The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was available as a playable demo on the E3 show floor, and Gametrailers was kind enough to make a video showing some gameplay footage to share the experience! This gameplay video doesn’t confirm any new information, but it does give us a better, and decidedly less laggy, glimpse of Nintendo’s E3 setup for their newest Zelda title.

Source: (Thanks to “TheMaverickk”  for the tip!)
  • Ashmic

    im exicited, even tho at first i was disapointed just a little, im warming up to it and i want this game so bad I DO HAVE A QUESTION on the preorder page, is that date on when its released (december 31 2011) confirmed, or no? (hope not! o.o) but is it confirmed??

    • The date isn't confirmed. It should be released much sooner since Nintendo is mostly finished with the game. It's expected to be released early 2011.

      • Ashmic

        thanks man 😀 ^^ u made me happies!

    • Laura

      i hope it isnt too ^^

      • Ashmic

        lol laura hahahaha is this the laura i sent this link 2 :p great friends comment alike

        • Laura

          yea its me ^^ and
          yes they do ^^

    • Chainoftermina

      the very last day of 2011? Of course not! No, no that isn't the release date, I have no idea why it says that, but it just can't be. It'll be released some time in 2011, probably near the beginning. Feb or March or sometime around then, I'm guessing.

      • Black Yuri

        That's just their way of covering their butts until the official date is announced. :p

        • TheMaverickk

          Honestly it may be a weird guess to make… but I think this title may see a Spring release.

          This Zelda game is following in Wind Waker and Majora's Mask in my own personal opinion. It won't be a Christmas/Holiday release (they will reserve that for what they show at next E3 I bet)…. Wind Waker was a Zelda title that released in March/April… I think this Zelda will too. Mind you I bet you the release date of this Zelda title will closely be tied to when the 3DS is launched… there will have to be a good space between them.

          • Lukar

            I'd have to agree with you on that, it does make sense. Plus, like silver_hero said, they've already finished alot of stuff for the game, and are just taking the rest of this year to add the last few bits of content to the game and bug test it. I'm guessing a March, April, or even May release.

      • Ashmic

        thank you <3

  • Chainoftermina

    oh, cool, the bottles have their own Menu? that's awesome. and I already know I am gonna have so much fun with the sprinting, Go Link GO!

    although, that Motion Plus sword is starting to look a little weird. Does Link always hold it out in front him like that? …..all the time? he never, just, puts it down at his side? eh whatever.

    • D é r k o m a i

      Just guessing, but I think the Player was holding the controller out normally while making link run, which would have the sword sticking out like that. If you wanted to get into it, I think you could raise it above your head and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER while running at a foe, haha.

      • TheMaverickk

        Agreed… the motion and position of the sword is compeltely based on the player. If you want it to look more natural you would need to either move the controller back/closer to your body, or something along those lines.

        It looks a little funny because not many people have had a chance to adjust to the way Link reads the players motion plus movements. So it's going to look awkward for a little while likely.

    • Xenithar

      I would think he would be able to hold it at his side if you held the wiimote down while moving him around.

  • Jason

    This Zelda definitely has potential to be awesome. I just hope those GD mushrooms are gone in the final product. They look really out of place.

    • Ashmic

      i agree

      • I agree. The art style offers a nice blend of fantasy and realism, but the mushrooms are just too much. I was expecting Link to run into Mario.

  • STUFF2o

    See! Doesn't look over-saturated now, does it? (with the exception of the oddly bright visuals in the middle of the vid, which must have been a recording error, as the menus are brighter too on that part)

  • D é r k o m a i

    That music sounded a little too epic for what I was looking at, lol. It looks like a great amount of fun thought! It looked like you could really feel the impact of blade on blade. So cooool~

  • Black Yuri

    I'm loving the fluid movements and how quick he swings his sword. This is starting to make me think motion controls might not be so terrible. <3

  • apexman13

    holy crap! where is that music from? its Epic!

    • Makarthekorokwarrior

      yeah! i know. i hope that's going to be in the game somewhere. from what i've heard of the music so far, it sounds all good. the trailer theme was pretty good, and the game is going to be completely orchestrated!!!

  • TheMaverickk

    This video was just nice to see because it condensed the whole "demo" from E3 experience into a nice tidy package with some nice background music.

    It also clearly illustrates a lot of the new mechanics we've heard about, from the running and dashing, to the drinking a potion while on the fly.

    Also the opening sequence shows some nice world details I happened to love.

  • Ulises

    Wow i really liked the battle with the stalfos, he covers from diferents angles each time so you have to think fast and deliver the right swing with the sword.

    • Xenithar

      Yeah, you have to think about how you hit the enemies with the sword – really cool.

  • Dina

    I just hope they use the original sound when we found treasures, not the one in Twilight princess <_<

  • Hálvðanarson

    I'm starting to get calmer, although I was disappointed with the first impression, but heey it's Zelda, the best game in the world.

    The music exited me a bit, for me the music is a big part of what Zelda really is and it contributes to the "zelda feeling".

  • Thareous33

    Was anybody besides myself kinda freaked out by the stalfos' movements? I mean I can stomach watching it; I'm pretty used to the macabre mechanics mankind makes. (Say that twenty times over ;D). I wish I had the sword in hand so that I could bash its grinning coconut off.

    • TheMaverickk

      It is actually a pretty disturbing character to be honest. That's why I'm loving this style of Zelda so much more… the eyes are creepier, and he seems more sadistic then the stalfos the last game… I mean when he blocks your sword strikes it doesn't even send him back he keeps pushing forward… meaning as the player you better be quick and make every sword strike count.

      It's a more frightening aspect to add… you can't simply count on using the right weapon in Zelda anymore… it's also about the skill you use to make use of it.

  • Pignoah

    It's just more of the same now.

    They made out like they were revamping the series.

    What nonsense, I'm bored just looking at it.

    • Aw, whiny baby.

    • MakarthekorokWarrior

      you can hardly expect the entire Zelda series to completely redo its formula that's been built up since the original! Anouma and Miyamoto are often making remarks about 'revamping the series' that are slightly exaggerated, but this game looks really good! this is a completely new and fresh artistic style!! I'd never expected another console Zelda with cell shading, but I'd wished for it. This is beautiful! Not only that, but if they get the controls to work out right, it would work beautifully. You could hardly call this 'gimmicky' like the wii controls in Twilight Princess! not only that, but we haven't really seen enough yet to know if they have changed everything! for one thing, he was fighting a scorpion in a random location, and he seemed like he was in a dungeon sometimes, but it didn't seem like the usual dungeon, more outside, less formula. and through the entire trailer, he had already obtained his beetle, bow, bombs, slingshot, and whip…and on that same long of thought, not only is the bow going to be different from any we've ever used in Zelda, the bombs can be rolled realistically, or thrown, and the beetle and whip are practically completely new!!

      i don't know what you're opinion is, but i think this game has the potential to be spectacular. let's just hope it lives up to our expectations.

  • Jen

    Did anyone notice the smoke that rose up after the defeat of the first deku baba in this video? The smoke rose up in the shape of a skull. Interesting detail. 🙂 I hadn't seen anyone mention it, so I thought I'd point it out, just in case. It's toward the beginning of the video.

    • MakarthekorokWarrior

      yeah, i saw that too, although i'm not sure if its just dead, or maybe its something you've collected, like skulltula tokens…interesting, nonetheless. i do hope that Link gets more items than that though! in the trailer, there's only three extra slots after the ones he already has! and, strangely enough, through all of the trailer, which appears to take place solely in the Sky Loft realm, Link consistently has all those weapons: bombs, beetle, bow, slingshot, whip… but i think they just changed things up a bit for the trailer and demo.

      • TheMaverickk

        I agree… I think there will be plenty of items to use, it's just that the demo doesn't want to give too much away. I think what you will have is a wheel system similar to TP to not give away the amount of items. Nintendo wouldn't want to give that information away in a demo at E3.

        It's just that they wanted to have an even looking demo system so having question mark gap holes was probably needed so there was a full circle.

        Or maybe they just wanted to make people think that only how many items there will be. In any case we will just have to wait and see.

  • Whoa, those are some fast moves he did with the sword! I'm in love with the controls already.

  • Xenithar

    I really like how fast you can move the sword with the wiimote! Excellent footage.

  • Sarah

    OH dear me, it looks like Mario is trying to invade Zelda!! What's up with all the colors? I understand colors are good but they look too bright and out of place for a Zelda game…. I'm highly disappointed…. 🙁

    • linkfan2

      me too….i mean, im not stupid, or a whiner, at least im not trying to be, but twilight princess realism just kinda drew me into to the world so well. i felt like i was actually there at times, and the worlds were just so stunning and gorgeous and believable…and now, when i see these bright colours and mushrooms everywhere, its just so hard to immerse myself in, because it no longer seems as real…i guess graphics, along with story, are the 2 things i adore about zelda as an individual, even tho some ppl may say i know nothing, the realism twilight princess had just meant so much to me…..i guess we'll have to wait and see, but i know for a fact i wasnt the only person unpleasantly shocked when i saw it the first time….

  • apexman13

    anyone else see a resemblance to Wii sports Resort at the beginning with the waterfall?

  • apexman13

    i also hope that they seriously consider getting rid of those bokoblins (red guys) because i just cant take them seriously.

  • xXjackXx

    It looks fun and the Ai looks way better than any other i've seen. Looks hard also, the only thing wrong that would bother me is the way he runs with his sword. It looks weird 😛

  • Sanity's_Theif


    The graphics may suck but the gameplay looks amazing, your sword stays wherever your pointing it as your run around too, melee combos are fast and the enemies look pretty tough, like you'll actually have to think to beat them

    I LOVE the new running feature, I just hope that you can still swing the sword while you run a la TP

    Yea the graphics… well that can be taken care of *hint*(When I remembered this I was immediately put in a good mood)

    • TheMaverickk

      Except that your *hint* will likely be over looked. I think Nintendo full intends to go with the current visual style.

      Remember that originally the game actually looked exactly like TP and then Miyamoto said that they had to change it up to distinguish it from TP (since it is a completely different Link and a completely different world in this time period). So Anouma had this visual style in mind and it's what they wanted to do.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        …XD You have no clue what I'm talking about, the graphics problem, we can take care of ourselves, that was the hint, Riivolution