Link Controls

Instructions or art gallery? Both!

While waiting in line for their chance at the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, our friends over at Kotaku photographed the wall parallel to the waiting line which was lined with various large sized posters instructing the lucky gamers how to control Link in this brand new title.

We have at least six months until we can get our hands on Skyward Sword, but if you want to start memorizing the controls now, here’s your chance!

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Oh, so THAT'S how you slice vertically...

While a lot of these are insultingly self-explanitory (Vertical Slice, Horizontal Slice, Diagonal Slice) the one that caught our eye was the Vertical Spin Slice.

Now, THAT'S bad ass!

Wow! Link’s famous Spin Attack has always been horizontal up until now (and the horizontal version still exists) but now he can do an awesome vertical version complete with a front flip? Bad ass! We can’t wait to take down those annoying bokoblins with this new move!

Head over to Kotaku for the full gambit of controls posters.

Source: Kotaku
  • Phantom7

    Vertical spin attack? That actually reminds me of the helm splitter from TP.

    • ZoraMikau

      I was going to say that. does link flip over the enemy, or does he just use it in front of the enemy while jumping at him?

      • I believe that in the demos and trailer he is shown simply doing a front flip in front of the enemy rather than over them as the with the Helm Splitter.

      • Jason Rappaport

        Yeah. In the trailer, he literally jumps in the air and flips with his sword – a vertical spin attack. It's pretty cool looking. But I have no idea how he's getting enough momentum to both slash through the enemy AND keep spinning vertically.

        He's a superhero!

  • dany36

    Link looks so girly in the second picture. :s

  • X x7

    i think the vertical spin attack was in the trailer where he's fighting that bokoblin.

  • i think the 1:1 controls are whats really going to sell it for me

  • I wonder if we’ll be able to play comfortably while seated down… You know, how are we gonna swing the sword while seated?

  • darkstar

    This is going to be a really fun game!

  • Cam

    …Right-handed Link 🙁
    He's the left-handed hero. I hope they give an option where you can decide to play left or right handed…

    • Alkunkunka

      Agrre. While I am right-handed, I understand. If I was a lefty I would really hate it, especially since link himself is a lefty. The should have that option. They should've had it in TP, even. Wii Sports has it, how hard can it be to do it?

  • Chainoftermina

    cool! I never thought I'd see link doing a move that Sonic did. (Sonic and the Black Knight-he does this Razor blade move in the air, though I know Link's will be just a flip)

    Will the normal Jump attack still be there?, Or the Charged Jump? I like that move.

    oh, and there is ABSOLUTELY no way this game can be played while sitting down. It sucks but there is just no way.