The title pretty much says it all here – our friends over at The Hylia had the fortune of actually going to E3 this year to catch Nintendo’s big unveiling of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and they’ve just published their footage from the show floor. After editing, it clocked in at twenty glorious minutes of footage!

Watch below, and just pretend that you were actually there.

  • maefreak

    I like how the yellow deku baba's change the direction you must swing your sword to defeat them. First video I've seen that showed this.


    5:10 -6:15 =EPIC FAIL poor girl.

  • Lightbringer

    some of those players failed at fighting, lol.

  • KingOfHeart

    So you can kill a deku baba from the vine, good to know.
    So that's what the player's death looks like.

    I wish I could of seen some more new footage like the world map.
    Or how about showing what the boss death looks like.

    No one likes using the other weapons like the whip, beetle, bow, or sling shot?
    Guess they just wanted to get the feel of the sword.

  • Tayo

    Wow, these people were really bad. It's like they were just trying to shake the wiimote like TP. Well, they spend like 20 seconds on one deku baba because they don't know how to hit it right.


    i have to admit the big dude was hilarious shaking his wiimote like crazy. -seemed to work too!

  • Dylan

    The camera likes like a huuuge pain and could get really annoying, I hope they find a way to fix that before release.

  • guest

    I strongly believe this will be the best Zelda since Ocarina of Time. Ocarina had an advantage over previous and latter Zeldas in that its immersion gimmick was being the first 3D Zelda. So people who played it at that time were drawn way in. The cell shading gimmick of Wind Waker wasnt for everyone (even though i personally loved it). Twilight Princess was epic but would have needed another full year or so of work to be as startlingly good as Ocarina seemed when it came out.

    Now that Nintendo can use the Wii motion plus to make player interactions with enemies and the environment the furthest it ever has in a Zelda game, they have a chance to blow peoples minds with this Zelda to the degree that Ocarina did. Take a look at the door concept: being able to hypnotize something by making a pattern with the wiimote. Im sure that there will be enemies or bosses that you have to hypnotize them while dodging attacks etc. Maybe even a two headed monster and you have to fight one head while hypnotizing the other or whatever. Pair that type of dynamic with the direction reliant sword swinging dynamic and you can make any enemy or obstacle fun and challenging in a unique way. Unique to other games as well as all previous Zeldas.

  • Thareous33

    Oh my gosh…now I know the meaning of "awe-inspiring." This game takes us to a new, complex world which looks unlike any Hyrule I have ever encountered. Of course, this was just a showing of the demo; it could not be part of the real feature at all. And I love the fact that they're keeping the sounds from TP, unless they are also a temporary addition. I must echo the words of the commenter above: this will be a game unique every other kind before, including its precedent titles.

    Man, I am so stoked!

  • Chainoftermina

    I think this might be the most acrobatic Link yet.

    Wow, even the way he dies seems more epic.

    that's weird, Link himself blinks red when he's low on health?

  • TuberNo1

    wow! i don't get it! have they never played a Zelda game before? i mean most of the didnt even know how to Z-target! and was it reeeeeally that hard to figure out that you have to slice the deku babas the way there mouth open?

  • lolo

    guy's chill out, This Zelda game's mechanic is much different from the previous ones we knew and loved, obviously people will have some getting used to to the new stuff in the game. Stop acting like your ALREADY professionals without having even PLAYED the game. >_>

  • Hetru

    I'm going to have fun chopping trees down.

  • Majora

    Wow. I think this will be the best Video game ever created.

    • Thareous33

      I know; I envy everyone who got to play it. >8]

      • Thareous33

        But I happy that they got to be there and experience something so great, which we'll be experiencing in a few short months. 😉

  • twilight 64

    twilifht princess is much betta im gutted 🙁

    • Dylan

      How can you even say that? Aside from the fact that Twilight Princess is trash, Skyward Sword hasn't even been released yet, it's not even done being made, you, my good friend, do not make sense.