Whilst questing for Wisdom (interesting new news stories to bring to you lot) we stumbled across two items which – though not exactly newsworthy – are still rather interesting to the discerning Zelda fan.

Hyrule jewelry!

These are each made by the same Etsy artist which we discovered on our search, who goes by the name YellerCrakka (yellow cracker?) and are each exquisitely crafted.

Caughtcha, fairy!

Are you often low on hearts? Worried a Game Over is in your immediate future? Have no fear, Fairies-in-a-Bottle are here!

They come in purple, blue, yellow, pink, and red. . . so take your pick! Only when you fall flat on your face will the fairy escape the bottle and save your sorry behind.

You can view them all here.

Check out several other The Legend of Zelda-inspired necklaces and more after the jump!

Don't drink the yellow one!

Or perhaps you are quickwitted enough to not have to rely on such a failsafe?
Perhaps as soon as that one sound more annoying than “Hey! Listen!” – the beep-beep-beep letting you know your life is low – is enough to remind you that you need one of these!
These potions come in regular red, magical green, double-duty blue, enhancing purple, and even oil yellow. Have a look at them here.

Should you desire a mere pendant to remind you of the divine triangles from the Goddesses, a Triforce necklace may be just what you need. You can find it here.

May the (Tri)force be with you!

Also found on the same Etsy page is a set of Triforce earrings and Triforce necklace combo pack. Take a look at those here.

If you’re looking for some stars from Mario or various things from Metroid, check out their main page for random other game bling.

Source: YellerCrakka Etsy
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