We'd rather not discus these travesties.

When asked why we love Zelda – why we preorder, theorize, create fan art and fan fiction, and while away the hours on fan sites such as this one – our thoughts usually turn to our favorite games. As a fanbase, our favorite Zelda titles vary widely, from old to new, console to handheld and realistic to cel shaded. But when we look back at those particular titles that have become so deeply rooted in our hearts, there are a few games that will most likely not be there.

And a few instances in the history of our favorite franchise that we’d rather not remember at all.

Lucky for us, Gawker.TV has compiled a list of Link’s “three strikes” – those moments that weren’t exactly the finest of the series. Titled “The Legend of Zelda: Not as Awesome as You Remember”, it’s a light-hearted list – but I’d say it’s pretty accurate.

Source: Gawker.TV (Thanks to Anderson for the tip!)