We have the full HD trailer directly from Nintendo, uploaded and available. Watch it below – Skyward Sword is gearing up to be one heck of a Zelda title.

  • LoZ

    I'M SO EXCITED!!! I don't care that it's coming out in 2011 rather than 2010 because that gives them more time to work on it. This game will be fantastic!

  • AccioDoubleStuff

    It looks uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuber sweet, I'm actually pretty happy with the new additions and whatnot. (Especially the bow, you extend the Wii mote and pull back with the nunchuck :O Can you say sexy?) And the things I'm not too big a fan of(particularly graphics) aren't exactly the final product, are they? I admit, so far, it's looking like I may wait to borrow from a friend on this one, or buy used, however, I'll have to wait for it to be released, I guess. *sigh* 2011 seems so far away…

  • Chainoftermina

    It looks very exciting, but I can't but feel that the TRAILER for TP was better. I mean, don't get me wrong, this was cool, but the TP trailer had all sorts of different places, atmospheres. this entire trailer takes place in what looks one one big room, all foresty and stuff. and the music just seemed generic and forgetful. the music in the TP trailer was so epic and action packed, but this seemed so bland. yeah I gotta say, this trailer ( I mean only the TRAILER) was disappointing, but I'm sure the actual game will be super mega awesome in it's own way.

    • Jason

      I agree the TP trailer was epic. This trailer looks like it was put together only because they wanted (needed) something in time for e3. I'm not worried about the final product though. I'm sure it will be amazing.

  • LuX

    Yeah but what happened with TP? Everyone moaned about over exposure, and now your upset that, it isn't exposed enough? Nintendo really can't win, I don't mean it offensively like it's just abit itronic, but I do agree with the whole 'forest room' thing, maybe it was a tech demo fore E3 :S And we haven't really sean the ACTUAL game yet, whatever it is, TP changed a hell of alot from it's first trailer, and no doubt this will too.

    Oh and the graphics are super sexy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Miiyamoto

    Don´t you see??? come on guys!!, i have been a nintendo fan and zelda lover since i was a kid (i´m 25), and nintendo has OFICIALLY, degraded us Zelda fan to a mere Wii motion plus "capability´s" demo, they had spent 5 years and an extra one just making TP link celshaded???, this is a FUU…ING JOKE??, come on, i love Mr Miiyamoto, my nickname everywere it´s miyamoto, and i just can´t bleive what i just saw, we have waited years and years, that art piece from last year has nothing to do with this, it´s like the Game Cube Zelda remeber??, Mr Miyamoto it´s losing his mind, he can´t stand after all these yaers using THE SAME Link Render from TP (cellshaded), THE SAME Link Movements Animations from TP, THE SAME climbing, runing (but faster), THE SAME Master Sword Design, THE SAME Hylian Shield design, they have 5 Years in THIS???, THIS!!!!!???, it´s just like the crossbow training but for wii motion plus rather than for the wii zapper, no new design, no new, animations, no new link character design, no new Nothing, not even a clue on the story, they have just spending all this years making the same thing we have since GC TP, or Wii TP, but just degraded, i have waited enough years for somethign EPIC!!, not this, i can´t believe they didn´t even changed link´s clothes or put somethign Fresh on the Look, NO JUST CELLSHADED, I CAN´T BELIEVE IT, i´m very seriously consideratin moving onto other consoles right now, is This The "CORE" nintendo think we are??, and even.. thye are Giving us AGAIN Oot? in 3D, WHAT?? it´s 13 years OLD I know it´s calssic and the best of all games in hystory but… Nintendo, we want NEW Stuff not the same but Rendered Better, or Textured Better or Now just Cellshaded or 3Ded, Stop Remaking, and please Start Making Something I´m VERY DISAPOINTED!!!!, if this Zelda it´s "THE WII ZELDA", Then the Wii it´s Dead to me and now the 3DS it´s the Next new thing to set my eyes on, i´ll not wait another 6-7 years for a REAL Zelda, I´M DONE

    • Z-MAN7

      Cry me a river…..you know a wise man once said, "Never judge a book by it's cover"

    • Zelda_master


  • Luke

    I hate to be "that guy," but I'm not sure how I feel about the look of the game. I enjoyed Wind Waker very much and liked how the game looked, but I don't know how I feel yet about Adult Link being cel-shaded.

    On second thought, I think Link looks fine. It's those moblin/pig-looking things that just look stupid to me. And I know they're not done with the game and things may change, but the environment looks kind of bland.

    • Musky Melon

      What shading technique would you have liked them to use? Phong? Flat?

      • Luke

        Don't know what those are and don't really care, because I'm guessing you're some kind of artist (likely not professionally) who's trying to show us how much you know about different styles of shading.

        As a followup, after watching the trailer a couple more times, the artistic direction they chose doesn't bother me as much. Although, I still think some of the enemies look stupid and some of the environments look plain and uninteresting.

    • STUFF2o

      I think it's odd how Link looks awesome, but the bokoblins look stupid. The other enemies look cool, like the stalfos, deku babas, and giant scorpion thing. You can't really notice the weird look on the keese because of their size, but the bokoblins are just… ugh.

  • TheMaverickk

    Zelda fans can honestly be some of the most nauseating. I see a lot of people here bashing this Zelda and claiming how much better games like Majora's Mask was or even Wind Waker (oddly enough no one here probably was at E3 and got their hands on it)… yet if I do remember most people were severely disappointed with Majora's Mask originally. Complaining that it re-used so many OoT characters… it only had 4 characters… and the 3 day mechanic was lame.

    It wasn't until like 2 or 3 years ago people actually started to love and enjoy the game, and now everyone apparently appreciates how great it is. Same with Wind Waker… people were belly aching over "Cel-da" how it was cheap and boring, and the Gamecube was for babies and this Zelda suited it. Over time though people/fans came to finally appreciate the visuals and what they did for the series.

    Now I see this all over again… and I know that people will flack this game until the day it releases, and bitch about this and that. Saying NIntendo doesn't know how to handle their own franchise, and blah blah blah. Truth be told it seems though that those Zelda games people loathed before and shortly after release became appreciated over time, and are still to this day. Yet still people will complain and bash, instead of trust their track record.

    Basically though people need to get past this and grow up.

    On the other hand I take this new Zelda contraversy as a good sign, since the Zelda's I loved the most were the ones that shook things up enough to piss off the supposed "fans".

    • TheMaverickk

      I meant to say that Majora's Mask had 4 dugneons… not 4 characters, lol.

      • STUFF2o

        Don't forget Spirit Tracks. People hated that until they actually got to play it. But then again, I can't blame them, it LOOKED like Phantom Hourglass. Some Zelda fans will just never be satisfied.

    • Dragon L

      I hear you dude, basically, who cares if it's cell shaded? It has been in the making for 5 years, so it's gotta be big. I just start the game, see the story, roll with it, and let it epicly blow my mind! May this game be as cool as Twilight Princess!

  • Z-MAN7

    Now begins the long wait till the game is actually released. At least It won't as long as the twilight princess wait. Let's hope for no delays.

  • Miiyamoto

    You have a Point, there, THE POINT!!, i was bashing WW all day and once i get the GC controller in my hand it Blowed my mind, i know we and more are disapointed ans stuff, but what i really try to get guys here notice it´s that, for this Long period of time, 5 Years, Nintendo should have showed us a bigger map, or more of the "game", not just 3-4 things, i mean if they are going to change the look and all that, well it will be for good, but 5 years for only this "kind" of demo, it´s not just what i expected about the big N, and not for Zelda, they have been better with Metroid other M than with Zelda, wich was on Works since TP, and the metroid that has been shortly knowed has better and more inmerse videos and examples of it´s content and history not this…

  • STUFF2o

    I'm guessing "TP Link on a horse" was supposed to be "OoT Link on a horse" but with newer graphics, considering the order.

  • I'll make this easy to read so there are no misunderstandings rofl
    Tthe game won't dissapoint (like every other TLOZ)
    -Cell shaded in my adult link? GTFO
    -5 ******* years for this? i expected more from Mr. Miyamoto…..
    -Wii motion plus? no thanks I'd rather use my GCN controller give me an option for that.
    -And I won't be satisfied until a Zelda game can match GOW in terms of epicness.
    Seriously it's been 3 years since i bought my wii and i haven't turned it on in the last 2 years. I switched to Sony and i can finally see what i lost when i was a blind nintendo fan.

    • Bent

      Hahah! Well said. Pretty sweet, yeah.. Nintendo has really done it. Thnx to the Zelda-team for wasting 5 years (which means they could've spent them 100000 times more useful……..)

    • chinspeedy

      Right then try making a game that looks good, has a good story, unique control, replay value etc in less than 5 years when they're like 14 other games in the series

  • Nona

    Yeah!! I loved the little tribute to the earlier console games at the beginning. I was unsure about the graphics at first, but I appreciate how they’ve managed to make it cel-shaded but still appropriately grungy for an adult Link environment.

  • Guys first impression is "WOW this sucks" but considering how long it took them to make this, I'm guessing this isn't it. Nintendo is hiding the best parts of this game from us. In the beginning you see a timeline of links, well I'm sure there is a whole story of how those interact with the game. Also, this music is from TP Orchestra Soundtrack, and Koji Kondo wouldn't use the same music from another game. This can't be it, or all of it. I've been a Zelda fan since I was like 7, I have never been disappointed with the games before, and I don't think we will be with this one. Give it time, and maybe I'll be eating my words, but I'm holding it out until we know for sure it sucks.

    • Bent

      Why would they hide the best parts? If they show us the good snacks, more people would probably buy it. Or else it looks just gey too people who might be considering buying zelda-games!!

  • Bent

    Eeehh, you can clearly see how the game is like in that trailer. Honestly, do you think it will be so much more different from that? Seriously, I have been playing all the zelda-games, since I was a little kid, and I used to be a real Zelda fan. I've waited ages for a sweet zelda-game, but it's not hard to see that Nintendo really failed big time. What "Miiyamaoto" up there is saying is so true. They're just copying stuff, 5 years(!?), and the story has probably not much with ZELDA to do at all, as the title describes a sword. Why is it even called "The legend of Zelda" then? Well, can't say anything about that YET, since Nintendo haven't really released the whole story.

    It's probably a nice game in overall, but what's disappointing is that there's not a lot of new stuff. It's all the same. And it's probably not even a story that's similar with the other zelda-stories. What's the point with just using the same "shit"? … And seriously, the graphics… Not only 7 year olds play Zelda, also does 18 year olds, and even 25 year olds or more. It's just too stupid with link looking like a fking cartoon character. What happened with the realistic TP-design? Or why didn't they just , at least, make it look a bit like it!? Disapointing. I will probably buy the game whatsoever, so why even complain. Sigh :/

    • Okami

      If having "skyward sword" in the title makes it not have not so much with Zelda to do, then should it not have been like that with Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, and Wind Waker too? All have a item of some sorts in the title, and should thus not have much with Zelda to do at all with your reasoning.

      And about that it probably won't have a story similar to other zelda-stories, I would say that games like Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Spirit Tracks had quite different stories. And wouldn't it be boring if all Zelda games had quite similar stories over and over? I mean it will still be featuring dungeons and gameplay mechanics like similar to in the past games.

  • Bent

    Something similar to the TP-style. At least it was realistic and didn't hurt my eyes..

  • Alkunkunka

    HEY GUYS! Isn’t it funny that we were all worried this game would be too violent?! Haha, oh well.

  • Alkunkunka

    ust watched the trailer for the 100th time…I'm sorry guys, I'm ust really excited and think this will be great!

  • I wanted this to be in Hyrule not in Mushroom Kingdom…

  • Thareous33

    Well, I guess that one rumor was right: this isn't a Legend of Zelda game. It's Legend of Celda, with an Adult Link in cel-shaded features. This should be interesting to see how the rest of Hyrule should look instead of being stuck in what appeared to be that Forest Temple.

  • kingdom of tj

    Hylianhero26 seems to have it right. These are the same people that gave us OoT, MM, WW, TP… There's no way that THIS is what they've been working on for 4 years, 5 when it's released. No, this is what they need to show us to let us know that, yes, it's still coming out.
    The real game will be striking.

  • colleen

    Haha. "May contain content inappropriate for children".
    Next thing you see is link in field with giant mushrooms… mushroom kingdom indeed.

  • ZeldaFanBoy23ify

    The game looks awsome, i cant wait till 2011 FOR IT!!!

  • Dark Link

    It's amazing how Nintendo can make cel-shaded graphics look so real.

  • Lach Menel

    I loved the trailer, I really do! Just wish that there had been epic music, new people, more seanery ,and….and…I don`t know. It`s just that I wached the KId Icarus:Uprising trailer and it was sooooo much better than Zelda`s. Dosen`t that give you a cold felling inside?

    • epona133

      it sure does…..it was like, so …..SILENT when the trailer was aired….i thought it would be more like when tp was first announced, cuz that was incredible…especially when they relieased that stunning concept art last year…please change it ninty….please please dont leave it like this….ive been staring like an idiot at that concept art for a whole year, an this is what they give? link looks like he got sucked into the hundred acre woods…no worse than that…maybe miyamoto or aonuma will realise this and change it…or at least, i i hope that what hylianhero26 said is true…

  • Alkunkunka

    The more I see it, the more I love it!

  • Yoh

    The trailer is kinda dissapointing, but i'll save my judgement for after i've played it.

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  • Dragon L

    E-gads, why do you think this will suck? Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, WindWaker, WHEN EXACTLY HAS THERE EVER BEEN A ZELDA GAME THAT REALLY SUCKS!!!??? THERE HAVE BEEN PARTS THAT SUCK (I.E Bongo Bongo in OoT) But the games always blow my mind!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slaya

    Well….atleast in this zelda game link has pants!

  • Townsen Poissant

    The game looks bad right now, but later on it could be good. It's just right now the story doesn't look like it could be good, but it might be later. The thing I liked about TP was that in the trailer you could tell there was going to be a good story. The game was going to be more serious and not some whoopdy doo I like skipping through the forest with all the little bunny's hopping around and butter flies flying through the air with my basket full of flowers with bright colors everywhere kind of game. Ocarina of Time look more serious, same with Majora's Mask, Wind Waker actually did a bit, because of it's nostalgic story like how Hyrule was sunk and at the end I actually got goose bumps when I was in Hyrule going to fight Ganon and after I beat him, and best of all was Twilight Princess it was just crazy! The action of the temples! The dark feeling over Hyrule! Finding new towns that had darkness over them with a long story that had to be conquered! Then I liked how you had to find the Master sword the one that was used a long time ago. Now look at Skyward Sword. Does that look manly? It might a bit, but compare to the others? right now it doesn't show a story. People are guessing what the story will be way to much. The story can turn out any way. I've heard stories that talk about how when he jumps into the clouds at the end of the trailer that he will find a new world. Link will find Hyrule. Well I personally dont think he will find Hyrule, but he will find a new world. Its just I don't like how it has bright colors all the time I want some other shade of colors that can bring a different emotion into it instead a cheerful whoopdy doo kind of feeling. People might thing Wind Waker was like that, but the colors actually changed through the temples and at night. Those colors changed the story emotionally. The others you could tell what the story will be, but you still need to know how it will turn out. Plus another thing is how link looks. One there using the cel-shaded from Wind Waker. Two there using the link from Twilight, and there combined! I would prefer graphics like Twilight. I would want it to look real! Like a real life kind of thing. You know what I mean? If they were going to have it cel-shaded I would've want the cel-shaded Link from Wind Waker. The colors might not seem important, but they are. One more thing is the controls. I like legend of zelda with a gamecube controller or just a controller that you have to keep slashing the entire time. Wouldn't that get annoying having to keep slashing the entire time with your hands? Or have to move your arms to shoop a bow and arrow. I might sound lazy, but I actually play soccer on a premier team, Columbia premier Timbers, I dont know if anybodies heard of that hear, but anyways im not lazy all the time its just some time I just want to relax on the couch and play a game. You know what I mean? That's I like Xbox or the DS or PSP. You can sit and relax and play a game. Sometimes I would rather play poker or a chess game then play wii, its because I'm tired at the moment and all I want to do is move my fingers. Moving your fingers doesn't take any energy at all! I know some people prefer to have some realistic game where you can be "apart" of the game or have it like your actually Link shooting a bow and arrow, throwing a bomb and boomerang, and then slashing your sword to be the crap out the monster. Its just I would rather do that laying down on the couch after a soccer game with my thumbs. So it would be awesome to have Skyward sword with a more emotionally story with two different ways to control Link. Just like TP on the wii. You can use a gamecube controller or the wii controller. Now wouldn't that be great. Sometimes right now I don't evan feel like getting Skward, but its still being made and I shouldn't judge how it is now.

  • KyaKyaluv

    I almost just want to get the game to see how he lands XD.