Nintendo has put up an informative page about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on its official E3 site! It only really contains the basic information that we already know about the game, but also includes a few videos that you can check out about the exclusive E3  roundtable, special E3 edition of Iwata Asks, and the Skyward Sword trailer that was shown at E3. It also reconfirms the game’s release date of 2011.

You can check out the page here.

Source: Nintendo E3 (Thanks to ZoraMikau for the tip!)
  • ZoraMikau

    No, I was taliking about what was below the title for the game. It says a link to the future, what does that mean?

    • It's just a clever little subtitle suggesting that this is the future of the Zelda series.

    • mr.Tii

      I've read (maybe here on ZU?) that Skyward Sword is before Ocarina of Time, so the events in SS may lead to something in the future. Hence, a Link to the Future!

  • ZoraMikau

    Like a link to the past. Or, what I was thinking, since time travel has ben mentioned in rumors, that maybe it indicates that yo will be able to travel to the future, only time will tell.

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  • Ichris

    So whatever happened to the Zelda game with the little staue girl thing in frot of him ? Is this the one because I'm dissapointed :/

    • ZoraMikau

      Yeah, this is still that one, that's the idea I got to, since the graphics were definitly not what I expected.

  • Dokugan

    I think it might mean that it is the link between all the other Zelda games. Because havn't you been wondering for ages where the master sword comes from? This game links the master sword into the rest of them.

    yeah.. that isn't what i meant to say but i can't really describe what i think it means properly.

  • link425

    from what i hear this is before the big civil war that occurs before the ocarina of time and because of this that means there is NO tri-force and because of the timeline that we have got no Gannondorf and this means there might be a new villian and also the skyward sword is the apparently the master sword beore it become it's current form and it has ben confirmed that the weird fairy looking person transfroms into link's sword but most of this is speculation and we will just have to wait to see how the story unreavels itself

  • skyward sword is the best game EVER!!!!!! The only problem is that zelda looks different still THE BESTTTTTTT GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!