UPDATE: We’ve posted a video interview with Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun, who have both had their channels suspended by false DMCA claims.

Over the last two weeks, top YouTubers have found themselves saddled with false copyright violation claims that ultimately result in the suspension of their YouTube accounts. Several members familiar to Zelda Universe, such as TheArchfiend (now unsuspended) and NintendCapriSun were suspended last week, and as of moments ago it seems like Chuggaaconroy has been added to the list of victims as well.

This person or group of people go around YouTube reporting videos for false copyright violations under false names (like Timothy Bishop, the real name of NintendoCapriSun), sometimes affiliating themselves with large companies like Nintendo. For instance, one of Chuggaaconroy’s videos was taken down by a user who claims to own the copyrights to the Pokemon franchise. Another was taken down by a user who claims ownership over Chuggaaconroy’s voice.

As a result, we are worried that ZeldaUniverseTV (our YouTube channel) may be a target of these attacks in the future – but we’re keeping an eye on the situation, and hopefully nothing will happen.

YouTube does not check these copyright violation reports before taking the videos down, and once a user has three videos taken down, their account is suspended. This leaves the system open to some hefty abuse, as we’re seeing now.

We have been contacting YouTube partner support constantly over the last several days in order to prevent Chuggaaconroy from getting suspended and to notify them about the vandals submitting the false claims. For a while, it looked like Chuggaa might not get suspended, but the vandals redirected all of their efforts at him to finally get him suspended today.

Chuggaaconroy is the creator of Zelda Universe’s visual walkthrough for The Wind Waker, and you’d think that as a result we’d be temporarily out of a walkthrough – but it seems like his videos still work when embedded. The walkthrough works as normal, so if you’re looking to get through The Wind Waker, please continue watching!

If you’ve noticed this issue on YouTube, we urge you to spread the word about this and get YouTube to unsuspend Chuggaaconroy as well as all the others who have been wrongfully suspended over the last few weeks – we appreciate it!