Angry Video Game Nerd is Angry

Whether you love him or hate him (or have never heard of him) James Rolfe, otherwise known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, strikes again. This time against The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In his recent episode, he tours the Nintendo booths at E3 and took a moment to comment on the new Zelda title. Seemingly unimpressed with the new visual style, he commented that the graphics were “like someone took a piss all over the screen […] It’s like a bright, Technicolor urine stream of colors.” He goes on to say that what he really would like to see in a Zelda game would be “a really bad-ass, dark Zelda game where you slice people’s gonads off; that would be awesome.”

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Whether said more for the shock value or out of absolute honesty, it’s sure to either entertain or ruffle some feathers.

You can watch the rest of his video below, but you should be warned that the expletives are frequent.

And for those not in the know,  Angry Video Game Nerd is a character and should be taken with a grain of salt. Here is James Rolf–out of character–discussing his honest opinions:

Source: GameTrailers (tip by Z-MAN7)