Look in your wallet.  Do you have a spare $13,000 just sitting in there?  Well, then you couldn’t have bought a vintage 1980’s Nintendo Entertainment System along with five games.  But what if I told you that it wasn’t the console that racked in that high amount?

One of the games the seller (whose user name is not very family friendly) was selling was actually a very rare game that was recalled right after it was released.  The game would eventually be replaced with the Power Pad and the game World Class Track Meet, an easier to obtain game. The game to which I am referring, Stadium Events, was apparently even in its original cardboard box.  That’s right, the box that most people threw away when they got the game helped increase the value even higher.

The bidding began, and less than an hour later the total was at $6,000.  Some sources say that less than 10 copies exist for the NES, while some other sources say that 200 games were sold, but an exact number of games that exist was never disclosed.  Considering that over 800 licensed NES games were released in the NES lifecycle, to have a game that may only have 10 copies is amazing.  But then again, there are still even rarer games to find.

So if you find yourself  complaining that your $50 game is expensive, just think of what you could be paying to complete a quarter century old collection.

Source: Yahoo! Games: Plugged In
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