Zelda Universe member Lint22, perhaps more commonly known as TheMaverickk (responsible for the beautiful album artwork from Essence of Lime), is at it again!

A while back we posted Part 1 of his Visual Examination series, which compared the Deku Baba model from Twilight Princess with the updated and altered version from Skyward Sword. He’s now back with another fantastic comparative study, and we can now compare the Red Chus between four Zelda titles.

Chu on this!

While the art styles are obviously dramatically different in each and divisive in terms of preference, one aspect can be determined as superior: which is a more graphically advanced model?

This study appears to show that the Skyward Sword’s Red Chus, while hearkening back to Majora’s Mask’s more cartoon-y model, seems to be a bit more advanced than Twilight Princess’. With opaque edges and a translucent center, trapped bubbles inside of the gel body, and a return of facial features, the Red Chu in Skyward Sword appears to take the cake.

Hit the jump for some more info about this series of comparisons!

In addition to this new comparison graphic, TheMaverickk has provided us with a bit of background information about him and this new series of comparisons, which he plans to continue:

With the recent news of Skyward Sword there was a lot of mixed reaction and outright rejection of the visual style. Some claiming that they wanted something more dark and mature like Majora’s Mask style or Twilight Princess. In either case I just felt that with these claims it felt like a good idea to actually take the time and evaluate differences and changes. Whether or not Skyward Sword was a step up or down graphically from it’s predecessors. Thus leading to this study.

I basically have limited to major console releases from the 3D generations though. I could’ve gone further back to the designs of say the Zols from the original Zelda titles, or the Buzzblobs even from Link to the Past for example. Yet figured I should simply focus on more current major Zelda console releases. Also omitting changes in terms of attributes… like how the Chu Chu’s from Twilight Princess can be split in two, and simply scooping up the remains instead of collecting drops in order to make the potion.

In either case this was the end result.

We’re very happy that TheMaverickk wants to show the world how Skyward Sword is actually advancing the series graphically, and can’t wait to see what he cooks up next. We also want to hear what you think! Sound off in the comments below!

  • phantom

    im glad someone is taking the time to convince the ignorant ppl of the superiority of the games graphics

    • phantom

      oh and first

    • JKLFDA

      I hate those ignorant people so much! With their OPINIONS and everything, they should just accept the graphics reguardless of how flat everything is and how cute and cuddly the enemies are! It shouldn't matter that they look even worse than a game that came out 6 years ago

  • Ryan

    You really don't need to post these, obviously a game exclusively for Wii is going to have better graphics than a game that was going to be exclusively for Gamecube. The only thing people don't like about the Skyward Sword graphics is that they are cell-shaded. I personally think they should live with it. It's about the gameplay.

    • Black Jack

      Twilight Princess' graphics were imporved for the Wii version. Those graphics are the ones being compared.

      • Frank

        No they weren't. By which I mean; I'm pretty sure you're mistaken. The only visual differences between the Wii and GC versions is that the Wii edition has widescreen support, all the models are flipped, and the HUD is different.

    • It's not cel-shaded. It's "impressionist."

  • Robert

    ooo, interesting! I am looking forward to the the games graphics! Seeing this, it seems it is indeed graphically superior.

  • Chad

    The new style is actually really cool only one thing is bothering me though. On the trailer link looks more cartoony than the rest of the game and he also appears to be a girl. I think that how link looked in the trailer is making people reject the impressionistic style altogether. I am hoping that the way he looks on the trailer is not the way he looks in the actual game and that the link on the trailer was just something they threw together fast for E3. For the next comparison can you compare the Links from different titles.

  • Tsubasa_Zero

    I'm a fan of Majora and of windwaker. They are my fave games..i don't care if it's cell-shaded, animated or anything in between as long as the gameplay is great (what every one expects of zelda) it will do great.

    • Majora16

      YES! Those are my favs too. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • Bendi

        memememememe,emmememememe toooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like TP too though… in fact i like all the zelda games ever they are all awesumm, but the cd-i ones were terrible XD

  • marcus

    next time you should do bokoblins, then Link.

  • …..

    I'm confused about the Skyward Sword version of it. Is it a Chu-Chu or a Gel

    on Zeldawiki it says it's a gel

    • Bendi

      i think zelda wiki says it's a zol i think but accually zols, gels and chuchus are basically the same thing… i love these XD

  • Zeldadudetp

    No matter which one is the most graphically superior, Majora's Mask's chu-chu still scare the crap out of me.

    • DUH

      completely agree with this. Its not the graphics, its the style .

  • You're trying to prove something that is completely moot. Yes, it's graphically superior.. But I think most of the complaints are directed at the art style.

    And TP's version looks far better, imo. (Design-wise)

    • Bendi

      no the tp verson dissapointed me it's just a retarded slug… XC
      but i love em' all!

  • Goro

    The Chu-chu in Skyward Sword is kinda creepy compared to the rest of them. Next, compared the Stalfos in SS with the ones from Twilight Princess.

    • Hah, I don't think *anything* is creepier than the one from TP <_<

      • Wind Waker re-deads- 'nuff said. Those things sounded like elephants and they… they had huge earrings and… and were scary .___.

        • X x7

          dead hand anyone? that thing made me scream when I was fighting it. When it grabbed me, I screamed, "LET ME GOOOO!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

          • Chainoftermina

            ok, obviously the scariest enemy in Zelda history has got to be the hand in the toilet. I mean, its a HAND in a TOILET. that wants paper……………..need I say more?!

          • But is that actually an enemy? I mean, it doesn't appear to pose any threat… : P

            All he wanted was paper :[

          • Chainoftermina

            okay, maybe I should have said the scariest NPC or something. Or scariest moment, or, whatever.

          • I dont remember that one. What was that in?
            I probably know but just im not remembering.

          • Frank

            Majora's Mask and OoA: http://zeldawiki.org/%3F%3F%3F

  • veeronic

    this I’m fine with really… just hope the moblins get… well…. nostrils.

  • Really?

    Oh wow! The graphics for a game designed for a more powerful console are superior?!?!? No FUCKING WAY!

  • …..

    i liked the WW Moblins they were funny can't wait to see what they look like

    • Dark Link

      They're BOKOBLINS!

      • KamenRiderLink

        there were moblins in Wind Waker. There were the big piggys with Naginatas, lamps, and skull necklaces. And they were funny to just watch. 😛

  • X x7

    I dont get why everyone is calling it a chuchu for the chuchu in SS, if on Zelda wiki its considered a bot. I dont know who to believe!

    • X x7

      or maybe it says its a zol or a gel. Whatever it is, it didnt say chuchu, so what is it? Lets just call it, the big red blob.

  • DUH

    Whats the point of this post? of course SS's graphics are going to be better when your considering resolution and such(it would be a fking miracle if they weren't). The issue here is the style of the graphics.

    • Yes, it's really a comparison of style and how the different styles contribute to the overall quality of the graphics. Perhaps the title is misleading – I'll remember that for the next installment. :]

  • Thareous33

    OK, the TP version looks way better this time, even though it just looks like a slug. Even so dull an enemy is sure to be the more annoying pest in the game. Also, I say it because I think the graphics from TP outmatch SS. 

    • Thoren_Quill

      I totally agree!

  • Dark Link

    I'm going to blow through $270.00 just to get the Wii, Wii Motion Plus, and play this awesome looking game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Black Jack

      Black Wii comes with ALL THAT and it's black for 200!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Yet another waste of time, what a dumb comparison really, you can't deny that SS has higher graphical power, it's made for the newest generation system, WE GET THAT!

    There's no getting around that, it's inarguable, all you can argue is art design choices

    Personally, I think Majora's Mask is the best looking of them all, it's got this creepy look to it, that smile is just very strange

    If SS looked like MM I wouldn't care, but SS really has too cut back on the incredibly plain and boring textures similar to Wind Waker, the textures on the MM chu chu are superior to WW and SS's and that's just pathetic

    Basically, if you're going to try a different art style fine, but don't be lazy about it! Get to work on putting some detail into those textures!

    Design is a big issue too though, MM's enemy design is great, by contrast, WW's chu chu looks like something out of Dora the Explorer

    HERE'S what SS should aim for in terms of graphics: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2369/2408785999_fb

    The enviornment, goo detailed textures with bright vibrant colors, if it looked like this I would have no beef with SS's graphics

    • Sanity's_Theif


      • It isn't a comparison of graphical power – it is a comparison of art style/design, the different details put into the models, etc. The comparison image makes that pretty clear, but perhaps you were mislead by the title.

        Anyway, it's a bit odd that you call this "dumb" and a "waste of time", then go on to give your own comparison opinions in response. : P Though I do appreciate your opinion! Very much, in fact. :]

        • Chad

          I don't know why you're saying it's a waste of time when TheMaverick took his own time to create it. It's actually really helpful and most of us wouldn't notice the a lot of the superior parts of the chu/zol/Big red blob we would look at it as another enemy placed into the game that we can fight. I think that the next time you decide to insult take some time to think about how other people would look at it and how much time it would take to create it.

        • Sanity's_Theif

          If that was your intention then my bad, but then it's still pretty pointless since it's a matter of taste and opinion, texture detail is one of the few things you can argue and WW and SS don't have it

          • Sanity's_Theif

            If you couldn't tell, my comparison was based what I find more arguable(texture detail), you took in some things that are more opinion based like return of facial features and saying it was better based on that

            And then this: "which is a more graphically advanced model?"

            When I read this, what I got from it is that you were asking which is more graphically superior in terms of power

    • Chad

      also you have to remember majora's mask was blocky and the walls looked even more painted and blurred than majora's mask now granted that was the second zelda 3D release but seriously you'e going to compare the Nintendo 64 graphics and style with the wii a console released like 8 years after nintendo 64? how does that sound accurate?

      • Chad

        I mean sky ward sword where I said the second majora's mask

      • Sanity's_Theif

        For the graphical power of that time, more effort was made to putting in good detailed textures, that's what I get when I compare MM to SS, SS could have very detailed textures, I wouldn't care about the new style so much if there was good detail in its looks

  • Asaph

    This seems pointless. What idiot argues that SS has worse graphics? It no doubt has better. It's the style that people are complaining about. I love the graphics, I think the game is pretty. But some of the designs are just…light-hearted. The dark atmosphere present in Ocarina and Majora are missed.

    • Chad

      Let's keep hoping that they use the dark impressionistic style more in the game.

  • TheMaverickk

    I should point out that there is actually no texture used in Majora's Mask ChuChu.

    Texture in 3D modeling usually refers strictly to the 2D image placed over the model to simulate an objects surface. In the case of the ChuChu Nintendo has used rendering effects to give the effect of gloss to each ChuChu.

    This is different in each game. In Majora's Mask the ChuChu is a solid model with transparency to allow you to see through it. Then they are painted shine spots on the body that rotate to always be on the right side of the ChuChu's body. There is no texture that is used. In terms of the Wind Waker Chu Chu there isn't even transparency let alone texture due to the cel-shading effect.

    If Skyward Sword the ChuChu is far from flat like the WindWaker ChuChu… if it were it wouldn't have bothered to be transparent. There's nothing lazy about details such as bubbles that float around within the goo of the ChuChu, or animated facial features (the dripping mouth reinforces the characteristics of this gelatinous monster) or detail to features such as the dark circles under the eyes and so forth.

    It's one thing to prefer the style of a certain game, but to call another style lazy simply on the basis that you didn't like the appearance really isn't justifiable. Aonuma has even stated in interviews that of all the graphical styles they've used, Wind Wakers was in fact the one that required the most work to do properly.

    • Chad

      Hey thanks for this comparison it's really helpful! Don't listen to the people that are saying it's a waste of time. If it's only one person that needs it then you should keep making them just to help that one person. Because in the end if it helps that one person its worth it.

  • This monster actually better fits the 'Gel' description than it fits being called a Chu.

    Gels were the creatures from Zelda 1 and Link's Awakening (and probably the Oracles) that split into two when you damaged them enough, and then the two smaller blobs latched onto you. These creatures in Skyward Sword behave like that, and Chus don't. This is a very common mistake lately.

    It's possible that they're gonna bridge these both into one creature with different iterations though, so maybe I'm overanalyzing it. They did it with the Zora, after all.

    • KamenRiderLink

      the Chus in TP split apart depening on how many Chus merged together.

      • Yeah, hence the last thing I was saying there. The Chus in TP are sort of the missing link between Gels and the more distinct Chus introduced in earlier games.

        • TheMaverickk

          Zols when slashed split into two Gels. They only appear in in the original Legend of Zelda.

          In Adventure of Link they don't split up, but come in different varieties, a red and blue, with the blue Gels being more durable and able to survive a series of sword attacks.

          In Link to the Past, Zols don't split in two when you slash them, they are simply weak slime enemies with eyes.

          Interestingly enough Zol is likely just a Japanese term applied to any slimy blob/gel like enemy or boss. Since many enemies from the Zelda series have Zol in their Japanese names. This is similar to how we have the terms "Stal" usually used in reference to skeletal creatures, "Helm" for any armored lizards, "Armos" for any statue type enemies… and so on.

          I know that on Zelda Wiki the Skyward Sword "Chu Chu" is actually under the Zol entry… although here on ZU it's called a Chu Chu in their SS section for enemies. I just when by ZU in this case.

          Judging from Nintendo's current naming trend though it's final name will likely be Chu or something along those lines.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I prefer Majora's Mask and Wind Waker's to the latter two. But, eh.

  • BigGoronHug

    Nice comparison of Chu chu Bastian got me thinking even more lol.

    Personally I would find it hard to fault the variety of styles presented in the previous games, which gives me confidence that SS shall be of no contrast, for one prominent reason : the graphics/sytle all match the game spec.

    for example comparing each game as follows


    Introduces Ganandorf and the change from youth to adult ; build up of evil to entire darkness



    New concept of Time running out. The moon a key feature of the game : rather creepy and peculiar



    Childhood link, vibrant and bright. Sets sail on the sea in order to find pieces of the triforce ( tingle features in the game lol)



    Brings a new sense of grown up link and evil returning to the zelda series after a change in style to wind waker. A new corrupt hyrule field


    Surely with the promise of SS being set in a darker time – before the OOT !- then the style should be in sync with the central themes thus in parallel with the appearance. Every other game has. Has it not ?

  • lifesavers2

    The SS chus may be more graphically superior to TP but I still like TP chus.
    They're wonderfully simpler.

    And I dont think ANYBODY is arguing that TP is graphically superior to SS but that they like the art style better.

    Me, I think I like TP more but I know SS is better. I can admit that SS is better unlike other people.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    Well,if you mean more graphicly advanced,then the SS chus are definitely better.But I think the TP chus are definitely more realistic.Due to the fact that they have no eyes and pretty much stay a blob,the TP chus definitely felt more like a creature that would actually exist,and to me that's better than good looking textures.

  • Solid Knight

    The Wind Waker Chu-Chus look and behave more like those green things in A Link to the Past.

  • mario_master

    hey people complaining about the style if they were to do a game with a tp style and better graphics the wii in no way what so ever handle it why do you people think tp was so short, easy, and had little to do nintendo would have to the same thing or have it the same length and have it glitcher than heck

    • Frank

      I really have no idea what you base that statement on. Have you seen Monster Hunter Tri? It's got a similar style to TP, though it uses higher res textures, higher poly models and takes advantage of some of the more advanced rendering the Wii has over the Gamecube, and it's a huge game to boot.

      You seem to have missed two key points in your statement:
      1 – Even though it's not equal to PS360, the Wii is more powerful than the Gamecube.
      2 – Wii discs can contain 6 x the amount of data as a GC disc.

  • dennis

    wind waker GFX is superior. always.


    Hell I'd even take dennis' statement a step further and have a remake of Windwaker for the 3DS, including Fire isle and Ice ring isle the way they were meant to be. Keep the DS a Windwaker series device and put the OOT remake on the Wii. 3D Windwaker remake would be badass….and look awesome.

  • I actually really like Skyward Sword's Chu! Nice comparison.

  • Thanks for the post. If you can't see the difference, then you probably aren't good enough to judge graphics in the first place.

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  • Kumonu

    Um, does anyone notice how Wind Waker’s Chu sort of resembles Cheese from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? xD

  • UltimaHedgie

    The issue isn't quality. The issue is style. They could've just as easily kept the more realistic look from Twilight Princess and STILL enhanced the graphical appearance. Either way, SS's art style is FAR superior to the Wind Waker's, but I still prefer TP to SS.

  • Thoren_Quill

    SS is graphically superior to TP, but I like TP's art style better. It seems more mature overall than SS.