Angry Video Game Nerd is Angry

Whether you love him or hate him (or have never heard of him) James Rolfe, otherwise known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, strikes again. This time against The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In his recent episode, he tours the Nintendo booths at E3 and took a moment to comment on the new Zelda title. Seemingly unimpressed with the new visual style, he commented that the graphics were “like someone took a piss all over the screen […] It’s like a bright, Technicolor urine stream of colors.” He goes on to say that what he really would like to see in a Zelda game would be “a really bad-ass, dark Zelda game where you slice people’s gonads off; that would be awesome.”

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Whether said more for the shock value or out of absolute honesty, it’s sure to either entertain or ruffle some feathers.

You can watch the rest of his video below, but you should be warned that the expletives are frequent.

And for those not in the know,  Angry Video Game Nerd is a character and should be taken with a grain of salt. Here is James Rolf–out of character–discussing his honest opinions:

Source: GameTrailers (tip by Z-MAN7)
  • Lord_Santa

    cursing attention-demanding wannabe is getting old

  • STUFF2o

    He's the Angry Video Game Nerd, what'd you expect. He's trying to stay in character. In his non-Nerd videos, he doesn't swear this much, these types of expletives are characteristic of his character. Really, it looks to me like he just thinks it's too colorful. And it's true that the demo area is very colorful. Some newer videos have more reasonable colors, though.

  • Thareous33

    Well, somebody just needs to get a grip and rein his horses in.

  • Feri

    Im with Lord_Santa. this guy is just an attention whore lol. DISS THE NEW GAME = INSTANT ATTENTION. And you people give him it. What a noob.

    Go play Gears of War or something and let Zelda to its own style. Nintendo intends to appeal to all audiences. Get the fucking HINT ALREADY PEOPLE, you're not getting a bloody Zelda! There's plenty of bloody games out there, goddamnit.

    I'm sick fo these fanboys.

    • Z-MAN7

      James is not being serious in the Angry Nerd video. Like everyoe says "he is in character". The man loves Zelda games.

      Who's the noob now?

    • JPC

      Well, usually he disses old games most people haven't heard of so "DISS THE NEW GAME = INSTANT ATTENTION" would be untrue for AVGN. If you think he's bad just wait for Yatzee's E3 video.

  • Hobo Joe

    I agree, Feri. I hate these idiots that think that Zelda should be bloody and more mature. The Zelda series is perfectly fine the way it is. And what the ^&*^ is wrong with the gaming nerd or whatever the crap his name is. "a really bad-ass, dark Zelda game where you slice people’s gonads off; that would be awesome.” WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM?!

    • Guest

      This guy is just acting, it's a part of his character. He actually is an EXTREME Zelda fan, some of his most favorite games are Zelda games if you look at some of his videos. He doesn't really mean all that, it's just his character. I'm sure he's just as excited as everyone else is for this game.

  • Ashmic

    why is he interested in only gonads lol jk, hes a successful troller

  • Dark Link


    • Aleksandar



  • xXjackXx

    He's just another idiot living among the idiots. TA-DUMB

    • EDracon

      He's joking, you would know that if you ever watched his videos.. the AVGN is a character he plays in reviews of bad game, he curses out everything.

  • Did no one notice that he's wearing a t-shirt with official artwork FROM Skyward Sword on it? C'mon guys, relax lol

    • Feri

      Yeah a friend just explained to me what he was doing.

      Goddamit, I got trolled XD

  • You all know that he is saying these things with his nerd persona?
    If you want to know what James Rolfe thinks about it for real, check out this video:

  • Sanity's_Theif

    There's truth in what he says lol

  • Chainoftermina

    (Oh, God, Bastian, now look at what you did!)


    He is not serious! That kind of attitude is part of the AVGN Persona! It's just a joke! watch some of his videos and this will seem like he's cuddling a little puppy! He is not serious!!! This is part of the AVGN Character! HE IS NOT SERIOUS!!!!!!!

  • I'd like to see him try and say that in front of the E3 presenters 🙂 (t'would make a great Fail)

  • LoverOfLegend

    I personally like the dark, realistic graphics of Twilight Princess, and when i saw Link come on my TV screen yesterday, i was upset at first. I was escpecially upset when they explained the controls, simply because i absolutely HATE the Wii because you can't sit down at all while playing (My Wii knows if i am sitting or standing o.o). Then after taking it into consideration, i started thinking about Okami. The graphics weren't great, but the art in the game definetly made up for it. Then i remembered what a pain it was to get ahold of the Celestial Brush. But now, if i go play Okami, you would look at me like i was insane for saying i couldn't play it at one point in time. I am hoping it will be the same for Skyward Sword 🙂

  • guest

    some of the people on this website are so ignorant. he is wearing a skyward sword shirt. He is really a nintendo fanboy, and was called the angry nintendo nerd before being the angry videogame nerd. you people got trolled hard.

  • guest

    besides the next video where he is actually playing the game and comments it out of character he says he likes it

  • Vic George

    If Angry Video Game Nerd wants a Zelda game where Link cuts people's heads off, he should get off his duff, get away from making his videos, and start working on it. The problem, though, is that he won't be able to make any money off of it, because Zelda is a Nintendo property.

  • Alkunkunka

    Wow, a lot less people here know who this guy is than I would've thought. Take it easy on the guy, he is in character.

  • Jonah

    Doesn't really sound like he's dissing it to me, just expressing his opinion. I mean, it's not like he's saying "THE GRAFIX SUCK THIS GAME SUCKS!!"

  • Minion

    Attention duelists! His Zelda T-Shirt is telling you to calm down!

    There's really no point in posting this video other than for the amusement factor. If you've ever seen his other videos (there are subtle hints in this one too), you'll realize he's a Nintendo fanboy. Just take it easy, guys.

  • The Eternal

    As many have already pointed out, this is just the Nerd’s usual hyperbole. No need to get bent out of shape over it.

  • TheMaverickk

    LMAO this is hilarious. I watch AVGN all the time, and so I know his usual "actual angry".

    It's totally a joke, you can tell in his tone that he isn't serious for a moment. In fact I think from his tone he's just trying to mock everyone who judges games for stupid reasons, like visual styles. Just look how he even mentions that "if you look around you will see everyone else is going for that dark shaded things" basically pointing out the fact that in reality this game is at least a break from the rest of the same ol'same ol. Saying that he wants a dark Zelda is more a joke on making fun of what he knows everyone is probably thinking.

    Also yeah he grabbed a shirt for the game so he obviously must like it enough to be wearing it 😉

    Either way AVGN is still cool with me! Zelda fans shouldn't be upset though… it was barely a diss if it was at all.

  • Silver

    Successful troll is successful.

  • dark_link121

    i just can't wait anymore, i have been waiting for a year now, this is getting annoying, but even if that was just a joke, what he did, it was not called for

  • RedsX

    I'ts funny watching people rage over an actor. Its a persona. And calling him a true angry fanboy just because he had nintendo in his name before is even funnier. that was when he only did nes games. Get over it people. This is his usual stuff.

  • Meralia

    Wow, apparently some people just don't get an obvious joke.
    AVGN is awesome 🙂

  • Masterblade

    He's just staying in character people! He might actually just think that it seems a bit too colorful, but he probably likes it anyway.

  • Terminian Weirdo

    See, this is exactly what happened with TWW. Nintendo gives us a cartoony game, people say the graphics suck, they play the game, they think its awesome.

    • Aleksandar



  • aran

    lol this guy is funny as

    • Aleksandar


  • TheMaverickk

    He was just saying what he knows the "angry nerds" out there are thinking. He and everyone else knew in the instant we saw the game that there was going to be a sect who will hate this game on it's a appearance well before it was released.

    When I saw the visuals I knew there would be an uproar, any avid gamer knew this would happen.

  • Aleksandar


    I see two kinds of people here, idiots who let themselves get trolled, and the people who just GET IT, you know!

  • Aaron Reynolds

    Well you gotta understand thats what AVGN is all about, hes funny when he pretends to hate classic games, it make it enjoyable to watch and very entertaining. Obviously he liked the demo, I know I would, but idk I gotta see more of this game too, to want a buy it.

  • Matt17

    haha I wondered if James saw E3. Guess everyone did

  • GenoKID

    I know he's in character, but if you take that into account, he's still critical of the graphic design. I for one think it's flawless; perfect compromise. And the slashing 'nads off? No thanks. I like my Bible left alone.

  • Solid Knight

    AVGN makes fun of people crying for a dark and gritty Zelda.

  • CosmicKitty

    All I can say is JEEZ. You guys take things way too seriously. Have you never heard of a thing called acting? If you looked into the person saying these things, you'd know that James Rolfe is a long-time Zelda fan. He references [not bashes] Zelda in a lot of his AVGN videos, and has been playing the series ever since he was a kid.

    You can express your opinions all you want, but there's a difference between expressing opinions and insulting.

  • Row-Row

    Haha… every time I see AVGN I think A VIRGIN.

    And no, I'm not hating on him, I know it's a character. It's like how I see STFU as STUFF YOU, even though I know what it actually means.

    Yeah. =D

  • vìctor zeppelin

    It's funny, he got just what he wanted. And that's pissing a lot of people off. He's the ANGRY Video Game Nerd, after all. Hahaha! I laughed a lot. He's kinda cool, and I don't think we're supposed to take him too seriously.

  • Lord_Santa

    I know he's in character
    but the character appeals to 13 year old's who has no conception of good or bad games

    he was tiring already as angry nintendo nerd and he's not getting funnier

    I can see that plenty of people think this is "funny", but in the same way that you outgrow potty humor, you outgrow this kind of retarded nonsense

    I realize that he has a fan-base, which is the sole reason for him having a show in the first place; but seriously, there's gotta be something new and innovating for him to do in order to keep his show fresh

    this was neither new, nor innovating, this was a short "HEY LOOK AT ME! I DEMAND ATTENTION!" rant which didn't succeed on any level

    I *know* this is his "character", it's just old and not very well thought out

  • Valdek

    wow, most everyone here is getting trolled… and this guy deserves to be hanged by his entrails. lol

  • XxSacredBeastxX

    Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) is a character, people. He was staying in character to be able to stay in the electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). I presume they payed James Rolfe to act as the AVGN to be able to stay.

  • logyoMon

    He may have over exaggerated due to his 'character' but it seems that his honest opinion is that this is too colourful. That's his opinion and you guys can disagree if you want.
    Although to be honest I see his point.

  • CyberMonkey

    Some of you folks should probably consider familiarizing yourself with James' AVGN character. If you do, you'd note that there's nothing about this that warrants getting your frilly panties in a bunch. It's a character he plays, and not necessarily indicative of his actualy views

  • guest

    Dude, if he wouldn't like this game, he wouldn't have had ALMOST ALL the NES games in the world, check his list