Many people don’t think that Gamestop release dates are credible, so I bet a lot of you will just skip this news-post right away. For what it’s worth, though, Gamestop has listed Zelda Wii for a November 1st release.

It’s not a crazy date by any means since Q4 2010 has been estimated by more than one Nintendo official. But if you think Gamestop gets some top-secret release data from Nintendo, you might want to reconsider. Nintendo will most likely announce the release at E3, while the entire world is watching.

  • DSP

    Who do you believe, Nintendo or gamestop ?
    Think about it.

    Leave it alone and wait until it gets announced, whenever that may be.

  • DSP

    By announced I meant properly announced by Nintendo ofcourse.

  • ChainofTermina

    oh, yeeeeaaah! Gamestop is SOOOOOOOOO knowledgeable about this! Remember when every single Gamestop in the entire country DIDN'T not release Spirit tracks until a day AFTER they were supposed to? Yeah, neither do I.

  • ChainofTermina

    Aren't double negatives fun!?

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Oh you know it, Chain!!

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I'm not going to think or say anything…. I'm just the freak over in the corner waiting for the new Zelda game to come out… as long as it's good, not over used and has plenty of the beloved characteristics in it, I'm happy. I'm not going to complain either… come on you guys, Nintendo gives us Zelda, so don't bite the hand that feeds you. Gamestop is just in its own little world, but no biggie.

    One way or another, I'm getting Zelda.

  • Hylian Chozo

    I have to agree with everyone here. Gamestop can NEVER be trusted.

  • Valdek

    game stop needs to die, no exceptions.

    • Eliskor

      That's a bit harsh. I think GS is a damn good store. Not all of them are bad. :/ That's just a poor generalization you're making about the company.

      Anyways, nov. 1st? has anyone noticed all placeholder dates are on the 1st of a month? So I doubt this is legit. I think it'll be mid-november earliest. Maybe around Thanksgiving? Launching it on Black Friday would be a good marketing idea so who knows.

  • party


  • Taha Soysal

    Yeah, right. A release date. And still no trailers, no screens, NO TITLE!!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go into the other room and start laughing uncontrollably……..

  • Rystar

    If it were GameSPOT maybe, Gamestop nah uh…too many flops.

  • jwalraven

    Just a couple of more months and we will definitely have more info from E3 about this.

  • Phantom7

    GameStop always puts release dates for upcoming games on the 1st of a month. Zelda Wii will probably come around that time, but Nov. 1st is just an estimate of when it's expected to release. It's probably a pretty accurate guess, actually.

  • Thareous33

    They would definitely have something on this site by now if they were to release it then. Unless a guy at Gamestop got ahold of this info somehow and leaked it.

    Huh, just more speculating…

    The best thing we can do, as stated above, is wait for E3. It is only a couple of months off. (Already said I know–just showing how much I agree.

  • jgjgjdj

    I checked Gamespot a few minutes ago, and it said Zelda Wii scheduled to release in October

  • Thareous33

    Well, now this is an interesting bit of news. Makes me wonder if there is some kind of plot out there in the gaming world.