Aonuma talks about his actions

In a breaking news story from Japanese newspaper Gansaku Shimbun today, it seems that Zelda Wii may have to start all over again, and without one of its most dedicated staff.  Eiji Aonuma, director of the Zelda series, was fired today, after several consecutive weeks of his showing up to work drunk and harassing employees, most likely due to heavy stress over the rushed release of Spirit Tracks.

Drunk and infuriated, Aonuma decided to get his revenge in the worst way imaginable – by deleting Zelda Wii. All documents, all backups (both digital and physical) were destroyed one way another other before department security finally realized what was going on and called the police.

In a recent interview with Aonuma, he said:

“Now that I look back on what I did, I’m ashamed and I regret it deeply. I guess I didn’t like the thought of Nintendo firing me just before the release of the Zelda game that I have worked so hard on. I would ask for forgiveness and make peace with Nintendo, but I realize that they can not take me back.”

We can only hope that there are still some hidden backups of Zelda Wii that Aonuma didn’t get to, or that some of them can be restored. Regardless, this is a grim day for Nintendo and Zelda. Who will replace Aonuma and what will happen to Zelda Wii and the future of the gaming series? These are questions that will probably go unanswered for quite some time.

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