You thought you were out of the woods – with today’s crazy E3 coverage, you’d think that everything was said and done by now. But no! Nintendo, at their usual evening roundtable following their press conference, finally let loose the plot of Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword is, indeed, the very first Zelda – before Ocarina of Time. In Skyward Sword, Link is a young boy born into a land above the clouds, called Skyloft. Of course, there’s a land beneath the clouds, but Link is told that it is ruled by “evil forces.”

Naturally, a series of events surrounding these evil forces prompt Link to break through the cloud bank – that’s the scene with Link jumping off the cliff, and it’s very poignant – and enter the land beneath the clouds.

Potential spoilers follow, so I’ve broken the post here. Keep reading for the rest of the plot!

Of course, the reason he goes down beneath the clouds is to retrieve the game’s namesake item – the Skyward Sword. The Skyward Sword is intelligent and assumes the humanoid form we’ve seen in the released artwork.

The Skyward Sword – and in turn the humanoid form it transforms into – eventually becomes the Master Sword.

So, for all of you who thought that Adelle – or whatever her true name is – was the Master Sword, you were correct! And for the rest of you just getting your feet wet with Skyward Sword information, stay tuned – more information about Skyward Sword is coming out of Nintendo every minute.