In an interview with Gamespot, producer Eiji Aonuma clarified some of the finer points of Skyward Sword‘s storyline – namely that the Skyward Sword is found above the clouds in Skyloft and not below the ground. Furthermore, he continues on to say that prior to his finding the Skyward Sword, Links character knows nothing about a land beneath the clouds – in fact, none of the residents of Skyloft are aware of any other world outside of Skyloft.

He also stated that it is the Skyward Sword that guides Link below the clouds in order to vanquish the evil forces that live there, and that Skyward Sword will focus heavily on the reason why there are two lands divided by a bank of clouds, with Link traveling constantly between the two worlds.

In addition, Aonuma also spoke about Zelda’s new MotionPlus controls, stating that the Zelda teams hopes to make them the standard “Link” controls for the foreseeable future – even if Nintendo’s next console doesn’t have MotionPlus-style controls. Aonuma wants to do everything he can to ensure that these controls remain the norm for Zelda.

Of course, his comments about the story just keep making us think: If Skyward Sword is meant to explain the origin of the Master Sword… what’s the origin of the Skyward Sword? I think we’re going to need another game to explain that one.

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Thanks to ZoraMikau for the tip!