In an interview with Gamespot, producer Eiji Aonuma clarified some of the finer points of Skyward Sword‘s storyline – namely that the Skyward Sword is found above the clouds in Skyloft and not below the ground. Furthermore, he continues on to say that prior to his finding the Skyward Sword, Links character knows nothing about a land beneath the clouds – in fact, none of the residents of Skyloft are aware of any other world outside of Skyloft.

He also stated that it is the Skyward Sword that guides Link below the clouds in order to vanquish the evil forces that live there, and that Skyward Sword will focus heavily on the reason why there are two lands divided by a bank of clouds, with Link traveling constantly between the two worlds.

In addition, Aonuma also spoke about Zelda’s new MotionPlus controls, stating that the Zelda teams hopes to make them the standard “Link” controls for the foreseeable future – even if Nintendo’s next console doesn’t have MotionPlus-style controls. Aonuma wants to do everything he can to ensure that these controls remain the norm for Zelda.

Of course, his comments about the story just keep making us think: If Skyward Sword is meant to explain the origin of the Master Sword… what’s the origin of the Skyward Sword? I think we’re going to need another game to explain that one.

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Thanks to ZoraMikau for the tip!
  • apexman13

    20 bucks says this game wont come out until after the next E3 2011

    • Dark Link

      Lol they should rather develop a OoT release with TP graphics and let the Saga die well, instead of killing it with such awckard storylines

      • Shadow Darkman

        They already have a re-release set up for 3DS but it's not OoT with TP graphics. Furthermore, Skyward Sword is answering a question I bet a number of fans were asking since ALttP. "Where did the Master Sword originate?"

  • GenoKID

    Well, they shouldn't count their cuccos before they've hatched about keeping this control scheme as the norm. Unless it is really really good. Ocarina of Time good. They sound very confident this time, though, so here's hoping.

  • epona133

    yeah. okay. honestly, i do not care how much of an idiotic ignorant person ppl regard me as, but as an individual, and as someone who was completely drawn into twilight princess's realistic world, the graphics for this one are just so so bad to me. i know it was intended to look impressionist, but it just doesnt. not many of us would have been able to even tell it was impressionist unless we had been told that. somehow, im not sure that a painting-like art style is very meant to be implemented into a video game franchise of this caliber. it looks like link got sucked into a really old 100-acre woods/mushroom kingdom. while i know its still too early, i am just so scared its going to stay this way…i remember when the artwork came out last year, i was completely mesmerized by how gorgeous it was and how much it looked like twilight princess. tp may have been a little dark, but that doesnt mean that for a game to have a lighter tone, it has to look so bright and childish. and none of us really had complaints or desires for it to be "easier to defeat enemies with vivid colours" for twilight princess. the majority of us loved it, because it took a franchise we loved and gave it a total makeover. its true that wind waker was bashed at first because of the cel-shading, but probably the main reason why we came to love it is because link himself was a child, so it made sense. it was unique, and had its own style. but adult link just looks so hard to believe or get used to in such a bright coloured hazy world. i think impressionist art is beautiful, and unique, but i really am not confident in implementing it to zelda.
    i know i may just get alot of hate and insults, but as a unique individual with my own opinions, its just how i feel, and i am so so disapointed… i trust nintendo through and through, and i will still play it, but i dunno, i just lost so much of my excitement and it doesnt feel so great, especially after waiting a year…

    • Aleksandar

      Same with me, but what can you do?

    • themcshan

      exactly how i feel man

    • guest

      See kids, this is an example of someone who is allowing the the realness of their emotions to impact the validity of their perceptions. Meaning; yes you may be genuinely disappointed, and yes you may not think it looks good graphically, but none of that matters because YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME OVER A BLURRY YOUTUBE VIDEO AND IT IS CAUSING ALL THE SUBTLE DETAILS TO GET LOST IN TRANSLATION. You are seeing it in the worst light possible, and not even playing, and you are judging it as if you are an expert. Go watch the HD gameplay demo on gametrailers and youll see how amazing this game looks alot more clearly. You have to look at the ground and things in the distance to really see what they maen by "impressionist" effect. It is an effect that blurry youtube vids and even the vids on Nintendos site cant translate well. You have to see HD footage taken off screen on a nice big high quality TV to get an idea for what it really looks like running on Wii hardware, not directly rendered screenshots etc. This new "impressionist" art style is fantastic but it doesnt translate well at all unless you see it running off screen on hardware in HD. The game is going to be beyond epic. Maybe even the best Zelda of all time since it is a culmination of all past games features and styles as well as bring all the games timeline into focus.

      • Aleksandar




      • Chainoftermina

        he's right. I watched on G4 HD and it looked a lot better than on the internet.

      • epona133

        i hope your right about that. although watching it in HD or in blurry youtube doesnt change the fact that it looks uncomfortably bright in terms of color. im definetly not an expert lol just someone who, i guess, was a little too overwhelmed by twilight princess's beauty and stunning scenery to suddenly accept this. but it is true, what you say, i gotta agree with you.
        still, when twilight p. was first demoed, it was also viewed first on blurry youtube videos, but looked equally stunning both there, and eventually on my tv.
        i dont think its wrong to be bothered by it, and i dont deny that it may be the greatest zelda ever, i mean, this is ZELDA we're talkin about =] and the plot so far is exactly something a zelda game should be! its guna be epic and awsum, no doubts. but dont you think link kinda looks like a girl….or is that just me? lolol and his eyes closeup are very reminiscent of yugioh.
        just sayin =]

        • Shadow Darkman

          You should work on capitalization a bit more. Just saying (seriously).

          Now for my response.

          They took the originally-intended TP-like graphics and combined them with the graphics style of TWW, which is much harder than it looks, or so I'm told.

    • Ezatoa

      And Since when do the graphics make a game good or bad?
      Look at yourself and ask yourself this: "Does a game need to look realistic to be a good game?"
      If your answer is yes, I feel sorry for you, because you don't know what a game is about.
      If you want realism, go outside and walk in a forest or something.
      We play Games because they're NOT realistic, learn that for a fact.
      Or is it completely normal for a young man to dive off a cliff and survive?
      Or perhaps you think it's normal that there's magic?
      Open your eyes man. Open them, it's not about realism, it's about gameplay.

  • TheMaverickk

    I thought the girl in the art shown last year becomes the skyward sword… which will eventually be formed into the Master Sword.

    I believe Aonuma has commented on that already. Mind you the game may raise questions in regards to that girls origins and what makes her special. Although that may also be explained when Link meets that girl. Since I'm assuming it's Link meeting her that leads him to go on this quest to help the world below.

  • ZoraMikau

    I think the controls look quite good for the game.

  • Blizzeta93

    it sounds like all of this information was boiling up inside them, waiting to explode at E3

  • Aleksandar

    Still I hope the game´s gonna have two different graphic styles.

    But that´s just wishful thinking, LOL!

  • Hálvðanarson

    Again the music sounds epic and beautiful. I hope the music in the final product will be similar.

  • Thareous33

    "Much travel will be done between the two worlds…" Well, that explains the flight.

  • Chainoftermina

    I wonder what the Skyward Sword Looks like. It doesn't look like the Master Sword until it actually BECOMES the Master Sword, right?

    • TnzSki

      I don't remember anyone saying that the sword would change its appearance… I think it's NAME just changes. You may be right but I don't think anyone said that, so I wouldn't jump to conclusions based on assumptions.

      BTW, if someone actually DID say it, I'd appreciate it if you could post a reply with a link to the interview or whatever.

      • Chainoftermina

        actually, I just assumed that because they have different names. I mean, obviously when the Skyward Swords turns into the Master Sword, it's power changes, right? It changes from a Sword that …………….does what ever the Skyward Sword does into a Blade of Evil's Bane (woo) Link must in some as-of-yet-unknown way, put the power to banish evil into the Skyward Sword, which turns it into the Master Sword. and I kinda thought that would cause it to change it's appearance. I could be wrong though.

        • TnzSki

          That makes sense. I guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens!

  • le0jay

    "Naturally hold a bow"? Most people are right handed, and right-handed people hold the bow with their left and draw with their right.

    Can you do this, or do you have to draw back with the Wii Remote?

    • Ezatoa

      I know it's anything but natural. Sigh. Bad choice of words there.

  • Keimori

    i said it before and i'll say it again, i trust nintendo with their own creation.

  • Ally

    Is skyward sword supposed to be a sequel to twilight princess? It sounds like something that would take place before "A Link to the past". I just wanted to say this, but the Legend of Zelda series is so confusing because there are different Links that live at different times and places yet are a different age. And about the setting, I'm just a confused wreck now. Here is and Example:
    There is the Adventures of link which I think is a sequel to the orininal zelda game
    Then there is Oracles of ages and oracles of seasons
    Then wind waker, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks with a link that came 100 years after the phantom hourglass
    Then ocarina of time, majora's mask to twilight princess with a link that came hundreds to years after the one of majora's mask
    All I know is that this is nintendo's idea and they can do whatever they want with it. I,m not trying to complain, i just want to say.
    Please tell me if I am or not making sense.

  • Shadow Hero31

    i actually think at some point in Link's quest, link and Adelle meet the Ancient Sages and they tell them they need a more powerful sword to defeat the evil (may or may not be Ganon) so they use their power to turn the Skyward Sword into the Master sword. i think link will start out with a simple sword like the wooden sword which he will use to defeat a mini boss and then get the SS and go down to Hyrule from Skyloft and defeat more dungeons. then they meet the ancient sages and it turns into the MS. Then they have to defeat like 4-5 more dungeons to find the energy for the MS. (1 dungeon in Hyrule,1 in Skyloft, another in Skyloft, then two more in Hyrule for the order of the dungeons to restore the MS.) Hyrule returns to peace, and Adelle tells him that is because "the evil" has moved it's dark desingns to Skyloft. They go to defeat the evil in Skyloft. Once it is gone, the MS falls down from Skyloft to Hyrule to be laid to rest. Once it is put in the pedestal of time and Adelle becomes Navi. She goes to a new home and eventually stumbles across the Kokiri Forest. 100 years pass and OOT begins.

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  • Ari

    The first few weeks I knew about Skyward Sword I could not get it out of my head; I think I'll feel much like that when it's released. Until then I hope to see this game reach the standard I hope for it to reach. I still have a seemingly endless supply of questions( I think that goes for a lot of LOZ fans ) which hopefully will be answered soon. What's Hyrule like? What about the speculation of flight? Who are the characters? Are the characters of previous games staying with us? Ganon? Zelda? Epona? Zoras? Gorons? Gerudos? please comment