For those of you who celebrate and have a special someone to gift, you may be thinking about last minute cash earning ideas for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have any spare cash on hand, follow these tips from our Hero in Green and how he gathers the money and hearts he needs.

For something small, search all over your house for pocket change and hidden treasures. Offer to cut the grass, shovel snow, or trim the hedges. Don’t forget to check under rocks, in random vases, or random critters. Defeat random chores for extra cash.

For something a little bit bigger, follow the above and expand to the neighborhood. However, do not randomly go into people’s houses because the door is unlocked. That is a crime and you don’t want to be arrested or severely beaten. Offer to run errands for those inconvenienced to do so. After running all over town for them, they should reward you appropriately.

To go all out, complete the above and then some. Do enough chores and errands to build up to the big gift. If nothing else, seek out the neighborhood bully causing the most havoc. Gather the tools needed to defeat him and then demand that you get rewarded for your efforts. If the now blackmailed bully doesn’t help you, the relieved neighbors should.

If you are unable to get the gift on Valentine’s Day, go back the day after. Nothing like clearance sales and having another chance to complete your quest to give you the motivation. Unless you are totally hardcore and like getting everything done the first time, your gift receiver should at least appreciate the effort that you went back and tried again.

(*Hopefully you spotted the vague references between Link and his rupee/heart earning methods. This portion’s purpose is humor and not to be taken seriously. The next portion’s purpose is serious. Begin serious portion now. )

If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate with this year, remember that there are many types of love. If there is at least one person that loves you, that is all that matters. If anything else, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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