After being out of commission for a while after his computer decided to die the day before E3, our wonderful webmaster, Cody, is back, and he’s made a video discussing the new art style of Skyward Sword.

Donning several different hats, rapping, and making a valiant attempt at an American accent, Cody presents the most common arguments against the new title’s graphics and makes his own (rather logical) arguments against them.

Agree? Disagree? Overcome with uncontainable rage? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check out the other videos on the Zelda Universe YouTube channel.

  • Iceblink888

    Does anyone think this guys a nerd?

    • Keimori

      Yeah, i think he made it clear, he knows that.

    • Nitemares

      this guy is worst than a nerd, look at that hair HAHAHAHA and you can't even understand him and what's with the hand gestures, guys like this should NOT go on camera or audio, what is this loser talking about, he's babbling, just go away.

      • demonicballoffluff

        if u r gonna b so terrible about it dont watch the damn video. and dont knock the nerdyness. who do u think r the people who make all the games that u love? thats right, nerds, the biggest in the world. and thats absolutely not a bad thing. what make u so cool that u get to make fun of this guy? its really sad if u have to resort to making fun of people on the internet to make yourself feel better.
        to everyone here on this site calling this dude a nerd like its a bad thing, get over yourselves and grow up! dont b such an ass. do u really think that makes u look good? nope. damn trolls.
        to the dude in the video, if u r reading this: being a nerd or a geek is not a bad thing at all, take the name with pride knowing that u r not an idiot who has nothing better to do with his/her life than to beat down kids in internet videos.
        dont let stupid people get u down, and just ignore them.
        being a nerd is awesome, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, no matter what people say. b strong and dont let these asses bring u down. keep doing your thing and ignore the losers who oppose u!

        • kissing ass much to the babbling nerd? pathetic.

          • Better to be a nerd than a complete jerk-off. XP

    • Steelslasher

      yeah, but so are you for watching it

      • Thareous33

        And they give you reputation points why, Nightmares?

  • Major nerd, man. Maaajor nerd. 😉

  • Zeldarules

    ZOMG!!! About the graphics style being like OOT, and MM.
    I was thinking the EXACT same thing! when i saw the concept art, I was like "ZOHMYGOSH! IT'S LIKE MAJORAS MASK ART ALL OVER AGAIN!!!"

    (ps. Does anyone else think that guy is a nerd?)

  • LoverOfLegend

    I am sorry, but you do NOT sound like an American no matter how hard you try XD I could make your accent, and pretty much any other accent, yet you can't make an American accent :O Oh well, LOL! I agree with most of your points, i could care less about graphics, i am all about storyline. Legends and stories are my favorite things 🙂 But what made me mad is you said that MM was the darkest game 🙁 I am a bit more of a TP fan than a MM fan. I like darker storylines, that's why i love TP so much. OoT and MM are two games i hardly ever play anymore :/ The only reason i still play WW is cause it was my first Zelda game. K, i am getting off topic so ill shut up now.

  • Aaronrules380

    Rather a nerd than a close-minded, hate filled idiot. You said it pretty well. It's similar to what people think about anime, saying that they MUST be for kids because they're cartoons, but anyone who has watched an original sub or a good dub can tell you almost all of the popular ones are aimed at teens in truth, and many would be horribly, horribly inappropriate for kids for many different reasons

  • Gerudude

    WHAHAHAAA, Cody, I'm starting to like you.

  • Feri

    fdkghadfgkjfd his motions/alter ego remind me so much of how Ray William johnson does his video blogs too xD

    Cody, you're a nice guy (and we're all geeks/nerds in some way dont worry lol) but you sounded sorta boreeeeeed, be more energetic! XD

  • Thareous33

    Guys, just get over it. We are all nerds–all unique in our special ways. So what if Cody has a different accent than most, or acts differently? Does that give you the right to put yourselves above him, treat him like an insignificant bug. We are not supposed to judge anyone by, in this case, how a laughingstock may look or sound. Just listen to what he has to say and debate it as we have in former articles.

  • Matt

    BRAVO!!! Exactly what I thought too.

  • Ganondox

    The British nerd has a point.

    • He's Australian x:

      • Feri

        The Australian Nerd has a point then?

        I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I like his accent xD

    • SaraxZelda

      hes not a british nerd… hes a british "geek" you shoulodve watched the whole movie.

  • Ahoy.. I had to stop as soon as he started doing impressions.

  • Shadowoflight

    I think the graphics are brilliant.
    And it will probably improve over time.

    I think people need to "learn to understand" the nature of the graphics.

    • Thareous33

      Thanks, SOF.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    OOT and MM did not look cartoony at all to me

    None of that besides the mask looks even remotely cartoony, it's called graphical limitations, yes, MM was a colorful game, many vibrant colors, that can be done with realistic graphics too

    The lack of detail in things such as fabric on Link's clothes and boots and other stuff make him "seem" cartoony, but to me it just looks like graphical limitation

    So in short, I disagree on that part.

      • TheMaverickk

        Sanity's Theif did you even look at the characters in the screen that you posted? Over exaggerated guys with poofy pants and wierd heads and poofy afro type hair… they seem pretty cartoony to me. Also look at this;

        Do you remember this character? Pretty cartoony if you ask me. This enemy here;

        Looks like it came straight out of a cartoon with it's big grinning tooth filled mouth and it's green blob of a body. Look at the characters and they all have exaggerations about them and colourful aspect. Mayor Detour has blue hair with ridiculous curls in it for example.

        Anyhow people have some weird views on Zelda OoT and MM being realistic. OoT and Majora's Mask may have been limited graphically, but the characters and creatures populated the world are very much free form and creative. That's the beauty of Zelda game… in one world you can have creatures as frightening as the Dead Hands or as colourful and obscure as Tingle.

        • Sanity's_Theif

          There were goofy looking characters in Twilight Princess too, the most realistic looking Zelda game yet, what's your point? I'm talking about detail in the art styled textures, not character design -_-

  • apexman13

    im starting to warm up to the graphics now. they really arent super bright and cellshaded like everyone makes them up to be. The only thing that seemed kiddish are The Bokoblins and Links feminine face.

  • I agree completely about it being OoT/MM style graphics. I think I discovered that before you even made this video 😛

    • X x7

      I agree with that, but the colors are a bit lighter is all.

      • Yeah, it's more of an Impressionist version of OoT/MM graphics, and we don't know if the game is going to just have bright colors. Impressionism can also be dark and gruesome.

  • X x7

    I agree with you entirely. If you go on the HD trailer of SS on Youtube you'd find a whole buncha haters who hate on the game just beccause of the graphics. Also, theyre all CoD players and Xbox lovers, so you can never agree with them.

    • I love 360 (not the original Xbox, I hate that thing, PS2 was better than it), but I am ready for an adventure of epic proportions!

  • Matt17

    your right, its the zelda oot and mm graphics that the fans loved. ever since they went with toon link, fans were disappointed.
    zelda SS is a mix of cartoonish graphics and serious link from TP. we should blame motion plus, they were gonna make a good zelda TP-like zelda but the motion plus got in the way

    • The game would be CD-i status without the new graphics and Motion Plus.
      Ok, not that bad, but it wouldn't be enjoyable.

  • It's nothing like OoT or MM. What are you people talking about? OoT and MM looked the way they did because of the limitations they had.

    Even so, they look nothing like SS. And saying they're just as colorful as SS is ridiculous. SS is so bright and colorful that nothing actually stands out in the footage we've seen. It all kinda meshes together.

  • Joe

    If you have to call someone a nerd to feel better…. then you have problems.

  • Good job, mate. I agree. let the haters hate, but, while I was absolutely a fan of the dark atmosphere of TP, dark atmo ≠ solid hardcore gamage. I'm a professional artist (and a game artist at that), and I can quite easily imagine the depth they can apply to this new Cézannesque aesthetic style. I rather appreciate it, actually. Have faith people. Nintendo has yet to fail us as far as aesthetic feel. Windwaker was ≥ solid, in spite (and I think due in-part too) it's graphical style.

  • SweetLie

    Seriously, people need to stop being so butt-hurt over such a trivial issue like graphics. Boohoo, it's different from Twilight Princess, get over it. You basically summed up everything that I've wanted to say to people who get so upset and disappointed about this game based on a minute and a half trailer. A minute and a half. Do you think that's honestly enough material for them to judge so harshly on a 40-80 hour game? Exactly 😐

  • Aderyn91

    I think what you should remember is that they were supposedly doing a new thing with the game engine for this Zelda and that's why there weren't many pieces of art for it before E3. They may not be very deep into graphics development. I'm not a PhD carrying expert but I work as a game art designer and spend a lot of time in close contact with animators and in my opinion this looked like an early production. The ambient light was minimal the texture and shading was virtually nonextistant and even the clouds at the end looked mapped on instead of rendered. I don't think we should judge the graphics just yet.

  • happylink

    while i agree that its not really easy to judge based on nothing but a short trailer, graphics are not nescessarily a trivial issue. for some people, graphics mean alot. some people care more about gameplay and care little for graphics, or vice versa. i mean like for me personally, i found it so easy to get immersed in twilight princess because it was so realistic. and the realism in tp worked well because link himself was older. samw with windwakers cell shading. though we were skeptical at first, it made sense in the end because link was a kid, and so were pretty much all the characters.
    and, i dunno, bosses seem so much scarier and intimidating and fun when they look a little real, ya know? i mean, youre rite, this was just a reallly short trailer, def not enuff to make a statement, but its very understandable why people who adored realism, and enjoyed the thrill of it would be unpleasantly shocked to see it looking a little childish after they had fully expected an improved version of twilight princess. i know i was. but its zelda, it has to be good, and knowing miyamoto, he has never let us down!

    and think guys, this has been said before, but for everyone, including myself, who was a little miffed about the uncomfortable brightness and colours, according to the plot, hyrule is supposed to be ruled by darkness and evil, so maybe it'll look less like the hundred acre woods by the time its finished?

    oh, and when do u think we'll get a second trailer? u noe, like one that involves more plot related material?

  • ArtificialFlavour

    why are there trains and swords in the same game?!

    • BlackLesnar

      I think the real question is…why not? 😉

  • tom

    wtf was dat????!im a rapper ha u wish

  • WW+OoT=mayhem

    Zelda Fan: You dare bring Skyward Sword to my lair!? You must DIE! 'lighning flashes'

  • Keaton

    Haha, mix between WW and TP? That's exactly what I thought. And I love how you pronounce "Ocarina" x3

  • melo

    i agree with the guy

  • I agree with everything you said Cody 🙂 Nice attempt at an american accent btw.

  • Cam

    You rock Cody.
    I thought you made some good points and it helped me feel a lot better about the graphics 🙂

  • Austin

    good video, I don't really think that the graphics are that important as long as the story is good.

  • Rick

    It looks nothing like the art style of OoT and MM. They were trying to make it realalistic (which it was for the time) On this, they are making it cell shaded with, including cartoony explosions like the toon link games. Don't insult the best Zelda game ever by saying this games art style is like it

  • Ava Green

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  • Lauren Wright

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  • Eve

    I completely forgot that MM had a moon with a face staring down the whole time. MM was cartoony as well, but was a good game nonetheless. I am still uncomfortable with the graphics on SS and kind of disappointed, but that's not going to keep me from playing the game. Zelda has never let me down as far as providing challenging gameplay and a great plot… I will just have to get used to the graphics or get over it… and I am sure I will! I love playing Zelda too much to let something like graphics keep me away from it.