keeps happening to good lets players then i am going to sue youtube and put those supenders in jail.

  • Roo

    Why are people such JERKS?!

    Geez, when Chugga gets back, he better start laying down some serious E-mails to Youtube.

  • Phantom Link

    this is insane how do you claim someones voice?!?!

  • ZeroLatios

    My account ZeroLatios was suspended for an unknown reason. I'll bet it's because of these scoundrels (I never got e-mailed)

  • fenyx4

    Argh…this is just wrong (and copyrighting a VOICE? Apparently, the DMCA and some YouTube admins are seriously screwed up). Whoever is responsible for this atrocities of falsification can be likened to virus makers and spammers everyone.

    Hopefully, justice shines its way through in the future to rid and eradicate the Internet of these despicable people (falsifiers, virus makers, hackers, spammers, etc.) with malicious aims!

  • fenyx4

    Argh…this is just wrong (and copyrighting a VOICE? Apparently, the DMCA and some YouTube admins are seriously screwed up). Whoever is responsible for these atrocities of falsification can be likened to virus makers and spammers everyone.

    Hopefully, justice shines its way through in the future to rid and eradicate the Internet of these despicable people (falsifiers, virus makers, hackers, spammers, etc.) with malicious aims! What kind of person DOES such a thing?

  • 1) How can you claim copyright over someone's voice, and what kind of idiot would actually buy that claim? 2) Everyone knows that LPers don't claim copyright of the games; NCS even said himself in one video that he only owns a copy of the game but not the rights to the game itself. 3) What kind of butthurt loser feels the need to do all this?
    This is insane.

  • Hikari

    D:< THIS IS SOOOO STUPID!!! Chuggaa's voice IS his own voice! How stupid is that, having licensing over someones own voice. WOW, YOUTUBE. WOW. I <3 Chuggaa. We need to BRING him back!! D:<

  • TJHobbs

    I’ll kill those @#$%&*#|{ !

  • Andrew

    This has been happening on YT for several months now, within the gaming community. One example is DarkSydePhil, and after 2weeks, his account wad re-enstated. I ask for you guys to remain calm and wait for these issues to be resolved. If these are really false claims (which I want to believe and am 99.9% sure of) then Emile will surely get the account back.

    I also strongly urge you guys to STOP looking for the people Thanh 'allegedly' called for these infractions. This I can guarentee, the names used are 100% fake and made up. If you ever cross one of these names on the internet, DO NOT flame the person in any way. It wasn't them that did it.

    The best way to resolve this issue is to be patient and wait for YT and Emile to contact each other. Along with that, to spread the word of this atrocity, but be polite when you do; do NOT use obscene words and such, instead, be the gentlemen. Think of it as a peaceful strike. Or something…

    • Anonymous

      why is this comment posted twice?

  • Z-MAN7

    It's when Google bought Youtube that all this copyright bull crap started. Now we're in the thick of it.

  • opscomm

    Remember people, Youtube is owned by Google, so if something is to change, send google the Complaints, because youtube likely will not care.

  • TMT

    I definetaly did NOT make a thread about this in general chit-chat forum, ooh wait: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/forums/general-chit-

    ~The Missing Triforce.

  • thefreezer1000

    hopefully machinma will do something about it because chugga is with them

  • Tyler

    I don't believe it! How could someone say they made the stuff they was uploading?! I would love to know who did. I don't think I'm speaking for just myself when I say how mad and shocked I am a thing like this has happened. I will give chuggaa and all those others out there my full support in this.

  • we must stop them!

  • matt17

    OMG, nintendocaprisun is on this site? hes awesome

  • Way to go, youtube… Copyright over Chugga's voice? That's so ridiculous!

  • I have a youtube account and found out that Emile was suspended and I flipped! Please whoever did this bring back Emile and all other peope suspended! Also,youtube needs to open there eyes and pay attention!

  • Joe

    I think we should be more angry with YouTube than with the people who flagged the videos. Taking them down just because some random people claimed ownership shows how lazy and imcompetent the people running YouTube are. Of course there are going to be some lowlifes who try to abuse the system; it's YouTube's job to make sure that they don't. I'm not saying this as some fanboy, but I do enjoy Chuggaa's and NCS's videos, and I am thoroughly dissappointed in the way YouTube has handled the situation.

  • gabe

    this is what i say to whoever acused Chuggaa: you must die

  • There's a simple solution to this problem, and it involves both amending the (obviously) outdated DMCA, and YouTube revising their flagging policy so this doesn't ever happen again in the future. I'm stunned that it's THAT easy to get someone's account suspended on YouTube, security seriously needs to be revamped.

    And to those responsible for these atrocities: karma's a b***h, don't be surprised when your actions come back to bite you later on.

  • Geo

    they benefit by a) ruining other peoples hard work. B) (conspiracy theory alert) that it is the work of a huge walk-through site looking to monopolize youtube. and c) some people are just a$$holes that like to ruin other peoples days online because they are to weak to do stand up to them in the real world.

  • Tyler

    Clearly this proves that Youtube's methods need to be improved since they clearly don't have the means to contact the actual copyright owners and verify details. Additionally even though a lot of this copyright stuff has gone beyond it's original perimeters especially with the unpopular DMCA I believe more in reforming it to do deal the growing animosity in addition to dealing with infringements of material that is already available on the markets.

    This is how strong I feel about the current issues with the copyright laws because I want to help companies succeed, but also want to see the other problems dealt with.

  • pwnnoobs

    What? Chuggaaconroy suspended?!?! Why the heck would anyone do that? YouTube definitely needs to update their system so some crap like this doesn't happen again. That's plain nonsense. Copyright over his voice? What the heck? Copyright on the game? Of course, but he claims no ownership of it aside from owning a copy of the game. I just can't for the life of me decide why anyone would make false claims like that.

  • megan

    You think youtube would actually check those things

  • etscit

    the people doing this, could be charged with filing a false report or even perjury. That last is a felony. ZU I would say have your lawyers pursue this and bring down the hammer on these idiots. You could recoup quite a bit. And Be sure to subpoena on Google/YouTubes records for ip address info on login.

    I am not a lawyer but I do know a few things.

  • Anonymous Person

    None of you people know how DMCA's work. Youtube cannot legally take the law into their own hands and say "oh ok we'll look into it." They're required by law to pull the video, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you Counter-DMCA, then there will be an investigation, but other than that, they cannot look into it.

    Quiet simply put, DMCA's are "Get your shit off our site, DMCA's are law so you have no choice hehuhehu." So for those of you thinking "YOUTUBE NEEDS TO FIX THEIR SHIT HURR," Youtube has nothing to fix. They're abiding by the law. What needs to be fixed is the horribly outdated Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1982.

    Also, you have to realize, Youtube get hundreds of these things daily. All of you think they have the time to investigate all those DMCA claims and Counter Claims? Please.

    Do your research on this shit or get out.

    (And for those of you thinking "they'll get this guys I.P.," how have you not heard of a proxy? Morons.)

    • Anonymous Person

      F me. Not 1982. I have no idea where I got that. I meant 1998. Still doesn't change anything, I just fucked up.

    • YouTube has nothing to fix? They can certainly fix their reporting system, perhaps by allowing only certain "verified" users (for example, one proven to belong to Nintendo) to make copyright claims. That would certainly lessen the amont of invalid, malicious claims that are made, and would make the practice of removing first and investigating later more justified to YouTube users and channel owners.

      If I'm wrong, do enlighten me. You seem to be well versed on this subject.

      • Anonymous Person

        The thing is, ANYONE is able to file a DMCA, not just big companies. If only people from big companies could file DMCA, that would be going against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Youtube is doing everything right, it's the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that needs fixing.

        Sorry for the late reply, I went to sleep.

        • I'm not suggesting that only big companies should be able to file a DMCA, but that Youtube should verify that users have copyrighted material to their name before allowing them to make claims.

          • Anonymous Person

            I see your point. Unfortunately, Youtube is run mostly by bots, so no real change like that will ever happen.

  • Nathan

    Smosh is dealing with a similar problem at the moment

  • davauughn62195

    nintendocaprisun said this in one of his videos are they trying to prove a point?

  • Tacitus

    OK, why would these filthy, indiscrete, scum of the Earth people even do this? Chuggaa and NCS are cool for making their LPs. This DMCA seriously needs to be updated before chaos ensues. These inimical people need to be jailed for this.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm… sounds kinda like a /b/ raid or something…

  • link

    my 2 favorite lpers are suspended:@what else can go wrong???

  • kjartan

    i live of chuggaconroy and nintendocaprisun

  • Hailstorm

    Youtube has got to get a life.

    Chugga's Fan

  • Hailstorm

    I am extremely confused… if Chugga's account is suspended, then why can I watch this video?

  • Hailstorm

    If you wish to reply to the above comment, reply to this one because I didn't subscribe to replies last time.

  • I want Chugga and NCS back on youtube!

  • Samuel

    the person is using false name like timothy bishop please read the entire page before asking questions that have already been answerd

  • Kincyr

    what's really stupid is that YouTube doesn't do anything about underage users or videos showing how to illegally download software

  • john

    aren't they kinda stealing money from from the companies who make walkthrough books, but then again id rather beat a game myself than watch someone else do it , then copy what they did but thats just me

  • Rei

    One person going around doing this kind of crap had the balls to GET AHOLD OF HIS VICTIMS’ MAILING ADDRESSES. These kind of people aren’t just trolls, they’re CRIMINALS; not only do they need to be banned from YouTube, but they also need to be put in jail for comprising the safety of random innocent folks!

  • KingMudkip

    I’m with you, Rei. And John, if that’s what they were worried about, GameFAQ’s would have been shut down years ago.
    Now for a little drama.

    This will be a sufficient army to purge YouTube of all scammers, spammers, and hackers… To me, my brothers! Let us make true the Mudkip Kingdom’s motto:
    *draws sword*

    • mario master 1598

      Hey, King Mudkip! Wait for me! I'll make them listen to justin bieber! No, wait those losers' like that punisment…

  • chugga fan

    shouldn't dmca and youtube WATCH the videos first?

    • mario master 1598

      But that is WAY to much work. They shouldn't have deal with the stress of watching a video!

  • starwarskid798


  • D-Man

    OMG!! That's just wrong! Those people or that person must have some kind of twisted mind! Who would wanna go around randomly suspending LPer's on YouTube anyway? Don't they have better things to do?

  • 1357bigdaddy

    I joined Digg just so i could digg this… Go chugga A. conroy!!!

  • D-Man

    There are a bunch of problems with this. First of all, doing something like claiming to be another person or hacking into their YouTube account could be considered identity theft, which is illegal. Secondly, it's plain rude. I'm sure many of you are aware of the expression "Life is unfair," but this is just rediculoius! Just because life isn't fair doesn't mean one should go out of his/her way to bully others like this! Another problem is that these claims are just plain crazy! I mean, c'mon, the only person that can (or should) claim copyright over a person's voice is the person whom the voice comes from. Also, from what I've read, NCS would not do something like claim copyright over things from other youtube videos.

  • D-Man

    (continued from previous comment)
    The only real practible reason I could think of for why someone would do something like this is so that YouTube will adjust its flagging system. Even if that was the reason, which is probably not, that is the most unjust way to point that out. If the person or people wanted the falgging system adjusted, they should just make a YouTube video about it, not try and suspend people, for that is unfair to both the "YouTuber" and his/her/their fans.

    All in all, for whatever reason this vile person should stop or be stopped. Also, Chuggaa, if you are reading this, I'm a big fan and I support you!

  • Tom


    • The hacker must have used his name to confuse us and make us think that.

  • Slimjimmybob

    Now this is just my insane mind, but maybe this will be good for Let' Playing I mean seeing as to how everyone seems to be talking about this and are spreading the word to other people I wouldn't be suprised if more people started watching LP's due to all the attention this problem has been getting. Do I support what these people are doing? No. I just think they could be inadvertently helping the Let's Playing Community.

  • sam

    man why would anyone ever do this

  • Galexia


  • Emile If you are reading this fight against these "Garys" Also NCS you fight to. You are all great LPers and should all fight for your rights. Those asshats who suspended you and NCS should go to fricking hell

  • Electricut

    Seriously, who has nothing better to do than flag videos for no frigging reason? Fear not, ZUTV now has ninja power behind it.

    For those who are confused, I am the forum ninja.

  • kuishanya

    Mainly the dmca law needs to be fixed and these people arested for fraud and identity theft

  • Kevin Y.

    CONJOPI got suspended as well. Kinda funny, no?

    • KonguChaos

      Conjopi apparently suspended himself. But, like all YouTube Scum, has multiple accounts. I say we hire a Private Investigator to track him down, then sue his @$$ off.

  • KonguChaos

    How long before they start moving on to other videos? Such as those who make videos with lego. or videos with music in them? $5 says that that will start by the end of Augest.

  • Tony


  • I know who you are because ive back traced it. And the Cyber police is on there way And if you ever try to take down chuggaaconroy again consequences will never be the same!

  • U2UBESaviour

    I am fighting for the LP community and it'll be a cold day in hell before i let them win

  • pandaman7778

    everyone should calm down i am mad at this to but i am sure it will be fixed

  • mario_master

    is this really necessary it is just a youtube video wait let me rephrase that .

    have patience people wait a week or so they will come back

  • JoshMMO

    thats terrible…wow..if he creates a new account will he have to make the videos again?

  • kjartan

    i want chuggaa back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DXgamer001

    i think that the people flagged the good LPers because they want to remove their compotition so there bad videos are'nt that bad

    (….nothing will change their rubish LPs)

  • Slimkirby is next I'm a new hacker and nobody can stop me!!!!!!!!!

  • killeryoshis

    Just come and get me at my site http://smfextraforums.atfreeforum.com/

  • murk

    It has happened to me twice. bastards!

  • Jayfeather21

    This is absolutely ridiculous nothing is safe! Is it really so that if you get to popular on youtube then your going down because some halfminded people and their unwillingness to think of how many people will be crushed by the consequences of their actions!? How is it so that there is nothing at all that we can do to help people like chuggaaconroy? We can't get them to look into an issue but all 1 person has to do is say,uhhh yeah….thats my voice,he stole my voice. *whispers,yeah thats liable.* I mean this comment has been driven on and on but WOW!

  • ChuggaFan#1

    WE NEED CHUGGA"S CHANNEL BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cookies

    Dude, this is INSANE. YouTube is a load of idiots! FOR ONCE, DID THEY EVER EVER WATCH THE VIDEOS WITH DMCA NOTICES!?!? Augh! That CONJOPI guy is a load of bull, too; we don't NEED someone to point out the flaw of YouTube's flagging system.


    • KonguChaos

      want me to give him a taste of his own medicine?

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  • Chuggaa's #1 Fan

    I hope that Chuggaa or NCS find the person responsible for this and sue them. As someone said before, these people are exploiting a LAW. Not some simple Youtube rule. A REAL LAW. Hopefully, this person (or these people) will be brought to court.

    And if we are lucky Edgeworth will be the prosecutor ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • [IMG ]http://i29.tinypic.com/mhzpec.png[/IMG]
    This ImOnYTAllDay guy might be Conjoropi or whatever is name is.
    I doubt it though, as he's making a fool of himself everytime he talks.

  • AGF


  • ADS

    "Another was taken down by a user who claims ownership over Chuggaaconroy’s voice."


  • No Name

    I agree that YouTube has a faulty flagging system. And that it did catch attention, but his methods are VERY wrong in my opinion. Fucking trolls. Go back to the bridges where you belong.

  • krsonic

    I call bull ****

  • Michael Lake

    Pokemon Is owned by POKEMON INC And How could somebody own Copyright to a Nintendo Video when Nintendo owns all rights to their own games. Those people who owns rights to the other videos on IDOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Vic George

    Bring back the Chugg!!!

  • idio789

    this is terrible but the scariest part is that we may have some of those people among us now… using this site as a reference for LPers

  • Justin

    Whoever these jackasses are they are pressing serious charges, they are claming to own even the youtubers themselves, they are like posing as a company, follow me on twitter im KarmaDude19 and i have an idea to put these guys behind bars .

  • chug fan

    Dont worry Chugga…We're all behind you on this! keep fightin'

  • ortbeast

    this is so absurd, what a big flaw in the system . This make me sick to see this happen, but we all do have to remember to be patient, change will not come overnight, just keep spreading the word.

  • shakir

    this is the lowest thing youtube to to us
    i got a warning on my last vid
    dum youtube

  • mariosuperstar23

    with out chuggaaconroy youtube is freakin nothin.

  • Cookies

    I wish CONJOPI can get a taste of his OWN medicine. What if somebody FLAGS HIM? Hehehe~

    On the side note, everybody should ignore CONJOPI. Let's just all flood YouTube with Let's Plays then he would have a harder time flagging everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Albero

    to quote Satire Master Littlekuriboh: "not now, im flagging Youtube videos to compesate for the fact that I have an extremly small penis!"

  • Kevin

    ugh y wood they beleive that i am that is just plain rong any ways bring chugga back


    manga ninja · 23 hours ago
    @#$%ing jerks !!!


  • Gray

    This is insane. Yes, I admit, I enjoy watching LP's. I also listen to them at night because it helps me sleep, as strange as that sounds. Honestly, if these people have that little respect and claim ownership of VOICES of people that they don't even know, they need to get a life and remember that the internet is serious business. And honestly, Chugga's walkthrough of Pokemon Crystal is helping me get through my copy of Pokemon SoulSilver.
    Give me a break, you jerks who decided to claim copyright over Chuggaa's videos and voice. /shakes head in dismay.

  • Cosmos

    The thing that tickes me off is that even if we get one persons account taken down that does this crap, they will just as easily make another account and do this again. Is there anything we can do? It seems impossible to win this war!

  • Bobs

    Just another reason why youtube is shitty :>

  • patrick

    dumb retards chuggaconroys the best the day i was gunna see his pikmin vid…….those hatetin fucks…….mid finger…….

  • The group of hackers called CONJOPI are also going after small Lets Players, they hacked bluethunder385 with a trojan virus and they almost got Scottsuperpokefreak7, Me!

    • small let's players? do these people actually belive chuggaconroy is SMALL? considering, when i last checked, he was 6th of subscribers for gameing… HOW IS THAT CONSIDERED SMALL?

  • The group of hackers called CONJOPI are also going after small Lets Players, they hacked bluethunder385 with a trojan virus and they almost got Scottsuperpokefreak7, Me!

  • patrick

    if i find you that hacked chugga ill grab a damn ak47 and……………BOOM…..head shot

  • Nathan (agumon4)

    The internet is such a fucking idiot somtimes…-.-

  • Anonymous

    I don't know if they are happy or not, but apparently, they aren't, as I heard that the next victim is ProtonJon. FRIGGIN PROTONJON!! I just hope this doesn't actually happen.

  • daniel

    this is worse than the no violent video game law they passed here in venezuela a trillion times worse i mean whos next mageknight404 or mabye stph1212 i dont know but what i do know is that someone or something is stoping the lpers of the world

  • Megalux

    Yo i gotta say before i thought lets plays were crap like dont do them or wach them but after seeing chuggas lp i wach them every day BRING CHUGGAACONROY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest34324

    BS! Youtube just bans channels without even paying attention. Youtube needs to THINK about what they do

  • Just what kind of idiots have the time to do these things, those who got Chuggaa’s account suspended should GO TO HELLLLL!!

    And why the heck would youtube think chuggaa’s voice can be owned by someone else??Or Chuggaa would be the new VOCALOID.

  • mario master 1598

    Jeez, the nerve of some low life jerks that are jealous at Youtubers' that can do things other than sit behind their computers wishing they could one, meet a girl other besides their mom and two, be able to have friends. This just proves that these losers have nothing better to do than make people mad. As for Youtube, I never met any as stupid as to think someone who makes L.P's would steal someone's voice, AND MAKE IT SYNC THAT WELL WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE GAME. It's that, or their just being lazy and not checking what is really happening!

  • zhld

    chugga is inesent



  • annonymous


  • annonymous

    fbi or fcc tohandle *

  • mario master 1598

    I wish a new website would come and pretty much be a youtube clone but not have these copyright claims made by users but the website.

  • kjartan

    i want chuggaaconroy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Superskarmoryfan1

    just hope Conjopi get jailed or get murdered

  • Murdok Dracul

    'Another was taken down by a user who claims ownership over Chuggaaconroy’s voice.'

    Made me laugh.

  • 10nrnr

    I hate these trolls! who would to something like that anyways

  • 10nrnr

    this makes me think i’m a target, I emailed youtube about chuggaaconroy

  • sadwav

    gahh, this is a sad and messed up world we live in.

  • Dawn

    I hope Chugga will come back… He's my favorite LPer!!!!

  • a Friend…

    I am appalled that YouTube is so careless as to suspend a user without any real proof. The automatic system that the use is obviously not going to work for much longer and I believe it will lead to YouTube’s downfall. I hope to see Chuggaaconroy posting videos again soon and good luck to him, NintendoCapriSun, and all the other YouTube subscribers who were affected by YouTube’s inconsiderate ways

  • a Friend…

    I am appalled that YouTube is so careless as to suspend a user without any real proof. The automatic system that the use is obviously not going to work for much longer and I believe it will lead to YouTube’s downfall. I hope to see Chuggaaconroy posting videos again soon and good luck to him, NintendoCapriSun, and all the other YouTube subscribers who were affected by YouTube’s inconsiderate ways

  • AAlegends

    Hmm… I can agree this is terrible but I'm afraid there's naught we can do but wait till all the accounts are back.

    • mario master 1598

      Me too… *sniff* 8-(

      • AAlegends

        Hey nobody should cry about it either because chuggaa and NCS are working on it 24/7. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DXgamer001

    i think these people should claim ownership to the voices in thier head

  • Svlad Cjelli

    It's not just LPers. Lots of people abuse this system to shut people up. Look into stuff like political discussion on YouTube, and you'll see it just as much.

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  • Natashia

    Ownership of a voice is a contractual thing used in media. Nancy Cartwright cannot use the Bart Simpson voice unless expressly allowed to do so by Fox. So when she works on other projects (Animaniacs, Rugrats, etc) she's not allowed to perform a voice similar to Bart's. A similar thing can happen if you want to protect your image and have a highly recognizable voice. This allows actors like James Earl Jones or Orson Wells (before his death) to block people who used chopped up edits of their years of dialog from using it without their permission.
    So you can own a voice. But in this cause of the false flaggers, That is complete bullshit.

  • ihateflagers

    this is bs if they say they own pokemon cant nintendo sew dem

  • cardgamelova

    y cant nintendo sew dem if they own pocketmonsters, mario, etc

  • mario master 1598

    I can not think of any reason why people would do this do Emile. He has done so many good things. For example, make really helpful Let's Plays. I was play pokemon soul silver one day, and before I watch his crystal lp, his fire red one helped me a whole bunch and he was in the speed gamers which is a place where people make donations to help other people! Now if youtube wasn't so lazy, this wouldn't have never happen!

  • unknown

    this is sick. chugga works hard to make his vids. its not fair to him or anyone else for him to get suspended.


    i started a blog to save chuggaa

    read it follow it comment it tell it to your friends

  • MoisChanVsTamama

    Listen guys, I'm just as miffed about Chuggaaconroy's suspension as you are. But we are just giving CONJOPI what he wants by ranting, raving, and raging about his suspension. If we stop giving him what he wants, he just might stop false flagging.

  • ChuggaFan

    i think that youtube should monitor their "Youtube Partners" and make sure their videos don't get deleted or their account suspended…

  • Who was IT?

    • the don of games

      we dont no but when we do we will sue that ***** 1 million

  • 619time2619


  • Dylan

    trolls, or whoever the fuck you assholes are, you must die

  • Darkus Triforce

    I talked with Mrnooalot1632 under the fake name of CoNj00pEeWershipper, trying to get information, but failed. ๐Ÿ™

  • Vanessa


  • nonw

    this is driving me and my friend crazy. chugaaconroy is the best and should have never been banned. darn you youtube and hackers

  • This proves how stupid people can be, going as far as to claiming videos even though they did'nt even make any of them, it's most likely a fanboy of a video game system or some dumass

  • Frodo007

    You know what the funny thing about all this is? The guy who did it didn’t take NCS and Chuggaconroy down pernamently like he said in his video. They’ll be back within 14 days, with NCS coming back at least next Monday or Tuesday. And I doubt he would do it again knowing that they’ll be back thanks to the counterclaiming system. Unless he has the balls to take them to court, which he probably doesn’t.

    • Guest…

      No, chugga and NCS both have 3 strikes already. They won't be back unless they can prove to youtube that they own their voices, etc.

  • James

    another person just got deleted two days ago he was the best rpg gamer you could imagine. he told me he going to find the baster who did, and that the last time i heard from him.

    I promise you guys i won't let this baster win. i will keep you guys updated on what i find. till next time.

  • ANGRY Guest

    Many other LPers popular accounts are at stake here!! These guys busted their asses to make these videos for us and those fartknockers are taking all their hard work away!

  • Undisclosed

    What the heck is wrong with people? I hope NCS and Chugga can get back along with everyone else. I will never understand the mind-set of idiot hackers.

  • NT-Yoyo

    Suspending someone over their own voice? Might as well send ME to jail, because I might soon be part of a copyright infringement claim which states that I am infringing myself by typing this with my own hands.


    I hope youtube realizes their own asses are at stake here.
    They're just picking off the best LPers one by one!
    Youtube's security is just BS. I really hope NCS, Chugga and everyone else gets their account back. They were my top favorites.

  • Damon

    Damn them! Damn the hackers to hell!!!

  • Frodo007


    Even though they had 3 strikes, the counter claim removal has already proven that. The guy has to respond to them within 10 days if he wants to take them to court. If he doesn’t, they will get will get their accounts back. They even said it themselves.

  • guest

    Chuggaa introduced me to Earthbound…. I still need to see his paper mario lp still. I just want to point out that thanks to chuggaa, I love the Mother series as much as his videos, Chuggaa's account was a treasure to be found when I saw his videos. seeing someone like him go with nonsense like this is horrible. I bet you though he is still filming his new lps as we speak and he like all of us is never going to give up!

  • Pissed Off

    I say we hire some people to hack into their computers, search them for humiliating images (if there aren't any, we'll have to make some), ruining their internet and real-world reputation. Then we have their bank accounts hacked, and all their money given to someone who will be our "scrape goat" while also getting them banned from the library (with false charges [ironic, huh])which will cause them never to be able to access the internet ever, causing this problem to dissapear.

    • Spartanpancake23

      wait you think they care about reputation? lol apparantly you don know about trolls. They just want to make your life suck, which is probably why they took down chugga's site as well as other LP's.

  • masterbolten

    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooo wut about lueroi he could be next that would be terrible

  • No Name

    Uno this is so stupid cuz the people doin these LPs r promoting their game so they wouldn't send copyright reports. I agree that youtube should start checking those reports cuz some ppl i subscribed too got these things too even though they were just showing their skills and stuff…

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  • Rmm19742

    Get his account back! He helped me with all my pokemon games! Those freaking ppl who suspened him are going to pay…

  • Pkmngod777

    Jeez, I watched Chuggaaconroy every morning to see his new vids, damn I got my friend to ban one of the hackers, Mrnoobalot1632, he started the ban list I belive, be glad Mrnoobalot1632 is banned, infact his account is closed.

  • dommion65

    What he did not copy it. Do not suspend him

  • Spartanpancake23

    Wait if we all know that these claims are false why is Chugga still suspended? Doesn't Youtube know yet that he has been framed by trolls who took it too far this time? I could look at this almost as a form of cyber terrorism (being able to take down any video at a whim just by saying they did not follow copyright laws).

  • JosiePika

    I think Batman905 might be next, a couple of his videos said, "Removed due to copyright infringement."

    I can't see why YouTube would allow this, this is just so stupid and retarded.

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  • Mattios1

    Spread the message!

    Also, hate to put this but…
    Doesn’t know when to give up!

  • Mlink96 on youtube

    what the fuck is wrong with them???

  • Someone

    Why would somone do a horriable thing i mean theres no fucking point who evers doing it im going to find u bitches

  • Jli

    man no he inspired me to do lets plays FUCK WHOEVER HAD TIME TO FLAG HIM!!!

  • hyun

    load of crap i want to beat the heck ot of them

  • fourswords

    u no if i could i kill the utube company right now for suspending chugaconroy he is one of my faves SRSLY BRING EVERY1 BACK THERE INNOCENT U UTUBE *ASTARDS DARNIT

  • Greenwich

    Those assholes, I'm gonna kill them when there not looking and bury them in a hole and dance on it.

  • We got at least a name, but it doesn't lead far.


  • I don't know who in the huge universe would ever suspend the accounts of NintendoCapriSun and Chuggaaconroy, the two greatest Let's Players of all time!!

  • James

    Wow. I would like to know who the ones doing all this are. or at least know why youtube hasnt done anything about this

  • coolking

    mother fuckers how the hell does you youtube acept that shit

  • MR.C

    lueroi might be next cause he knows all the hackers acount names and has posted warnings and stuff and he amazing that would be devastating

  • metroidzeldafan

    chugga is awesome.i heard on a video that letsnotplayok helped rid chuggaaconroy.>=(

  • metroidzeldafan

    he even addmitted it in one of his videos.what a douche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linkfan

    i can't belive this chggaaconroy is the best LPer ever they are evil with no heart

  • PKDeath

    Fanboys get your shotguns ready


      The sheer fact is that those trolls are stuoid as hell.

  • Robert

    Damn those people who supsended Chuggaa's account.
    Just damn them

  • heromomo2

    There's no way this guy owns Chuggaa's VOICE!! >=C

  • Dylan

    First it’s LPing, next thing you know, it’ll be abridging, then soon, as soon as you make a video, you’ll get suspended.

  • Randomnessam1

    Why is this Happening?

  • pmattg

    bring chugga back ๐Ÿ™

  • chuggaaconroy fan

    I hope chuggaaconroy is online agen.

  • chuggafan82

    if you're pissed at youtube too then vote this good. this shouldnt have happened! chugga,ncs and all the other guys that were banned were great lp'ers! update the system and stop the [email protected]!!!!!!!!

  • Lord_Malus

    Probably some gay 4chan anon thinking it's funny as hell.

  • IzzCS

    God. What idiot would have the nerve 2 suspend Chuggaa? I watched letsnotplayok's vids, and he sucks. He and all the other trolls are just jealous that Chuggaa and NCS are better than they'll ever be. Copyright over someones voice? I didnt even know people could be THAT stupid.

  • Shadow

    these guys got me as well, i posted a video, warning others of this nutcase, mere minutes later i was suspended as well. (im TheShadowWolf91 btw)
    if he sees a video about him from a LPer, no matter how small, he WILL get you banned if he feels like it.

  • Anonymous

    But why would anyone dare to suspend such an awesome LPer, oh wait i know, a bunch o jerks!

    • Brandon

      your so right.1!1thing.dum jerks

  • Anonymous

    I know they should really update their stupid internet problems and at least try to find who is doing it!

    • Brandon


  • insessyasha

    they're mad cause chuggaaconroys LP's are wayy Better then theirs will ever be Fucking No life hoes

    • Brandon

      yep also

  • momo

    fucking bastards, if they were beside me, they better find a good funeral place

  • jenn

    stupid fake flaggers GET A LIFE!!!!!!

    • Brandon

      well…i don`t really think it is that nice to say that.OR ARE YOU A FLAGER

  • the don of games

    yeah chugga had inspired me to be a lp er :(((

  • Bill

    i say we find this hacker and get him๏ปฟ band whos with me if you are post this comment to a different video

  • itsover9000

    This shows how flawed the YouTube flagging system is. It makes me angry because all this could have been avoided if the people behind YouTube would actually do something about the situation. When so many people are taking action YouTube ought to as well. No matter how big the youtubers being banned are, this is not supposed to happen, and it’s YouTubes responsibility to fix this. And to Chugga and Caprisun and all the other let’s players out there (though you probably know this already) keep fighting, you have so many people out there supporting you and wishing you the best (:

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  • chuggaarulesyoutube

    if i EVER find the people that put chugga NCS and all the other lpers down… i WILL break there skulls… there legs and everybone in there body… then get all of the banned lpers all together…. then let THEM make him feel like they did! YOU HEAR ME CONJOPI! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MAKE YOU RUEL THE DAY YOU WAS BORN!!!

  • Anon

    Oh no if NSC and Chuggaa were falsy suspended I hope that HC don't get falsly suspended to

  • Anon

    Oh no if NSC and Chuggaa were falsly suspended I hope that HC don't get falsly suspended to

  • Conjopi

    i win

    • allosor

      whay does i win mean

      • allosor

        i mean WHAT does i win mean grrrrrrrr

  • Sora

    I was saving two of his LP's but when he got suspended, I was really upset! I absolutely can't believe that this stupid, no-life person suspended him for false claim!

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  • allosor

    what does i win mean conjopi

  • Toure'

    Well I now know what's been happening, and I've wondered for quite a while why I wasn't able to access the videos of NintendoCapriSun and Chuggaconroy. Tenjinmoop deleted all of his videos and now I know he was right to do so. If he hadn't, he'd probably be suspended too. These copyright claims are ridiculous. Tenjinmoop was wise to do what he did. He dodged a serious bullet.

  • Ryan

    You have my support!

  • naruto914 ApG

    my cuzin was recently suspended because of false copyright but he got his account back on his birthday the other day

  • @Rob278100: Don't waste brand-new Nikes on such ****. Better to use some old cleats – just make sure you've sharpened the cleats properly.

    Have any of you heard of Japanese water torture? I'm going to hope so, because if you replace the water with acid, it's the proper punishment for these a**h***s who are claiming false copyright. I think (when I was reading either articles or comments on this) someone said that

    false copyright claim+people who claimed copyright losing in court=5 years jail…?

    Not good enough.

    And in the Digg article: "…and since there are enough crazy Chugga fans to invade a small country…"

    We should put up a vote on which country to invade. I say..whichever country has the most nukes and generally useful weapons in GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR >}D

    WAR OUT!!!

  • Jackozz15

    Just shows how pathetic some people really are, at least everything's okay now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Skydancer (Guardian Angel)

    The copyright law in the United States is just sick! It invites this kind of abuse because companies like youtube are scared out of their minds by the giant corporations who actually do enforce the copyrights.

    Nevertheless, it's VERY illegal to file a false DMCA and if the people doing it ever get caught they could go to jail for a long time.

  • Lovely post man, appreciate it. I love videogames

  • john

    guys hes back on youtube thats why he still doing lp13 check his facebook

  • MrZeldafan#1

    Chuggaa is amazing! without him i would not be on a second play through on wind waker without him he's a great help

    One of your fans, Chugga,


      I WILL KILL YOU!!!

  • ziad

    who ever did that MUST pay for what he did chugg was my fav (even i cry when dont see his videos for too long)

  • i'm sick and tired of this happening to all my favourite LP'ers. Honestly. this is BS! This better not happen again!





      amazing nerd!


        any girls online?




    go go


      t-rex will kill nickgamer




    i have now idea why i said that!!!

  • chugaa conroy#2

    i`m number 2!ya!

  • Nerd

    amsome!with the cool guys


      you are a nerd


    ha ha ha NERD!!

  • dex

    my dang foot broken.

    • game dude


  • game dude

    i hate wario!!

  • game dude

    link is not zelda

    • freaky


  • freaky

    link is zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • freaky

      no.link is a boy. zelda is a girl.

  • Lase

    pikmin 2 rocks

  • Kase

    chugga couroys so funny!and my name isint gag head!and your deskusting nakidman!(stupid nakid man)!

    • nakid man


  • nakid man

    ha ha!get nakid gag head

  • Brandon


  • Brandon

    please do super mario 64 playthrough!

  • Brandon


  • Brandon

    chuggacouroy is the best to me.Nintendocuprison is very good also.so don`t count him [email protected] chugga is chuggacouroy! ya!

  • Brandon

    call me Rask chuggacouroy.Rask!ok?

  • ChuggaFan

    Wow, I read this at least 46 weeks after he was unsuspended, and I want to go to the owners of Youtube and slap them across the face

  • Albert

    the Anonymous Person is a noob. Ignore him because he thinks people always deserve what they get. THE SUSPENDED DON'T DESERVE BEING SUSPENDED! Anonymous Person = Maybe some stupid person.

  • disrook

    Why would they do that Chugga is my favorite so let him post more videos!!!

    and we wont stop till you unsuspend him

  • SnortSnort

    I'd Just Like to say that.. This Guy "letsnotplayok" (Link Below)

    Might have some affiliation with the people who got him unjustly suspended.
    He stats they "He is the Great one" and that "They have one against chuggaconroy" and destroyed him, so he might be an affiliate.

  • Lashindi

    The ArchFiend should stay banned. I hate him along with many others for what he did to Cloud8745. He’s an a** and doesn’t deserve to have a YouTube account.

  • Nice to see the channel wasn't completely removed… All seems ok now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shadowcharmer11


  • This article will assist the internet visitors for creating new website or even a weblog
    from start to end.

  • myfACeisasteve

    seriously,who will be insane & stupid enough to copyright chuggaa's voice?

  • yekuoR haoN

    NOOOOO NOT CHUGGA )’: HE WAS MY FAVORITE LPER AHHHHHHH *Holds shotgun to head* *Shoots*