Donate, or the fairy gets it!

Day two of the 72 hour Zelda marathon/telethon has begun! Have you been over there to check these guys out yet?

In an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society, this team of Zelda fans is playing Zelda non-stop for 72 hours, and they need your help! Even if all you can afford is $5 (really, do you need that cup of Starbucks coffee today?) head over and donate it! Even if you can’t afford anything, head over and cheer them on in their chat room, spread the word via Facebook and Twitter, or just watch as the crazy fun continues!

Last night we watched them complete Ocarina of Time from start to finish, getting stuck in the Water Temple. They started Majora’s Mask, but that player needed sleep, so they started Oracle of Seasons, but that wasn’t working out so well. Minish Cap also wasn’t working out so well. They are currently about half-way through A Link to the Past. Today we watched a 20-something minute battle with the Moldorm (boss of the Tower of Hera in A Link to the Past).

Also last night was a $50 challenge wherein after a total of $50 more had been donated, Randy (one of the team there) would preform the Napoleon Dynamite dance. And did he? See the video below!

Head over there now and donate what you can, or at least just spread the word about this awesome effort to your friends and family. It’s for a great cause! And, frankly, a heck of a lot of fun to watch!

Source: Zeldathon