Zelda Universe member Lint22, perhaps more commonly known as TheMaverickk (responsible for the beautiful album artwork from Essence of Lime), is at it again!

A while back we posted Part 1 of his Visual Examination series, which compared the Deku Baba model from Twilight Princess with the updated and altered version from Skyward Sword. He’s now back with another fantastic comparative study, and we can now compare the Red Chus between four Zelda titles.

Chu on this!

While the art styles are obviously dramatically different in each and divisive in terms of preference, one aspect can be determined as superior: which is a more graphically advanced model?

This study appears to show that the Skyward Sword’s Red Chus, while hearkening back to Majora’s Mask’s more cartoon-y model, seems to be a bit more advanced than Twilight Princess’. With opaque edges and a translucent center, trapped bubbles inside of the gel body, and a return of facial features, the Red Chu in Skyward Sword appears to take the cake.

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In addition to this new comparison graphic, TheMaverickk has provided us with a bit of background information about him and this new series of comparisons, which he plans to continue:

With the recent news of Skyward Sword there was a lot of mixed reaction and outright rejection of the visual style. Some claiming that they wanted something more dark and mature like Majora’s Mask style or Twilight Princess. In either case I just felt that with these claims it felt like a good idea to actually take the time and evaluate differences and changes. Whether or not Skyward Sword was a step up or down graphically from it’s predecessors. Thus leading to this study.

I basically have limited to major console releases from the 3D generations though. I could’ve gone further back to the designs of say the Zols from the original Zelda titles, or the Buzzblobs even from Link to the Past for example. Yet figured I should simply focus on more current major Zelda console releases. Also omitting changes in terms of attributes… like how the Chu Chu’s from Twilight Princess can be split in two, and simply scooping up the remains instead of collecting drops in order to make the potion.

In either case this was the end result.

We’re very happy that TheMaverickk wants to show the world how Skyward Sword is actually advancing the series graphically, and can’t wait to see what he cooks up next. We also want to hear what you think! Sound off in the comments below!