We fought and battled for nearly one whole month against over a dozen other Nintendo fansites – including many Zelda sites – and often we weren’t sure if Zelda Universe was going to come out on top.

And yet we persevered. We were resilient. And you – our community – spoke loudly with your votes. Now it’s official: ZU reigns supreme as the champion of Zelda (and Nintendo!) fan sites.

This is all thanks to you guys – you who voted and let everyone know that we’re the best out there. Expect a full DSi XL review when we get it! And perhaps some other surprises as well. In the meantime, we get to strut our stuff with a cool medal – and all of you can brag about how awesome we are, if you want.

Before I leave you all to celebrate on your own, I just want to give a few thank yous:

  • sugar, who got countless numbers of community members involved in the voting process, and also had the idea to make a video on ZUTV encouraging users to vote. We probably wouldn’t have won without you!
  • The ZU community – this only proves that we’re the best and most tight-knit community out there.
  • All of the other sites – this was a great and unique contest, since usually sites themselves don’t get to win anything. It’s great to see other participants thought the contest could be successful and made it so.
  • Adam, the man behind the entire contest. Thanks for holding such a unique event!

Once again, we’ll have tons of info and reviews and whatnot all about the DSi XL once we get it. Word from Adam is that he’ll be shipping it out via airmail on Monday, since the post office is closed. So stay tuned in the near future for DSi XL info!

And you can check out the results and top 10 Nintendo fan sites here.