Is this place for real?

There has been a great deal of talk and speculation about the landscape featured in the E3 demo of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Many people were surprised to see such large mushrooms in Hyrule (which is interesting as the demo seemed to take place in Skyloft, not Hyrule). Many people expressed confusion at seeing doors in the side of hills rather than buildings, and so on.

However, many of us have taken for granted the fact that this is an actual dungeon or playable area in Skyward Sword. Not so, says IGN. In their most recent podcast they claim the E3 demo was E3-exclusive and will not appear in the Zelda title.

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One of the IGN podcast presenters had this to say: “What we played at E3 is not going to be in the game; they just like created a sandbox for us to test out a boss battle and certain exploration.” He followed this up with: “All we saw was a sandbox of concepts.”

Keep in mind that he did not qualify this with any sort of Nintendo source; he did not say that he got this info from Aonuma or Miyamoto. He may very well have, but he did not say so in the podcast. Also, he was the same individual who later in the podcast insisted that he was “absolutely convinced that the 3D portion of the 3DS was added at the last minute.” We know this to be entirely incorrect as Miyamoto himself said that the 3D feature has been in development for a very, very long time. So I would take the sandbox-only claim with a grain of salt. We may end up seeing this very area within the game, modified to a degree or even exact.

We will just have to wait and see.

Have a listen to the rest of the podcast, available at IGN.

Source: IGN
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  • linkdude101

    First. Interesting.

  • Second. Interesting.

  • BlackLesnar

    Third. Bollocks.

    • linkdude101

      First and Fourth. Real mature.

  • linkdude101

    What happened to the DSi contest?

    • TnzSki

      I was wondering about that, too.

    • X x7

      i won it is what happened

    • Stay tuned! We expect to make an announcement this Sunday!

      • X x7

        DAMN IT IM IN CALIFORNIA THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WONT KNOW UNTIL NEXT SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • linkdude101


  • LuX

    Ever since seeing this at E3 I thought that this area wasn't part of the game don't you think it was too layed out? Like when they wanted to show something off alls they had to do was move a little bit forward and they could, everything they wanted to show off with Skyward Sword at that time was all neatly layed out in a line so they could move from one thing to the next.

    • Feri

      I noticed that too. I do think this was a demo-only area and is probably going to be modified or changed in some way for the final game.

      • TheMaverickk

        Well obviously this isn't how the final game will be… you won't have 6 hearts most likely at this point… or have 4 bottles… or 5 tool items to fight with (bombs, beetle, whip). The enemies may be weaker even if this is to be a beginning area.

        Overall I believe the location though will in fact be in he game. Just that we won't experience it the way it is displayed at E3.

  • I wouldn't mind having this area in the game.

    • I really hope that they have doors in the forest, it would be cool and fun, but I hope that scorpion won't be in the game, because Nintendo just ruined the experience of fighting a scorpion for me 😐 I hope they make it into a gohma.

      • X x7

        thats what I hate! Nintendo always tells us how to beat a boss in the trailers, and it just ruins everything!


    I don't know why anyone thought this would be in the final game, it's obviously just a demo area.


    • Jason

      Yes, it is clearly a demo area. But creating the area would be a massive amount of work. Nintendo is on a tight deadline and doesn't have time to mess around. Almost certainly this area, or some form of this area, will probably appear in the final game, but it will not have the same doors, enemies, bosses, items, etc. and they won't be in the same places. In other words, the demo area was created from a bunch of stuff that Nintendo had already made for the game. They threw a bunch of stuff together for a 10 minute demo.

  • Well, to me it seemed kinda obvious that this wouldn't be in the actual game…

  • Oh thank god…

  • hmmm,very interesting……

  • Jin

    I'm sure we'll see at least parts of this in the finished game or have a forest that looks similar but with a different layout.

    I mean we can all agree that this Three will most likely be in the final game because I'd be surprised if they made that just for the sake of a demo.

  • linkdude101

    Look at the mushrooms. It's years before OoT…it's obvious…this is the story in MC's stained glass pictures.

    • Zarco

      That's definitely what I thought…
      I was playing MC and couldn't stop thinking MC.

      • zarco

        I mean couldn't stop thinking SS

  • fire face33

    i kinda hope this was just the demo. i saw the mushrooms and all that and thought "i hope they are not going all mario on us"

  • TheMaverickk

    Some people think things might have been too "layed out" but to put things into perspective if it's the beginning area then it is supposed to be laid out. Like the Forest on top of Outset Island… where they forcibly make you walk from one area to the next to face foes. It's nothing new for a Zelda game…. I mean Majora's Mask had a linear introduction area where you could only go forward, and then in the end you couldn't return to that area.

    Personally I can't believe the guy from IGN for a moment… it's not an official source in any way shape or form. I think it's just another person telling themselves that what they saw won't be there.

    I for the most part truly believe that we will have doors like that out in the open and the mushrooms will still be there. Even if certain aspects of the demo area aren't final, I do believe all the elements in it are.

    • If you go on Zelda Informer, it was actually confirmed by Miyamoto and Aonuma that the demo was just a sandbox of things to expect in the game. Although I wouldn't mind that style for Skyloft.

      • TheMaverickk

        Mind you this was according to someone at IGN again. I read the stuff on Zelda Informer and it's just something that came up in the podcast again. It didn't necessarily come from Miyamoto's mouth. I still think it's all speculation… and I have serious serious doubts that these were demo only elements.

        I believe that the area was not what we will experience in the final game, but all the pieces are final and will be seen in the game. Visual landmarks and decorative pieces as well as enemies will be in the final game, we just may experience them in a different order.

      • It's actually not.

        ZI's source is the same as ours. . .

        We just happen to report things a bit. . . differently. . . here. 😉

  • lugeasilver

    I could've told you that.Lol. The area had a random stalfo and scorpion for no reason at all. Zelda doesn't do that. It won't be in the final game.

    • Yay

      But didn't they say that they are trying to make this game DIFFERENT from the previous games? :/

      • X x7

        but there was no treasure for killing the stalfos and scorpion, except for a few rupees. Zelda doesnt do that, and they will NEVER change that.

        • TheMaverickk

          The stalfos give a good heap of rupees, and there's been many a dead end in a Zelda game where all you get is some rupees.

          Also put this into perspective… they gave demo players quite a few items that they won't have in reality when they finally get to play the game. So with that in mind it's very likely that after defeating the Stalfos, you get something like the bombs, or the beetle and so on. Since they already gave that to the players though it's very likely they just didn't bother having a chest in the room.

          As for the Scorpion I'm sure there would be some cinematic event to occur at it's defeat as well, but since they aren't revealing to much of the plot through the game it's very likely they simply didn't show a cutscene for it.

          There are obviously a lot of exceptions to the demo, but I do believe the stalfos and the scorpion will be final elements of this area. Remember as well this area is most likely not a dungeon, but something similar to when Link must rescue Tetra in Wind Waker. It's just to get players acquainted with what to expect in the game.

  • melon

    Good! It looked WAAAAYYYY to kiddish with all the pink mushrooms!!

    • Frank

      you're probably in for a disappointment then. imo, as people have already said, the specific layout isn't in the final game, but the elements within are, so at some point in the game there will be a scorpion boss, a stalfos, a forested area and yes, big pink mushrooms.

      just a piece of advice though, get over yourself if you think it's too 'kiddish' (not a real word btw, which leads me to believe you may yourself be too young to appreciate anything not what gamers consider 'mature')

  • Ovind

    great! maybe this time they will actually design some proper trees and landscape?

    • apexman13

      we can only hope 😉

    • They'll make it more impressionist, so yes, I guess, if you really care about that 😛

  • My first reaction: People were 'surprised' about mushrooms and 'confused' by doors in walls? Wow. Just, wow. Have any of these people had the same problem with any of the other -countless- videogames that have such things? Geez.

    My second reaction: I'm glad that such a 'playpen' sort of demo area isn't going to exist in the game. Here's hoping that the same visual theme (I thought the environment was gorgeous, best thing about the game so far) will be applied to a larger, more natural looking, part of the game.

    • I think Hyrule is going to be dark, and as the game progresses, it will become more bright. That's my opinion. The style is really great too.

  • poiu

    "(which is interesting as the demo seemed to take place in Skyloft, not Hyrule)"

    uh you can see death mountain in the background

    • Dude, it was a sandbox, and Hyrule is overrun by monsters and evil, we will be seeing more dark effects and way more monsters. Besides, who says Skyloft can't have a Volcano?

  • X x7

    It said that the land below was filled with evil not skyloft, thus meaning that it takes place in Hyrule, because there can't be enemies in an area that evil doesn't inhabit.

    • STUFF2o

      There's a difference between "overrun with evil" and having a couple of monsters here and there. This could very well be Skyloft, provided that Hyrule is filled with enemies.

      But considering the foresty, earthy look of the demo area, it's probably Hyrule. I don't remember anybody from Nintendo saying that this was Skyloft. Skyloft probably looks more umm… cloudy? … and sky-related?

      • X x7

        well this looked like the average amount of enemies you'd see in hyrule, but It doesnt matter. I still dont think that itll be in the game.

      • TheMaverickk

        Well it probably looks like high up cliffs based on the small cinematics we've seen… or perhaps like a floating town or city.

        It will be interesting to see.

  • Why so narrow minded? Go on Zelda Informer, there is even a section where it says that it was a sandbox, and guess what? It was confirmed by Miyamoto and Aonuma. Do some research -.-

    • X x7

      this is zelda universe 😛

      • TheMaverickk

        I did my research and this is just according to Craig Harris. Who says that Miyamoto and Aonuma confirmed it to him. I've read his interviews with Miyamoto and Aonuma on IGN, and I just think it's kind of weird that this "fact" was off offhandedly mentioned through a podcast discussion.

        As opposed to putting it in a published interview if it was in fact a part of the interview. Since this is a pretty important detail to mention to gamers.

        I seriously feel as though people are saying things like "well it's just a demo" and "it's a sandbox play area just for E3" to somehow give themselves hope that we they see will drastically be changed by the final release. I even wonder if this is Craig Harris trying to address the gaming community concerns towards what they saw and alleviate it.

        There's also the fact that in translation there is always misinterpretation. So what Miyamoto confirmed could've just been that it isn't a finalized area, or it was modified for E3. It could've been a "sandbox" area because they gave players many items they wouldn't have at this point in the game. Thus it's a sandbox to play around with these new items. These terms could very easily be misinterpreted.

        So I'm highly skeptical on what this fact means.

      • X x7

        oh wait, i got stuck in a pwn. I need to read things thoroughly before I comment on them. Please thumbs down me.

    • Actually, it was ZeldaInformer who did not do their research: it was NOT confirmed by Miyamoto nor Aonuma.

  • Pink

    Does anyone besides me think that the large tree is possibly the Great Deku Tree? I know its in more of an open space then it was in OoT, but how many other large trees could it be?

    • X x7

      well maybe, but the deku tree first comes into the timeline in OoT and hes pretty old there, the tree looks quite young and healthy, so its possible.

      • TheMaverickk

        I would think the Deku tree would be at an age where it may resemble the Deku Tree we saw in Wind Waker. The huge tree we've seen in pics is far too big to be the Deku Tree… in Ocarina of Time it was huge, but not that huge and it was quite old by this point. Also the Deku Tree only had one opening, it's mouth as the entrance inside.

        The tree I've seen in pics has several entrances in and around it. It just doesn't look right to be the Deku Tree.

    • Jason

      Despite people saying it is too big, etc., compared to the OoT Deku Tree, the large tree is almost certainly the Deku Tree. Nintendo doesn't use a ruler to make sure their new games coincide directly with the older games. The Deku Tree has been redesigned and re-sized many times. New game, new design, new Deku Tree. It would seem odd that the landscape for a Zelda game would feature an ENORMOUS tree, displayed prominently, without the tree being the Deku Tree. What else could it be?

      • Seck

        then again they had it in TP…

  • JME

    I think it is the Great Deku tree and I really do think it could be a direct prequel to MC. We'll have to wait and see!

  • linkdude101

    JME no, close, but wrong. It's the backstory of MC. According to the stained glass, the land was overrun by monsters and the Picori came FROM THE SKY to help them. It's around the same time in the timeline, too. It all fits. That's the answer.

    • X x7

      i still dont know how their gonna put the picori in this game, and how the picori blade is the skyward sword AND the master sword? Wait… Maybe the four sword, the picori blade, the skyward sword, and the master sword are all the same thing!

      • Twilit Mask of Time

        That makes no sense what so ever.

        • X x7

          what are you talking about that makes tons of sense.

          • linkdude101


    • Bendi

      no, it's suposed to be b4 OOT which would probably be the war for the triforce, and the picori won't be here. they said it's about the origin of the mastersword, soo in MC the master sword changes correct? (never played it soo.. i don't know) but that's what i heard.

      • X x7

        what are you talking about? MC is before OoT first off, and I know that its before OoT. The master sword isnt even in MC, its the picori blade, the white sword, and then the four sword.

  • TheMaverickk

    We actually don't know when in the time line MInish Cap occurred It could've been 100 years… it could've been 500 years… maybe a thousand years.

    That's if they are in the same time line even. Also the Picori Blade became the Four Sword. This is about the Skyward Sword becoming the Master Sword. Both blades have different purposes and were created for different reasons.

    It's just that the Minish Cap back story is similar to the back story of Zelda titles, in that there was some period of unrest where people were given the means to defeat evil. I don't think we will see Picori and I don't think we will see Vaati or the Four Sword for that matter.

    Twilight Princess did a lot in giving back story to Hyrule, and I think that this game will have more tie-ins with OoT and TP for the most part. If anyone will be in the sky it will be the Oocca.

    • X x7

      that would be just stupid the Oocca are really annoying and just useless. there should be humans up there if anything.

      • TheMaverickk

        Well the Oocca may not be quite bird like in this era… considering it takes place centuries before TP and on top of that in TP the Oocca had been in seclusion for ages.

        Truth be told though, the mythos is that they created Hylians. So even if the Oocca are in the game, it's possible that the Hylians they created live among them in Sky Loft. This game could very well tell the story of founding Hyrule down below the clouds.

        I wasn't a great fan of the Oocca myself, but they are more likely to make it into Skyward sword then the Picori or others from the Minish Cap mythos.

  • Twilit Mask of Time

    I definitely think that the area was heavily doctored to be the demo area, but i believe it will be seen at least in a basic form in the game. I think it will be heavily modified though.


    Now i gotta buy a wii for zelda.

  • Ashmic

    OMG didn't you mention the guy who worked on minish cap made this game? mushroom deja vu ?! look


    • TheMaverickk

      It's really not that strange that there are mushrooms in a a Zelda game… in Link to the Past you had to collect the magic mushroom in order to get the magic powder from the witch. The mushroom was kind of wiggling around even… in Link's Awakening there was mushroom that you gave to Tarin if I'm not mistaken.

      There was mushrooms in the Lost Woods in the opening area of Majora's Mask growing off the trees, and you had to sniff some out in the forest. The plants that are giant in Woodfall also resemble mushrooms (so visually it's not that strange to see).

      Oracle of Seasons had mushrooms that were stone in all seasons but Autumn. Obviously mushrooms were in Minish Cap as people have pointed out already. Basically all I'm getting at is that mushrooms are not that foreign from Zelda, they've been in Zelda titles before. Mushrooms being in the game really has nothing to do with the fact that the director of Minish Cap is also directing Skyward Sword.

  • Keimori

    *sigh* i kinda knew this, i mean comeon, there have been many "sandbox" demos in zelda past. i NEVER believed this to be in the final game.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually… not really, which "sandbox" Zelda demo's have you played?

      Look at Twilight Princess, when it was shown and previewed at E3 2006 it showed several parts of the forest temple and had the fight with Diababa. That wasn't a sand box although I'm sure it was refined before release.

      Wind Waker was released quite surprisingly and as far as I've seen the only demo that anyone ever played involved the same demo they gave out with the Zelda Collection. Which just included segmented parts early on in the game. All relatively in piece and in tact

      This area will be in the final game, but the only thing that will be changed is enemies that people find and obviously the equipment that you have at said point in the game. They wouldn't go through the trouble of creating an area with a volcanic mountain, waterfalls, a giant tree, mushrooms, logs and cliffs, and caves… all simply to trash it all when they are nearing completion.

      People need to use their heads here… they've already said all that they have left to really create are a few more dungeons, and to polish up the game to make it Nintendo quality.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually… not really, which "sandbox" Zelda demo's have you played?

      Twilight Princess's demo wasn't sandbox… they had segmented area's of the Forest Temple up for E3 attendee's to play. One section was a boss fight with Diababa. All those elements were in the final Twilight Princess.

      Wind Waker if I'm not mistaken also had a similar type of demo where people could play through bits of Dragon Roost island, and fight Ghoma. I've seen plenty of E3's and seen lots of previews on Zelda games, and none were ever a "sandbox" demo.

      We've had trailers shown with elements that never made it into the final product since the trailer was created very early in development (for example Twilight Princess when they had him riding out of Hyrule's gates, or the trailer displaying jumping spiders and forest with a man made of wood). This though wasn't a trailer like one of those… they obviously have all the components working together, and from what the devs have said in terms of the stage they are in, the game is nearing completion.

      They wouldn't create an area with a giant tree, waterfalls, caves, and a volcano for no reason. Same with a programming a boss with attack patterns and movement animations simply to be trashed and left out at this point in development.

      • TheMaverickk

        Sometimes this comment system really bites… it says comments had error to post and so I retype stuff that I really shouldn't have had to… sigh.

  • Musky Melon

    This isn't a surprise. I expected it to be a custom demo level.

  • Jason

    You guys are only half right about whether or not the area in the demo will appear in the game. The answer is obviously the area we saw will be a part of the game. Nintendo didn't spend all that time building a fake area. However, it is a sandbox in the sense that they threw in a boss and mini-boss, randomly placed enemies, etc., for the sake of the demo. The area itself will appear, but the location of enemies, the types of enemies, etc., will be different. Also, I don't need a source. I know how game production works. The purpose of the demo was to give you a taste without revealing too much, so they designed the locations of everything to be easy to find within the 10 minute allotted time. The whole demo was designed around getting you to try the items, the motion controls, etc.

    Can't wait for the final version of the game to be completed, and to see the trailers before it is released 😐

  • Jason

    I forgot to mention, you guys are wrong in saying the demo took place in Skyloft. Link is in Hyrule in the demo. Skyloft, at the beginning the game anyway, has no evil creatures to vanquish. Hyrule is the land beneath the clouds that is ruled by evil forces which Link must vanquish. That is why there are enemies and bosses and a Deku Tree. Those things don't exist in Skyloft. The only time we see Skyloft is when Link jumps off of the island in the sky.

    • X x7

      Thats what Im trying to tell people but they still think that evil could be in skyloft!

      • TheMaverickk

        That's because there could be evil that comes to Skyloft. If there's one trend you must notice is that most the time Link sets off on a quest because evil enters the quiet and peaceful place he is from, thus being brought into the conflict.

        In Ocarina of Time he lives in the peaceful Kokori forest, but evil finds it's way in there, thus he must get a sword and shield and rid the curse from the Deku Tree.

        In Wind Waker, he lives on an idealic peaceful island that seems to be happy until a giant bird comes in and drops Tetra into the forest at the top of the island. When Link gets to the forest he finds Moblins and other evil creates have found there way to his home.

        In Twilight Princess again Link lives in the peaceful village on the outskirts of Hyrule. So it's remained peaceful and utaouched, nothing eventful generally happens there, and then the Bulbin forces arrive and call forth the Shadow Beings, while kidnapping kids from the village. monsters then proceed to come closer as well.

        All Zelda games have a "peaceful" are that is some what cut off from the rest of the world, Yet evil eventually permeates it's way there as well. My guess is that the same will happen in Skyward Sword… whether or not the area we saw in the demo was Skyloft we can't be too sure at the moment. Yet just because there are enemies there that does not mean that it can't possibly be Skyloft.

        Obviously Link needs a reason to team up with the Skyward Sword in Skyloft (that's where he will receive the sword in the game apparently allowing him to travel below the clouds)… my guess is that the Skyward sword is on the escape from enemies that have pursued her to Skyloft.

        Just my guess. In either case what you guys don't seem to understand that Miyamoto called the area in the demo "skyloft"…. and as far as we know it could simply be a land floating above the clouds. There are obviously cliffs that Link can jump off… so why can't there be a forest in Skyloft? With a giant tree that people mistake for the Deku Tree.

        Basically there is no real proof to say that the area we've seen in the demo is either Skyloft or Hyrule for that matter. Miyamoto said mentioned Skyloft in regards to the demo, but there's always confusion when it comes to interviews and getting details out of the devs. Plus Miyamoto and Aonuma like to throw Zelda fans for a loop, so what we may think is one thing, will likely be another.

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    i beleive this game has some links with MC in that of,if i remember correctly, it had lands in the sky also. In the end u should see links TP and MC bc of the skylands,and Oot bc of the master sword and the explanation of all the evils.

    the demo area in e3 will be modified to fit the full gameplay/story. hopefully they will create a more detailed enviroment.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually if people looked closer they'd see that the game is actually more detailed then Twilight Princess.

      Mind you don't try and explain that to people.