Whew! After a long day of news about Skyward Sword, we’d like to offer you this little treat: some ultra-high resolution screenshots and artwork from Nintendo’s recently unveiled Skyward Sword. The shots are absolutely gorgeous – and they’re in nearly full HD. Along with that, we’ve added some artwork of Link as well.

You can find the screenshots and artwork at the links below. And check out some of the other stuff in our image gallery! You might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of media we have stored in there.

  • ZoraMikau

    You have to admit, the logo is a bit lacking, it's just the hylian crest with the games name. I don't think it's the final logo though.

  • TheMaverickk

    You guys have a screen shot in the "official artwork" section. It may seem surprising but that shot of the giant tree with that wonderful painterly sky is in fact a screen shot.

    That's actually what the new graphics engine being used in this Zelda game does (that's right it's actually not cel-shaded but a completely different visual engine), from I've scene the game is constantly adjusting to make it look as though everything is made out of paint.

    So when they said that they wanted to create a game that resembled a painting…. they actually did.

  • Nona

    What the… hey, what's with the "example gamer" shots being all guys? Girls like to swing around a sword as Link, too!

    • Terri

      I agree. There are plenty of girl gamers, myself included.

  • TheMaverickk

    No problem, the only reason I caught this was after seeing that screen shot on the official Nintendo E3 website and from listening to what Miyamoto was saying during the press conference and then I put two and two together.

    Since although at initial glance it looks like it could match seamlessly with any of the official art that's been released, I noticed that you can tell since there's a few slight edges that are sharp (giving away their polygonal nature and 3 dimensional nature)… if this was actually a painting it wouldn't occur ever.

    You can also notice the new graphical engine better in the HD versions of the trailer if you take the time to notice it in action.

  • Gerudude

    Geez, it's not because the big M likes surrealism that we all have to be forced into a game like that. I liked TP style way better.
    And so did Aounuma. But noooooooo, Miyamoto had to decide diferently.