Does your desktop not have enough Skyward Sword on it yet? Did you not like the other fan wallpapers we’ve released? Well, this might be your lucky day – this one’s got a dash of creativity and originality thrown in. Titled “Os Lados Opostos” (Portugese for “opposite sides”), our newest fan wallpaper by André Levy de Oliveira portrays what Dark Link might look like in Skyward Sword.

Download below, or head to our Wallpapers section for tons more Skyward Sword wallpapers!

Fan Wallpaper
Os Lados Opostos
André Levy de Oliveira

1280 x 800
1440 x 900
1900 x 1200

  • ZoraMikau

    No offense, but I don't like the red eyes. But it's a great wallpaper, red eyes or not. I kinda hope Dark Link is in this game.

  • Petra

    Wait! That Dark Link looks like a Gerudo! O:

  • STUFF2o

    I SO want Dark Link to be in SS! He's PERFECT for it!

  • Phantom7

    I don't get what Dark Link has to do with nothing, but that's kinda cool.

    • Phantom7

      By "nothing" I meant "anything". Sorry.

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  • Andre Oliveira

    Hi, Guys!
    It was me who did de fanmade above.
    I just added the twilight's dark link just for let this question:
    There will be a Dark Link on this game?
    I enjoyed the critics and the cheers! Thank you!

  • melo

    this could'v used more details, but i like it, is decent.
    Btw how can i post my own?

    • Andre Oliveira

      You'll hav to go to the wallpaper section.
      Once there you have to click on the link [b]contact us[/b] in the text above the recently added wallpapers

  • melo

    oh alright, thanks:)

  • Goro

    Come to think of it. Have Dark Link is SS might be a good idea. Having him follow your 1:1 control would make him rather difficult.

    • ZoraMikau

      Especially if he had access to all your items and more stuff then you have.