Remember Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, where you had to keep taking on and off the Iron Boots? Remember how tedious that was?

Well, apparently so do a lot of people. Enough that producer Eiji Aonuma took the time during Nintendo’s E3 post-keynote Roundtable to explicitly apologize for the difficulty – about ten years too late – while affirming that he will have equipping items streamlined in Ocarina of Time’s 3DS remake.

“I have lived with that for the last 10 or so years,” he said during the Roundtable, vowing to make the best possible use of the touchscreen for Ocarina of Time 3D. It seems like Nintendo has recently gone back to basics, hoping to streamline the way we play Zelda on all fronts, from the Wii to the DS – which sounds like a good thing to us. Overall, we’ve been impressed with Skyward Sword’s streamlined gameplay, and it’s exciting to see that Aonuma and the Zelda team are committed to making Zelda a more action-packed, focused experience on every platform.

Source: Destructoid (Thanks to magma for the tip!)
  • ZeldaGurl_

    Lulz, this is actually funny. While the iron boots did get rather tedious in having to take them on and off, I think that's what made the water temple so memorable to me…. although I would not want to go back and do it for the rest of my life. xD

    It's cool to see that he apologized though. Means he really cares about what the players think.^^

  • linkdude101

    I hate the Water Temple.

  • Lancelot-sama!

    it's alright, we forgive you. :3 lol

  • Honestly, that wasn't what annoyed me about the OoT Water Temple. I suppose I took that for granted, really. What bothered me is that changing the water level to three different levels affected the various rooms and access to other parts of the dungeon, and it was so difficult to change the level.

    • Aleksandar

      Don´t forget the music, not bad but, I don´t know, TEDIOUS!

  • the water temple sort of lost its edge after the four-hundredth-or-so time, so i'm willing to forgive aonuma. this time.

  • Thareous33

    The Water Temple was in fact the most insipid dungeon in OoT–in fact, every Water Temple I've played in have been my least favorites. Well, with the exception of the Yeti's Mansion in Twilight Princess. Only because Link was dragged about searching for a nonexistent key. Really, both of these "dungeons" in TP took forever to figure out, though I loved the boss battles. 🙂

  • odel

    water temple was awesome. it will go down forever in the pages of Zelda hall of fame. Like it or not.

  • Cukeman

    I love the Water Temple, no wussy holding of hands for me, thank you

  • Graeme

    Water temple wasn't bad, the only thing i kept forgetting was that key in the centre column, under the block.

  • N64GamesFTW

    I just hope that the Water Temple (Iron Boots fix),
    and the graphics update (read the reviews again, he hints it); I hope that this will become available as a download for wii, and an update to those that currently have Ocarina of Time downloaded on it

    As for commenting on the water temple itself, I have to say that every water temple I've been in (Oot, MM, TP) it's been my favorite temple in each Zelda
    So this fix will jsut add a convenience, that's it…

    • Thareous33

      I agree with you; it should be made for both DS and Wii.

      • The Wii is backwards compatible with Gamecube, though, right? It would then be a matter of purchasing the OoT: Master Quest disc and playing it on the Wii, wouldn't it? The streamlined items and updated graphics would be absent, but that's a minor detail, in my opinion.

  • Matt17

    out of all the temples, the fire one is the one that I got stuck on for months, not the water one. that miracle jump you have to do to reach the ledge in the fire temple is so hard to figure out.

  • LoverOfLegend

    That is very sadistic of you, my friend.

  • Thareous33

    I concur. I, too, find this temple to be rather arduous and lengthy, yet that is no reason to curse Mr. Aonuma. He has apologized for its difficulty already, fully acknowledging his slight error. Proof of this is directly above if you wish to view it. Also, if you cannot stand playing the temple, then just don't play at all. Try to enjoy it best you can, but never imprecate a man for endeavoring to fashion a product meant for recreation.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Totally, Thareous.

      Guys, he apologized for what happened so just let it be. And, it wasn't even that big of a deal to start with. People want more complexity, yet they can barely handle tedious tasks. Even though the water temples haven't ever been my first choice in any Zelda game, I'm still glad that they were more of a challenge (some more than others). Now the water temple has a reason to be remembered, and it's fine. Don't go getting your panties in a bunch.^^

      • Thareous33

        Huh, well said.

  • Aleksandar

    OOh MAN! Everybody´s complaining about the Water Temple, but it´s cakewalk compared to the damn Temple of the Ocean King with it´s time limit and the safe zones, that´s the worst "water temple" of all Zelda games!

  • Geo

    Why say sorry?The whole dungeon was a great puzzle the dungeon wide filling with water puzzle was great! sure the boots thing got annoying in places. But over all, the water temple is by far my favorite dungeon of any game I have ever played. Don't say your sorry. I want more puzzles of that caliber.

  • THe boots didn't really bug me. The temple was just difficult. I always had trouble finding one specific key.

  • joshua

    I really liked the difficultly of the dungeon. It's too bad the other dungeons weren't as difficult as the Water Temple. The Iron Boots didn't bother me at all.

  • majora108

    I believe hes already apologized about this plenty of times before

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  • Laughing Tachikoma

    Sorry N64GamesFTW, but in the post it specifically says that it's a remake for the 3DS… But that makes it even better! Higher quality graphics, a touchscreen, AND 3D!?!? This will be EPIC!

  • Pam

    The boots don’t bother me that much. I just never remember to get the key from going underneath that ONE block when you raise the water level D:<

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