Link Controls

Instructions or art gallery? Both!

While waiting in line for their chance at the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, our friends over at Kotaku photographed the wall parallel to the waiting line which was lined with various large sized posters instructing the lucky gamers how to control Link in this brand new title.

We have at least six months until we can get our hands on Skyward Sword, but if you want to start memorizing the controls now, here’s your chance!

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Oh, so THAT'S how you slice vertically...

While a lot of these are insultingly self-explanitory (Vertical Slice, Horizontal Slice, Diagonal Slice) the one that caught our eye was the Vertical Spin Slice.

Now, THAT'S bad ass!

Wow! Link’s famous Spin Attack has always been horizontal up until now (and the horizontal version still exists) but now he can do an awesome vertical version complete with a front flip? Bad ass! We can’t wait to take down those annoying bokoblins with this new move!

Head over to Kotaku for the full gambit of controls posters.

Source: Kotaku