"Let's give Link pink hair again."

Aonuma, Aonuma, Aonuma!

It seems we have interviews with Eiji Aonuma coming out our ears! NZGamer’s, however, is one of the more interesting. It covers everything from Aonuma’s favorite Zelda game (Ocarina of Time still holds a special place in his heart, being the first Zelda game on which he worked) to his own life experiences that have made their way into the games. He also discussed why trying to surpass Ocarina of Time, while always his goal, is admittedly probably a fruitless endeavor.

Yet what remains the most interesting part of the interview is his full description of the story of Skyward Sword.

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Skydiving to Hyrule

Mr. Aonuma has described Skyward Sword’s story in other interviews and at the E3 Roundtable, but this time around we get a lot more details and it comes out in a much more clear and concise way.

For instance, I think many of us were assuming Skyloft (this new Link’s homeland) was one singular floating island. Not so! Eiji explains that Skyloft is “a series of floating islands above the clouds.” I’m sure we can expect a lot of exploration and “island hopping” from one to another, with some only accessable from the world below and some parts of Hyrule only accessable from certain floating islands.

Another interesting tidbit is about the Skyward Sword itself, wherein he clears up what many of us have already guessed but has not been confirmed: how and why the human female figure becomes the sword and vice versa. He explained it in this way:

“The thing that leads Link on in his adventure and guides him is the titular sword – the Skyward Sword. When the sword is leading Link and helping him do things, it actually transforms into a human figure. [In] the artwork revealed at E3 last year, that was the figure that was in that artwork. So basically the story evolves in his travelling from Skyloft to the land below, and back and forth, as he is lead by the Skyward Sword.”

He goes on to explain that as the game progresses the story of how Hyrule came to be ruled by the evil forces is revealed. If you’re as excited as we are, you probably are eager to witness the unfolding of that story as well!

The whole interview is a very good read, full of interesting new bits here and there. You can find it at NZGamer’s site.

Source: NZGamer (via GoNintendo)
  • apexman13

    seems like my theory was right!


  • Arin

    seems like twilight princess hinted at this with the city in the sky. I'm stoked now!

    • LuX

      Alot of Zelda games have featured a world above the clouds.

      • Like Minish Cap 😀 But I think that Twilight Princess made the world above the clouds a little more memorable with Ooccoo, the Oocca and the Dominion Rod 🙂 Can't wait for Skyward Sword!! 😀

        • marcus

          if you think alien chickens are memoriable…

          • LoverOfLegend

            Yes, Yes they are.

  • TheMaverickk

    My guess is the Skyward Sword then will behave and operate on the template that Midna set up.

    Much like how Midna was slip into Link's shadow, and then reveal herself as needed. So I'm guessing the Skyward Sword will take on her human form whenever the player needs advice, or the story calls for it.

    It's neat to see how they evolve Zelda, taking ideas from one, to the next and pushing them further. The bit about Skyloft being a series of islands isn't surprising though, I assumed as much myself considering the description they gave about how Link must travel back and forth between Skyloft and Hyrule repeatedly throughout the game.

  • This seems to have proven many theories on the girl's behavior correct! I saw that a lot of people speculated that she would resume her "human" shape when she was helping Link and when he was not in danger. It's going to be weird, though, not having a sword to call upon every second that you want it.

  • apexman13

    Gorons are back then? it said in the interview about characters and how they tie into the story and Aonuma mentioned Gorons so..

  • A series of floating islands over the clouds? And both can be explored?
    Now that sounds awesome. I guess that means we technically have two new worlds to explore…

    ("How Hyrule came to ruled by evil"… still think Vaati is behind this. :P)

    • linkdude101

      Totally. (Or at least hopefully 🙂 )

    • LuX

      That would be interesting 3D Vaati, but when we loook at Vaati's origin it is with the four sword and minish cap, in Hyrule. So assuming that the land below skyloft is some sort of Hyrule before Hyrule this would also imply no Zelda (as in princess, how can she be the princess of a land that is not yet inhabited by Hylians?) And assuming that the land is habitable, why is it that there are clearly still Hylians in Skyloft? (Link, we are lead to assume is from skyloft in this game and he IS Hylian 😛 ) so this gives us three possibilities for Princess Zelda and the Royal family.
      1. This game predates the Hyrule Royal family.
      2. This game shows the start of the Royal family and Hylians migration to Hyrule.
      3. This is set just after the migration to Hyrule, where Skyloft Hylians and Hyrule Hylians co-exist.

      Now back to Vaati because his first incarntion is in the Minish cap, set in Hyrule it's safe to assume Vaati does not exist yet, and neither does Ganondorf … thats right I'm suggesting a completely different foe. It's not impossible to imagine it has happened before and with great success.
      Now what form this foe may take is completly open to any number of speculations, how about Link is the new royal families chief guard and there is an opposing family of Hylians trying to procure Hyrule for themselves, and the enemy would in-fact be Hylian? (again this is sheere specualtion anything could happen with the idea of an empty slot for the new bad-guy)

      Now I know theres a fourth option you clever 'n's will of figured out, what if there is a royal family in Skyloft? It seems unlikely, I mean when Britain had there huge ass empire, the royal family stayed in Britain, as did Rome/Italy or any other empire so it seems strange that a company like Nintendo would throw together a plot that makes little sense. But I hear you again, what if the Oocca are 'evicting' the Hylians, this again is another valid possibility the Oocca having 'possibly' created the Hylians, now wanting to see them stand on there own two feet, but then why would there be a Royal Family for Hylians when the Oocca are still there? Again there is so little details this is speculation from what we know, and from what we know leads us too many different scenarios but it does point out some extra facts that we may not of though about. Also maybe we will see a pre-evolved form (A bit Pokemon I know lol) of the Oocca?

      Now one more theory I promise, what if there is an issue with Skyloft? What if it's 'falling'? What if the Hylians have got to get out of there and sharpish? What if Lake Hylia was originally a crater from when an Island of Skyloft fell? What if Death Mountain is an Island that fell? What if Hyrule is populated only by the enemies we know and love to hate? And all the races we just love live in Skyloft?

      I know alot of if's and and's but these are just my thoughts and to sum up my prediction and straying away from speculation to what I believe to be true is this. I think there is going to be a new foe, one that requires the creation of the Master Sword the Sword of Evil's bane. Maybe this Evil is Ganon the very first incarnation of him. But with the events of Ocarina of Time it would suggest otherwise. As for the plot of the two lands, I'm at a loss there is too much choice and speculation the same applies to the Royal family, although I do believe we will see the start of the Royal family towards the end if not the end of the game, so maybe we will get a Tetra like Princess who is not yet a Princess, who knows.

      One last point to make, all of my speculation and theory can of course be null and void, if there is no REAL Timeline. What if Zelda is a collection of stories, myths, fables, Legends? What if none of it is actually real? What if it's some old guy telling his grandkids the story of David and Goliath so to speak?

      Either way I think Skyward Sword looks gorgeous, absolutelty stunning and will be an amazing game eany wich way, because after all it's Zelda and it's what were all here for :D.

      P.S. Thanks to anyone who read through this essay lol, I hope you leave some replies on you own thoughts love to hear em :D.

      • "One last point to make, all of my speculation and theory can of course be null and void, if there is no REAL Timeline. What if Zelda is a collection of stories, myths, fables, Legends? What if none of it is actually real? What if it's some old guy telling his grandkids the story of David and Goliath so to speak?"

        This is why it's called The Legend of Zelda, and this is why the games' stories don't fit together well. Link, Zelda, and Ganon are archetypes in Hylian folklore. We have a bunch of stories about different guys who played the role of Link.

    • ThePokeZeldaMaster

      yeah it would be awesome to see 3D Vaati

      • waventura

        What about Agahnim?

  • Musky Melon

    So the game builds on the backstory of the Twilight Realm with Link fighting the evil magic users pre-Twilight Realm?

  • arkazain

    What does this mean:
    [In] the artwork revealed at E3 last year

    Why is the "in" in brackets?

    • Zelda4ever

      It means he didn't say it, that it was implied. Sometimes newspapers, magazines, etc. will put the implied words in so no one gets confused. (How they would get confused, I don't know. They just do.)

  • GenoKID

    I guess this makes sense, having Skyloft the way it is. Skyloft might be the name of only just Link's town in the sky. But it explains what Miyamoto said about the dungeon/field/dungeon framework is changed, at least partially. It involves the sky (safe haven), the ground (dangerous unfamiliar territory), and dungeons (dungeons). The points about the Skyward Sword only make sense, I suppose.

  • Wolflink12

    I don't think the sky will be a "safe haven" GenoKID, the demo at E3 supposedly took place in part of skyloft, and it was filled with enemies.

    • But remember that article earlier that said the demo dungeon might not be in the game at all?

  • I suspect in traditional Zelda fashion, Skyloft will have been devoid of enemies and then somehow the evil that has overrun Hyrule will find a way into Skyloft, causing Link to go down and defeat it at its source, thereby discovering that ala Wind Waker, the evil had been sealed down below and people had been moved onto the safety of the floating islands.

    Or something. 😀

  • James

    I would like to say that I told you so that the picture was the sword. And if the skyward sword becomes the master sword, I told you so more.

    • The Juggernaut

      The Skyward Sword does become the Master Sword, and I hate to break it to you, but a whole lot of other people thought that the girl in the artwork was the sword; actually, that was the main theory about the whole picture.

    • Dawnfire

      That was the leading theory from day 1. Quite a few people came to that conclusion right away.

  • Ryan

    Don't act like you're smarter than everyone James, most everyone thought the girl standing next to Link in the picture was the master sword. And since Nintendo announced the title of the game, most people thought that the skyward sword would become the master sword.

    I'm really wondering what kind of personality she (the master sword) will have. Will she be all business and no personality like the King of Red Lions or have some depth and a good sense of humor like Midna? Midna and Link really seemed like they were developing a strong friendship as the game went on and it helped drive the story in Twilight Princess. I hope the connection is this game between Link and the skyward (master sword) is done really well and I highly anticipate what kind of personality the master sword will have. This aspect of the game has me really intrigued.

    • I guess she will be more Midna-like because she will eventually become a lifeless object, so this means farewell. So this would be a good "opportunity" to allow emotions to develop so the relationship between Link and her would be emotional just like the relationship with Midna. And actually when Midna eventually left Hyrule, which meant farewell as well, everyone was sad so basically this is the same affair. So I believe the Link/Sword-relationship will be similar to the Link/Midna-relationship. Maybe the sword has a different character but it still will be such an emotional relationship.

  • 209116032

    Bastian, I agree with you I think that maybe Link going to Hyrule in the first place might open up a gateway so that monsters from below the clouds could reach Skyloft territory. This would be similar to how, in Ocarina of Time, Link staying in the Temple of Time for seven years allowed Ganondorf to access the triforce and whatnot. This all seems very plausable.

  • Thareous33

    I seem to recall an article stating that Link living high on a mountainside… Of course this was around the E3 period, but does anyone else remember this?

    Anyway, I am actually glad Skyloft is a group of islands floating about the wild blue yonder. This is sort of reminiscent of the Hallelujah Mountains off Avatar. I am very excited because of this…going between Hyrule and Skyloft! This could very well be my new favorite Zelda game. Heck, who knows, maybe even the best one of all time? ;-]

  • Orgaya

    …Well, now I'm just confused… If this game is indeed before OOT, and Link's green tunic was actually the attire of the Kokiri… how does this Link get a green tunic? Are the Kokiri descendants of the Skyloft people? Wouldn't that be mildly interesting. Also, if the Skyward Sword turns into the Master Sword, does this mean this game will also show the blade's origins? And even more so… how did a sentient, travelling blade turn into the bane of all evil? Also, why does the sentient form of the sword resemble the Queen of Fairies? Surely this cannot be a mere coincidence; perhaps the fairies are actually descendants of the Skyward Sword? If so, that would make this game a helluva lot more interesting.

  • James

    Why is it whenever I read a story by Bastian, there's always sentences that say "More after the jump!"

    It's weird

    • Thareous33

      Because Bastian likes to write in a way which keep us in suspense. Oftentimes he preludes the article with only tidbits of the lowdown, then unleashes the full story in a thrilling disclosure. This is sort of his trademark, making fans, or at least me, think–"Oh, no, another elusive opening by Bastian. I wish he'd just get to the point." But you know what, in the end, it is really worth it.

      Keep doing what you do, Bast. ;-D

      • Hahahaha!! Keep doing what you do best, Bast! XD


        • Thareous33

          No prob; I see how the two can be confused.

      • Ha! You're on to me!

    • We only post the first parts of longer news stories on the front page and then provide that button/link ("the jump") for people to click to reach the rest of the news story. I'm too lazy to think up clever ways each time to indicate that people should click that. Sorry. 😀

  • Chainoftermina

    actually, I think I already read somewhere that Skyloft was a bunch of islands. I wonder how they get from island to island. Are they just connected by bridges or is there a more creative way? Oh, and one of these Floating Islands wouldn't happen to have a giant mystical Emerald and a cranky echidna on it, would it? (hehehe, sorry, couldn't resist)

    • TheMaverickk

      I'd gather that if there is a flying aspect to the game as Aonuma has hinted at… then perhaps people who live on the islands travel by air in some fashion. There's also the possibility that the islands aren't even aware of each other.

      Still it's cool because traversing the entire world in this game means hopping between to the two realms.

      • Chainoftermina

        yeah, I guess that makes sense. maybe they have airplane-like ferries or something. or maybe there will be a modified version of the Deku Leaf. i guess the sky's the limit………..okay, I'm done with the stupid puns now, but that one was an accidental, I swear.

        switching between realms has always been a Zelda favorite, and I too am looking forward to doing it again. I think the last time the "other realm" was the same size as normal Hyrule was in OoT, I can't wait.

    • Alex

      Yeah, go sonic. But yeah, that would crack EVEYONE up.

  • #1zeldafan

    It seems i got some of that right with my plot summary about skyward sword,hurray for me:)

  • Matt


  • Michael

    Thanks Orgaya for all that interesting speculation – now I've got all sorts of hopes and suspicions for SS's significance in the Zelda's continuity.

    Anyway, it's safe to say we won't be battling my favorite pig sorcerer this time around. His first incarnation….wasn't born yet(FFFFFUU).

    But if OoT explained the beginnings of Ganon – an "evil incarnation of darkness," and SS explains the creation of the MS, the sword of "evil's bane," the head honcho in SS must be the ORIGINAL manifestation of darkness! It's common sense, right (unless the sword won't "sparkle" with the sages' endowed power until a sequel)? This story might (hopefully) involve the ancient dark interlopers discussed in TP. I'm not a Zelda pro, but I don't see any timeline issues with that (for now).

    TP talked about Hyrules' beginnings and explained "for ages, the people lived at ease, content in mind and body…But soon, word of the sacred realm spread through Hyrule, and a great battle ensued..Among those living in the light, interlopers who excelled at magic appeared."

    So, maybe I won't miss Ganon after all – I'd be pretty happy battling the original interlopers and their attempts to dominate Hyrule with shadow sorcery. Maybe each interloper examines a Hyrule citizen, takes their form, and kills their victim to blend in society and continue their dark designs? Once one tries their hand at Link, shit "gets real," I suppose?

    I can see it now…
    You're in a town, and a salesman walks toward you and greets you….only to chuckle and stab you. Everyone around you could be an interloper. Of course, that would mean npcs take more proactive roles (literally and figuratively) in the game, which would be better anyway. Hyrule would be undergoing terrorism, basically. Traveling in cities would be more exciting and unpredictable. That would be EPIC. It won't happen, but a clash between colorful graphics and unpredictable menace in one game could only be awesome.

    Here's to hoping we don't get another Zant/Onox/one-trick pony for a main villain!

    • Alex

      Hey the picori may be up there too

  • Chris

    All I have to say is…
    This is the first true Wii Zelda, which means it will (most likely!) be the best Zelda experience yet….new system=EPIC!

  • lofty

    Skyloft is as i expected. It is Skyward Sword's ocean/island mechanic from Wind Waker. So basically the sky is Wind Waker-esque and the ground is like Ocarina (walking around on land etc as usual). I was hoping for this the second they said there was a sky portion of the game. Because i think everyone will agree that exploring an ocean is great, but not if its the only thing you ever do. This will be the best of both worlds. Good job Nintendo.

    • TheMaverickk

      If they have a boat with wings… that would be pretty top notch… maybe even Red Lion-esque.

      I think it's a safe bet to say that late in the game you will be given full freedom to fly through the sky. Much like other games in the past like Final Fantasy or Tales of Symphonia where you are given the ability to travel by air when it comes down to speeding up the travel pace and allowing access to those last hard to reach locations on the map.

      In any case if you get to fight air monsters while flying through the clouds that would be cool too. Cloud Sharks perhaps (like the gyorgs of the great sea, or the sand sharks of Spirit Tracks)? Maybe a dragon or two populate the skies? I can't wait…. hopefully they give us another trailer and a release date soon.

  • Mood

    So much for a mature Zelda Nintendo…

    • TheMaverickk

      By Mature do you mean dark and moody? Blood and gore? Seriously maturity usually has nothing to do with such things.

      Nintendo has at least stuck to their guns and kept their vision of what Zelda is similar to when they first created it. As opposed to caving to the masses of fickle fans who change what they want from video games on a regular basis.

      If you haven't played the game you wouldn't know if the game is "mature" or not.

    • I think most people want to stick with just as much blood and gore as in TP…
      (which is alot, if you count Morpheel, the water temple boss)
      Has anyone noticed there is more blood in TP than in Halo?

    • pubsuk

      Good. Good riddance of fans like you. Zelda has never been dark comparatively, and never will be. There are occasional elements of "dark" nature in Zelda games, but thats about it. And honestly id love to see many fans drop off completely just because Zelda is looking and playing like Gears of War. If you want a Gears of War Zelda, then you are a disease to the player pool and need to be amputated from it so the rest of us can survive. Its sickening to see Nintendo time after time give us brilliance and people just whine like moronic babies about what the game "should" have been, when basically what they are asking for are things that would make Zeldas SUCK and be just like any other game. Want a HARDCORE EXTREME Zelda? GTFO.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        I couldn't agree more with TheMaverickk and pubsuk.

        For those of you who are wanting a more bloody, darker, more vile Zelda, go to another system for Pete's sake. Miyamoto has made it clear that Zelda will never conform to be like what the other games out there are. He has set the Legend apart for a reason, and that's why it has such a strong fan base, which consists of a wide variety of lovers. From kids around the age of 8 to fans who have known Zelda from the start like Robin Williams or Jimmy Fallon, Zelda has been there for them one way or another. If Zelda is going to change to be like the others, then what is so special about it anymore? Being set apart isn't something to shun from, but rather be proud of. And, Zelda has the right to be proud because it's definitely the greatest and strongest game series in video gaming history. The music, the graphics, the gameplay, the characters, the storyline, and the presence is what makes Zelda, Zelda. Don't go trying to change it and demean it from what it has the potential to be.

        Zelda has always been known to be strong in it's wide range of fans, and Miyamoto will make sure that it will continue to be known for that. And, if that is a problem with you, then just leave Zelda alone.

    • Christopher

      You know, I played TP and I didn't see a single drop of blood. And I keep playing it and see…nothing! Where is this blood? It's just maddening that I can't see it!
      As for mature, that wouldn't work with Zelda. They tried it in TP, and the result was that it wasn't as fun. Things were too gritty and real, so that if you were to put in something that would work with the others, it would feel out of place. However, I did like the Zora Armor. And Links village is one of my favorite bits. Sometimes I wish there could be like and afterplay so you could help around the village. I guess thats a bit silly.

  • Phantom7

    Wow, the story actually reminds me of WW, how Link lived above the Great Sea and travels back and forth between the Great Sea and Hyrule and how he discovers Hyrule's fate as he travels.

    • Thareous33

      Yes, it appears that just as Twilight Princess derived from Ocarina of Time, so Skyward Sword will take after Wind Waker. I hope this does not become typical with Nintendo, because their best games have been accomplished through the usages of originality and ingenuity. May it be that they always maintain a sense of them both.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually they are taking probably one of the best elements from Wind Waker.

      I'm sure most people would agree that one of the most exciting moments in the entire game was going down and discovering the original Hyrule… seeing it in a new light and form. Sadly this made an incredibly small fraction of the entire game (although technically the Earth and Wind Temple are supposedly underneath in Hyrule, but only accessible from certain points in the ocean).

      It's neat that they would expand on that feeling. The wonder of seeing a new world, and the excitement of rediscovering a familiar land. This will indeed be a great Zelda.

  • Ginner

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Skyward Sword and the Master Sword are two different weapons? Because wasn't the Master Sword forged in A Link To The Past's timeline? So if Ocarina of Time is regarded as the first in the timeline because the seal was broken and the master sword was made in A Link To The Pasts timeline? Where the hell does that leave Skyward Sword/Master Sword? My brain hurts.

  • Hettman

    I'm a little doubtfull how much they can really add on to the zelda series, phantom hourglass and spirit tracks were a disapointment for me and the reason is simply this: The story line wasn't that strong and for my opinoin the bosses were a total joke, laughably so easy to beat!

    I am really worried on how SS will turn out cause based so far on the preview its back to the old wii gimicks and somewhat lazy cell shading art,
    but I'll wait until its released before I pass judgement on it!

    • TheMaverickk

      Cell shading is not lazy actually… it actually more demanding on technology to produce and for it to work right. It's hardly mentioned but the development of Wind Wakers graphics took more work then Twilight Princess';

      First line in the "Graphics" section of the article details it. Also I'm guessing you haven't noticed the higher increase to the detail of polygonal models or the special textures or surface effects like iridescence. Graphically speaking Skyward Sword is by a long shot already superior to Twilight Princess.

      Considering that that enemies can't simply be defeating by button mashing like past Zelda titles I think the difficulty will be a step up. Mind you Zelda has always been about accessibility… not about frustrating players.

      As long as the experience is fresh I'm going to be satisfied.

  • sweeds r c00l

    This keeps getting WORSE AND WORSE

    Do they not understand I wanted a Hyrule to run around in freely, like OoT, ALttP.

    This whole i need to jump around the sky to see Hyrule is dumb.

    • Haeil

      Yes, because when they were sitting around developing this game, they were trying to specifically understand what YOU wanted. I'm sure that when Miyamoto suggested implementing island hopping, that Aonuma stood up and said "No way, Mr. Sweeds r cool just wants a Hyrule to run around in freely." I'm also sure that it was a difficult desicion to go against your wishes, and that you'll be receiving a gift basket in apology any day now.

      • Shadow Darkman

        And with that rebuttal, sir, you have just won my respect.

  • haydenluker

    alright.. one thing that has had me thinking for a good while is the bird on link's shields.. its painted on almost everyone of them in every game in more ways than one. could it be an ancient symbol for transportation? perhaps to and from skyloft and the land below.

  • Aeolus

    I have a feeling the triforce will be heavily involved this time around (not that it always isn't). The logo for the game has the triforce above it. It doesn't usually does it? It would make sense that the first story in the series revolves around the triforce right? It is completely untouched at this point I think….

    I'm kind of annoyed that the girl actually turns into a sword… but its ok, ill get over it, this looks like its going to be my new favorite. Just look at that picture up there! Its BEAUTIFUL!

  • loool at this

    to tell the truth i like the game and all, but i was kinda hoping for a magical instrument that helped you along, and not like the "spirit pipes" in ST but a instrument that really helps. one that can help you in alot of places and even battle like OOT. i mean the sword is the focus and is kl, but using the sword u wield (a really important weapon anyway) as the focus really does take away from the game. TP = wolf+Sword, OOT = Ocorina+sword, WW = Wind waker + boat +sword, MM = Mask + Sword, ST = Train + sword, PH= Hourglass + Sword…….. and then SS= Sword + ……oh wait its just Sword. (only used 3D games, u get my point.)

    • Haeil

      I get what you're saying, but give it time. We don't even know what the world below Skyloft is like, and there are several items that we haven't seen. This storyline is definitely far from finished.

  • Shadow Darkman

    “a series of floating islands above the clouds.”

    Out of everyone here that has played Chrono Trigger (which is probably only me), am I the only one to think of the land of Zeal from that game when they read this?

    • Eru

      That was my first thought when I heard this xD

  • Michael

    Good point, Aeolus. Since the Triforce has never been in the actual logo since now, it may be significant in the game. Like I've said before, SS may revolve around the original manifestation of darkness (predating Ganondorf) in Hyrule.

    Now that you mention it, this game COULD involve Ganon after all. Because Ganon isn't neccesarily Ganondorf, and is simply an evil demon spirit, SS can explain its origin (rather than the origin of the man that typically vessels the spirit).

    Prior to ALttP, Ganondorf raided the Sacred Realm and became Ganon. Why? How did that entity get to the realm, and why is it related to the Triforce? Unless any of the games implied Ganon's actual origin (and not just how it got mixed with Ganondorf), I can see another potential plot here.

    I really don't think SS will care about Ganon at all, but who knows. It IS the about the Master Sword (Ganon's timeless buddy) after all. What LoZ evil could be so powerful as to require its own rival sword BESIDES Ganon?

  • michael wills

    there is a very small pocket of zelda fans who dont want ganondorf to appear what about ganon the monster maybe it could tell the origin of the master sword and ganon

  • Dirkdcpp

    Maybe the dark interlopers make a pact with the Gerudo which makes Ganon learn some of their magic?

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