Deku Baba makes Bill sour!

Bill Trinen, for those not in the know, is part of Nintendo of America’s localization team. He also acts as Shigeru Miyamoto’s translator at E3 and in interviews.

Today GameTrailers released a brief video of Bill Trinen walking us through the Skyward Sword E3 demo a bit. While the video may be short and not reveal much that we haven’t heard before, he does go into a bit more detail about the graphic style of Skyward Sword and had this to say:

“The game features an all-new graphic style; this time really the look that it’s going for is that of a painting almost, it’s kind of come to life.”

Further indication from Nintendo that this look is not meant to be  simply “Adult Link cel-shaded” but an entirely different art style.

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Also, he goes on to say:

“What you see here is a good indication of the direction of the overall art style of the game. But it doesn’t necessarily show how great it’s going to look when the final game is released.”

This can be taken to mean one of two things: either Mr. Trinen wants us to know that it’s impossible to correctly experience this new art style except in person, or that Nintendo may be working on refining the graphics. Probably both.

It’s short and doesn’t reveal anything new, but it’s entertaining just to watch Bill Trinen swing the Wii controller with such a steely expression! Watch the video below:

Source: GameTrailers (tipped by Z-MAN7)
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  • Oh boy! Watching him move around and swing that controller really lets you know how exciting this is going to be to play! Story and graphics aside, I can't wait to be completely enveloped in this experience. (Notice how I say experience, not game, because that's what SS is going be – an experience)

    • I know! Being able to swing your sword in any fashion that you desire is such a fun concept. Not to mention, it adds so much more complexity to the game, and even more movement to real-life gameplay. Maybe you'll get fit while playing Zelda :3

      • ZoraMikau

        Hahaha, video games and excersise aren't supposed to be in the same sentence. lol.

      • Xenithar

        Seriously, I think the player will get a pretty good workout swinging that sword around. I'm looking forward to that!

    • Dark Link

      Just what Reggie Fils-Ame said.

  • mattj

    I'm a pretty serious Zelda fan. I've beaten almost every Nintendo release and a few of the non-cannon releases too. Although I personally have always been fine with the usual Zelda controls (open menu>scroll to item>equip item>close menu>continue battle) I'm really looking forward to learning the new, more streamlined and "realistic" (if you can call them that lol) controls. I'm sure they'll be a breath of fresh air. I'm 110% satisfied with what I've seen of this game so far. 🙂

  • Jin

    This is good news =)

    Also I got the same shirt he's wearing =p

    • Haha, me too! But I thought it would be silly to mention that in the news story. 😛

  • TheMaverickk

    It's a little sad how they have to hammer it in that the game isn't using Cel-shading, but then again people are so afraid of it that they have to be reassured.

    Seeing the game in motion though it looks wonderful. Personally I can't wait… wouldn't it be awesome if Club Nintendo Members with Platinum status were able to download the E3 demo as a prize option???

    I know it won't happen but I thought I'd mention it.

  • Karnage

    I always find it time consuming and irritating to pause in the middle of a fight to use consumable items or equip an item to a hotkey. Fixing this is a big step to make zelda better.

  • Lilcross

    I'd just like to give my props to ZU. You guys update frequently and keep us up-to-date on the info. Max props, ZU staff.

  • Thareous33

    Drat! All I'm getting here is audio, but listening to him, I get what he's saying. It sounds very invigorating. I wish we were not forced to wait for what could be a whole other year. It certainly is going to feel like one.

  • apexman13

    anybody know where i can find a COMPLETE walkthrough from the demo?

    like from start to finish exploring every nook and cranny?

    • Such a thing probably doesn't exist because those playing the demo were limited to ten minutes which probably isn't enough to cover the full demo.

      • apexman13

        that is true, but still….

  • tubaman 45

    i dont like motion plus stuff. it can only fallow some of your movement look at the e3 vid links arm is bent the hole time . im shure nintendo will pule it off but i liked the loz t p interface my self.

    • marcel

      well, just hold the sword properly and it will look fine, you don't need to announce to the hole world that you have a sword like we saw in some videos

  • Kings12

    It look like a lot of fun but, i think they took a step backwards with the graphics.

    • tuberNo1

      not necessarily. many things are changing in Zelda games and if that is a good thing depends on what you think. But saying that it is a step back is just wrong. they are just taking zelda in another direction and i belive that is a good thing. if you think about it the graphics are not windwaker graphics they are not twilight princess graphics they are new!

  • I really want to watch the story things in the game SOOOOO EXCITING CAN'T WAIT UNTIL EARLY 2011

  • Leftie

    Skyward Sword: reason (at last) to get a Wii 😀

    This article reminded me: how does Nintendo suppose left handed players control Link? (I guess the same question applies to Twilight Princess on Wii).

    See, I've always used the analogue stick in my left hand (like everybody else), but since I'm left handed, I would naturally wield a sword in my left hand (much like I do regularly with a badminton racquet). So it would seem like the whole experience is made more awkward for lefties like me (…and Link…)

    • Yeah Im left handed too, and I want to hold it in my left hand, but no Nintendo said they woldnt do it. Come on. Shigeru Miyamoto likes to use his left hand, right?
      Ive been playing Wii Sports resort and Super mario Galaxy 2 with my other hand, and I cant. So Nintendo needs to add a left hand feature.

  • Steelslasher

    isnt this guy the translator for Shigeru

  • Keaton

    He is very unhappy with the game. x3

  • uh does anyone have full video of the demo,and the different areas in the demo? I'm not talking about the gameplay trailers.