Whilst questing for Wisdom (interesting new news stories to bring to you lot) we stumbled across two items which – though not exactly newsworthy – are still rather interesting to the discerning Zelda fan.

Hyrule jewelry!

These are each made by the same Etsy artist which we discovered on our search, who goes by the name YellerCrakka (yellow cracker?) and are each exquisitely crafted.

Caughtcha, fairy!

Are you often low on hearts? Worried a Game Over is in your immediate future? Have no fear, Fairies-in-a-Bottle are here!

They come in purple, blue, yellow, pink, and red. . . so take your pick! Only when you fall flat on your face will the fairy escape the bottle and save your sorry behind.

You can view them all here.

Check out several other The Legend of Zelda-inspired necklaces and more after the jump!

Don't drink the yellow one!

Or perhaps you are quickwitted enough to not have to rely on such a failsafe?
Perhaps as soon as that one sound more annoying than “Hey! Listen!” – the beep-beep-beep letting you know your life is low – is enough to remind you that you need one of these!
These potions come in regular red, magical green, double-duty blue, enhancing purple, and even oil yellow. Have a look at them here.

Should you desire a mere pendant to remind you of the divine triangles from the Goddesses, a Triforce necklace may be just what you need. You can find it here.

May the (Tri)force be with you!

Also found on the same Etsy page is a set of Triforce earrings and Triforce necklace combo pack. Take a look at those here.

If you’re looking for some stars from Mario or various things from Metroid, check out their main page for random other game bling.

Source: YellerCrakka Etsy
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  • Chainoftermina

    if I was a girl, I would so get that Triforce necklace….

    • If I were a girl I would get the fairy in the bottle!

    • Jack

      I would get it anyway!

      • hola

        I am a girl! but the fairy in a bottle necklace is sold out. <(-_-)>

        • Meralia

          So? Request one, he says he can make more 🙂 I'm going to!

          Wonder if this guy suddenly gets swamped with orders…

  • Pahb

    lol you dont need to be a girl to use that ^^, i would totally use it!

  • ZoraMikau

    you should be a salesman. 😛

    • That's exactly what I said when I first read it! 😀

      "But wait! There's more!"

      • I'll sell you some farmland in Misery Mire.

        • linkdude101

          How much? 😛

  • ben haddix

    shit if i was a girl i'd get all of it (o)_(o)

  • Matt

    LoL awesome pitching!

  • Nice timing. I bought one of the bottled fairies a few days ago. Waiting for it to arrive. 😛

  • michael12268

    I just bought the triforce one but now after looking at the pictures am dissapointed in them and trying to find a way to cancel the order. the triforce charm is as big as a dime, which is not very big. so I do not think it is worth it at all.

  • I already bought all of them but I actually will just keep them well I want get a set of Zelda collectable items!!! I saw many in ebay yesterday(I even saw a Link doll)but some of them are too expensive for me,well…..whatever…..you can even buy Link's tunic and Zelda's dress on ebay awesome!!!(but I would never wear)if you seen any Zelda nerds wearing Zelda custumes on halloween can you take a photo and put on the internet?

    • michael12268

      just look at my profile picture and you will see me wearing a Link costume!

  • Meralia

    Oh no, there appears to be quite a load of Zelda stuff on Etsy, I want I want… A fairy would be so fun! There are Ocarina pendants too, one of those would be pretty cool too… Or rupee earrings or…….. Why did you have to link this stuff? ^^' I shouldn't…

    • =[]= I just make these as collections……just like Link collect the golden bugs in Twilight Princess

  • Well, they all look pretty cool, but I'm not willing to shell out the $14.00 for the fairy, the medicines aren't Zelda-specific, and the Triforce isn't cool enough; it looks a little cheap. But, yeah, I think they all look pretty fun, and I may buy the fairy. …Not that I'd wear it.

  • linkdude101

    Off Topic, but…the funds in the Bank are up to $100! Contest Time!

  • linkdude101

    I hope they're giving away Zelda manga!

  • Curly Q

    omg I so want one!

  • Valdek

    epic, I would get the blue fairy in a bottle (if i got one, and I’m probably not) so then it could be Navi… and then i could send her “into is it a good idea to micro wave this?” and watch the fun 🙂

  • Uncreative

    Wow, those fairies are really neat.
    Would be hard to chose between Navi in a bottle and the traditional pink fairy, though.

  • kyule

    i want one sooooooooooooooooo badly

  • John

    Hey guys! A friend of mine started a store on etsy that are Zelda inspired too and I wanted to try and help her out. When she can sell something it means the world to her and I just like seeing her happy. Most of the things she has up right now are I suppose more suited for girls like a couple necklaces and earrings, like one thing that she made is a necklace with the three Spiritual Stones on it (the different Zelda games are one of her all time favorite games!). There's not a whole lot of stuff on there right now since she is hand making these things and is going to school and stuff but I'm hoping if she starts selling more stuff that it'll give her the motivation to make a lot more (and I'd love to just see what she makes next) Well here's the link to her store (http://www.etsy.com/people/mariemenagerie) and if anyone could repost this other places I'd be so grateful! Thanks!