You thought you were out of the woods – with today’s crazy E3 coverage, you’d think that everything was said and done by now. But no! Nintendo, at their usual evening roundtable following their press conference, finally let loose the plot of Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword is, indeed, the very first Zelda – before Ocarina of Time. In Skyward Sword, Link is a young boy born into a land above the clouds, called Skyloft. Of course, there’s a land beneath the clouds, but Link is told that it is ruled by “evil forces.”

Naturally, a series of events surrounding these evil forces prompt Link to break through the cloud bank – that’s the scene with Link jumping off the cliff, and it’s very poignant – and enter the land beneath the clouds.

Potential spoilers follow, so I’ve broken the post here. Keep reading for the rest of the plot!

Of course, the reason he goes down beneath the clouds is to retrieve the game’s namesake item – the Skyward Sword. The Skyward Sword is intelligent and assumes the humanoid form we’ve seen in the released artwork.

The Skyward Sword – and in turn the humanoid form it transforms into – eventually becomes the Master Sword.

So, for all of you who thought that Adelle – or whatever her true name is – was the Master Sword, you were correct! And for the rest of you just getting your feet wet with Skyward Sword information, stay tuned – more information about Skyward Sword is coming out of Nintendo every minute.

  • ZoraMikau

    I submitted this info, but i hope they will give us some more story info. It looks like there might even be voice aacting, maybe. So far. I don't think they've answered that question yet.

    • sarai

      nooooooooo!!! I don't want voice acting tht would SUCK!!

      • Chihiro

        So many people would disagree with that. I don't like how Link doesn't talk/even have any written dialogue. "The players can imagine Link to be/say/act whatever they want" is annoying to me, I want to know who he actually is supposed to be.

  • vincent

    Something isn't quite right. If Link is leaving in search of the sword why is it with him when he jumps of the cliff?

    • ZoraMikau

      I think he lives on the clouds, maybe this game will include the Occca from TP?

    • Jason Rappaport

      That is a good question – perhaps Link can travel between the two lands, above and below the clouds, with the sword! To get back down, he probably needs to keep jumping through the cloud bank.

      • ZoraMikau

        I'm thinking that you have an item or button combo or something that makes link spin attack and the master sword wihips up a whirlwind and lifts him to the clouds or down to earth. It seems like their calling the place on earth hyrule, seems like hyrules coming back, I still wonder what more of the story is going to be. james, why don't you just copy and paste all the skyward sword stuff onto one news post, there are 12 or something of them, they all don't fit on the fronyt page.

      • ZoraMikau

        While i'm at it, you should add these videos to the zelda wii teasers and trailers page.

        ZU's servers really slow today, I think it's because so many peple are on here lookg at SS information.

        • Andy

          Haha, another abriviation. We've been waiting forever to find out what the name is and now we just call it SS.

    • michael wills

      because it is a teaser trailer

  • KingOfHeart

    Can we get the exact source to this information?

  • Chainoftermina

    oh, cool! this sounds neat! the creation of the Master Sword! I knew it! I had a feeling that that might be……..might be…….

    HEY! WAIT A SECOND! WHAT ABOUT ZELDA!? WHERE THE HECK DOES THE PRINCESS FALL INTO THIS!? NINTENDO, IF ZELDA ISN'T IN THIS GAME, THEN SO HELP ME…………..she had BETTER be either the princess of this Skyloft place OR under attack from these evil forces. Maybe she'll contact Link ah la ALTTP, I don't really care how, but she had BETTER BE IN THIS GAME, I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!!!

    • ZoraMikau

      Well, during the conference miyamoto or his translatoer said hyrule, I remember that, but they may just have said that because when you think of zelda you think of hyrule.

    • arcticlizard

      Ha Ha, yes, Zelda better be in the game, or else they should change the title. This sounds interesting, if this is the first chance to see the master sword, maybe this will also be the official first time we see Ganon, and not in OoT.
      I like the Mario Galaxy art style.

      • TheMaverickk

        There shouldn't be Ganon in this game… Ganondorf becomes Ganon… and that happens in Ocarina of TIme. Ocarina of Time was sort of Ganondorfs origin story.

        Since this takes place ages before OoT, it's likely another evil… I mean the Master Sword came into being as the sword to banish evil… and there were evils in the world of Hyrule before Ganondorf. Who knows though it could be another Gerudo… or even more so it could be a corrupt Hylian from Hyrule Castle, not an outside. Oh the possibilities.

        • Chainoftermina

          I was talking about Zelda, not Ganon. I really do not care if Ganon is in the game or not. I suppose it would make much sense timeline wise, but I just want Zelda. but speaking of a villain, I do want it to be intelligent, and not some monster like Bellum. that was stupid.

        • ZoraMikau

          yes, but ganon was sealed into the sacred realm, so he would have had to be sealed in sometime, but I can't help but wonder, since this game has to do with the sky, will Vaati the wind mage be involved?

          • Chainoftermina

            actually, that would be sweet! it's been too long since we saw Vaati, I liked him…………..but then again, he was a minish, wasn't he?

        • JCAC

          or it could be ganons mothers

    • Crazymallets

      Both Majora's Mask and Link's awakening didn't have Zelda and they were great games. I know what you mean though. However, it is possible that this game will tell the back story of how Hyrule, and the royal family came to be. That way it could still be a Zelda game with out having Zelda.

    • Xenithar

      I suppose we'll see; after all, she's appeared in every LoZ game except Link's Awakening. Whether it'll just be a glimpse like in Majora's Mask or a larger role like Spirit Tracks, time will tell ๐Ÿ˜‰ The royal family crest in the title makes me suspect that she could play a significant role.

    • Nathan

      I honestly think that all the games revolve around Link more than Zelda, which is true, so I've always sort of disagreed with the series title "Legend of Zelda." It has a nice ring to it, but the Legend is always more about Link than Zelda.

    • KingOfRedLions

      didnt you just hate how she wasnt in MM?? gahh! Oot was way better

    • kingsoulstealer

      damn right

  • Akira

    So, she is the Master Sword?? I got awkwardly and hugely confused. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Yes, she is the Master Sword. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Dérkomai

        a sexy master sword. Finally, link gets his hands on a woman.

        • Dérkomai

          Link better be careful… She's a double bladed babe, IF YOU KNOW WUT I MEENZ. *nudge* *nudge*

          • Banana!


  • TheMaverickk

    What I think might give hope to all those who want a "mature"' Zelda is the fact that apparently the world below Sky Loft is "corrupt" or "evil". It seems to already carry a theme about outside worls, and how when you live in such a closed off place everything foreign is seen as dangerous.

    Or perhaps the land below is actually controlled by evil… and as such is a dark and twisted place. What we saw today was obviously just a nice and idealistic world which Link is from. It's exciting to see Nintendo literally create a nice piece of art.

    Another nice thing… I think it's a given that Ganondorf and Ganon by default won't be here. So anyone hoping to fight Ganon is going to have to get past that. For me personally it's exciting to think I'll be fighting something else.

    Also did anyone else notice that beautiful scene where Link is using the whip on an item or something and there's Death Mountain in the background with some really old school looking waterfalls in front of it. AWESOME!

    • apexman13

      dangerous???? as in those fat red pig/teddy bears? okay so its gonna be Cellshaded…..

      the LEAST they could do is make some cool realistic monsters. not some WW rejects
      man i hate Nintendo right now…

      • LizMara

        Not everything in life has to have Xbox 720 graphics, you know. LOL

      • ALEX23


    • Chainoftermina

      I did notice that, though, to be perfectly honest, I didn't think of Death Mountain when I saw that. As a matter of fact, it reminded me of Lake Hylia in FSA. Remember how it was in a huge crater thing in that game? it looked pretty similar.

    • trololol

      TP *was* the mature Zelda, dudes. Don't be greedy now. If you check Zelda's roots, you'll find, even in the 2d games. It's an adventure game, with puzzles thrown in, based on child-like wonder.

    • SmartAlec

      Dude. Look at your Zelda history. The Master Sword is the physical representation of the Triforce and as such all three holders of the Triforce appear in all games that include the Master Sword. That means Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. The Master Sword has appeared in
      A Link To the Past
      Ocarina of Time
      The Wind Waker
      and Twilight Princess
      Ganondorf has been the main villain in all of these. You could even get the Master Sword through a code in Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and guess who the final boss was in that game? Ganondorf is the main Zelda villain. He's intertwined with the plot too much to be removed. There hasn't been a single non-Ganon game that was any good, with the possible exception of Majora's mask, which was set right after a Ganondorf game. The G-man is here to stay

      (Ganondorf for the win!)

      • ALEX23


  • Ganon

    I thought there was no timeline nintendo as they have said before. Just make a timeline for us, so we can stop wondering what it is.

  • I want to fight some interlopers!

    • LinkFX

      Whoa if they turned out to integrate the backstory of TP directly into the plot of this game that would be just awesome!

      • Chihiro

        Awesome, but doubtful. Before I knew the SS plot, I was excruciatingly disappointed there's no TP sequel. I wonder if they'll ever make one …

  • crazybus

    they better not contridict the other games with this one. not even the foursword ones. i wanna see them all connect for once. its so frustrating to come up with a great timeline, and then have it bashed by nintendo.

    • BlackLesnar

      It's an Aonuma game. All of the Zelda games under his guidance have exhibited overall continuity (okay, except the Fourswords trilogy, but I blame that on Miyamoto and his "upending the tea table").

      The big contradiction that messed up the link between the pre- and post- OoT happened in Wind Waker, and was because of Aonuma's taking-over & his different priorities to Miyamoto. Until someone comes along and replaces him as Zelda's creative director, the Timeline is completely safe.

  • Rowsdower

    ok, the way I see it, if you remember the Deku Tree’s story at the beginning of OoT, there was all this hubub about an un-united land with a bunch of different factions, always at war with itself. This seems to me like the pre-cursor to that story element.

    “Skyward Sword” Link helps the King of Hyrule unite the land (Deku Tree (or was it Zelda? I forget) says that the king united everyone into one kingdom, Hyrule) … by defeating the evil below with the help of Skyward Sword, thus cementing their place as the “Legendary Hero” and the “Master Sword” that Sheik tells OoT Link about, and why he seems to resemble Skyward Sword Link so much.

    I think that could work as a very bare bones timeline alignment structure, but there’s a million questions aftwards… Does Skyloft’s people evolve into the Ooccoo chicken folk? who the hell knows, haha…

    • Toph

      Finally! A Zelda game centered around the great war and not the imprisoning war…lovely!

    • Mrs. Chapman

      O it would be awesome for the Deku Tree to be in it!!!!!!!!

  • crazyfreak

    I want to see the origins of the royal family. I want Zelda to be the first person Link meets on that Land. Maybe the land is still uncontrolable!

    • skyward sword

      No,he said it takes place before OoT.MC was before that,so hyrule is colonized.

  • Nakanja

    Story sounds pretty cool. I thought an interesting way to go for a new Zelda game would be to base the world off Zelda 1, where instead of the familiar castle and towns people are living in caves and in tunnels hidden under bushes in a mostly monster-inhabited wilderness.

    This sounds as if it could be sorta like that, with the evil controlled land, going into hyrule’s far past, and I guess having most of the civilization up in the sky.

  • Wait, so if link is slashing at the final boss it can turn into adelle?

    • skyward sowrd

      that would suck a dick

    • ALEX23


  • this might be where the Master Sword is given to the royal family and Hyrule

  • inVision

    My prediction: This is the tale of how the Ooccoo became the Hylians. It is afterall supposed to be the origin of the legend and TP provided that interesting but completely unexplored (and unexplained) bit of history.

  • Haley

    Ya, really… when he is jumping off, he has the sword already… how do you explain that then…?

    • ALEX23


      • Nathan

        That's because they're one and the same. The SS later becomes the master sword.

    • Because that's probably after he gets the sword, and is returning to the lower world, and more than likely a dungeon. After all Legend of Zelda games are known for their Dungeon to Over-world cycle. Does that make sense?

  • Alkunkunka

    Nice! Very interesting! I'm reading every spoiler and bit of information about this game. It is, after all, the first Zelda game I've anticipated in my life!

  • Frank

    this sucks. i hope we get info on the origin of this skyward sword which ends up as the master sword cuz themaster sword was supposedly forged by the sages who built the temple of time. and if the temple of time houses the door of time, permitting entrance to the sacred realm, the master sword is the key that allows one entrance to the sacred realm. so…how the fuck does this skyward sword tie in to the rest of zelda canon. not to mention how are they going to cover their bases with links outfit in a game that takes place before OoT??? Some accept that the Minish Cap is before OoT and its little inconsistency i can just turn the other cheak to but for another game that takes place before OoT, thered better be an explanation on some things to follow continuity. AND WHY THE HELL IS LINK COMING FROM THE SKY ALL OF A SUDDEN??? this is stupid. i dont think Nintendo knows what theyre doing anymore and are just pulling crap outta their arses to milk the zelda franchise as much as possible before it dwindles away.

    • huh

      Personally I can forgive SOME inconsistencies because I tend to think of each game as the telling of a story. Think about the children's game telephone.

    • a story for you


      Ancient sages split worlds between good and evil. Place skyward sword there that they make.
      Link finds skyward sword goes to hyrule…
      ………………………………….. (possibly meets princess zelda)
      beats evil triforce (maybe with help from princess zelda) banishes to twilight with help of light spirits
      fused shadows lost in temples.
      Link and princess zelda get blessed by gods


      • a story for you

        oooops sorry when i said evil triforce i was talking about evil wizards that got trapped in twilight who used fused shadow to try and destroy hyrule and stuff

    • DreamerJ

      I totally agree 100% ^_^

    • Yes I agree that Nintendo is not the best at timelines… in fact I think George Lucas could do better. However what they are trying to do is add things in to the game series to keep it still going strong. However they are running out of spaces to fit the new games in, resulting in many inconsistencies in the story line. My advice is to take things a little less seriously, or if you really want a story line like I did, imagine each one in the order that makes sense, but so far apart in time that many aspects have changed sense then. Good luck! hope this helped : )

  • Cat

    Since it’s before OoT I wonder if the Sheikah be in it?
    Impa was the last one right?

    • ALEX23


  • Toph

    Like I said…If the game is centered around the events leading to, during, and following the great war, the plot makes a little more sense. It leaves room for a “Zelda” and a “Link”, and you could even stuff Ganondorf in there, not as the main antagonist though. Think of it, a Hyrule divided by war, ruled by corrupt tribal leaders, and eventually united by the “Hero of Men”, using a blade provided by a mystical race. Remove the hat, change the name of the sword, and insert the Oocca as that mystical race, you have the Minish Cap back story revamped to fit the time line (excluding the four swords games, which there time line position is debatable anyway). Although a stretch, makes perfect sense.

    • Toph

      Sorry, insert hat.

    • nah

      What if we had to go make peace between the gorons and the zoras? I know, stupid, but would be kinda cool. Like maybe going into temples to get whatever the other race wanted….

  • drod

    i think the civil war of hyrule for the triforce is going on before links jumps off the clouds of skyloft.

  • Salvatore

    Maybe the plot of this game is related to the Oocas from TP. In a certain point in the plot of TP, it is said that the Oocas, who live in the sky, were the dominant race in Hyrule before the Hylians, and that they even created the Hylians. I'm not sure how they would fit that, but it seems rather possible, doesn't it?

    That would explain why the crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule is a bird (or a
    phoenix)… maybe it was originally the symbol of the people who lived in Skyloft… who were the first "hylians" to settle down in the land bellow the clouds!

    It's a crazy theory, but it would be nice if the plot went like this! Of course, that would mean: no Zelda and no Ganondorf, either.

    • Toph

      Like, if this were Facebook…I'm just saying I think the game would be a hell-of-a-lot more interesting if the tribes on the ground were at civil war…Wouldn't it be a bit more challenging and action packed if you were greeted in each village as an enemy and had to prove your noble intentions to each tribal leader (maybe not in a sumo wrestling contest), eventually uniting the tribes of Hyrule to fight a common enemy, resulting in the Hyrule we know and love?

  • michael wills

    it would make the timeline easy to understand but would make ganon older than he look's

    • James

      well ganon is never really killed…hes always sealed away…look at OoT, Windwaker, and even twilight princess….its always a seal so perhaps thats why he enver ages

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  • Zelda4ever

    From Oot we know that hyrule was in chaos before and after the goddesses created it. Then hyrule got united and overcame that chaos. Maybe this is the story of how that happened. However, that doesn't explain how the master sword became a key to opening the sacred realm, because it is a living object/person. Could it have possibly become a protector of the triforce, and its body the gateway? I am going to research every square inch of zelda until the pieces fit!

  • link0099

    What about zelda wii 2? Shouldnt we have heard news about that before Zelda skyward sword?

  • ShadowHero31

    Im guessing that the people of skyloft are eventually, after the events of Skyward Sword, the people evolve into the ocooa, and skyloft turns into the City in the Sky from TP. Then after Link defeats the evil,(which might or might not be Ganon or Ganondorf) the evil goes back up to Skyloft and creates the dungeon, the City in the Sky, from Twilight Princess. Then it leaves some of the evil behind in the city in the sky and goes back into Hyrule, which leads into Ocarina of Time.

  • RedEyes

    Well, its sounds like its gunna be the story surrounding the war for the triforce after the goddesses had left. By the looks of how lame they made the enemies—and the fact that this should be one of their darkest times before Hyrule. I gotta wonder if skyloft is where al the cutesy/dumbass looking enemies are. But on the surface theirs like demonic shit.

  • DreamerJ

    Zelda:TP is the ONLY Zelda game I've ever liked but this game looked interesting because it seemed alot like it. But now that I have some hints to the story, I'm not so sure about it. I mean, WHERE IS ZELDA?!? WHAT IS THE SORCE OF THIS EVIL? DOES LINK GET TO FIGHT GANON (hopefully)? AND DOES HE GET A GUIDE THAT NAGS HIM EVERY 5 MINUTES? Hello? Where is the REAL plot?

    I was also dissapointed with the graphics. I mean, they look okay, but it just doesn't feel like Zelda to me. And why is the sword a girl? Seriously! If this was a sequel to TP, then I would be so EXTREMELY happy! I hope they make one soon. Anyway, even though I'm a little dissapointed, I'm still looking forward to it and can't wait for more info!


  • ZerikMiz

    I think Ganondorf is the main antagonist because if he aint then this will suck because of his abcence like Majora's Mask did

    • James

      Majoras Mask did not suck dude….it gave a twist and an opening possibly to other games outside of hyrule…since Tetra is completely seperate from Hyrule

  • Sari'sSong

    I bet you this is where Ganondorf came about, I mean that's why the girl "Transforms" into the master sword, it's the only way to destroy the pure evil that is Ganon! Hey, who knows, I didn't think Zelda was in Wind Waker, yet I was wrong! (I really hope they have some form of musical travel, that's what Zelda is based around!)

  • majoras mask fan

    Skyward sword I think that name suck in my opion?

  • KingOfRedLions

    I swear, i thought that minish cap was the very first zelda! then maybe Oot, then MM, then a link to the past, then TP… so on and so forth. i hope zelda is even in this game! unlike MM. they only mention her in that game. and it was only for like 5 seconds!

  • well to be honest i jutst beat tp and i loved it (i know lil late right) and from wat i’ve heard about this game i dont think i like it i mean with the whole coming from the sky thing, zelda being a sword, ganon not in the picture anymore and the whole wii motion plus feature, i think Nintendo really fuck up this game i just wish they would stick to the whole “save the princess” theme and not care what the highly uneducated critics think

  • Im with chihiro on this i really wanted a sequel to Tp even though midna turned ito that hot chick at the end and ganon died so i guess a sequel would kinda ruin the ending of tp

  • p.s exept on the talking part again nintendo needs to keep it original

  • Karoline

    this i horreble no zelda! the why is the game called Zelda skyward sword?
    But there has to be a roller of the Hyrule or else there is no point to go there and save it! cus there is no one to save there from the evil!!!

  • Sussie

    i hope there will be a zelda at least. They can't just drop the main person WITH THE MAIN NAME!!! I think that it shoud be called just skyward sword.
    BECAUSE THERE WILL MABYE BE NO ZELDA!!! It can't be the legend of Zelda without Zelda (duh)……

  • Technika

    Man, you guys are all ignorant. Well maybe not all of you, but the people complaining about the story before the game is even out for you to explore the plot are. Also a good zelda game does not need Ganon or Ganondorf. Look at link's awakening. Ganon gets no mention and zelda is show in an optional pictu8ouple of other things: Zelda is not based on musical travel. Every game before ocarina of time does not use musical travel (you can summon a bird to take you places though)

    And Majora's Mask was one of the most frustrating zelda games I've ever played. The only other ones to give me problems were the oracle games. Which no one ever seems to want to mention.

    Anyway, this zelda game seems to be the one that answers all of my questions about the smaller things in the series, like the shield design, how the master sword came to be (considering that in links final 2 adventures he doesn't get to use it.) I also wanna know why or how certain Links can shoot sword beams.

  • Technika

    Man, you guys are all ignorant. Well maybe not all of you, but the people complaining about the story before the game is even out for you to explore the plot are. Also a good zelda game does not need Ganon or Ganondorf. Look at link's awakening. Ganon gets no mention and zelda is show in an optional pictu8ouple of other things: Zelda is not based on musical travel. Every game before ocarina of time does not use musical travel (you can summon a bird to take you places though) And Majora's Mask was one of the most frustrating zelda games I've ever played. The only other ones to give me problems were the oracle games. Which no one ever seems to want to mention.Anyway, this zelda game seems to be the one that answers all of my questions about the smaller things in the series, like the shield design, how the master sword came to be (considering that in links final 2 adventures he doesn't get to use it.) I also wanna know why or how certain Links can shoot sword beams.

    • technika

      Men. Phone jumbled my text. Hopefully who ever reads that can understand it

  • Zelda4ever

    nobody know for sure if Zelda is ging to be there or not. I only hope soo. I think the game will be better with her there… But i will still get the game and love it even if it will suck or not. IT'S Zelda. and i will play it as long they make new ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zelda4ever

    I wonder when it's gonna come out some say to the winter others say this month. I don't know but I hope for answer ๐Ÿ™‚


    In one of the e3 demos where link is flying on his bird chasing the yellow bird to retrieve whatever it is the yellow bird is carrying, he says he has to go and show ZELDA whatever it is he just retrieved from the yellow bird.
    This means that Zelda is someone in Skyloft. And if you go by the new Skyward Sword trailer you see that blonde girl fall and look like she's going to be swallowed by some creature and Link jumps after her. I believe she is ZELDA.

  • the true story

    for the ones that don't know if zelda is gonna be there or not. If you look at the new trailer you can see a girl with Link, THAT IS ZELDA I SWEAR. It even confirmed. And the game will be on wii. It will come out near christmas this year. To make it perfect they hold it in longer on the realese date. So i gues it will be perfect. I think that the reason Zelda got kidnaped is becase she still have a magic force within her and the darknes want's it. But ganon got killed in twili so. No ganondorf or midna. Hope it helped. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • carlos

    zelda games are awesome

  • carlos

    ocarina of time is so cool