"Let's give Link pink hair again."

Aonuma, Aonuma, Aonuma!

It seems we have interviews with Eiji Aonuma coming out our ears! NZGamer’s, however, is one of the more interesting. It covers everything from Aonuma’s favorite Zelda game (Ocarina of Time still holds a special place in his heart, being the first Zelda game on which he worked) to his own life experiences that have made their way into the games. He also discussed why trying to surpass Ocarina of Time, while always his goal, is admittedly probably a fruitless endeavor.

Yet what remains the most interesting part of the interview is his full description of the story of Skyward Sword.

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Skydiving to Hyrule

Mr. Aonuma has described Skyward Sword’s story in other interviews and at the E3 Roundtable, but this time around we get a lot more details and it comes out in a much more clear and concise way.

For instance, I think many of us were assuming Skyloft (this new Link’s homeland) was one singular floating island. Not so! Eiji explains that Skyloft is “a series of floating islands above the clouds.” I’m sure we can expect a lot of exploration and “island hopping” from one to another, with some only accessable from the world below and some parts of Hyrule only accessable from certain floating islands.

Another interesting tidbit is about the Skyward Sword itself, wherein he clears up what many of us have already guessed but has not been confirmed: how and why the human female figure becomes the sword and vice versa. He explained it in this way:

“The thing that leads Link on in his adventure and guides him is the titular sword – the Skyward Sword. When the sword is leading Link and helping him do things, it actually transforms into a human figure. [In] the artwork revealed at E3 last year, that was the figure that was in that artwork. So basically the story evolves in his travelling from Skyloft to the land below, and back and forth, as he is lead by the Skyward Sword.”

He goes on to explain that as the game progresses the story of how Hyrule came to be ruled by the evil forces is revealed. If you’re as excited as we are, you probably are eager to witness the unfolding of that story as well!

The whole interview is a very good read, full of interesting new bits here and there. You can find it at NZGamer’s site.

Source: NZGamer (via GoNintendo)