We'd rather not discus these travesties.

When asked why we love Zelda – why we preorder, theorize, create fan art and fan fiction, and while away the hours on fan sites such as this one – our thoughts usually turn to our favorite games. As a fanbase, our favorite Zelda titles vary widely, from old to new, console to handheld and realistic to cel shaded. But when we look back at those particular titles that have become so deeply rooted in our hearts, there are a few games that will most likely not be there.

And a few instances in the history of our favorite franchise that we’d rather not remember at all.

Lucky for us, Gawker.TV has compiled a list of Link’s “three strikes” – those moments that weren’t exactly the finest of the series. Titled “The Legend of Zelda: Not as Awesome as You Remember”, it’s a light-hearted list – but I’d say it’s pretty accurate.

Source: Gawker.TV (Thanks to Anderson for the tip!)
  • X x7

    I hated that tv show I remember this stupid kid always watching it in 3rd grade during computer time and everyone crowded around and i was thinking, "god, its really not that great of a game!"

    • X x7

      i mean tv show not game

  • storngfan

    2nd comment

  • Anyone who says AoL sucks sucks.

    • Callin

      I think a lot of the people who say it's bad haven't played it. Either that, or they have a hard time explaining why they don't like it. Sidescrolling? So what? What's so bad about side-scrollers?

      AoL was the first one to really introduce some clever combat mechanics. Using the sword and shield, moving it up and down and sometimes having to turn around to block something from behind. Really makes you feel like you are just a boy and not some super warrior who can kill anything in one hit.

  • Thareous33

    This honestly made no sense… Is he speaking of the entire franchise or the series? Does he base the cartoons' cheesiness on all our precious games? If so, then he has no solid bedrock to place his foundation on. That is, I find his distaste for Zelda moot, irrelevant. Sure, I'll admit Link has some childish traits in certain games, but nothing compared to the series. So I simply cannot help but wonder…where is this coming from? Of course he has his right to opinions, as do well all.

  • X x7

    just asking, and I know that this has nothing to do with the topic, but does anyone know how Zelda universe can hire someone? I have a really good Idea for an article.

  • Chainoftermina

    I think they just said AoL sucked was so they had Three things to talk about. Because thats the rule of Zelda; everything comes in threes.

    • TheMaverickk

      or with baseball… it's 3 strikes and your out isn't that how it usually goes?

      That's what is implied in the article. Overall tone is somewhat to say that because of these things Zelda isn't quite as great as some people think.

      • Chainoftermina

        Yeah, I know I was just making a joke. Because Zelda has three of everything all the time, get it?

        and, really? Are these people so stupid that they think that these three measly things are enough to say that Zelda is a bad series? wow……just, wow.

        • TheMaverickk

          In all honesty it's not much of an article in the slightest. There's little writing… it's just a few blurbs put in.

          Little to no thought put into it. I'd chock this up into nothing more then internet rambling, not intelligible or convincing writing. CD-i Zelda obviously is the worst that worst can be and criticizing it for it's obvious faults is like pointing out that the dodongos dislike smoke.

  • toni

    wtf, why upload this article? its clearly a foolish and "inaccurate", first of all AoL dosent suck and the other 2 are non-canon.

  • Hydra

    Short article, and, other than perhaps number one (never played, so can't comment in full), I disagree whole-heartedly with its choices. Negative views of Zelda II automatically get a thumbs down from me. The game IS good if you can stand that it's different. Different does not equal bad. And the cartoon is MEANT to be kinda silly. This article does the cowardly thing by downrating what is popularly downrated despite the fact that many Zelda fans (especially those who don't care how popular something is) like Zelda II and/or the cartoon (and/or the CD-I games?). Zelda II is refreshingly difficult, too. Ah well.

    Definitely accurate indeed.

  • I love how there is little to no reasoning for everything….

  • James

    I do agree with the three things he chose, they are all the three worst things in the Zelda series, but I don't hate The Adventure Of Link, I still like that, although it's crap in comparison.

  • Matt

    Fellow fan boys/girls…
    No need to get worked up over a troll.
    Also, where did he say “This sucks so the entire series sucks!”

  • KJC

    Gawker.TV = Horse Manure reporting.

    Nothing to see here. Er, read here,

  • "I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorok!" XD As stupid and strange as that video is, I find it so incredibly amusing. I feel the same about the TV show- it's so poorly written and so terribly 1980's, but it's still so funny to watch.

  • Majora16

    Oh man… I love how Link is whistling and hitting on Zelda through a window while she's in a nighty and he's pantless.

  • Rew

    Epic fail for including Zelda II on such a list.

    If he needed a third strike for the series in addition to the cartoon series and Wand of Gamelon (I think the CD-i trilogy as a whole should've made the list, but I digress), Four Swords would've been a better pick than Zelda II. You can't even play it unless you buy a whole extra system and game cartridge and just happen to live within driving distance of another Zelda fan diehard enough to play such an obscure game.

    Zelda II is the ultimate challenge for the ultimate Zelda fan and a worthwhile game on its own terms. Meanwhile, the author of this article is making it look like he's been failing at that game since kindergarten. 😉

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