Nintendo’s E3 2010 keynote is upon us, and it’s happening at 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST. Nintendo blew us away in 2009 – what can we expect to see in 2010? It’s almost guaranteed we’ll be hearing about Zelda Wii and the mysterious Nintendo 3DS. However, New Super Mario Bros. DS 2 as well as an appearance by the Wii Vitality Sensor have been tossed around in the rumor mill.

Will E3 2010 be everything we expect? Get ready, because we’re liveblogging the entire event as it moves forward. Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the jump for our full coverage!

UPDATE: That’s a wrap, folks! This was by far the most impressive E3 conference Nintendo has ever held – it included new titles from virtually every major franchise in Nintendo’s arsenal, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, to the first new Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Kid Icarus games in years. The Nintendo 3DS also made its spectacular debut during the second half of the keynote. It was a lot to take in, so please read our front page for single news stories detailing everything – we’re writing as fast as we can!

As always, the most recent information is at the top of the post.

10:18AM: That’s a wrap! Reggie’s leaving the stage and everyone’s running to get their hands on Skyward Sword. Thanks for reading, everyone! We’re updating this with images right now.

10:17AM: Live gameplay available at Nintendo’s booth all week long. Since not everyone can use the 3DS at once, they’ve brought in a Zelda booth just below the stage! Everyone in the audience will be the first to play the Skyward Sword demo.

10:16AM: Bunches of pretty women are arriving onstage. Nintendo wants to give everyone the chance to see the real 3D effects on the 3DS – so they’re delivering it to everyone via hot girls! Sounds good to us.

10:14AM: A new video! Haha, Mario jumped out of the 3DS screen and put a mustache on Iwata. Then he got sucked into the 3DS. Neat video to show the 3D capabilities of the console in lieu of not having a real 3D screen.

10:12AM: Reggie is out for the wrap-up. Going over it all again – Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Golden Sun, Metroid, Kid Icarus… a lot to swallow in just over an hour. Plus the Nintendo 3DS!

10:10AM: Various game publishers and CEO’s are reacting to their first demo of the 3DS – in general, they seem to be wowed by it. “It  gives people a whole new toolset to do all kinds of different things.”

10:09AM: Lots of third party support intending to publish software for 3DS. Plenty of big names. Hopefully not too much shovelware! There will be a Madden game and a Kingdom Hearts game, as well as Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed! And Metal Gear Solid!

10:07AM: “We at Nintendo have launched many hardware systems, but I feel we will have our biggest launch support ever from third parties.” They’re working on a 3D version of Nintendogs (+ cats!).

10:03AM: No demo, but a 3D trailer on the show floor. (Also, we swear we’ll have images up soon!)

10:03AM: Wow, if this is the future of Nintendo handheld games, it’s a happy future.

10:02AM: Kid Icarus: Uprising.

10:01AM: They’ve been working on making a game exclusive to the 3DS to display its capabilities – Project Sora. It’s Kid Icarus! And the graphics are amazing for a handheld!

9:59AM: It takes 3D pictures!

9:57AM: Bottom screen isn’t 3D, just a touch screen. There are also graphics improvements – it’s rumored to be as powerful as the GameCube or Wii. In addition, new control system called a Slide Pad, as well as motion sensing and gyro sensing. Sounds like they’re trying to compete with iPhone 4!

9:55AM: Satoru Iwata is out now, talking about the 3DS. The top screen is a 3.5-inch widescreen and shows full 3D without glasses. There’s a slider to “dim” the 3D effect, based on how much 3D you want to see.

9:54AM: There it is, sitting there – let’s get a close-up, Reggie!

9:51AM: Donkey Kong Country Returns, coming this holiday season. Whew, this is a ton to digest – lots of major franchise reboots. “We’re going to close today by throwing you into the far future of gaming”, says Reggie. Nintendo 3DS? Yes!

9:49AM: New Donkey Kong game – by Retro Studios?! Looks like they took over Donkey Kong when they stopped doing Metroid.

9:48AM: The game really does look incredible – and the 2D to 3D switching is supposedly something else. The game will be released in stores on August 31.

9:47AM: New Other M Trailer!

9:45AM: Reggie’s talking about Dragon Quest now, and why it was huge in Japan.

9:44AM: The new art style is wild. The whole game’s made of yarn.

9:42AM: A new console Kirby game! It’s going to, apparently, “Spin a yarn in a way that’s never been spun before.” Kirby’s EpicYarn! This looks amazing.

9:42AM: “Since 1992, Mr. Sakurai has been famous in the gaming world for creating Smash Bros. and Kirby…” a new Kirby game?

9:40AM: Reggie is back out!

9:37AM: Really interesting – the game’s main items are Paint and Paint Thinner, which can erase or add objects and characters to the game. You know, since everything is a cartoon.

9:35AM: Reggie has just introduced a game called Epic Mickey, which looks like a platforming adventure game of sorts. The art style looks pretty nice. Full of disney references, naturally.

9:33AM: Goldeneye 007 – a remake of the original Goldeneye for N64. This is a big deal. Arriving this holiday.

9:31AM: Arriving this holiday season!

9:28AM: Reggie is talking about Golden Sun DS now! It has a subtitle now – Dark Dawn. He’s going to show us a new trailer!

9:27AM: We’re pretty sure this is going to go the way of Wii Music. This looks almost embarrassing to play with friends.

9:26AM: He’s announced Wii Party, a mix between the Mario Party games of the past and some other new party games.

9:25AM: Reggie is talking about “bridge title” games that appeal to everyone, and that help drive sales of the Wii console. He’s trying to disprove  the notion that the Wii sales figures are starting to wane.

9:23AM: Mario Sports Mix – coming in 2011.

9:22AM: Mario Volleyball? Should be interesting – they’re showing a trailer now. No, wait, it’s Mario… everything!

9:21AM: Reggie is back out again talking about sports games. Sounds like a new Mario sports game.

9:20AM: Trailer! We’ll have this up soon for you guys. Looks like there’s no story information, either, but rest assured we’ll keep watching for anything that shows up. We’ll also update this liveblog with images one things are more stable.

9:19AM: Oops! Nintendo made a boo-boo my saying a 2010 release date. Miyamoto has just announced that it’s coming out in 2011 instead!

9:17AM: Link also gets a whip, a la Spirit Tracks!

9:16AM: New item: The Beetle. Link launches it and it flies around, controlled via tilting the MotionPlus controller.

9:15AM: Miyamoto seems to be having some trouble controlling the game – they’re blaming it on wireless interference. The demo is getting laggy, it’s quite noticeable.

9:12AM: No more item bag – everything is in an item “pocket”, and it’s selected by holding down B and quickly selecting items. All items have receieved MotionPlus upgrades to behave like their real world counterparts.

9:11AM: Also, we apologize for the lack of images – we’re really being hammered right now! We’ll have plenty of images up soon.

9:10AM: Holding the sword straight up charges it with light, and releasing lets loose sword beams. Pretty cool! Other sword-based puzzles abound now that the user can control the direction it faces.

9:07AM: Bill Trinen fails at controlling Skyward Sword – on purpose, so that Miyamoto can come out on stage! Miyamoto is demoing playing with the MotionPlus right now. It’s pretty intense. Despite the cel shaded graphics, this is going to be one heck of a Zelda game.

9:05AM: Wii MotionPlus is going to be used to mimic Link’s sword. The nunchuck raises Link’s shield.

9:04AM: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – exclusively for Wii, and cel shaded! Miyamoto is talking about Skyward Sword right now in a video onscreen.

9:02AM: “Technology is only a tool… the only thing that does matter is the experience.” Sounds pretty Nintendo!

9:01AM: Reggie Fils-Aime is out on stage!

8:59AM: The show’s about to start. Here we go, folks!

8:49AM: Engadget is reported saying that a Wii with 1080i output is a possibility in this keynote – that’ll be something to see! Just about ten minutes until crunch time!

8:33AM: It seems like people are beginning to enter the auditorium, where Nintendo’s got some Q&A stuff on giant screens onstage. Probably to keep the crowd busy. We’re a mere half hour away, folks!