Part three of TheMaverickk’s series of visual examinations has arrived! In this comparative study, he focuses on the Skyward Sword enemy that has received perhaps the most criticism for appearing too “cartoon-like” in what we’ve seen of the game thus far: the Bokoblin.

What’s your take on the apparent makeover given to the Bokoblins of Skyward Sword? Does the new title’s enemy design pale in comparison when placed next to models from previous games? Does its fuller figure actually make it appear less menacing and more cartoon-like, or is it simply an interesting yet unimportant change? We want to know what you think, so share your opinions in the comments.

Also, be sure to check out the first two parts of TheMaverickk’s series, in which he examines the Deku Baba and Red Chu Chu respectively, and keep an eye out for the next installment!

  • lala

    Aww but I like the new Bokoblins D: their so funny looking XD

    Why do the stuff I like alway's hated the most by everyone else D':

    Anyway, nice comparison ;p

  • he looks like he could just as easily be one of the story's eccentric side characters. though I'm sure he won't seem so friendly after the first time he takes a swing at you..

  • TheMaverickk

    I should note that if someone has some solid screen capture equipment and a copy of Twilight Princess I could make use of them.

    Technically I suppose this could be done with ROMs and such, but yeah anyways just throwing this out there as I'd like the next comparative to be top notch. It will be a considerable amount more interesting. This is kind of the hold over comparison. The last two planned will be of a greater interest.

  • mario_master

    i remember in tp how you would just plow through them with epona but now people have to think to figure out how to beat them in stead of mindless hacking which can get tiring in tp

  • Dawnfire

    Wow, did not notice the leopard print undergarments until now.



    I still dont like the Bokoblin design. Nintendo could have come up with a more menacing, yet still "cartoony" character in my opinion. but their Japanese, so what can ya do.

    • Haeil

      I fail to see how being Japanese affects the ability to create menacing or cartoony characters.

      • Chad

        Check out their anime drawing style they draw more realistic and more menacing monsters than we do

        • APEXMAN

          yes, but they also draw some very fruity and flamboyant things as well.

          • Chad

            I was focusing on the the other side because he is basically sayng that Japanese people can't draw more menacing things than that

          • Haeil

            Exactly, they can draw both. Just because they've done one style doesn't limit them to that and only that style.

    • ZeldaNoob

      When were Bokoblins ever "menacing"?

    • Slvblrn

      Not trying to be rude, but the word you are looking for is "they're," a contraction of "they are," as opposed to "their" which is possessive.

  • notasgoodasallways

    the author is trying to hide the obvious lack of seriousness of the bokoblin behind its similarites with the moblin… in the future (zelda tl) we will rage against these creatures because theyre the might lackeys of darkness, but at these age i just want to kill em all because their look really pisses me up…

    look at ww bokoblins… they look ridiculous! but they have something, something which is even in common with the tp bokoblins… theyre evil… theyre violent! but the fucking ss bokoblins are fat and they wear leaopard tangas…

  • Craziness

    This shows a backstory of Bokoblins. In Skyward Sword, the Bokoblins are fat, but as the Zelda timelines progress, they get thinner.
    Just something I noticed.

  • "scandalous leopard print undergarments" . . . haha! Love it!

    Of course, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be actual leopard pelt. No?

    • Obviously it was purchased at Victoria's Secret. Quality like that is never the real thing.

      • It's the vegetarian in me hoping you're right.

  • mario_master

    from what i hear they kind of needed them that way to be obvious how two slash also the leopard undies were rather …. unnecessary also i agree the design does look rediculous even compared to the ww ones all of them were skinny and lanky not fat
    so maybe different species all together

    • Leopard undies are *always* necessary.

      That the SS Bokoblins are a different species altogether is certainly an interesting theory.

  • Tsubasa_Zero

    They could have made it more menacing…and take hose earrings out it looks so….gay

    • TheMaverickk

      Link has worn earrings since Ocarina of Time you know, lol.

      • I think what we have here is an individual who is prejudiced against Bokoblins. Link can wear earrings, but Bokoblins can't? For shame!

        • Chad

          What's wrong with being prejudiced against Bokoblins? I find it quite fun! why do you think I like to run over them and find other ways to torture them?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I despise the new design completely, anything that looked threatening about these creatures at all was stripped away, now they look like really cranky fat old ladies

    I do not like WW at all but I can't deny what I think, the moblins from WW look the most evil and menacing, well they would if they carried actual swords like the TP ones instead of wooden sticks >_> seriously was Ganondorf on some kind of budget cut or something

    The ones from TP look like sad old men, their swords are their only retaining feature

    So take the WW moblins, cut out the cel-shaded graphics, give them the sword from TP, and you got a menacing looking moblin

    • TheMaverickk

      The Bokoblins come in 3 varieties in Wind Waker actually… there are those that wield swords and shields… others with their telescopes. So they weren't just stick wielders.

      • Muskiok

        Wait, they wielded telescopes as weapons? How does that work any better than a stick? (I have still not located a copy of the Wind Waker, so please enlighten me!)

        • Slvblrn

          No one said they wielded telescopes as weapons. They have telescopes because they are on the lookout. The fact that you hate Wind Waker and yet no nothing about it is not a surprise. Try opening your mind and actually playing a game before you solidify your bad opinion of it.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        @TheMaverickk, Oh wow, it's been a while since I played WW, point still stands then that WW moblins look the most menacing

        @ LoZSS, I don't follow any game closely enough to know the names of every enemy on a whim, sad and annoying? Give me a break, just because I don't remember as much random info about this series as you, I didn't really pay attention to the title but no need to get your panties in a bunch over it, so then tell me what's the difference?

    • Chad

      They do look like old men

    • LoZSS

      ok, these are bokoblins, not moblins, get your enemies names right dude, that's really sad and annoying.

  • Jack

    I don't really care how different they look. The concept is still the same: mindlessly plow through armies of bokoblins.

  • Valdek

    hm mm, the TP ones look the best in my opinion, except for their hair. scandalous leopard print undergarments, OK then… wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t say so. thanks

  • Ashmic

    SKYWORD SWORD IS BETTER because if you know 3D even a little, you'd know TP tho it LOOKS more detailed its IMAGE MAPPED, meaning they drew a picture, and basically, well… "wrapped it", stuck it around a 3D model like a sticker,
    an Example, I can put a chicken picture i pullled off a google and put it on Ganon so it still is the shape of ganon but it has a chicken design on it

    for skyword sword they had to make a whole new Graphics engine or whatever they SAY that and in Windwaker, its like drawing in paint, they still could've image-mapped but i think they just colored it in, no shading or ETC.

    So Even if you prefer TP's graphics, Skyword Sword's graphics have taken the MOST amount of time and work, i believe they had to study impressionistic style to fit miyato-whatever's needs, the hard work beats the beauty, and besides being an artist, the more you look at skyword swords style you can see its not just filled in, or cel-shaded it has hard work and appearance behind it.

    • Brian

      Wow! Even I saw this comment, I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEANT! 😀

  • Gerudude

    They don't look nearly as nasty as the TP ones.
    Actually they kinda look like my grandpa

  • mario_master

    maybe they would look better if… i don’t know… they wore pants. showing your undies will make people scared of defeating them because they might see a better picture.

  • Chad

    The only things that really bother me are the nose which looks like they took a gumdrop and glued it to its face and its undies….. I think i'll ignore that part……

    • Embrace the undergarments.

      • Chad

        I'd rather not!

  • David

    OMG you can see their underwear!!? That's like peaches knickers in Brawl! I love WW because they just look so cool, and intelligent. I mean, they're not some stupid monsters, you can see them having conversations in WW and TP. Which makes me think it is very wrong to kill them… TP made them look horrible close up, the graphics are awful on them. But SS fixes that, even though theyre horribly ugly…

    • Chad

      Don't forget the undies ugh………….

  • someone

    really, those Bokoblins (and keeses' eyes) are the only thing I hate on Skyward Sword. They just don't fit! Deku Baba's are fantastic, the Red Chuchu is great and the only problem with Keese is his eyes.

    Otherwise i LOVE everything in Skyward Sword (well, expect the giant mushrooms, but their cute)

  • Hanged Penguin

    SS has chliche "buddhist demon" style on bokoblin… Originals look just as "ridicilous" as these, so I don't see much point complaining.

    • Chad

      looks more like the Japenese Oni look it up you'll see why

  • TheMaverickk

    There's actually something about the Bokoblin in skyward sword that are reminiscent of barbarians. The devil horns, the cave man styled pants, the viking call horn, pirate skull buckle… they are a bundle of awesome.

    They should be a bit more barbaric as the ancestor of the modern Bokoblins.

  • Matt

    Is that really Chuggaaconroy?
    Or someone pretending to be him….

  • Foreign Papercut


    Love it.

  • jordanteixeira

    I dont know about the writer. He only seems to show few characteristics on the Bokoblins from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. He seems to have tried harder on detailing the Bokos on Skyward Sword. Example: SS he says they have blue and red eyes as if to be seen as an advantage for SS. On TP, why didnt he say deep black pits around the center white pupil of their eyes or something like that. He could have added that but he probably wanted SS to seem cooler. As my free opinion, i like the blackness in their eyes on TP. Why wouldnt he list it? He doesnt like it? What if I wrote on Ocarina of time? If I said everything I liked and left out parts I didnt of the game, does that mean its cool?

    • It's likely that more details are listed for the SS design because more details are present and noticeable. Neither the WW or TP Bokoblin has much detail in the design of its eyes. Which eye looks better is up for debate, but the Skyward Sword's appears to be more carefully designed.

      • TheMaverickk

        I could have gotten more detail, I really could've… from saying that the Wind Waker Bokoblin had 3 freckles on the right side of his lower jowl, and had black pupils in a white slanted eyes. I could've mentioned the patterns on the vest of the Bokoblins of Wind Waker as well… I could've mentioned that the TP Bokoblin had a string rope belt to hold up his baggy shorts. I could've even mentioned how the Skyward Sword model has a tongue, coloured very similar to the way the Deku Baba's is actually. I could go on for a very long time.

        Maybe I should've mentioned the dark green beadi-ness of the Twilight Princess Bokoblin though that's true, but in general it's just the fact that I was very bare boned with what I point out.

        It's more so pointing out how many additional elements have been added over the years. Things like earings, horns, changes in the over-all model. The fact that they bothered to give a red iris around the pupil though stands out… no bokoblin in the past had an iris.

        I also want to present and bring it up for discussion all three in plain view. Some people were absolutely outraged by the look of Skyward Sword and said things like;

        "Doesn't look like a Zelda game"
        "How cartoony, Zelda isn't cartoony at all"

        For me personally I don't feel as though Skyward Swords graphics are really that strange or different from past Zelda's, and this is really what I've tried to capture. That despite changes the Bokoblin (or Chu Chu, or Deky Baba) really still fits in the Zelda universe although it takes on various forms.

      • wayofthesheikah

        Agreed sugar, it really looks as though the Zelda team carefully took the time to detail exactly how they wanted the Bokoblins to look this time around in SS, probably because the new graphics engine allowed them to. To be honest, I didn't care too much for the TP Bokoblins (liked the Bulbins better, =p) and thought they could have been a bit more menacing and vibrant, but I really liked WW's Bokoblins since their design reflected the ocean setting they were placed in well.

        I'm still not completely sure if I like the new Bokoblins for SS or not, but I'll wait until the final game is released before I make a decision.

        • Chad

          Hey don't diss TheMaverickk he has put a lot of work into this and he doesn't even have to. YOU try looking at the different 3D models and picking out differences its more difficult than it looks.

  • freedom410

    The problem with this series is that it's called a "Comparative Study," which makes it sound official, objective, and analytical. It is none of those – rather, it's an argument on behalf of SS. The very fact that the series needs to argue that a Wii Zelda game has better graphics already proves that there is a problem…

    I just beat TP and I have to say, of all the enemies and graphical elements in the game, Bokoblin was the least impressive. I thought they looked like old women. By contrast, most of the other enemies were great, such as the lizards with skulls on their heads (and that Argorok dragon – wow!).

    So, I don't think the quality of the Bokoblin is representative of TP. I still like the realism of TP overall, but could accept some of the other SS character designs if they are improved before the game comes out (I think the SS Link is pretty good).


      I know, this is seriously pro SS. If i was to be chased by one of those three Bokoblins in a dark cellar, the most frightening would have to be the TP Bokoblin. Why? its just the most realistic one.

      SS Bokoblins are seriously the most non threatning thing ive ever seen.

    • TheMaverickk

      Just wanted to highlight this;
      "The very fact that the series needs to argue that a Wii Zelda game has better graphics already proves that there is a problem… "

      The actual issue to be argued though is that people assume that in order for something to have "better graphics" that it has to be more "realistic". Although having better graphics has nothing to do with realism.

      Graphics really is simply referring to the amount of detail or clarity perhaps in what we see. Something that is colourful can be just as graphically impressive as something that is realistic. It just seems to be the natural trend that people think in a very narrow "realism=better graphics" formula.

      Also at this point of time, all that can be compared is one to one. I mean it wouldn't be a very good comparison to say contrast a chu versus a Lizolfos. They are two different enemies with different levels of detail based on what they are.

      So the most accurate comparison is one that uses the same creature/character across games.

      • Very true, it's really sad when one of the main things people think about when they judge a "good" game versus a "bad" game is how realistic the graphics are. These same kinds of arguments were used when Wind Waker was first shown after people were spoiled by that "realistic" Space World 2000 Link/Ganondorf fight GCN demo. Just because cel-shading was used, people automatically thought the game was going to suck. But lo and behold, look at what happened: many fans came to love Wind Waker despite its graphic style.

        Again Nintendo is using another graphic style other than realism, but that doesn't necessarily mean fans shouldn't give SS a chance to prove itself. Just goes to show you how the mainstream gaming community nowadays has been spoiled/brainwashed into thinking that how realistic a game's graphics are almost automatically dictates how how good or bad it is.

        • freedom410

          Make no mistake – I fully plan to play SS as soon as it comes out. I think there's some potential with SS's art design (it's enough of a mix between TP and WW to give me some hope). I just don't think "unrealistic" or "cartoon" graphics convey the same sense of epic scale or emotional depth as Ocarina of Time or TP.

          • Oh yeah, I totally get what you're saying there, especially since I'm a sucker for stories with emotional depth and enthralling plots. I actually was one of those who loved TP's realism and was very disappointed and upset when I first saw SS's trailer. All I'm saying is give SS a chance to prove itself first, even if its graphics aren't exactly epic-looking.

            I didn't expect much out of Wind Waker in terms of a good plot and deep characters, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping SS will be similar in that regard.

        • TheMaverickk

          It's funny but "realistic" graphics never need any convincing. People buy into them regardless… I mean no one had to convince people that the Spaceworld Zelda game "looked good".

          When the first teaser of Twilight Princess was ever shown, people stood up and cheered… people see realism in video games and get excited without even thinking or criticizing. That teaser had some pretty bland open and empty plains where all Link did was ride horse across them… yet people were already sold.

          People's initial reaction to Wind Waker was atrocious… and reaction Skyward Swords was in the same vein (thankfully no where near as bad) and it really is because gamers are trained to believe that realistic visual styles are in some way superior.

          • Apexman13

            Its not just the realistic aspect, its the epic potential aspect. when you see TP's trailer, your mind is opened up to a great specter of imagination and a promising dark epic story. (although TP story pretty much failed.)

            It creates wider anticipation, more excitement and awesomeness. SS trailer is a gradual decline, from the design to the overall lack of story or music.

            not saying it WILL be bad, just saying my initial reaction is still lackluster. i am -to be simply put, unimpressed.

          • Haeil

            I agree. When I looked again at the first TP trailer a few weeks ago, I realized how bland it really was. It really didn't say much about the game (I'm pretty sure a lot of the footage wasn't even in the final TP). I loved the Skyward Sword trailer because it showed us what we were getting, even if it was just a very small portion. And I don't get people's fascination with realism. We're playing video games, not watching a movie!


    i also find it funny that not only do they have leapord prada, they have little sockies and boots on too!

    • Chad

      maybe their mommies still dress them up in the morning

  • It should be noted that the enemy designs haven't been confirmed as finalized or anything yet.. What we've seen in the demo may or may not be included in the game, and could just as well be changed or left unchanged. I'm pretty sure this is a good idea of what they'll look like, but there's always the chance..

  • LoZyMugglegater

    OK,the SS one is fat and is fat,has a huge nose,(what the heck is up with that?)and looks like he's trying way too hard to look threatening.He reminds me more of a chubby baby that bullys other,smaller babies.Seriously,he makes me feel disgraced to say I'm looking forward to this game.

    • Chad

      The Oni Demons in Japan which are what I think they're basing them off of all have giant noses

  • mario_master

    did some one say realistic and depth of the graphics of OoT? if anything this thing looks closer to that graphic style than tp besides why are we arguing we all know we are gonna buy it because of the gameplay and controls and from what i hear they are as smooth as a babies butt

  • The red things… look terrible. No matter how you cut it.

  • LoZSS

    i actually find this semi helpful/weird and annoying because i thought they were actually moblins. which moblins, in case people are actually getting them confused are the walking pig-like creatures who swung the lanterns and stuff in wind waker, and the giant things before the forest temple in OoT. So while i'm glad to know, it does dishearten me b/c they don't look at all like the previous bokoblins, but aw well. hopefull if the moblins do come back they will actually look good.

  • nobody

    maybe the SS bokoblins used to be real people 😮

    • Chad

      Yeah I'm wondering why they put my friends gramps in there

  • N64 Games FTW

    1) I thought that this series of posts was to examin the graphics to find out if Skyward Sword is graphically superiour to its predecessors…


    • N64 Games FTW

      OK, yes TP was Image-Mapped, meaning that they took an image and stretched it over/around a stickfigure…
      And yet SS actually has 3-D imaging, however…

      I would be perfectly fine if they Image-Mapped alittle…

      Sure its the lazy thing to do, however unless they start re-using graphics from past titles, and start from those instead of starting from scratch…

      I would prefer Twilight Princess Graphics, in my mind they fit far better with the Series then Windwaker graphics in Hyrule…

      (Windwaker graphics in Windwaker games fit though)

  • cuju

    I simply love the Skyward sword graphics. All the colours and the cheery feel of it all will probably make it much more enjoyable than Twilight princess. Seriously, I stopped playing when I got to the Lanyaru twilight for the fith time. It just made me feel so down, and that simply will not do! (old spice!!!)

  • TWE

    -Little booties on their feet
    -Chubby cheeks
    -Small, square mouths
    -Upright stance
    -Large eyes
    -Obnoxiously bright colored skin

    It looks like a first century barbarian merged with a basset hound painted with chili peppers.

  • Petra

    I've got high hopes!

  • brandon

    the new one is GAAAAAAY
    i hate this!
    bring back the old shape of them its too kiddish now!

  • smilyfce

    what i like about the TP design was it had a more "darker" feel to the game in my opinion but i do also like the cartoony feel in WW. i think they made skyward sword a bit too cartoony though

  • Thoren_Quill

    I don't like the new bokoblins because of a few reasons. They look absolutely ridiculous, they don't look very menacing, and they are hard to take seriously. Though they may be good for taking my anger out on. . .