Deku Baba makes Bill sour!

Bill Trinen, for those not in the know, is part of Nintendo of America’s localization team. He also acts as Shigeru Miyamoto’s translator at E3 and in interviews.

Today GameTrailers released a brief video of Bill Trinen walking us through the Skyward Sword E3 demo a bit. While the video may be short and not reveal much that we haven’t heard before, he does go into a bit more detail about the graphic style of Skyward Sword and had this to say:

“The game features an all-new graphic style; this time really the look that it’s going for is that of a painting almost, it’s kind of come to life.”

Further indication from Nintendo that this look is not meant to be  simply “Adult Link cel-shaded” but an entirely different art style.

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Also, he goes on to say:

“What you see here is a good indication of the direction of the overall art style of the game. But it doesn’t necessarily show how great it’s going to look when the final game is released.”

This can be taken to mean one of two things: either Mr. Trinen wants us to know that it’s impossible to correctly experience this new art style except in person, or that Nintendo may be working on refining the graphics. Probably both.

It’s short and doesn’t reveal anything new, but it’s entertaining just to watch Bill Trinen swing the Wii controller with such a steely expression! Watch the video below:

Source: GameTrailers (tipped by Z-MAN7)
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