As if Skyward Sword weren’t enough for one day, Nintendo has something else Zelda-related up its sleeve.

Ocarina of Time is to be released for the Nintendo 3DS with gorgeous updated graphics!

Shortly after Nintendo’s E3 press conference, the official Nintendo of America twitter page was updated with the following message:

Zelda fans, one more thing… We’re proud to introduce The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D!

As of right now, there is no information yet on a specific release date, but we think it’s safe to bet it will be close to the release of the 3DS.

Also confirmed for the 3DS is a remake of Star Fox 64, as well as an all new Paper Mario game. A list of titles that were featured at E3 or are currently being planned – both by Nintendo and third-party developers – can be found here. Will Majora’s Mask be remade for the 3DS as well? Only time will tell.

Hit the jump for more breath-taking screenshots.

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  • epicfail781

    looks sweet

    • Thareous33

      That it does. Just the same, I can't help but feel bugged that this might be the reason we have to wait an extra year or so. Skyward Sword is something we have anticipated for five/six years, and its emergence could have been delayed, unless I am wrong and that is not how it works. Really, if anyone outside the developers' loop knew what games were being made, then we might have gotten some legit word on SS sooner, right?

      Still, a remake of StarFox 64? Awesome! I guess Fox hasn't lost his fandom, since his last game was in what, '05? =]

  • Chainoftermina

    this……this is real!? oh, come on! there have been rumors of an OoT remake for years and years? Nintendo themselves confirmed this? this is really, really REAL!!??!!??!!?HOLY*************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so definitely getting a 3DS!!!

    • goronpower

      I'm going to buy a 3ds just for this game too!

    • Ismrtlyman

      I no right! holy crap this is AWESOME! zelda is the best series of all time. This, and then the new skyward sword? HOLY S***!!! this is going to be the best!

  • Linktri25

    If this is true……..(runs to nearest game stop) WHERE IS THE 3DS!??!?!?

    • Pugman

      I'm sorry sir, the "3DS" doesn't exist. I'm afraid you must have dreamed it.

      • russel

        it does exsist, it's just only for show right now

  • Rew

    Would it be too much to ask for an orchestrated soundtrack in-game as well? :3

    • trololol

      Yes. 3:

    • LinkFX

      Now if only it featured the soundtrack from ZREO *.*

  • Zeldadudetp

    Epona looks like a pony.

    • Foh

      A very BIG pony, but yeah…

  • Z-MAN7

    The 3DS is now a day one purchase for me……

    Oh snap, think of what they can add to the game. 3D effects, new quests, new dungeons, new items, also make Hyrule bigger!

    • Foh

      Ohmehgorsh, you're going to make the anticipation worse!!! I'm so excited!!!

    • Aklyon

      they could enlarge the Water Temple as well…

      Its not totally awesome.

      • Pugman

        We can take Water Temple torture with us wherever we go! ;D

  • Shaelyn

    oh comeon, show ALttP some love. if there's any Zelda game that can use an update, that's the one.

    • Zeldadudetp

      It's already had one.
      And they ain't fixin' to make it 3D.

    • Foh

      No joke!! If there was a brand new remake for ALttP, no matter the expense, I'd buy it!

  • apexman13

    haha YES!! im actually more excited for this than Zelda Skyward swords!

    • lukas

      me too

    • Alex

      well yeah. OoT is like the best Zelda game in existence, so a remake is totally awesome!

  • Elriowiel Aranel


  • TheMaverickk

    That's pretty sad. I'd choose a new adventure over an old one any day, even if the old one was great.

  • I would jack my moms credit card, and barge into Gamestop! ZMM is the 2nd Best Zelda game so far in U.S! The first is gonna be WindWaker!!!

  • Ananceinthero

    Why can't they just stay with a system for awhile. I just got a DSI and now I have to go get a 3ds, I mean they just came out with another ds a couple months ago.

    • Froststare

      The 3DS is not a DS, it's a new handheld. It's more like 3D S, not 3 DS.

    • Foh

      I know, it's kind of a pain, but I'll do it just for this remake.

  • HackinBob

    This is the 3,151,174th reason I want the 3DS, among all the other remakes that are going to be on it! IM SO EXCITED!

    • Nathaniel

      reason #1 for me

      • Foh

        Same here.

  • Josh

    Hasn't been confirmed yet. Could be just a tech demo but if it's confirmed, Nintendo will make a butt load. Next bring on Majora's Mask!

    • Foh

      Agreed! I want Majora's Mask to have a remake SO bad! I actually think it deserves one more than OoT.

      • Pugman

        I am also inclined to agree. MM is my favourite game of all time. It'd be awesome if they released a new version of Four Swords with OoT 3D (like what they did with the ALttP remake for the GBA). Imagine Four Swords with OoT graphics!

  • lukas


  • lukas

    the graphics for this game are better than the skyword sword, put all the downs that you want, but if they are making the 3d graphics of ocarina of time better, why the hell in the world did they have to use that crappy pseudo cell shading style for his next big home console zelda?

    • Li S.

      I KNOW! I friggin HATE that they have the cell shading and the toony monsters! I know they want something new, but really, that is ridiculous. They should at LEAST keep the shading style from TP.


  • Linksoer

    I cant believe it! WOW! Nintendo really does listen to its fans!
    Im more exited about this than SS! really!
    I just hope you will be able to use BUTTONS and not stylus controled.

    • Foh

      I'm sure you will be. Remember they have a control stick on the 3DS? No doubt they'll be using that.

  • Black Yuri

    Crap.. Nintendo found my ultimate weakness and I am now forced to buy the 3DS I said I'd never get! XD

    I'm okay with it though. By the looks of this it's going to get a lot more use than my regular DS.

  • ooccoowarrior

    This is stunning. Personaly I don't like remake games but as long as it is just OoT with upgraded graphics I'm fine with that.

  • Jumbow

    Exciting… but are you 100% sure about that ? I havn't saw it on the website. Link it please ?

  • SweetLie

    Honestly, I think it's more of a port than a remake. They probably just cleaned up the graphics.

  • Linkyboi

    My mouth completely dropped to the floor when they made the annocement, so looking forward to this, E3 has been amazing this year.

  • But this Zelda will be available for Nintendo DSI too??

  • ZeldaBob

    it has not been confirmed and i believe its only a tech demo and Paper Mario isnt being remade it is Paper Mario 4…

  • EDracon

    BAD NEWS, there is no OOT being released on 3DS, it's just a tech demo.

    • russel

      are you so sure

  • Foh

    I'm okay with it as long as I also have the original. What I'm opposed to is getting the remake and then throwing out the N64 copy.

  • Fareti

    I would love to see an ocarina attachment or input method like blowing into the mic while pressing the different buttons. Nintendo has been pushing little techno tricks for ages adn that is one that might be cool. Or even using the DSi while playing the Wii to manipulate various accessories…. hmmm I think I need to learn programing again…

  • Lukar

    Confirmed via the Nintendo of America Twitter feed, guys.

  • ZoraMikau

    Thanks for crediting me for telling you this Bastian. It;s kinda sad that these graphics are actually better then OoT's. but it looks good so far, I wonder how it will play out.

    • Actually, we got our information elsewhere first. But thanks for keeping us posted!

  • Andrew

    when during E3 did they announce this?

    • Lukar

      It wasn't announced at E3. The screenshots were on Nintendo's press servers, and several people found them. Nintendo confirmed it about an hour ago via Twitter.

      • Andrew

        oh ok cuz i was looking for it forever

        • Lukar

          Haha, hopefully, we'll see some footage of the game soon. I want to see how it'll run on the 3DS.

  • Majora

    Is it like a remake where they change game play? Or a remake where they change graphics?

    • Lukar

      Nothing about that's been revealed yet. I'm guessing they'll just update the graphics slightly (Judging from the screenshots) and map the controls to the 3DS control figuration. I don't think anything new will be added in terms of story or side-quests.

  • !!!!!!

    The graphics look too awesome!! This is just another reason to get a 3DS! I wanted Kid Icarus, but now that I know about this, it's just another reason to get a 3DS!!!!


  • Love Oot but this is a game I'll never buy.
    Why? Djipi is an awesome artist,he re-textured the whole game into a cell-shaded version that simply put; looks gorgeous.
    5 years of hard work were spent into it and it looks better than this crappy attempt of remake.
    If Nintendo wants to remake OoT it must have awesome graphics call me a graphics ***** but there's nothing that can be remade, the game is already perfect.

    • russel

      you never know, maybe they'll make use of the camera for once, or maybe put a few easter eggs of games that come after it besides mm and ww.

  • JME

    STOP complaining people! Be HAPPY! I am SO happy and excited about EVERYTHING Nintendo is doing. There is NOTHING to complain about, so STOP. Thank you and let’s all get back to enjoying the show, shall we? 🙂

  • Shadow

    Ummm, I don't think those screenshots are technically 'cell-shaded', but they certainly have a cartoony look about them.

    I personally prefer more 'detailed' and 'textured' (but not necessarily realistic) graphics (a la Twilight Princess) over the cartoony stuff, although I recognise that variety is good. However, with adult Link's new adventure jumping into the cell shaded ring with Skyward Sword, and now with these altered OoT graphics, I can't help but feel that Nintendo is permanently moving away from my preffered graphics style. I really hope this isn't true.

  • KingMudkip

    I. Am. Buying. This. GAME!!!!!!!
    Oh, YES! This thing is beautiful! When's the 3DS coming out, I needs one?!?

  • Link

    This looks like its going to be the epic game in HISTORY!!! The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Remake for the Nintendo 3Ds. I am so excited I think I am going to die happy. ^_^ The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the best Zelda games of all time. I hope I'll get to play the game soon. I hope Nintendo will release the Nintendo 3Ds and these games next year. WAY TO GO NINTENDO you made me want to play Nintendo games again. I love Ocarina of Time. I'm going to go out and buy a Zelda T shirt just for the hell of it. ^_^

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Wow, now I'm considering getting a 3DS, I probably won't though, I don't like handhelds, now if the remade Majora's Mask, then I'd get it no matter what

  • Sir GamesAlot

    thank u nintendo(says crying)this is a day one buy now.

  • Ontario Man

    Paper Mario isn't a remake, you wankers.

  • freak D

    HOLY ____! does that super mario RPG 3D too! or better…. SUPER MARIO RPG 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ulises

    This is like a dream come true.

  • Zeldafan

    OMG!!!!!! i have been waiting for this forever!!!!!!! Now i can't wait till march 2011!!!

  • Dark Link

    Hopefully in about 5 or 10 year nintendo will present us with a Twilight Princess graphycs stile and orchestra for a Ocarina of Time version. That would be so badass. will forgive Nintendo for screwing this one chapter/version whatever.

  • Ultima

    When I first saw this on facebook, I did not believe it….since they have rumored an Ocarina of Time remake for years.

    I believed it when I saw it on the Nintendo website.

  • lunatik3904

    I 'll be buying a 3DS too, and a Wii 🙂 Zelda Rules!!!NINTENDO FTW!!!
    Myamoto's a genius <3 <3 <3
    Ocarina of time is THE Zelda game, and Zelda series is THE serie, so…..La crème de la crème!!!
    *Can't wait*

  • jacob

    me want!!!

  • i am so excited for this! ive wanted a remake of oot for a long long time now (except i was hoping for TP graphics…. ah well. this is still great) and i cant wait to see how the 3ds works. im fascinated by it.

  • If they ever give this treatment to Majora's Mask and and some dungeons, I'd die happy.

  • God


    A remake of OOT for the new DS system. Okay, I'll be sure to get that..

  • Minah

    A OOT remake would ruin the game. I don't want the 3ds, I didn't when I heard about it, and I don't even after hearing about OOT's remake- it's one of my fave games, too. I heard that the 3D without glasses thing can cause hallucination side effects… and I don't want to take that risk.

  • Cheerios

    You know, as excited as I am about this game, I always wanted Ocarina of Time to be remade for Wii with the most realistic graphics possible. Oh well.

  • Annelies

    I bought a DS lite back in the day JUST so i could play Phantom Hourglass…. Im SOOOO getting a 3DS if there's an OOT remake!!!!! SKYWARD SWORD LOOKS SOOOOOO BADASS!!!! It looks almost like a mix of graphics from Twilight Princess and Wind Waker!!!!

  • Hylian Senshi

    I'm a little worried. I'm not used to the idea of having OoT on a portable.
    I wonder if it will hold up as well as the original did.

  • chocobubble

    come on money stash.. grow grow grow!!! :[ waaaant new system and new LoZ gaaaaameesss >_<

  • DarkSamus288

    I really hope that the update will have a longer master sword. That always seemed to bother me in the original game.

  • Snwflk

    A new zelda on Wii. An OoT remake in 3d. A new paper mario. All combined into one word: EPIC

  • Li S.

    Yeah it is exciting… but why does it have to be for a hand-held system? I mean I'm happy that they are taking time to remake it, but I would like it if I didnt have to go out and buy a new system just to play this game.

    But this game excites me a LOT more than Skyward Sword. I honestly think whoever mixed the cell shading style of WW with the awesome graphics of TP deserves to be smacked upside the head. Why mix them??

  • Li S.

    me. I have a load of things I already dislike about SS, so this is MUCH more exciting.

  • The graphics looks fat better here than they will in September.


  • meeko

    awww im way to poor to buy a 3ds! they sould make one for the ds too!

  • Fedòrx a.k.a Impa56562

    sooo, th-this isn’t f-fake, th-this is r-real…………*dies of a heart attack*

  • Impa56562

    s-so this is r-real and n-n-not f-faaaake……………..*dies of heart attacfk*