Welcome to the new Mid-Week mailbag. Ever since we started doing video mailbags, James’ inbox has exploded with questions. In order to answer more of your questions, we are going to be doing two video mailbags a week: The regular Sunday posts from James and the brand new Mid-Week videos.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Aniday. Some of you might be used to hearing my voice instead of seeing my face. I’m usually in the monthly Podcasts here on ZU, but I thought I’d give the mailbag a try. Expect other ZU staffers in future Mid-Week Mailbags, as well.

In this mailbag, I talk about the best Zelda instrument, which game has the best music over all, what would happen if Nintendo made an MMO, and a little more.

With two mailbags a week, why not send even more questions?

{{bubble}{Question 1: Best Instrument}{}{}{

Ruffblade027 writes:

What in your opinion is the best instrument used in the games?

Aniday responds:

The best instrument in a Zelda game hands down in the Ocarina of Time. It’s been used in two games wonderfully. From manipulating time to your advantage to warping across the game world, the Ocarina is probably one of, if not, the most Powerful Zelda item ever. No other instrument comes close, in my opinion.

As for future Zelda instruments, who knows? Nintendo might not even use an instrument in the next Zelda game for the Wii. They might do something like they did in Twilight Princess where there were other ways of musically unlocking a part of your quest like the Wolf Howling.

I’d like to see a new instrument come into play for Zelda Wii, I just hope Nintendo is imaginative and puts a new spin on it.


{{bubble}{Question 2: Zelda MMORPG}{}{}{

Acorafication writes:

What would your opinion be one a LoZ RPG? It wouldn’t necessarily have to do with the whole Link-Ganon-Zelda storyline, but would take place in Hyrule, with the races and Lore of the series. You would be able to create your own character, choose their race, their class, whether they were good or evil, ect. What would you think of this? Would you like it? What race would you use? And what kind of character would you play? Good or evil, mage, warrior, archer, or rogue?

Aniday responds:

We all know Nintendo isn’t really in the MMORPG business. They seem to hate to have people communicate directly and play online. So it’s a given that there will probably never be a Zelda MMO made. Ever.

However, if one was made some major changed would have to take place in the world of Zelda and how you play it. The Legend of Zelda is meant to be played by yourself with you as Link and you being the only main hero. With an MMO, every is a hero so obviously no one can be Link. Like any MMO there would be playable classes like Gorons, Zoras, Hylians and all the staple Zelda spices. There would also be a bunch of Zelda related quests and items and so on.

The thing that all MMO’s have and Zelda does not, however, is an ever expanding, huge backstory.

Yes, Zelda has a decent sized lore and people can talk about how all the games tie into it for ages, but look at games like World of Warcraft. WoW has a massive web of story lines and quests and backstory that makes the game incompleateable. Zelda doesn’t have that and it’s likely that Zelda will never have that

Even if Nintendo did make a Zelda MMO it wouldn’t feel like Zelda to me. It would be too far detached from what I love about how I play Zelda where I am the only hero on my lonely quest to defeat evil.


{{bubble}{Question 3: Americans don’t like Tingle}{}{}{

Deku-Baby writes:

Japan really seems to like tingle, there are 3 games just for him, but why over at America people don’t like Tingle the way the Japanese do? Is there a certain reason for this?

Aniday responds:

Because of differing cultures. If you notice in Japan they have a lot of weird and wacky games that don’t make any sense. Take Katamari, for example. They seem to love to make those kinds of games because I assume it sells there. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but that’s my guess.


{{bubble}{Question 4: Best Zelda Music}{}{}{

Leon J. Fletcher writes:

What Zelda game do you think has the best music compositions?

Aniday responds:

Majora’s Mask. That game not only has an excellent score, but it used it’s music wonderfully. Take the Three Days for example. On each day the music in Clock Town reflects how much time you have left. Even in the final moments the music becomes somber as if the world has accepted it’s fate and waits that last hour before doom. It’s moments like these that pull you in and make you a part of the game. I have always become panicked in these moments where I am afraid that I may not finish what I had to do in that hour before I could not wait any longer to go back to the First day. Music is a big part of these feelings, and Majora’s Mask mastered that.