We’re honestly shocked at how fast the Bank of Hyrule has raised $100 for our next contest – it feels like just yesterday that we were giving away a DSi to one lucky winner on ZU. But, lo and behold, the Bank of Hyrule returns several weeks later!

Unfortunately, it came up so fast that we didn’t even have time to get together our monthly staff brainstorming session. So we have no idea what we want to give away yet, or how we want to do so! But then it came to us – why not have you guys tell us what we should give away? You, the wonderful people who have helped make this next contest possible.

We want your suggestions. We’ve got $100 to spare, and we wanna hold this contest sometime in the next month. Submit your giveaway idea in the comments, and we’ll put the best ones in a poll for everyone to vote on. So don’t be shy – the comments are open, suggest away!

Don’t forget to factor into your suggestions that we’ve got to cover international shipping costs, mind you, so the actual cost of the giveaway item shouldn’t be more than about $70. Also don’t forget that we can have multiple prizes for first place, second place, etc.!

(If someone in the comments has already suggested your idea, reply to their comment with “Seconded” to show your support – don’t suggest the same thing twice!)